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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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HALLOWS family

This Hallows family of Wirksworth lost members in World War I, and served on the Cromford and High Peak Railway from its opening in 1831 to closure in 1967. Information to build a family tree and photos from their Album about the people and the railway was sent by Jeremy and Glenis Smith. Photos and info from Jean Durbin. Many thanks.
Emails about this family are full of information.

HALLOWS family

03--Albert Hallows 1923
son of Alec and Drucilla Hallows
04--Alec Hallows 1900
05--Alec Hallows 1901
06--Alec Hallows 1932
son of Alec Hallows 1900 and Drucilla
08--Ann Jane 1876 & Herbert Hallows 1878
09--Ann Jane Hallows 1876 with William 1897
10--Children of Ann Jane and Herbert Hallows
when young
11--Children of Herbert and Ann Jane Hallows
12--Ethel Hallows 1906
daughter of Ann Jane and Herbert
14--Herbert Hallows 1911 and Edith
15--Herbert Hallows 1878 and Ann Jane 1876

          In loving Memories 
               Ann Jane, 
   the beloved wife of Herbert Hallows, 
   of Rise End, Middleton by Wirksworth,
      who died on Aug 7th 1943, 
            aged 68 years. 
      Interred in Middleton Cemetary, 
               Aug 12 1943

17--Jane Hallows 1909,
daughter of Herbert and Ann Jane Hallows
18--Maisie Hallows 1926 my mother
19--Maisie Hallows 1926 my parents

Tyne Cot Memorial

         Casualty Details
Name:             HALLOWS, Samuel James
Initials:         S J
Nationality:      United Kingdom
Rank:             Private
Regiment/Service: Sherwood Foresters 
                  (Notts & Derby Regt)
Unit Text:        17th Bn
Age:              20
Date of Death:    27/09/1917
Service No:       70247
Additional:       Son of John Thomas 
information       and Mary Hallows, 
                  of 35, Rise End,
                  Middleton, Wirksworth,
Casuality Type:   Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial:   Panel 99-102, 162-162A
Memorial:         TYNE COT MEMORIAL

             Casuality Details
Name:          HALLOWS, William
Initials:      W
Nationality:   United Kingdom
Rank:          Private
Regiment:      Sherwood Foresters 
               (Notts & Derby Regt)
Unit Text:     1st/6th Bn
Age:           19
Date of Death: 30/08/1916
Service No:    2160
Additional:    Son of Herbert and 
information    Ann Jane Hallows, 
               Engine House, Middleton, 
               Wirksworth, Derbyshire
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial III A.6.
Cemetary:      Warlingcourt Halte 
               British Cemetary, 

35--Samuel James Hallows 1897, killed 1917
32--Samuel Hallows 1845, Elizabeth Barker 1839
and to the right Herbert Hallows 1878
33--William Hallows 1897 killed in 1st world war
36--Taken c1962. Drucilla and Alec Hallows
at 61 Bannister Yard, Wirksworth.
37--Attestation 1914

(See also Alfred Else 1898-1916)
4 Years Service in the United Kingdom
No: 2160 | Name: William Hallows
Corps: 6th Sherwood Foresters
Name: William Hallows
Parish: Middleton, Town: Middleton, County: Derbyshire
British Subject: Yes | Age: 17 years 4 months
Trade: Gen labourer | Employer: Swan & Ratcliffe
Residence: The Engine House, Middleton
Apprenticeship: No | Married: No | Served: No
Cadets: No | Rejected: No | Understand Notice: Yes
Willing to serve 4 years in 6th Sherwood Foresters: Yes
Do you understand (parts a-h): Yes
Declaration: (Signed) William Hallows
Oath: (Signed) William Hallows
Certification: Signed by Officer
Dated: 20 March 1914
Written across page "Deceased 1915" (sic)
[Note: Swan & Ratcliffe were brickmakers at Hopton]

The HALLOWS family, who worked on the CHPR for 140 years

Data largely taken from HALLOWS pedigree by Colin Watson [numbers refer] and email from Glenis Smith of Wirksworth, grandaughter of Alec Hallows who worked on the CHPR for many years. See also GOULD pedigree
There were several nasty accidents to the Hallows family working on the CHPR, see: Ralph (killed), James (killed), William (lost leg), Ralph (lost leg) and Joseph (killed)
William Hallows' career: 1836: Born, 1856: Hanger-on, Sheep pasture incline, 1860:Tenting Middleton engine, 1881: Labourer in Cromford shop, 1898: Incline pulley man, Cromford, 1904: Resigned, 1913: Died

                                                                                 11             **
                                                               1806            1806            1826            1836
                                                               Hannah  1828    Samuel   1858   Celia    1866   William
                                                               1854      |     1863       |    /HOLLIS         1875
**same person, married 3 times.                                          |                |    1896
                                                                         |                |
                       |-----|----|------|-------|-----|-------------|---|--|------|      |-----|---|-----|
                       |     |12  |      |13     |     |14           |15    |      |      |         |     |
                      1829  1831 1833   1836    1840  1842          1845   1847   1849   1860      1863  1864
                      Ralph John Mary   William Sarah Joseph        Samuel Alfred James  Elizabeth Sarah Francis
                      1854a 1887 1840   1913b   1842  1880c         1925   1848   1875d
                       |     |           |             |             |
 **                    |    BB           |            DD             |
1826                   |                 |                           |
Seleh/               1829               1837              1835      1845              1839
Selina       1849    Ralph              William   1858    Mary      Samuel    1863    Elizabeth     (unmarried)  X
BRAILSFORD=====v=====HALLOWS            HALLOWS=====v=====SHELDON   HALLOWS=====v=====BARKER===============v=====PARKER
1896           |     1854               1913        |               1925        |                          |
               |                                    |                           |                          |
              GG                                    |                           |                          |
                                                    |                           |                          |
    |-----|------|----|-------|-----|-----|---------|     |-------|----|------|-|----|------|-----|        |
    |     |      |    |       |     |     |         |     |       |    |      |      |17    |     |        |
   1859  1860   1866 1868    1871  1873  1875      1877  1864    1866 1869   1871   1874   1877  1878     1859
   Ralph Hannah Mary William John  Sarah Elizabeth Emma  William John Samuel George Albert Ralph Herbert  Joseph
                      |                                          Thomas                           |       PARKER
                      |                                           |                               |
                      |16                                        EE              1876             |
                     1868              1870                                      Anne            1878
                     William   1889    Mary                                      Jane    1897    Herbert
                     HALLOWS=====v=====GOODWIN                                   KIRKE=====v=====HALLOWS
                     1934        |     1928                                                |     1948
                                 |                                                         |
 |-------|------|------|----|----|------|------|         |-------|-------|-----|-----|----||-------|------|-----|
 |       |18    |19    |20  |21  |22    |23    |24       |       |       |     |     |    |        |      |     |
1891    1893   1894   1897 1899 1904   1904   1911      1897    1899    1900  1901  1902 1905     1906   1908   |
William George Sidney Mary Fred Ernest Albert Florence  William Frances Alec  Mary  Ivy  Stanley  Ethel  Olive  |
                                               |        1917             |    Ellen      1905                   |
                                              FF         KIA             |                                      |
                                                                         |            |----|-------|-----|------|
                                                                         |            |    |       |     |      |
                                                                         |            1909 1911    1912  1915   1917
                                                                         |            Jane Herbert Norah Gladys Alice
                                                        1897            1900               1979
HALLOWS service on the CHPR                             Drucilla 1922   Alec
(Opened 1830, closed 1967)                              GOULD=====v=====HALLOWS
1800                                                    1993      |     1963
1810                                                              |
1820 Sam 42                                           |-------|---|---|-----------|
1830 x                                                |       |       |           |
1840 |                                               1923    1926    1932        1934
1850 |   Sam 40?                                     Albert  Maisie  Alec  twin  Ruby
1860 x   x                                                    |           (died)
1870     |                                                    |
1880     |   Herbert 45                                       |                1923
1890     |   x                                               Maisie    1945    William
1900     |   |                                               HALLOWS=====v=====CUMMINGS
1910     x   |                                               1975        |
1920         |      Herbert 30                                           |
1930         |      x        Alec 14                                     |
1940         x      |        x                                          1954            1957
1950                |        |                                          Jeremy  1996    Glenis
1960                x        x                                          SMITH=====v=====CUMMINGS

                        |12              1833
                       1831              Martha
                       John      1853    Jane
                       1887        |
 |------|-----|-------|--------|---|---|-----|-------|----|-------|       Note:
 |      |     |       |        |       |     |       |    |       |       1854-1862, children born at Whaley Bridge
1854   1856  1858    1860     1862    1864  1868    1870 1872    1875     1864-1875, children born at Parsley Hay
Sarah  Mary  Samuel  William  Martha  John  Hannah  Ann  Rachel  George   Both places are on CHPR.
       Ann   1929    1924     Jane    1922  Rebecca      Hannah  Alfred
       1923                                 1868

                     1842              1843                               Note:
                     Joseph    1861    Sarah                              Joseph killed in stonefall in Hopton tunnel
                     HALLOWS=====v=====GOULD                              see shocking accident on CHPR.
                     1880        |     
 |      |     |       |       |      |          |     |         |       |
1861   1862  1864    1867    1869   1871       1873  1875      1877    1880
Ralph  Mary  Hannah  Joseph  Sarah  Elizabeth  Jane  Harriett  Martha  Samuel

                   John              1867
                   Thomas    1884    Mary
 |          |       |       |     |          |       |
1885       1886    1888    1892  1893       1897    1898
Mary       Hannah  John    Mary  Elizabeth  Samuel  Ralph
Elizabeth          Thomas  Jane             James
          FF                                         GG
           |                                          |
           |                                          |
          1911              1905                     1854
          Florence  1929    John                     Mary
          HALLOWS=====v=====WATSON                   Hannah
          2003        |     1993                     HALLOWS/
                      |                              HOLEHOUSE
 |        |        |      |      |       |
1929     1931      |     1939   1942    1946
John     Kenneth   |     Derek  Trevor  Barbara
Stanley           1935

The people in the Census living at the Engine House, Middleton are:
1841 Thomas DOXEY
1851 Henry ROPER
1861 William HOLLOWS
1871 William HALLOWS
1881 William HALLOWS
1891 Samuel HALLOWS
1901 Samuel HALLOWS


Photographs taken by Alec Hallows of CHPR locos at Middleton Engine House, and Hopton Incline
01-- Taken 1937 Oct 14th. Wreckage of 4 wagons loaded with limestone and a brake van.

02a-- Taken 1937 Oct 14th, a hand-crane being used by the toiling shop staff to haul a set of driving wheels of 27521 up the embankment. The large steam crane normally used could not negotiate the tight curves and steep inclines of the High Peak Line.
02b-- Remains were loaded into wagons, to be taken away by sister loco 27530

    CHPR and the Hallows Family
Samuel Hallows, born 1806 died 1863.
Wharfinger and Station Master at Parsleyhay
42 years service.
Samuel Hallows, born 1845 died 1925.
Engine House, Middleton by Wirksworth
Herbert Hallows, born 1878 died 1948
Stationary Engine Driver, Middleton Engine
House, 45 years service plus 30 years as
Engineman, awarded a grant of £30 in 
the mid 1940 by N.U.R.
    Sons of Herbert Hallows:
Herbert Hallows. Born 1911 died 1979
Catchpit-man at Sheep-pasture 
from 1937 till closure 1967
Alec Hallows, Born 1900 died 1963
Engine stoker, Engine House, Middleton by
Wirksworth from 1948 to 1962, 14 years 

20a-- 3061 2-4-0T about 1890 at Middleton Top, with most of staff.
20b-- 3073 2-4-0 taken 1887-1894 at Middleton Top. Built 1853 as 314, renum 1856 in 1860, renum 3073 in 1887
21a-- Taken 1937 Oct 14th, Thursday. On the Wirksworth and Brassington road, at the foot of the Hopton Incline on the CHPR Eight days after the accident, the remains of 27521 waiting to be hoisted up the embankment.
21b-- Wreckage in 1937 at the foot of Hopton Incline, due to excessive speed of 27521 spreading the track. Engine driver Boden died in the accident.
22b-- The boiler of a goods engine installed in Sheep Pasture Top engine house in 1884 after the original stationary engine wore out.
26a-- Middleton Top Engine shed, after it caught fire on 30 Jul 1905. The locos are 2244 and 2278
26c-- Said to be Sam Buckley on left,
William and Luther Gould on right
26d-- 1947 snow
27a-- 47006, 0F-C 0-4-0ST at Middleton Engine House.
Kitson 1932 design for LMS.
Withdrawn 1966.
27b-- 68006, J94 0-6-0ST at Middleton Engine House.
Riddles 1943 design for MoS., bought by LNER 1946.
Withdrawn 1967 on closure of CHPR
27c-- 68012, J94 0-6-0ST at Middleton Engine House.
Riddles 1943 design for MoS., bought by LNER 1946.
Withdrawn 1967 on closure of CHPR


Philip Jerrison wrote
I have just had a look at your Wirksworth Web site for my HALLOWS relatives and found lots of new and interesting facts. I have some additional information that you may like to include or pass on to the other contributors.

1. Samuel HALLOWS of Parsley Hay
Samuel had another son George born 9 November 1838 at Parsley Hay. His birth certificate gives his father as Samuel HALLOWS and his mother as Hannah Hallows (formerly YOUNG). George married Jane Webster at Elton on 21 July 1860 and moved to Eckington about 1868 where he died on 16 July 1904.
I am happy to provide copies of his birth and marriage certificates if required.

2. HALLOWS on the Cromford & High Peak Railway

The following are my extracts from the records at Kew and refer to HALLOWS. All information is taken from RAIL 410/1309 in Kew Records Office.

NAME         Birth Date    Date Started   Date Left    Book  Page
Albert Henry 18 Oct 1873   19 Aug 1892                  1    p9

Ralph                       4 May 1871                  1    p15
                                                        2    p24
William       4 Sep 1836     Sep 1856     21 Mar 1904   1    p19
                                                        2    p5 & 71
(Also gives date of William's death as 28 Oct. 1913)

Samuel        2 Jul 1845   20 Dec 1875     5 Nov 1913   1    p20
                                                        2    p20 & 72

Joseph       24 Jun 1866   30 Jul 1880                  1    p118

William      31 Jan 1868   31 Jan 1887                  1    p144
Referred to as "Junior" on page.

William      23 Jun 1864   15 Jun 1887                  1    p146
Designated as No 2 in index and on page.

Herbert      29 Mar 1878   17 Jun 1898    26 Mar 1943   2    p86

H J Hallows                               18 Oct 1937   2    p91

The staff records show the injury to Ralph HALLOWS (right leg) in 
June 1878, but those of his father William have no mention of any 

3. Newspaper reports relating to HALLOWS on C & HPR.

3a Ralph HALLOWS
Derby & Chesterfield Reporter: Friday, 13 October 1854. p5 Col 4.
Middleton by Wirksworth, Fatal Accident:
Monday evening a rumour gained credence at Matlock and the neighbourhood that two brothers had been killed at the Middleton inclined plane of the Cromford and High Peak Railway, and on visiting the spot early next morning, the wreck of a passenger-carriage or omnibus at the bottom of the incline indicated that some disaster had occurred. On enquiry we ascertained, that the company had been for a few months running this conveyance from Cromford and Whaley and back daily, with perfect safety, and to the great convenience of parties residing near the line. On Monday evening, between five and six, the carriage arrived at the top of the plane, and the engine was ready to let it down, when the driver Ralph Hallowes, usually a steady careful man, by some strange fatuity refused to allow it to be attached to the endless chain, and purposely commenced the descent of the plane, trusting wholly to his brakes. The persons in and upon the vehicle at this time were the driver, a Cromford man, a mason named Walker, residing at Bole Hill, and a passenger whose name escapes. The consequences of this rash and foolhardy act of Hallowes was that the carriage became unmanageable, and at about the middle of the incline commenced descending with fearful velocity, running into some stone drugs at the foot of the plane, where it of course was smashed to pieces. The casualties are as below. Hallowes paid for his rash act with his life, dying at Middleton while we were in place on Tuesday morning; Walker so dreadfully bruised and injured as to almost preclude the hope of recovery; and the other man was bruised and cut about the face but not dangerously. An inquest was held on the body of Ralph Hallowes, at the Miner's Standard, Middleton on Wednesday, before Mr. Mander, coroner, and an intelligent jury, when all the facts above narrated were fully established by the evidence of unimpeachable witnesses, and after a most searching and patient investigation, a verdict of "Accidental death" was returned. Mr. Barton, the agent of the association, and Mr. Brittlebank, their solicitor, attended to watch the proceedings, and from a statement made by the former gentleman it appeared that the deceased had been fully instructed in his duties and that he had entirely disobeyed a most stringent order, never to descend the Middleton incline, unattached to the main chain. It appeared from the evidence that the stone trucks at the bottom of the plane would have been removed, had Hallowes given time, by descending in the usual and proper way thus exonerating the company from all blame.

Derby Mercury: Wednesday 18 October 1854 p5 Col 2.
Fatal Accident on the Cromford and High Peak Railway:
On Monday, the 9th, an accident occurred on this railway which caused the death of Ralph Hallows, the driver of a train, and injured two passengers. Deceased was the driver of a single passenger carriage, which had been established about three months, and which preceded daily to and from Whaley Bridge. In returning to Cromford, on the afternoon of the day mentioned, he neglected to hang the carriage to the main chain of the Middleton inclined plane, and the consequence was that the carriage proceeded downwards with such velocity that the points could not be worked, and it struck on some stone trucks which were standing on the line, and which had been a short time previously lowered by the engine. Hallows was taken up speechless and died about 15 hours afterwards. An inquest was held before Mr. Mander, coroner, and the jury been satisfied that the deceased death was accidentally caused returned a verdict to that effect.

3b James HALLOWS

Sheffield Independent, Tuesday 25 May 1875 p3 Col 6
Fatal Accident at Hopton near Wirksworth:
A man named Jas Hallows, who was employed on the Engine House Plane, was coupling wagons on Friday when he was knocked down and injured. He died on Sunday, and an inquest was held yesterday before A O Brookes Esq., at the Red Lion Inn, Wirksworth, when a verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned.

3c Ralph HALLOWS

Derby Mercury, Wednesday 26 June 1878 – District news
Wirksworth: Accident:
On Thursday afternoon last an accident of a somewhat singular character occurred upon the Cromford and High Peak Railway, now worked by the London and North-Western Company, to a stoker in their employ named Ralph Hallows, who was in his usual place of work upon the engine, then running at the very low pace of about five miles an hour, when a strong chain, used in shunting wagons, fell off the foot plate on the line, one end, however, remaining entwined round Hallows leg. Before the engine could be brought to a stand the end on the ground caught under a "sleeper" and stuck fast, which drew the other end so tight round Hallows' that his leg was broken in such a dreadful manner as to necessitate amputation below the knee. This operation was satisfactorily performed the same evening at the Wirksworth Cottage Hospital, where the young man now lies in a favourable state. This strange accident is rendered all the more remarkable by the fact that Hallows' father has a wooded leg, and that another relative has been killed on the line and a third had a leg off, all through accidents from engines.

3d Joseph HALLOWS

Derby Mercury: Wednesday 28 July 1880 p5 Col 6
Shocking Tunnel Accident at Wirksworth, Three Men Killed:
Between two and three o’clock on Monday afternoon a shocking accident occurred on the Cromford and High Peak Railway, whereby three men lost their lives while pursuing their daily avocations. It appears the London and North Western Railway Co., who work the above line, are lining a short tunnel between the Middleton and Hopton inclined planes, and in doing this it is necessary to blast out portions of rock to get a level surface. On Monday afternoon a number of men were engaged in the performance of this duty, and having blasted a piece of the rock from the crown of the tunnel were clearing the debris off the line, when a huge mass of rock fell burying three men underneath it and killing them instantaneously. Information was quickly conveyed to Middle Peak Wharf, whereupon Mr. Fawcett, manager of the Hopton Wood Stone Co., at once proceeded to the spot with a number of his employees and extricated the unfortunate men, who were removed to Middleton to await the inquest. Their names are John Gould, Wirksworth, Joseph Hallows, Middleton and Isaac Swindell, Brassington, and, we regret to state, all leave large families.

Derby & Chesterfield Reporter, 30 July 1880. p5 Col 6. (My summary)
The Fatal Accident near Wirksworth: Three Men Killed:
Monday 26 July in Hopton Tunnel, blasting accident. John GOULD of Wirksworth leaves a wife and 7 children Joseph HOLLIS of Middleton leaves a wife and 8 children. Isaac SWINDELL a widower leaves 5 children. Verdict: Accidentally killed by a fall of stone upon them whilst at work.

Hope you find the above useful and are able to include some of it in your website. I am happy for you to pass my e-mail address to any other contributors and hope you continue to keep up the good work.

Philip Jerrison
Colin Watson of Southampton writes:
Hello John,
A long time since I last spoke to you, but I was very interested in your new entry on the Hallows family. I was also interested in the email from Jean Durbin. She said that Celia Hallows (Brailsford) may have been pregnant with Ralph's child when he was killed. I had a suspicion about this too, but looking on census records no dates seemed to match up. I decided to look on BMD to see if I could find a child for Ralph and Celia, and I found an entry for a Mary Hannah Hallows in Ashbourne district, Vol 7b, Page 413, Dec Quarter 1854. As the names were the same as Celia's mother Mary and Ralph's mother Hannah I was fairly excited that I may be lucky if I ordered a certificate. The Certificate has now arrived and Mary Hannah was born on 26th November 1854 at Middleton. The father was Ralph Hallows Deceased. The mother Celia Hallows formerly Brelsford and informant Celia Hallows, Middleton, 14th December 1854. Their daughter was therefore born in the month following Ralph's death. I have now added her to my family tree. I have also found an interesting link in Ince's Pedigrees in the Coates Family tree 066d. This states that the Coates family seem to have been settled here on or before the reign of Elizabeth, for in 1571 Clemence Coates and Humphry Hallowes both of Youlgreave were mard. Hope you are both well and thank you for all your excellent work.
Yours sincerely,
Colin Watson, Southampton.
Jean Durbin of Australia writes:
Dear John
Yes, I can help with the following and I do remember Glenis contacting me re Hallows family history perhaps about a year ago now.

There were indeed a number of Hallows menfolk involved in accidents & mishaps of one sort or another on the CHPR. The four names you mention Joseph, James, William & Ralph were all sons of my 3 x gt grandfather Samuel Hallows & Hannah Young. Joseph Hallows was killed in the Hopton Tunnel in 1880 & that you already have as a coroner's inquest report I believe.

Ralph Hallows was killed 9 Oct 1854 age 25, the death certificate describes him as a driver to a passenger train carriage on a railway namely the CHPR. At this time a passenger carriage was used on that line but later because of accidents the practice was discontinued & the line was for freight only. Thomas Mander was the Coroner & the verdict was accidental death.

The Derby Mercury for 18th Oct 1854 has the following:
Fatal Accident on the Cromford & High Peak Railway
"On Monday, the 9th, an accident occurred on this line of railway which caused the death of Ralph Hallows, the driver of a train & injured 2 passengers. Deceased was the driver of a single passenger carriage which had been established about 3 months, & which proceeded daily to & fro daily from Whaley Bridge. In returning to Cromford, on the afternoon of the day mentioned, he neglected to hang on the carriage to the main chain at the Middleton inclined plane, & the consequence was that the carriage proceeded downwards at such velocity that that the points could not be worked, & it struck on some stone trucks which were standing on the line, & which had been a short time previously lowered by the engine. Hallows was taken up speechless & died in about 15 hours afterwards."

There is a little time discrepancy here, if Ralph Hallows died 15 hours after the accident on the afternoon of the 9th then death surely would have been the 10th but the death certificate does say the 9th.

I have a photo of the "hanging on" procedure if you are interested which acted as a brake on the inclined planes on the railway.

Ralph was married to Celia Brailsford in 1849 in Wirksworth. Her mother in law Hannah Hallows nee Young died in Sep 1854 aged 45 of gastro enteritis at Parsley Hay where her husband Samuel was a wharfinger on the CHPR. Celia was probably pregnant with her first child (a daughter) when Ralph was killed in Oct 1854. In 1858, May 16th, Celia married her father in law Samuel Hallows at Bakewell Register Office, he as a widower aged 51, she a widow aged 33. I am assuming this marriage may not have been allowed by the Established Church or at least frowned upon. Samuel died in 1863 at Parsley Hay of paraplexy (stroke?). Celia had another daughter with Samuel in 1862 & was probably pregnant with her 3rd child (a son) when Samuel died. Celia then married William Orme in Wirksworth 20th May 1866 but William Orme seems to have died in 1875 in Cromford aged 39. I have no idea what Celia looked like but she certainly didn't lack for husbands !!

James Hallows was killed 23 May 1875 in Wirksworth age 26, the death certificate says he died from accidental injuries sustained by a wagon running over him on the Cromford & High Peak Railway at Hopton inclined plane. An inquest was held 24 May 1875 but as yet I haven't located a newspaper report of the inquest. James died in Wirksworth hospital & his address was given as Middleton by Wirksworth. James married Margaret Shaw 14 Apr 1871 at Carsington and a son was born later in 1871.

William Hallows was born 1836 Parsley Hay & married Mary Sheldon in 1856 at Matlock. His right leg was injured on the Cromford High Peak Railway but I don't know when exactly. I have a photo of him working in the Cromford Rail workshops after the accident, showing a pegleg below his right trouser leg. He did receive a pension in 1909 & free rail pass, & died in 1913. I am still looking for a newspaper report of the accident if it exists. William Hallows had a son also named Ralph Hallows who seems to have been injured on the railway according to the following report:

Derby Mercury 26th June 1878 - Accident Wirksworth
"On Thursday afternoon last an accident of a somewhat singular character occurred upon the Cromford & High Peak Railway, now worked by the London & North Western Company, to a stoker in their employ, named Ralph Hallows, who was at his usual work upon the engine, then running at the very slow pace of about 5 miles an hour, when a strong chain, used in shunting wagons, fell off the footplate on the line, one end, however, remaining entwined around Hallows' leg. Before the engine could be brought to a stand the end on the ground caught under a "sleeper" & stuck fast, which drew the other end so tight round Hallows' that his leg was broken in such a dreadful manner as to necessitate amputation below the knee. This operation was satisfactorily performed the same evening at the Wirksworth Cottage hospital where the young man now lies in a favourable state. This strange accident is rendered all the more remarkable by the fact that Hallows' father has a wooden leg, & that another relative has been killed on the line, & a third had a leg taken off, all through accidents from engines."

Not sure who the third amputee was but it may just be an inaccurate newspaper report.

The Ralph Hallows injured in 1878 seems to have remained single & in 1901 he is a railway level crossing gate keeper at Hazel Grove in Cheshire with his sister Emma as his housekeeper. He died in 1912.

Hope the above helps you. The Hallows' as a family were certainly heavily involved in the CHPR railway. Both sides of my family have railway connections. My father was a railway guard & I got numerous trips in the guards van as a child. The railway industry was always a dangerous one as the above illustrates. The CHPR employed a lot of people & I do have material on some of those people plus information on the CHPR history & working.

Best wishes Jean

from Jean Durbin

Taken 1913 in front of Goods Shed at Steeple House. Members of First Aid class.

BACK ROW (standing)left to right: Jack OLDBURY Wagon Examiner, known as "Tapper Jack"; Tom SWIFT Guard; Harold KIRK Fireman; William BODEN Driver, "Billy Boden", died in Hopton derailment; Jack HARRISON Fireman; Bernard WALKER Fireman; ===unidentified===; Joe NADIN Hanger-on; David BOND, Winding Engineman at Sheep Pasture; Luther GOULD, Goods Agent at Cromford;

MIDDLE ROW (sitting) left to right: Herbert HALLOWS, Winding Engineman at Middleton; Herbert SLACK Guard at Middleton; Len SPENCER; Tom WEBBER, Number taker, died 1913; Herbert EVANS Pointsman at catchpit on Sheep Pasture; Dick DOXEY Hanger-on, Middleton Top; - FARNSWORTH Chief Clerk in Luther Gould's office;

FRONT ROW (kneeling) left to right: Tom HUDDERT Blacksmith at Cromford aka "Tosser" Billie LAMB Horse-dray driver; Herbert SPENCER Storekeeper; J W SPENCER Plate-layer.

Photo source Derby Local Studies Library
Staff Registers PRO/RAIL 144/

William BRADLEY driver
W.H. BROOKS born 29 Oct 1854, began work 8 Nov 1883 ?
William CHAPPELL fireman, driver born 18 Apr 1873
Adam DAWSON engine driver born 3 Feb 1842
James EVANS stationary engineman Sheep Pasture
born 29 May 1822, began work 1839
George GOODWIN fireman, later driver
George William GOODWIN fireman
H HALLOWS born 29 Mar 1878, began work 17 Jun 1898
S HALLOWS born 2 Jul 1845, began work 20 Dec 1875
W HALLOWS born 4 Sep 1836,began work Sep 1856
W HARDY born 24 Jun 1863, began work 7 Mar 1884
J JEPSON born 27 Mar 1862, began work 17 Jan 1890
Joseph MELLOR driver
J OXLEY born 5 May 1837, began work 7 Dec 1883
George PENNINGTON fireman, killed 1876
F. REEDS born 18 Aug 1853, began work 14 Feb 1876
Henry ROBINSON fireman
Henry ROPER foreman Cromford 1888,
born 17 Jun 1827, began work 1858 ?
J SHELDON born 15 Jun 1843, began work Jan 1883,
dismissal May 1898
Samuel SHELDON driver
John SIMS born 24 May 1859
Samuel SLACK driver born 1 Apr 1854
J SMITH 28 Mar 1863, began work 17 Jan 1890
E SPENCER born 20 Jan 1872, began work 23 Jun 1898
T. WALKER driver in 1937
? WOODHOUSE born 7 Jan 1845, began work 29 Nov 1876
Photo source Derby Local Studies Library

The foot of the Cromford Incline, 15 Apr 1934. Past cleaner Sam Buckley and bicycle are about to travel home to Middleton on an ascending water tank. 33 years and 16 days later, driver Buckley took the last train from Middleton Top to Friden when that section of the line finally closed. Carefully ignoring him in front of the telephone box are a visitor, shunter Tom Beeson and wagon examiner Jack Oldbury

The Hallows family actually came to Matlock DBY from Wetton STS circa mid 1780s. They seemed to be quite poor as the head of the family was collecting parish relief from Wetton whilst in Matlock & one of the sons was making the trip to Wetton to collect the money for a while according to a document unearthed in the Matlock records centre.
Summary of my Hallows descent from Samuel Hallows & Hannah Young.
John HALLOWS second son of Samuel Hallows & Hannah Young/ Born 1 Jul 1831, bap 24 Jul 1831 Cromford Weslyan Methodists Married Martha Jane Gregson 16 Jan 1853 Taxal CHS Died 26 Mar 1887 Parsley Hay, buried 29 Mar 1887 Hartington, no headstone found. (I haven't sent for a death cert. as yet)
Census 1861/Vaux Row Whaley Bridge CHS
John HALLOWS marr 29 permanent way platelayer b. Cromford DBY Census 1871/Monyash DBY
John HALLOWS marr 39 book keeper b. Cromford DBY (seems to have taken over from his deceased father Samuel at Parsley Hay)
Census 1881 HMQ DBY
John HALLOWS marr 49 goods agent b. Cromford DBY

Children of John Hallows & Martha Jane Gregson:
Sarah 1854 Whaley Bridge, Mary Ann 1856 Whaley Bridge, Samuel 1858 Whaley Bridge, William 1860 Whaley Bridge, Martha Jane 1862 Whaley Bridge, John 1865 Parsley Hay, Hannah Rebecca 1868 Parsley Hay, Ann 1870 Parsley Hay, Rachel Hannah 1872 Parsley Hay, George Alfred 1875 Parsley Hay
My gt grandfather Samuel Hallows born 18 Nov 1858 Whaley Bridge, bap 20 Nov 1865 Winster Prim. Methodist circuit, died 1 Jun 1929 Wirksworth, buried 4 Jun 1929 Wirksworth. Married Sarah Ann Horobin 31 May 1883 Earl Sterndale. Sarah Ann's father ran the Royal Oak at Sparklow & the CHPR ran just behind the pub. Samuel was a platelayer)
Children of Samuel Hallows & Sarah Ann Horobin:
John William 1884 Harpur Hill, Martha Jane 1885 Fairfield, Samuel James 1888 Fairfield, Herbert 1889 Monyash, Mary Annie 1891 Middleton by Wirksworth (my grandmother), married Wm Alfred Franklin 1920 Middleton by Wirksworth, Hannah 1895 Middleton by Wirksworth
Photo source Derby Local Studies library
As you can see the man seems to stand inside the rails beside the chain which is twisted around a rope attached to the winding engine as far as I can tell, so if anything went wrong, it would be very easy to get tangled up in it. The chain loops are then hung over the buffers to pull the wagons up the incline or act as a brake to go down the incline. I think that is the theory.
Wedding photo of my great aunt Hannah Hallows dau of Samuel Hallows & Sarah Jane Hallows nee Horobin. 1917 Groom Fred Richardson a Yorkshire man in uniform.
Front row extreme left-Sarah Jane Hallows.
Back row right Samuel Hallows, next to him dau Martha Jane Melbourne (she married John Wm Melbourne in 1908, he was killed 1915 in France)
Bridesmaid next to Sarah Jane Hallows is my grandmother Mary Annie Hallows.
Photo of Samuel Hallows & wife Sarah Jane Hallows nee Horobin circa 1907 I believe possibly Middleton by Wirksworth. Back row left to right:
Dau Mary Annie Hallows(my grandmother), son Herbert Hallows, son John Hallows son William Hallows, son Samuel Hallows, dau Martha Jane Hallows.
Front row Left to right:
Sarah Ann Hallows nee Horobin, dau Hannah Hallows, Samuel Hallows senior.
Source Derby Local Studies Library
Not the best photo in the world but you can just see standing at the back the chap with the peg leg. Photo was labeled William Hallows. Date somewhere after 1890 I suppose.

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