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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Maps of the Wirksworth Area

This section has links to all the maps that I have in this website. Maps are difficult because they use a lot of memory space if they contain a lot of detail. So what you see here has to be a compromise between megabytes and detail. Personally I find that old maps are interesting but rarely contain much important information. A modern Ordnance Survey paper map is indispensible. Also a modern road atlas which has a big index in the back, letting you locate those odd village names in the PR or Census. The road atlas I use is Phillips Navigator Road Atlas, at 1.5 miles to the inch, containing 40,000 placenames in the Index, each with county name and coordinates on the map.

Here are assorted maps of the Wirksworth Area.
Outline of Wirksworth Area - modern map showing the boundaries of "The Wirksworth Area"
WIRKSWORTH Area Maps - Interactive map with village street plans
WIRKSWORTH Street map - Interactive street map of Wirksworth town centre
600 placenames near Wirksworth - from 8 inch : 1 mile maps

Old Maps of the Wirksworth Area for different years:
1910... 1904... 1897... 1885... 1845... 1835... 1815... 1787... 1746... 1626... 1610

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