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21 Apr 2015

Millennium One-Place-Study website

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12 Jul 1998

Parish Records 1600-1900

A large parish in the centre of Derbyshire and England
ISBN 0953284425
Records cover 40 square miles around Wirksworth

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The Wirksworth Website contains the results of an intensive 20-year One-Place-Study of the Parish of Wirksworth in central Derbyshire, England. A large number of Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, Census entries, Pedigrees, MIs, Crimes, Wills, Old photos and local histories are listed and indexed. Most of the data has been transcribed by the author from microfilm of the original documents and new data is frequently added. Much of the information covers all Derbyshire not just Wirksworth. You are invited to use the website to study the way of life of the people or trace your ancestors from the Wirksworth Area.
This big website is handwritten in simple HTML 3.0 code, allowing quick and easy creation of complex new pages and editing of existing data, ensuring the site always holds the latest information by frequent updating, and is checked with Explorer 6.0 and Navigator 6.2. There are: 61 million characters in the website, which has 3,095 images and 2,187 text pages listing 13,000 surnames found in 452,000 records held in 75 databases covering 300 years. The 158 Mb website has 210,000 internal links, averaged 232 pageviews per day in the last 12 months, average duration 6.5 mins, and received over 1,664 reader's comments. See other websites by the same author. Links to facilities on Eyelinks.
You are FREE to use any of the DATA and IMAGES on this website, but if you make any MONEY out of them talk to the WEBMASTER first. Always credit "Wirksworth website on www.wirksworth.org.uk"
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