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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Stuart Flint's emails

Stuart Flint
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth , over the years, has regularly sent the webmaster emails packed full of genealogical and historical information, a veritable goldmine. Up till now, I have managed to keep pace with his input, placing the information on an appropriate existing webpage. However, I have recently fallen behind, and now have to resort to placing them all on this page, with an index, and trusting to the wonders of Google to find the information you, gentle reader, are seeking. I hope Stuart does not mind if I let the world into a private joke between him and me: I have always said he is related to everyone in Wirksworth. I will let the reader judge for himself.
See also 28 pedigrees by Stuart Flint.

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27 Nov 2009
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05 Apr 2009
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11 Feb 2009
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24 Newspaper report demise of Emma Goodall 5 Apr 2009

    The following is the family of Mather and Goodall GOODALLS Richard Goodall married Anne Jepson of Middleton in 1804 Son Joseph Goodall born 1815 married Pheobe Spencer December 29th 1836 FOOTNOTE Pheobe Spencer was daughter of Peter and Hannah Spencer nee Porter (Potter) Peter a Butcher / Farmer who lived at Hallicar Lanes Middleton where my Sheldon family also lived Pheobe's sister Mary Spencer married John Flint son of my 4XUncle and Aunt Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen of Bolehill Sarah Flint nee Allen died in 1829 . Robert and his sons John Flint born 1815 who married Mary Spencer and William Allen Flint who married Elizabeth Slack daughter of my 3XUcle and Aunt Samuel and Sarah Slack nee Land of Middleton (Sarah sister of Hannah Land who married James Smith of Carsington they my 2XGrandparents ..Samuel Slack also my wifes and my kinsman ) Robert, John and William and wives and children then born became members of The Latter Day Saints. and in 1850 emigrated to Kays Ward now known as Kaysville Utah... Letitia Flint, Roberts daughter married Elijah West of Ockbrook near Derby he a Priest in the L.D.S. who often preached about Joseph Smiths new Latter Day Saints under an Oak tree in Hallams Yard Bolehill where also Elizabeth Evans Aunt of George Eliot, Jesse Sheldon of my kin and Billy Higginbottom of Belper also Preached I have been in contact with the Flints of Layton Kaysville and St George Utah for many years and in August 2008 attended a Family Reunion organised by the Broughs and Flints of Utah at Meersbrook Leek Staffordshire when over 60 members of the Utah family came to UK and with a further 70 + Broughs and my wife daughter and I representing the Flint family..we met to share family history ..) Son of Joseph and Pheobe Goodall nee Spencer James Goodall born March 2nd 1848 married Emma Mather daughter of Samuel and Sarah Mather nee Spencer May 30th 1870 MATHERS Robert Mather married Sarah Moor of Middleton July 9th 1767 Son Robert Mather married Elizabeth Wragg of Middleton she of my wifes kin June 16th 1796 Son Samuel Mather born 1804 married Sarah Spencer July 26th 1827 Children of Samuel and Sarah Mather nee Spencer 1.Robert Mather born 1828 married Anne Goodall daughter of Joseph Goodall April 18th 1850 2.Hannah Mather born 1830 married Thomas Buckley son of Thomas October 1855 3.Elizabeth Mather born 7th April 1833 4.Twins Thomas and Samuel born 1836 Samuel married Pheobe Spencer May 28th 1863 daughter of Francis Spencer 5.George Mather born 1839 obt aged 17 years 6.Edward Mather born 1844 7.Millicent Mather born 1841 married 1st husband Daniel Doxey having sons John who married Elizabeth Hayward and George who married Sarah Kilkenny dau of Dominic and Sarah Kilkenny nee Adams Sarah my kin via Killers.. Dominic originally from County Mayo Ireland. George Doxey's family thereafter becoming known as Kilkenny Doxey heirs of whom are my wife and my relations /friends today.. George Doxey was killed at Killer Bros Quarry 1900 5 years before my Grandfather William Flint was killed at Killer Bros December 5th 1905 Millicent Doxey widow of Daniel Doxey on the demise of Daniel married as her 2nd husband William Evans who was my wife's Gr Gr Uncle whose son Herbert Evans married Sarah Killer their sons William Evans who married Ida Bateman their daughter living near my home today and George Evans a School Teacher who was my Form Master at Middleton Junior School in the 1940s ..Herbert Evans's nephew Herbert Evans was my wifes Grandfather who married Sarah Jane Hall living on Sheldons Yard Duke Street Middleton the house owned by my mother's Sheldon family..Herbert Evans daughter is my mother in law..Herbert and Sarah Jane also reared Eric Sheldon of my kin at their house Eric and his brother Albert Sheldon owning Shellards Quarry Griffe Grange in the 1950s / 60s now owned by Standcliffe Stone 8.Emma Mather born 1849 married James Goodall May 30th 1870 James Goodall born March 2nd 1848 at Killers Yard Middleton (Killers Yard is opposite Middleton Junior School one time cottages stretching further up the bankside towards where the quarry was founded by William Killer my 3XUncle...In recent years my wife and my kinsmen of Spencer and Harrison lived at Killers Yard..) Children of James and Emma Goodall nee Mather FOOTNOTE James Goodall was a Lead Miner at Mill Close Lead Mine Warren Carr near Darley Bridge He had to walk nearly 6 miles to work walking from Middleton down Bonsall Wood and then over Bonsall Moor into Winster and then down into Warren Carr where the mine was.. My father told me about how that many Middleton men worked at Mill Close Mine up to the mid 1930s and when they were coming home after a 12 hour shift they could be seen wending their way up Bonsall Wood by the light of their Mining Lamps..As the cottages they lived in where small and cramped it was often the case that as one man climbed out of bed to go on shift another would take his place 1.Anne Goodall born 1871 married Ernest Wilson Shoemaker of Cromford 1893 Their daughter Emma Wilson married Joseph Gould whose son today is retired Deputy Head Master at Anthony Gell School he also my kin via Sheldon Longden and Frost His sister and her husband James Allen were close friends of my family both deceased .. James Allen being Manager of Middleton Football Club when my brother and his pals made up the team in the 1950s see John Palmers Old Photograph pages 2.Samuel born 1881 3.Thomas born 1879 4.Emma born 1885 5.Pheobe born 1889 6.George born 1887 7.Sarah born 1892 FOOTNOTE The Gould family in the mid 1800s were Spar Turners of Matlock Bath and Scarthin Nick Cromford..who with my fellow kinsmen William Walthall Joseph Fletcher Charles Wildgoose and Samuel Smith lived for a time at Madron near Penzance Cornwall where they worked at The Serpentine Works Charles Wildgoose being the Foreman ..Serpentine is similar to Blue John in that many statues and other products were made of the Marble My kinsman Joseph Fletcher remained at Penzance and founded a Marble Works there.. In Penzance Cathedral is a Statue made of Serpentine by Joseph Fletcher he having married Marie Jones daughter of my 3XUncle and Aunt Peter and Mary Jones nee Flint..Their heir today is my friend and kinsman who lives near Gloucester owning a Riding Stable Samuel Smith was son of my 2XUncle and Aunt William and Sarah Smith nee Walker he eventually owning The Royal Museum Matlock Bath once owned by John Mawe who was a Botanist, Samuel was Apprentice to Walker & Vallance .. John Vallance having been Mawes Manager William Smith, Samuels father being Head Gardener at The Botancial Gardens Heights of Abraham Samuel Smiths son William taking over The Royal Museum into the 1930s .. Regards Stuart G Flint

23 Arkwright information 11 Feb 2009

    You may like to have the following information which I have been researching and proofing for over 7 years ..I have recently been invited to join the Killer family MY Heritage site by Iain Keiller who is of my kinship and having viewed his site much of my own research has been proved correct .. His Father some years ago organised a Killer Family Reunion wich I attended First the following is information taken from certain papers belonging to the Arkwright family which I have access to and which have been catalogued recently by friends of mine who are members of the Barmote Court Wirksworth 24th April 1778 Exchange of lands between Thomas Hallett Hodge and George Kilhare of Matlock Miner Maiden Close and Buntings Croft between Matlock and Cromford George Kilhare was son of Thomas and Sarah Kilhare of Bunting Croft Starkholmes nr Matlock .Thomas Kilhare was brother of my 6XGrandfather Adam Kilhare who married Sarah Banks of Cromford....Buntings Croft was on the Willersley Castle side of Starkholmes Maidens Croft on the St Giles Church side of Starkholmes which Hallett Hodges procured some years before.. (on 19th October 1753 William Milnes surrendered to William Soresby (Chesterfield) of lands including Maidens Croft, Far Maidens Croft Ridstone Meadow and Mesne Torr Fields On 11th September 1755 William Soresby surrendered the above to Peter Nightingale and on April 22nd 1778 Peter Nightingale surrendered the above to Thomas Hallett Hodge Footnote see history of Thomas Hallett Hodge at end of this e mail 1st April 1760 and 2nd April 1760 Joseph Fox and wife to John Higgett of Cromford lease for possession, house and lands at Starkholmes (Woodseats Farm top of Willersley Lane) Joseph Fox was son of Joseph and Anne Fox nee Brailsford This Fox family is of my wifes family and also of my family via Killers and Brailsfords of Middleton Footnote Samuel Carden (also spelt in later years as Carding) married Mary Flint 1677..Samuel and Mary lived at Common Wood now known as Artists Corner Carden and Flints owned partnerships at Nestus Lead Mine Matlock Bath now known as Rutland Cavern Heights of Abraham where Benjamin Bryan of my allied kin was a Guide and part owner ) Pedigree of my wifes family of Carden Carding Fox Blackham Hall and Evans Samuel and Mary Carding nee Flints son Samuel married Anne Wood 1708 their son Solomon married Mary Wood whose daughter Mary married Samuel Fox of Starkholmes Samuel and Mary Fox nee Cardings son Solomon Fox a Hatter of Starkholmes married Anne Robinson of Cromford ..Solomon and Anne Fox's son George Fox a Building Contractor married Harriett Blackham dau of Ambrose Blackham of Wash Green Wirksworth Their daughter Emma Fox married John Thomas Hall whose daughter Sarah Jane Hall married Herbert Evans they my wifes Grandparents George and Harriett Fox nee Blackham's 2nd cousin Timothy Fox of Starkholmes a Stone Cutter born 1838 married Anne Willan Killer in 1861 Anne Willans Killer daughter of my 3XUncle and Aunt William and Mary Killer nee Willans ..William Killer Founder of Killers Quarry Middleton When Timothy died Anne lived for a time with the George Farnsworth of my brothers wifes family at Lane Head (top of Willersley Lane) She then married William Batterley they living at Middleton, Battlerleys my sister in laws allied kin via Slack's who are also of my wifes family William Killers 2nd wife on Mary nee Willans demise was Anna Brownson dau of my Gr Gr Uncle and Aunt John and Elizabeth Brownson nee Walker Elizabeth sister of my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker William and Anna Killer nee Brownson's son Samuel Thomas Killer married Elizabeth Mather who again was of my wifes Mather family who also adopted my Aunt Harriett Janet Fields Flint nee Woodiwisse also known as Dolly Mather The Brownsons of my kin have a pedigree stretching back to Major Johannes Conradt Molinus who with Sir Cornelius Vermuyden oversaw the digging of The Dovegange Sough where my 8XGrandfather Henry Coates was Mining Agent to Sir Cornelius Vermuyden and Sir Robert Heath..Anna Killer nee Brownsons sister Elizabeth married into my sister in laws Farnsworth and Sims family . Major Johannes Molinus was a Commander in Sir John Gells Derbyshire Regiment of Foot who fought on the side of Cromwell on the 1642 Civil War, as was my other kinsman Captain Thomas Collinson whose allied kin are also my Wheatcroft family ..Jane Wheatcroft my 7XAunt being mother of Samuel Collinson her illigit son alias Wheatcroft who married Catherine Molinus Grandaughter of Major Molinus aforementioned as his 2nd wife after his 1st wife Mary Spencer of Middleton .. Ella Fox who married Herbert Smith was of this same Fox Family of Starkholmes Ella Smith nee Fox founded with her husband The Matlock Mercury .. 10th May 1787 Assignment for 1,000 years in Manor of Cromford from Urban Hall and Richard Nall by direction of Mr Milnes and wife and Peter Nightingale to Rev Peter Manlove for regaining £10,000 and interest 7/4/1789 Rev Manlove by direction of Peter Nightingale and Sir Richard Arkwright to Mr John Toplis ..Assignement of 1,000 years in The Manor of Cromford ..In Trust to attend the inheritance for Sir Richar4d Arkwright Footnote John Toplis founded a Bank at Wirksworth in 1782 which by 1820 Sir Richard Arkwrights son Richard Arkwright was a partner (Arkwright & Toplis) Richard Arkwright in 1823 took over the bank it known then as Richard Arkwright & Co . By the 1890s Henry Beesley of my kin was Manager there when known as Capital & Counties Bank.. In the 1900s Lloyds Bank took it over now known as LLoyds T.S.B. In 1863 my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker renovated the bank he having also built Crompton & Evans Bank (now NatWest) Market Place Wirksworth and Wirksworth Baptist Church Joseph Walker & Sons also built railway property on the L&NW Railway amd Midland Railway lines Gloucester Station being one such, also parts of the Wirksworth - Duffield line Footnote Joseph Walker born 1815 married 3 times his 3rd wife Martha nee Sheldon my true Grt Grandmother married 1867.. 8th April 1789 Peter Nightingale Esq. to Sir Richard Arkwright .. Release of The Manor of Cromford and parcel of land within Manor of Matlock 7th April 1789 Ditto to Ditto Lease for Possession 20th June 1682 Deeds relating to Brownes Wood and payment of £750.00 by John Spateman. Recites that William Hopkinson at his decease was seized of Browns Wood and Whitefield (on the north side of Derwent except two smelting Mills called Lums Smelting Mills ) 30th May 1700 Indenture John Spateman to Thomas Hoades possession of Browns Wood and Whitfield adjoining to Bow Wood (Boughwood) Cromford Bridge End By the mid 1700s the Wakebridge family purchased Bow Wood who then left it to the Poles who sold it on to Peter Nightingale Footnote Thomas Hoades was my 7XGrandfather (S G Flint) John Spateman married Millicent Wigley of Seniorsfield Wigley's being of my kin.. 10th July 1712 Will of Thomas Hoades of Wirksworth ..This includes shares left to his wife in Ratchwood Founder, Orchard and Ravenstor Groves Lead Mines and shares in other meers to his son William Hoades Footnote William Hoades was my 6XGrandfather Thomas Hoades was a partner with Robert Greensmith of the mines at Ravenstor Ratchwood and Orchard (also Thisley Mines ) Colehills twixt Bolehill and Rise End Middleton..I purposely state it this way as Steeplegrange was not established as such until Robert Greensmith built his Grange and estate on the strength of his mining investments ..In 1760 Sir Richard Arkwright purchased The Grange from Greensmiths on Steeple Hill demolishing the estate and using all the block gritstone to build his first Mill on Willersley Road now called Mill Lane 14th October 1792 Richard Arwkright Esq (son of Sir Richard Arkwright) to Mr Samuel Simpson of a moitey of leasehold premises in Great Longstone and Bakewell and a moitey of machinery in a Cotton Mill for consideration of £21.000 Samuel Simpson along with his brother John Simpson were brothers in law to Richard Arkwright, Richards wife being Mary Simpson of Bonsall dau of Adam and Elizabeth Simpson nee Oldham Adam nephew of my 5XGrandfather Peter Simpson Peter Simpson being son of James and Grace Simpson nee Wigley the Wigleys being of Seniorsfield where in time Bridge House at foot of Willersley Lane was built and where the Evans family lived for a time related to Peter Nightingale.. Wigleys also of Wigwell Grange and Middleton Hall I have their pedigree back to 1450 Wigwell Grange was purchased by Wigleys in the 1500s when Anthony Babbington who owned the estate was hanged for his part in the Treason against Queen Elizabeth 1st ..My Brownson family of Glasgow were Stewards to Mary Queen of Scots in this era when she was incarcerated in Wingfield Manor and Tutbury Castle by the Earl of Shrewsbury The Earl of Shrewsbury owned lands in the Cromford area and is mentioned in the papers I have re Arkwright estate William Soresby (the name also spelt in other records Sowerby) In the documents I have viewed William Soresby is named as having purchased in 1664 a title from Lady Armyne who endowed the Alm Houses on Bede House Lane Cromford (Dame Mary Armyne nee Talbot daughter of Henry Talbot son of 4th Earl of Shrewsbury ..she having married Sir William Armyne Bart) The Soresbys it would seem lived in the early 1600s at Wirksworth removing to Youlgreave and then to Chesterfield The Soresbys (Sowerbys) married into the Milnes family of Ashford In The Water whose kin married into the Gells of Hopton Hall (Dorothy Milnes married Phillip Gell in 1723 Sheriff of Derbyshire..whilst William Milnes of Aldecar was also Sheriff of Derbyshire 1740s who married Mary Soresby sister of William Soresby in 1748) William Soresby named in the Arkwright documents married Helen Wright in 1694 ..It is mentioned in the papers that on the 12th September 1758 Arkwrights had a copy of his will dated 6th April 1749 and it is also recorded that on the 9th May 1760 a disposition of his effects was made with the rider stating that "William Soresby was an English Gentleman of Chesterfield Derbyshire dwelling in the City of Liege for several years" The Wrights built Longstone Hall Gr Longston Thomas Wright rebuilding the Hall Wrights have lived at Grt Longstone for over 700 years Allied members of this family included Ichobod Wright a Banker at Nottingham who financed Sir Richard Arkwright when Arkwright first built his Mills Wright being the man who bought together Samuel Needs and Jedediah Strutt into a partnership with Arkwright Soresby's were also related to Thomas Bagshaw of The Ridge Chapel en le Frith also related by marriage to the Hurts of Alderwasley Hall I have documentary evidence of all these families Thomas Hallett Hodges born at Harworth Nottingham 1750 married Dorothy Carwright of Marnham Hall Marnham Nottinghamshire (near Newark) on 9th February 1775 daughter of William and Anne Cartwright nee Cartwright Anne dau of George Cartwright of Ossington Hall William and Anne being 2nd cousins The Cartwright family were long time residence of Marnham and Ossington Halls Edmund Cartwrigtt son of William and Anne being the inventor of the Weaving Loom which Sir Richard Arkwright purchased another son of William and Anne being Major John Cartwright who in later years after a brilliant Army career became involved as a radical Anti Slave Trade supporter ... Thomas Hallett Hodges purchased the Manor of Cromford from Edmund Hodgkinson who had purchased it from Edward Lascelles related to the D'arcy family who were kin of the Duke of Kingston Upon Hull and the Pierrpoint family Henry Talbot son of the Earl of Shrewsbury also having a stake in the Manors of Cromford and Matlock before which The Manors of Willersley had belonged to Richard Minors in the reign of Henry V1.. Thomas Hallett Hodges and Dorothy in 1782 sold the Manor of Cromford to Sir Richard Arkwright..The land upon which Arkwright built his Castle was originally in part land and crofts owned by the Kilhares Fox Knowles Cardens Westons Higtons families which Hodges purchased over just a short period of years before selling on to Sir Richard Arkwright for some great profit.. Thomas Hallett Hodges owned Hempstead Park Benenden near Cranbrook Kent which no doubt in part if not entirely was purchased via the means of the Cartwrights family wealth ..Hallett Hodges was Sheriff of Kent and also Bailiff to the King for the Seven Hundred district of Kent he holding Court Leets to collect the tithes.. Hallett Hodges daughter Elizabeth Hodges married Rev Frederick Hotham son of Beaumont Hotham 2nd Baron Hotham of Dalton Direct Kilhare family of my kin Richard Kyllar born Youlegreave Son George Kilhare born 1530 married Elizabeth Ball of Matlock son Frances Kilhare of Youlgreave son George Kilhare born 1603 married Elin Mecocke son George Kilhare married Catherine Holden of Matlock they living at Bow Wood near Willersley George a Woodsman Their Grandson George Kilhare exchanged a parcel of land called Buntings Croft owned by Kilhares and Buntings (Thomas Killer, brother of my 6XGrandfather Adam Killer.. Thomas being George's father married into the Buntings of Starkholmes) Hallett Hodges owned another parcel of land on the St Giles side of Starkholmes called Maidens Croft which George exchanged Buntings Croft for eventually sold by Hallett Hodges along with other crofts and land to Sir Richard Arkwright along with The Manors of Cromford son Adam Killer married Sarah Banks of Cromford Adam a Woodsman Bow Wood son Adam Killer married Rebcca Coates of Cromford Adam a Woodsman at Bow Wood son Adam married Anne Maddock of Bonsall living at Bonsall Adam a Joiner son John Killer Joiner / Engineer married Mary Hawley of Matlock daughter of William and Mary Hawley nee Henstock ..Mary dau of Edward and Mary Henstock nee Frost of Slaley Hall Edward owning Land and Lead Mines on Slaley Moor his sister Edith married Paul Prince whose nephew Samuel Prince married into the Flint and Simpson family of The Study Manor House Bonsall..Simpsons my kin via my 5XGrandfather Peter Simpson whose Gr Neice Mary married Richard Arkwright son of Sir Richard Arkwright daughter Mary Killer born 1808 married Samuel Flint 1830 son Henry Flint born 1836 married Emily Crofts of Cromford dau of David and Susannah Crofts nee Birch of Wooley Moor David a Wheelwright and Carpenter at Cromford son William Flint born 1863 married Gwenillian Sprake of Blaenafon South Wales 1886 Gwenillian dau of Edwin and Leah Anne Sprake ..Edwin a Manager Bleanafon Iron & Steel Works Leah Anne born at Upper Llanover Edwin born Scotland (Ross and Cromarty of Huguenot origin.).William Flint was killed at Killer Bros Quarry Hopton Wood Stone 5th December 1905 son Harry Sprake Flint born 1894 married Kathleen Walker Christmas Day 1937 Children Jennifer Anne Flint married Rev Arthur Macgregor Brown deceased Methodist Minister Prison Chaplin Walton Prison Liverpool afterwards Wakefield Prison Mac born at Wallsend Upon Tyne Supt Methodist Minister in areas of Derbyshire (Wirksworth Circuit Probationer Minister living at The Mews Willersley Castle) Swanwick (Circuit Minister Ripley Circuit) Liecestershire (Bottesford/Bingham Circuit) Liverpool (Toxteth / Bootle Circuit) Sheffield (Woodseats Totley Circuit) Horbury (Horbury Junction Circuit) and Dewsbury Circuit West Yorkshire .. John Malcolm Flint married Jennifer Farnsworth daughter of James and Evelyn Farnsworth nee Boden John Retired Bank Manager lives near Newark Notts Stuart Gordon Flint married Veronika Steube dau of Wilhelm and Dorothy Steube nee Evans both born at Middleton By Wirksworth I am researching more of the history of Willersley Castle and the Arkwrights plus others of my kin who sold land to Hallett Hodges which you may find of some interest at a leter date Regards Stuart G Flint In the Arkwright documents are records of wills in the name of John Flint of Holloway and Stephen and Samuel Hall of my allied kin Stephen Hall being my 5XUncle he having married Ruth Henstock sister of Mary Henstock who married William Hawley they my 4XGrandparents Samuiel Hall son of Stephen Hall married into the Wager family of Grt Longstone Crich and Wirksworth whilst Stephen's Grandson John Stephen Hall married into the Charlton family of Brassington Hall..It is recorded that Samuel Hall owned land on Wirksworth Moor which he sold to the Nightingales I have read Stephen Halls will which is part of the Arkwright documents..

22 Walker/Ince 14 Jan 2009

    .... the following is a re run of the Walker / Ince connections with hopefully less errors.. The Walkers were of my father's family as such via Frosts but also via Hoades and Shaw are my mothers family John Walker born 1717 married Ruth Frost sister to my 5XGrandfather John Frost who married Esther Hill John and Esther's daughter Mary married John Flint they my 4XGrandparents Children 1.Robert Walker Butcher / Farmer of Bolehill married Rachael Cooke (not Ruth as on Ince Ped) of Matlock 2.Thomas Walker born 1734 an officer in the British army (British 5th Regiment of Foot The Redcoats) killed on action at the Battle of Bunkers Hill (Breeds Hills) Charlestown Massachussetts America 1775 under the Command of Major General William Howe Commander of the British Forces with General Sir George Clinton his 2nd in Command.. 3.Samuel Walker born 1736 Survived The Battle of Bunkers Hill married to a Colonial lady after the war settling at Phildelphia having several offspring 4.Ruth Walker born 1752 marr Henry Maskrey of Gorsey Bank Wirksworth Maskreys of this family being Stonemasons married into my mothers Walker family up to the 1880s 5.Jane Walker born 1746 married Matthew Hoon of Kirk Ireton 6.Mary Walker born 1739 married George Austin of Mill House Green Wirksworth 7.John Walker born 1741Woolcomber married three times 1st wife Jane Fox.. Their daughter Sarah Jane Walker married George Dale Gent of Nottingham whose son George Tertius Dale married Margaret Ince the daughter of Thomas Norris Ince Solicitor and Genealogist of Wirksworth he the author and originator of the Ince Pedigrees..John Dale another son of George and Sarah Jane Dale nee Walker married Margarets sister Catherine John 2nd wife was Anne Hibbert his 3rd wife being Lydia Roe she kin of the Sleigh family whose fore bare Truth Sleigh married into the Dale family of the Parwich.. The Sleighs were Solicitors at Hartington Matlock and at Leek Staffordshire In Elizabeth Flint's will of 1905 of which I have a copy she leaves a legacy to John Sleigh of Wensley born at Hartington he a Solicitor at Matlock whose family had a Manorial Home at Wensley on the land where today Eversleigh Rise is situated just below the Church and across from Flint Lane.. Elizabeth Flint was dau of Dr Charles Flint of Hartington F.R.C.S. who was Medical Officer of Health the first such positon created by Staffordshire Moorlands Council in the 1820s when a Cholera outbreak took place in the town his partner being Dr James Brindley.. Charles Flint and Elizabeth are remembered on Monuments in Hartington Parish Church .. Charles Flint was born at The Old Vicarage Hartington to Cornelius Flint who was The Duke of Devonshires Mining Agent at Ecton Copper Mine.. Cornelius was the son of Rev Joshua Flint born at Great Longstone he cousin to my 6XGrandfather Abraham Flint Elizabeth a spinster who died in 1905 at her home at Leek was the last of her Branch of the Flints.. Her Solicitor's were Challinor & Badnall of Leek which became known as Challinor & Shaw ..Challinor & Badnall were also Solicitors acting on behalf of my / my wifes family of Killer Slacks and Doxeys of Middleton I have seen a conveyance document signed by Challinors of a house and a butchers Slaughterhouse which belonged to the Killers who sold the property to the Slacks of Middleton, the documents counter signed by George Slack and William Killer George Slacks son Douglas Slack was my father's best man when Dad married Kathleen Walker in 1937, Douglas and my father Harry Flint being friends and fellow Deacons at Middleton Congregational Church, Slacks being of my wifes kin.. Douglas's daughter and myself were made Deacons at Middleton Congregational Church in 1964 at the same induction service led by Pastor Frank Brown minister at Middleton Congregational Church who was a Director of Browns Foundry Derby a retired Lt in the Fleet Air Arm deceased.(Canada).. William Killer was a Butcher his allied kin being my Axe and Jones family he of the Killers who owned Killers Quarry Douglas Slacks Half sisters were my Aunt Ada Flint nee Petts who married Dads brother John Samuel Flint and Lillian Harrison nee Petts wife of Norman Harrison he my kin via Hoades Land and Brookes of my mothers family A present day member of the Badnall family is my fellow family researcher his wife a member of my Axe allied family (Samuel Axe married Roseanne Slack my wifes 3XAunt I lived at the house belonging to Samuel and Rosanne Axe in my childhood ..where also my friends wife lived at one time she Grandaughter of Samuel and Roseanne Axe) Jones and Killer family..My friend who has researched his family has sent me the original wills of Dr Charles Flint and Elizabeth Flint with a hand writted letter by Cornelius Flint .. FOOTNOTE In Elizabeth Flints will she also left a considerable amount of money to The Devonshire Hospital Buxton The Cruso Nursing Association Leek Cruso's also Solicitors in Staffordshire and moneys for the upkeep of St Edwards Church Leek where her father and brothers /sisters are buried in a private cemetery at the rear of the church with Davenports who owned Silk Mills at Leek and Macclesfield Cornelius Flint and his immediate family are buried in a Iron railed tomb in Hartington Parish Church Yard .. where Elizabeth also left moneys for its upkeep as at Longton Staffordshire In her will she left a bequest for the provision of moneys towards the education of poor boys of Hartington to be administered by the Vicar of the Parish In the 1880s Elizabeth Flint sold land she owned to Leek Town Council where The Butter Market was built she also had homes at Fenny Bentley and owned farms and land in Staffordshire and North Derbyshire Her father owned shares in The Cromford & High Peak Railway Co which were left to Elizabeth also The North Staffs Railway which by the 1890s was absorbed as was The Cromford & HP R into The London Northwestern Railway Co..She also owned shares in the Cromford Canal Co.. The Erewash Canal Co and The Nottingham Canal Co.. Dr Charles Flints wife was Elizabeth Gough whose brother Charles Gough was immortalised in two poems by Sir Walter Scott and William Wordsworth when he was killed when he fell from Red Tarn Helvelyn in the Lake District when on manouvers with the Volunteer Corp 1805 at Grassmere (The Volunteer Corp an early kind of Dads Army to defend Britain in the event of Napoalian invading our Lands )..Charles Gough was just 21 years of age having been a prodigy of Edward Landseer the painter..It was whilst on manouvers that Gough against his Commanding Officers advise climbed Helvelyn to paint Red Tarn but instead it was the place of his death I have the poems written by Scott and Wordsworth The Goughs were all members of the Society of Friends but when Charles and then his brother in law Dr Charles Flint joined the Quakers, because of joining the armed forces they were disowned and yet Charles Goughs body was interred in the Quaker burial ground Grassmere.... Edward Lanseer painted Goughs body lying at the foot of Red Tarn with Foxie, Goughs faithful hound standing over his master body..which in truth he did for three months before Goughs skeletal remains were found Back to the Walker family history Children of Robert and Rachael Walker nee Cooke 1.Robert Walker born 29th July 1775 married Hannah Hoades dau of William Hoades brother of my 4XGrandfather Isaac Hoades who married Anne Shaw of Oker in 1771 at St Helens Church Darley Dale (in the year Robert was born his Uncle's Thomas and Samuel were at war at Charlestown America) 2.Sarah Walker born 1769 married John Holmes of Bolehill 3.Hannah born 1768 married at London Husband unknown 4.All the other 6 children of Roberty and Rachael Walker nee Cooke died of Smallpox which hit the Wirksworth area in the 1780s My 4XUncle Michael Hall-Wigleys 5 children all died in the same outbreak as did his wife Ellen nee Bush Children of Robert and Hannah Walker nee Hoades 1.William Walker married Esther Biggin of Derby 2.Mary Walker born 11804 obt 1828 3.Henry Walker born 1806 married Martha Flint dau of Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen of Bolehill Henry and Martha lived at Steeplegrange where Henry was a Stonemason with his brother James Walker .Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen were my 4XUncle and Aunt Robert brother of my 3XGrandfather John Flint who married Elizabeth Colledge 4.Millicent Walker born 1808 married Rowland Buxton of Crich they living at Middleton Rowland was a relatively wealthy man and owned a Landau and Horses On one occasion whilst travelling to Bolehill the horse was startled by something and bolted the Landau overturned and Millicent was thrown out striking her head on a rock..She was carried into the home of my kinsman John Shaw nephew of Isaac and Anne Hoades nee Shaw where she died of her injuries 5.James Walker married Elizabeth Higton 1834 James a Master Stonemason 6.Edith Walker born 1816 married William Walthall of Matlock Bath Spar Turner who in mid life worked for Samuel Smith of my kin at workshops owned by Smiths on Museum Parade Matlock Bath Samuel Smith went on to own The Royal Museum Matlock Bath 7.Samuel Walker born 1816 married Mary Derbyshire dau of John Derbyshire of Darley Dale Joiner The Derbyshires via George Derbyshire of Toad Holes (Two Dales) Roof Slater married my 3XGrandmother Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge's sister Margaret Colledge.. 8.Daniel Walker born 1824 married Hannah Hall of Wirksworth dau of Gamalieil Hall Master Stonemason THE DALE FAMILY Richard Dale of Chelmorton born 1479 marr married Alice Sterndale of Sterndale (Earl)1502 son Thurston Dale born 1503 marr Anne Shakeley 1528 son Robert Dale born 1529 married Margaret or Mary Chadwick of Chelmorton son Tertius Dale born approx 1565 married wife unknown son Thomas Dale of Parwich born 1603 married Mary Platt 1634 son Robert Dale Born 1642 married Alice Buxton of Bradbourne living at Parwich son Thurston Dale born 1667 married Dorothy Haynes 1692 son Tertius Dale born 1695 married Hannah Burton 1720 son Tertius Dale born 1735 married Mary Flower of Nottingham at High Pavement Presbyterian Church Nottingham son George Dale of Nottingham Gent (Christened at High Pavement Presbyterian Church) born 1776 married Sarah Jane Walker of Wirksworth 1801 Sarah Jane Dale nee Walkers sister married John Ludlam of Nottingham Weaver George and Sarah Janes sons George Tertius Dale married Margaret Ince dau of Thomas Norris Ince Solicitor of Wirksworth John Dale married Catherine Ince Margarets sister Regards Start G Flint

21 Longden family of Ible 13 Jan 2009

    William Longden born 1664 married Abigail Marshall of Youlgreave son John Longden born 1703 married Ellen Derbyshire of Youlgreave at All Saints Church Youlgreave 1730 John for a while lived at Sheffield Children 1.William Longden born 1733 married Mary Goodwin 2.Martha Longden born 23 nov 1735 3.John Longden born 1738 Children of William and Mary nee Goodwin 1.Job Longden 1759 marr Martha White 2nd wife Hannah Ferne 2.William Longden born 1761 3.Rebecca Longden born 1765 4.Samuel Longden born 1768 5.John born 1757 6.Mary Longden born 1763 Children of John and Martha Longden nee White 1.Job Longden born 1793 married Elizabeth Bradley of Chesterfield They Farmers at Ible living in the next farm to the Rains family whose heir married William Doxey of Middleton his son a friend / distant kinsman of mine via Killers etc.. .. 2.William Longden born 1795 3.Anne Longden born 1791 married George Marple 1813 Anne died of a fever aged 21 yrs 1813 George Marples family is of my kin via Marples George remarried Hannah Spencer of Middleton in 1819 they living at Ible Children of Job and Elizabetrh Longden nee Bradley 1.Job Longden born 1829 2.Anne Longden born 1825 married John Caldwell Smith of Aldwark Grange at Bradbourne Parish Church 3.Elizabeth Longden born 1838 married George Frost of Hillside Middleton Stonemason. George Frosts brother James Frost marr Elizabeth Sheldon dau of John and Mabel Sheldon nee Spencer John Sheldon son my Gr Gr Gr Grandfather John Sheldon who marrierd Esther Storer.. James Frosts daughter Elizabeth Frost married Robert Joseph Gould of Cromford son of Joseph Gould who marr Julia Mitchell of Madron Penzance Cornwall Joseph Gould was a Marble Spar Turner who with my kinmsn Samuel Smith son of my 2XUncle and Aunt William and Sarah Smith nee Walker and Joseph Fletcher who marr Maria Jones dau of my 3XUncle and Aunt Peter and Mary Jones nee Flint with Charles Wildgoose of Bonsall worked for a time at The Serpentine Marble Works Penzance Heirs of Robert Joseph Gould live at Wirksworth and Bolehill today.. Samuel Smith was Apprentice to Vallance and Walker at what became known as The Royal Museum Matlock Bath one time owned by John Mawe friend of Charles Darwin. Samuel took over The Royal Museum and had Spar Turning Workshops on Museum Parade Matlock Bath and Matlock Bank..His son William took over the business into the early 1900s where they made artefacts from Blue John and other Derbyshire minerals 3.Jane Longden born 1844 married my Gr Gr Uncle Samuel Joseph Sheldon 1891 son of Joseph and Elizabeth Sheldon nee Sheldon Samuels sister Martha Sheldon married Joseph Walker 1867 as his 3rd wife they my Grt Grandparents Their son John Walker married Annie Cauldwell they my Grandparents 4.Joseph Longden born 1842 5.Mabel Longden born 1831 married James Rains of Winster removing to Manchester 6.Martha Longden born 1827 7.Mary Longden born 1826 married Joseph Hall of Sheffield brother of Ebenezer all Managing Director of Martin Hall & Co Silversmiths Broad Street Works Sheffield Ebenezer and Joseph born on The Alley Middleton to Gilbert and Elizabeth Hall nee Slack see my wifes Slack family history. 8.William Longden Ebenezer and Josephs Grand fore bares were the Hall family of Middleton who owned Goodluck Lead Mine Via Gellia in the 1750s - Caleb Hall of this family married Hannah Flint who was sister to my 3XGrandfather John Flint who married Elizabeth Colledge. Calebs father Gamaliel Hall who married Mary Goodall of Middleton was killed at Goodluck Mine in 1786 whilst climbing down the shaft. All the Jurymen who served on the Grand Jury Wirksworth Barmote Court at Gamaliels Inquest were of my wife and my family via Wragg (Samuel my wifes 6XGrandfather) Spencer Hall Doxey (Jacob Doxey whose family married into my Sheldon kin) Ashover Lee Godbehere..(Thomas my wifes kin his sister Hannah married Samuel Wragg) The Barmaster in charge of the Inquest was Adam Simpson of The Study Manor House Bonsall whose daughter Mary born 1755 married Richard Arkwright son of Sir Richard Arkwright in 1780 at Bonsall Parish Church Richard and Mary the first to live at Willersley Castle. The Simpson family are of my own kin my 5XGrandfather being Peter Simpson Uncle to Adam Simpson Adams sister Dorothy Simpson married Henry Flint son of Anthony Flint of Holloway (not of my Flint kin) Henry and Dorothy Flints daughters Sarah and then Dorothy also known as Dolly..married Samuel Prince of Longnor 1st Sarah upon whose demise Samuel married her sister Dorothy..(Dolly).. Samuel Prince's Uncle and Aunt Paul and Edith Prince nee Henstock were my 6XUncle and Aunt, Edith Prince nee Henstock being sister to my 5XGrandfather Edward Henstock of Slaley Hall who married Mary Frost of Bonsall . I have the record of Joseph Halls demise at Sheffield in a diary belonging to Samuel J Sheldon I have all S.J Sheldons personal documents and family ledgers etc in my keep some of which I have donated to Derbyshire County Council Archives Library, S.J Sheldon being a Mine Owner Quarry Manager and Deputy Barmaster for The Soke & Wapentake of Wirksworth and Barmaster of Crich Liberty taking over from the Alsop family Diary Entry Death of Joseph Hall The late Joseph Hall. On Thursday November 2nd at West View Cottage Dore Abbeydale Sheffield Joseph Hall died Interred in Sheffield General Cemetery Saturday November 4th 1905 Ebenezer Hall his brother lived at Abbeydale Hall Dore Sheffield Ebenezer married Sarah Wilkinson of Sheffield neice of John Roberts of Sheffield the founder and former owner of Martin Hall & Co (Naylor & Roberts) John Roberts was friend of Richard Arkwright of Willersley Castle and to William Shore the Head master at Cromford School for Boys on North Street Richard Arkwright being benefactor to the school where Ebenezer attended. John Roberts asked Arkwright and Shore to choose a bright lad to become his Apprentice at Sheffield as Roberts has no children..Ebenezer was chosen and an arrangement was made with Gilbert Hall his father that Roberts would in effect adopt Ebenezer. Ebenezer lived with the Roberts family at Abbeydale Manor House which Ebenezer extended, it becoming known as Abbeydale Hall.. The Silverware manufactured at Martin Hall & Co..Hall Marked EH today is fetching good antique prices at specialist outlets My wifes Great Aunt Anne Doxey nee Holmes (married in senior years to Herbert Doxey a Draper at Middleton son of Aaron Doxey) lived at the house on the Alley once owned by Gilbert and Elizabeth Hall nee Slack and where of Ebenezer and Joseph Hall were born. The Halls via a branch, are of my wifes kin.. Herbert Evans (his fore bares the Wraggs) married Sarah Jane Hall dau of John Thomas and Emma Hall nee Fox of Brassington Herbert and Sarah Jane Evans my wife's Grandparents Many of my wifes family of Wragg and Slack etc left Middleton to work at Martin Hall & Co when John Roberts left the business in Halls hands Peter Wragg son of Nathaniel and Anne Wragg nee Spencer born at Middleton was one of the men who left Middleton for Sheffield He eventually after working as an accountant in the office became a Director of the firm... Anne Spencer wife of Nathaniel and dau of Peter and Hannah Spencer was sister to Mary Foster Spencer who married John Flint son of my 4XUncle and Aunt Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen who became Mormons and emigrated to Kaysville Utah in the 1850s FOOTNOTE My Gr Gr Uncle Samuel Joseph Sheldon was Treasurer and Acting Secretary of Middleton Old Friendly Society..which provided assistance to people who were in distress either due to illlness or bereavment. I have the ledger once owned by S.J Sheldon listing people who were payed out sums of money and also contributors to the fund. Ebenezer Hall payed an Annual Subscription to the fund making him a member (possibly on behalf of his father Gilbert who remained in Middleton eventually living on Town Street at what became known as Fountain House). Ebenezer also paid an Annual Donation to the fund in excess of 500.00 payable at William Deacons Bank Matlock of which he was a Director. Ebenezer was a Director and Shareholder of The Sheffield and Rotherham Bank which in time became a part of William Deacons opening branches at Bakewell Winster Darley Dale Matlock Bridge (still there) The Bank today is part of The Royal Bank of Scotland.. Samuel J Sheldon was also a Member of Ashbourne Board of Guardians where in the late 1920s my father Harry Sprake Flint was also a Board Member.. I have as photograph of all the Board Members taken in 1930 ie My father Harry S Flint Liberal Councillor Middleton Ward on Ashbourne Rural District Council, Daniel Slack of my wifes kin a Fellow Deacon at Middleton Congregational Church with my father, Dan being Secretary and Convenor for The General and Municipal Workers Union (Mines and Quarries) and Alfred Axe of Bonsall he then in his 80s he my allied kin via Jones (his first wife Ellen, Gandaughter of my 3XUncle and Aunt Peter and Mary Jones nee Flint) Killer Flint Carlisle (2nd wife) and Slack (his brother Samuel married Roseanne Slack my wife 3XAunt) Regards Stuart G Flint

20 Why I began Family Research... 11 Jan 2009

    Mr John Palmer asked me recently to give the reason for carrying out research into my family.. The following is some of those reasons I was born into a loving and closely knit family at Middleton By Wirksworth in 1942.. My father Harry Sprake Flint was born in 1894 son of William and Guenillian Flint nee Sprake Guenillian born at Blaenafon South Wales to Edwin and Leah Anne Sprake nee Williams Edwin was Manager at Blaenafon Iron and Steel Works he also owner of a small brewery.. he born of Huguenot origin..That is my first reason for researching my family as although Dad told me a little of his Welsh family history which was sparse I was intrigued by this family and wanted to trace back as far as I could.. (Here I have to thank Rt Rev Hackett born at Blaenafon Bishop of Glamorgan and Mr Roynon of South Wales who searched the Monmouth and Glamorgan Parish Registers and the Census giving me invaluable help.. Rt Rev Hacketts wife having also givern me information as at Ecumenical Meetings she attended on enquiring about my family was told that my father's cousin Ethel Reece nee Sprake the wife of The Rev Reece a Baptist Minister who lived at The Manse Mamihalad near Blaernafon had taught members of the committee whom Mrs Hackett was meeting with.. In 1964 a year after my father died I visited Ethel at Mamhiland who was then nearing her 70s..Ethels sister Blodwen 's Grandaughter today lives near my sister in West Yorkshire.. All the Rt Rev Hackett and Mr Roynon charged me for their efforts was a donation to the charity of my choice which was Cancer Research Campaign now known as Cancer Research UK , my father having had skin cancer as did others of my kin.. I was a Committee Member on the Matlock & District Branch of Cancer Research Campaign and have with my family fund raised by organising concerts at Matlock and Wirksworth area over the years My Mother was born in 1916 to John and Annie Walker nee Cauldwell Grandfather Walker being the son of Joseph and Martha Walker nee Sheldon of Bolehill and Middleton, Martha , Joseph Walkers 3rd wife his 1st wife Anne Wright being my blood kin as her 3XGrandfather Robert Frost was my 6XGrandfather whilst her 4XGrandfather William Wheatcroft was my 7XGrandfather..Josephs 2nd wife was Margaret Fletcher of Wrockwardine Wood Shropshire by whom he had most of his children Gr Gr Grandsons living in the Wirksworth and Holloway area today.. Here is another reason why I felt the need to find out how my family was knitted together as Anne Wrights family were kin of the Alsop and Wass family of Lea and Holloway whilst via Frost and Wheatcrofts way back in the 1650s - 1700s my research has sprung many surprises .. One of the major reasons though was when a relative of mine via Flints Mrs Lillian Harrison nee Petts dau of John James Petts of Middleton Lillian the wife of Councillor Norman Harrison both deceased ..Lillians sister Ada nee Petts of Middleton married my father's brother John Samuel Flint a Steam Engine Driver based near Crewe The Harrison family were also of my mothers Land and Brookes family of Bolehill Mrs Harrison often told me about my Grt Grandfather Henry Flint and how his life was badly affected when his wife Emily nee Crofts of Cromford daughter of David and Susannah Crofts nee Birch of Wooley Moor David a Master Carpenter and Wheelwright working for Arkwrights.. Emily drowned in Bonsall Mill Weir when on her way to see her brother John Crofts who was a School Master at Bonsall Free Grammar School.. Henry who had been a Station Master at Parsley Hay Station on the Ashbourne to Buxton Branch line of the London North Western Railway which linked with the Cromford & High Peak Railway at Friden where Henry was also Wharfinger.. By the 1870s the branch lines of the London North Western Railway in the Hartington area were losing trade to the main lines Derby to Manchester and in time all that the Cromford & HPR was carrying was quarry product who employed their own staff to load the wagons at the various sidings along the way.. Henry was made redundant and returned to Middleton living on Bonsall Lanes in a house belonging to one of my Slack family at the head of Bonsall Wood also known as The Lanes Middleton On returning to Middleton Henry became a Scapler in his Uncle William Killers Quarry Hopton Wood Stone Works.. Henry after Emily's demise apparently could not face life without her and became a recluse and relied heavily on the public house seeking to find solace in a bottle of ale.. When Mrs Harrison told me about old Henry I felt the need to find out more about him and whether the tales told about him were true.. and this started me out on the quest in my late teens and into my 20s to find answers.. By the time of the 1970s having stalled in my quest I decided to renew my efforts and with the onset of the Computer age and having studied Genealogy and how to find out about family history I began again to delve into the mysteries surrounding old Henry.. By this time Mr and Mrs Harrison and I were fellow Deacons at Middleton Congregational Church my wife and I also Joint Sunday School Superintendents there as my father had been before me.. Every now and again Henry's name would come up in conversation and eventually I found out why my father could never bring himself to speak about Henry Flint and why Dad became an opponent of alcohol and encouraged me to be the same ..but that is another story which may be told one day .. I have managed to trace much of my family back in time in some cases to the 1380s whilst I have relations in all parts of the world who I regularly contact ie Australia U.S.A. New Zealand Germany Chanel Isles Scotland and Wales In the early years of 2000 I made contact with my Flint family who went out from Bolehill and Middleton as members of The Latter Day Saints to Kaysville Utah.. I worked through the International Phone Book after midnight ringing any Flint living in the Kaysville or Ogden area for from a book I had, giving the names of Flints living in Utah state I had some idea of my kinsmen Eventually I contacted David Flint of Layton who told me that his father Paul Spencer Flint of St George Utah was Gr Gr Grandson of John Flint of Bolehill who had married Mary Foster Spencer of Middleton and that John and Mary's son John Flint had married Martha Brough whose former family had lived at Longton and Upper Hulme near Leek Staffordshire going out to Salt Lake City in the 1860s as Mormons In August of 2008 my wife daughter and I attended a Brough / Flint family reunion at Meerbrooke near Leek when over 70+ members of the Utah Brough family of Mormons with as many more of their families of the Leek area and Stoke On Trent..I was the only Flint representative present but was made to feel part of their family never the less (in fact just before writing this email one of the members of the Broughs who live near Upper Hulme today and attended the reunion has contacted me which I have written a reply ) I met with the President of The Brough Family Organisation Richard Brough who lives in West Jordon Utah and he has put me in touch with many of my Flint family living at Salt Lake City today ie Loujean Flint who along with Cynthia Doxey who is kin of my friend and distant kinsman via Killers of Middleton W H Doxey of Wirksworth and John Palmer Web Master of the Wirksworth Web Pages, are senior Lecturers at Brigham Young University Salt Lake City Cynthia a noted expert on Genealogy... Loujean Flint is a Board Member of the Brough Family Organisation .. All in all I find family research to be most productive and to be a great way of spending my time now that I am somewhat disabled.. I have found so many new friends along the way and many pleasant surprises along the way .. I always have believed that we all need to know from whence we come..I do not go along with those who say as some of my own do that it is a waste of time to look back at our heritage.. Having studied in some depth my own family background it has helped to put in perspective my own life .. We forget from whence we come at our peril and in a sense it is a selfishness not to remember those of our forebares who sacrificed much so that we can enjoy a more fruitful and more prosperous life style What our nation is going through at the moment is nothing compared with how our Grand fore bares had to live and exist.. As with Remembering our War Dead every year we should never forget what our parents and Grand fore bares have done for us. that is why even though I am not a member of The Latter Day Saints I have great respect for them as they are aware more than other faiths of what we owe to our family of yesteryear. Regards Stuart G Flint..

19 (Removed for correction) 4 Jan 2009

18 Spencer/Webster family of Ashover/Tansley/Hulland/Wirksworth 4 Jan 2009

    I hope I am not sending you to much family research but the Spencers of this family who were allied kin of Websters were also associated with the Smedley Smith family of Lea Mills and Tansley I first became intertested in the Webster and Spencer family when I found that Mrs Kathleen Killer who lives next door to Killers Bakery St Mary's Gate she the widow of Adam Killer of my kin was of the Webster family and via Websters related to the Smith and Spencer family of Tansley and Ashover.. Mrs Killers Grandparents in the 1850s left Wirksworth to live in New Zealand with their sibling family By 1890s her Grandfather Thomas Webster was forced to return to Wirksworth when his Tatlow family of Tape Manufacturers left mills at the foot of Gorsey Bank to Websters in wills..Thomas Webster took over the Tape Mill on Mill Yard it situated by the side of the Wirksworth - Duffield Railway line the Mills known in my youth as Greens Tape Mill (if you wish a photograph of the mill I can get one although today the mills are used for other trades ) WEBSTER history William Webster born at Kirk Ireton 1729 to John and Hannah Webster nee Mart Sons 1.John Webster married Esther Smith 2.William Webster married Sarah Woodhouse of Atlow 3.Joseph Webster married Elizabeth Wright Children of John and Esther 1.Thomas Webster born 1769 Shoe Maker married Mary Howse of Biggin By Hulland 2.John Webster married ..... Bland of The Hollies Muggington near Hulland 3.Alice Webster married William Brown Farmer of Hulland Ward Gate marr at Wirksworth Parish Church..Browns related to my Killer family by marriage Children of William and Sarah Webster nee Woodhouse 1.William Webster of Biggin Bby Hulland married ....Tomlinson of Sturtston near Ashbourne A present day member of this Tomlinson family lives near Mayfield Ashbbourne The Tomlinson family refounded the Shrovetide Football Match back in the early 1800s the match using the whole of Ashbbourne which is still palyed to this day Phillip Tomlinson of Mayfield a Dairy Farmer is a member of the Shrovetide Football Committee today His Fore bare was Rev Tomlinson who lived at Sturston Hall 2.John Webster in adulthood living at Wyaston Farmer 3.Sarah married William Nuttall of Hognaston April 16th 1809 son of John and mary Nuttallof Wirksworth wittnesses being John Webster and Benjamin Pearson Benjamin Pearson was of my wifes kin Footnote William Killer of Wirksworth married Elizabeth Brown dau of William Brown wittnesses Thomas Webster and Benjamin Pearson Children of Thomas and Mary Webster nee Howse 1.John Webster married Mary Hall dau of Caleb and Hannah Hall nee Flint Hannah my 4XAunt sister to John Flint who married Elizabeth Colledge their son Samuel Flint married Mary Killer dau of John and Mary Killer nee Hawley ..Adam Killer deceased husband of Kathleen Killer nee Webster being of the same Killer family 2.George Webster married Susannah Houghton of Cromford 3.Thomas Webster 4.Esther Webster 5.Eliza Webster married Thomas Hodgkinson Woolcomber 1838 Children of John and Mary Webster nee Hall 1.Hannah born 1826 married Charles Wall Grocer of Wirksworth 2.Mary born 1828 married William Tatlow Silk Manufacturer Gorsey Bank son of Jeremiah Tatlow Tape Manufactuer Gorsey Bank 3.John Webster born 1830 4.Ellen Webster 5.Thomas Webster born 1835 married Annie Rose of Kegworth ..They emigrated to New Zealand ..with children then born ..when William Tatlow husband of Mary Webster Thomas's sister died..Thomas was left the Mill in Tatlows will and Thomas returned leaving some of his family in New Zealand My Family history contacts today are Elaine Dewhurst nee Webster of Bleinheim New Zealand neice of Kathleen Killer nee Webster and Anne Crane nee Webster also of New Zealand and Kathleens neice I have met with Mrs Crane at the home of one of the family who lives near where Websters Mill was situated when Mrs Crane visited England some years ago I am in touch by e mail with Elaine Dewhurst Children of Thomas and Annie Werbster nee Rose 1.Anne born born at Blenheim New Zealand 2.John Webster born at Blenhiem N.Z. 3.Joseph Roy Webster born 1877 came back to Wirksworth with Thomas.. John R Webster was father of Mrs Kathleen Belfield Killer nee Webster who married Adam Killer and Charles Edward Blackwall Webster Market Gardener of Storer Farm Ashleyhay who married Edith Spencer she born in Canada but of the Spencer family of Ashover allied kin to Smiths and Smedleys of Lea Mills and Roy Webster who married V.Benyon of my allied kin Roy deceased owned a Painting and Decorating Shop where today Spencers Bakery and Cafe is on the corner of St Mary's Gate 4.Charles Webster born at Blenhiem N.Z. 5.Ada Born at Wirksworth 6.Ethel born at Wirksworth

17 Doxey/Gregory family 4 Jan 2009

    The following is the Doxey family re Rev John Smith Doxey Sarah Doxey had a son Samuel Doxey out of wedlock Sarah married Thomas Eley of Bolehill Samuel Doxey married Anne Higton whose son Samuel married Anne Wragg Samuel obt in Donnegal Ireland Children of Samuel and Anne Doxey nee Higton 1.Samuel married Anne Wragg he obt in Ireland 2.Thomas Doxey married Millicent Gregory dau of David Gregory of Rise End Middleton 3.Henry married Mary Wall of Hackney Lane Matlock ..This Wall family is of my kin via Flints in more recent years Kathleen Flint born in Canada she a retired Attorney in the Public Prosecution Department Ontario is Grandaughter of Joshua J Flint who married a Wall of Smedley Street Matlock Katheen is my fellow family history researcher Joshua J Flint was seconded to The Canadian Forestry Battalion 1st W.W.and on being demobbed was offered transit to Canada Children of Thomas and Millicent Doxey nee Gregory 1.Samuel 2.Lydia married John Marsden of Milford 3.Thomas married Mary Byard of Alderwasley she of my Byard family..My Grt Aunt Ada Cauldwell of Alderwasley married Albert Byard son of Francis and Racheal Byard nee Maskrey of Breamfields whilst other members of the Byard family of Broadgates Farm Ashleyhay and The Bent also married into my kin 4.David Doxey marr Anne Ogden dau of William Ogden Butcher Market Place Wirksworth more recently owned by my friend Ian Coates Butcher 5.Millicent married Joseph Sheldon of Cromford Cotton Spinner 6.Martha married Edward Wheatcroft he my kin see Wheatcoft / Cauldwell / Hawley family history 7.Anne married John Allen alias Smith son of Anne Allen of my kin who had two children by John Smith Gent of Bolehill when she was his Housekeeper their Grandson was Rev John Smith Doxey of Rochdale 8.Hannah Doxey married John Randall of Stockport Children of Thomas and Mary Doxey nee Byard 1.David Doxey married Anne Wragg of Bolehill 2.Millicent married Thomas Smith of Wirksworth 1834 3.Lydia 4.Mary married William Francis Smith of Wirksworth Butcher / Farmer 5.Henry 6.Harriett married Edward Bowman of Mansfield 7.Emma married Robert Abbott Butcher of Wirksworth 8.Joshua The Gregory family Benjamin Gregory Ore Buyer and Innkeeper under Middle Peak (possibly The Lime Kiln Inn Middleton Road out of Wirksworth Stoneycroft Quarry one time owned by my kinsman John Waterfield he Landlord at The Lime Kiln where he burnt Lime in the Kilns then Stoneycroft became part of Middle Peak Quarry owned by my Shaw family ) Children 1.David Gregory married Martha Clay of Wirksworth 2.Millicent married Job Burton 3.Lydia married Ebenezer Hall the senior partner at Goodluck Mine Via Gellia where today my friend Peter Naylor is Chairman of Goodluck Show Mine he an author of books a senior member of Peak Mining Museum and a Juryman on Wirksworth Barmote Court...I haved carried out research for Peter and he is assisting me with my own family history. Also a member of the trustees at Goodluck Mine is Mr Doxey born at Stockport but now residing at Hackney Lane Matlock ..I am helping to research his family who were involved at Goodluck Mine in the time of Ebenezer Hall as were my own Doxey Flint and Hall family My kinsmen of Doxey were still mining at Goodluck in the late 1890s whilst my Jones Doxey and Kinder family were mining for Barytes at Goodluck into the 1940s The Doxeys of this family married into my Sheldon family who owned mines at Middleton Hopton Wood Carsington Pastures and Griffe Grange 4.Mary married Samuel Ashover of Middleton Ashovers married into my wifes family their kinsmen buried in Middleton Congregational Church Yard 5.Benjamin married Masry Gorshill Children of David and Martha Gregory nee Clay 1.Joshua married Elizabeth Charlton of Brassington dau of Richard Charlton 2.David 3.Benjamin married Sarah Bateman (Batemans my wifes kin Ida Bateman deceased of Middleton married William Evans of my wifes Evans family My mother in laws 2nd cousin M.Evans dau of William and Ida married E.Kniveton of my previously mentioned Kniveton family E Knivetons brother Reg deceased was a friend and fellow chorister of mine in Cromford Male Voice choir which was co founded by my Uncle Sydney Flint the Musical director being Mr Routledge Headmaster at Cromford Junior School North Street Uncle Syd Flint also founded and conducted Cromford Ladies Choir Uncle Syd Flint also played solo cornet with Darley Dale Silver Prize Band in the 1930s ) 4.Anne Gregory married Gamaliel Hall brother of Caleb Hall who married Hannah Flint..they my 4XUncle and Aunt Hannah sister of John Flint who married Elizabeth Colledge Caleb was a partner with Ebenezer Hall at Goodluck lead Mine Via Gellia Gamaliel and Calebs father Gamaliel Hall who married Mary Goodall was killed at Goodluck Mine in 1786 when he fell down the climbing shaft The Barmaster in charge of the Inquest at The Moot Hall Wirksworth was Adam Simpson of my kin all the Jurymen members of my wife and my family ie Samuel Wragg my wifes 6XGrandfather who married Hannah Godbehere Thomas Godbehere brother to Hannah.. Samuel Mather of my kin Job Hall Jacob Doxey of my family his heir marrying into my Sheldon family his more recent heir of today a friend of my brothers her husband having been a colleague of my brother when they were Senior Managers with NatWest Bank in the Nottingham and South Yorkshire areas both having started out in their careers with National Westminster Bank at Matlock Bath in the 1950s..where I also for a time was a Bank Guard in my late teens. My friends father was Councillor Leslie Arthur Doxey who took over from my father as Chairman of Wirksworth Water Board he also a Councillor on Wirksworth UDC His father John Frederick Doxey was a member of the Grand Jury Wirksworth Barmote court along with Joseph Evans my wifes Gr Grandfather..the Barmaster being Samuel J Sheldon my Gr Gr Uncle 5.Lydia 6.James 7.Martha married Daniel Roper of Middleton 8.Millicent married Thomas Doxey they fore bares of Rev John Smith Doxey 9.Elizabeth married Daniel Walker Publican at The Rising Sun Inn Middleton 10.Mary married Thomas Hall 1789 His son Thomas married Mary Flint of my kin they Bakers and Grocers at Bolehill Thomas Hall was a partner with my Gr Gr Grandfather Samuel Flint and Marys brother Joseph Flint at Flints Wharf Steeplegrange having a Coal business and Brick Works.. Halls also Carriers.. Joseph Flint as with my Gr Gr Grandfather Samuel were Wharfingers..Samuel at Middle Peak Wharf and Joseph at Steeplegrange Wharf..Samuel Flint married Mary Killer he also Station Master at Steeplegrange when a primitive passenger service was run on the Cromford & High Peak Railway line to Whalley Bridge.. The Halls married back into my mothers family of Brookes Land and Holmes of Bolehill in recent years Thomas Halls Gr Gr Gr Grandaughter May Flint dau of Harry Flint Coal Agent Flints Wharf was partner to my mother in law Dorothy Steube nee Evans cousin Haydn Spencer Haydns sister Moira is my fellow family history researcher living at Middleton in a bungalow on land once owned by my Axe and my wifes Slack family. Moira married John Taylor nephew of Edith Taylor nee Slack who lived on Main Street Middleton see Ediths Family story on John Palmers web pages Moira also like my wife heir of the Slack family 11.Hannah married Arthur Spencer of Middleton Rgards Stuart G Flint

16 Rev John Smith Doxey of Rochdale re Football match 4 Jan 2009

    Having read that Rev John Smith Doxey of Rochdale wrote about the football match twixt Roebucks and Ince, I at once recognised the reverend gent as being a distant kin of my own Allen family of Bolehill Rev J Smith Doxey was Grandson of Anne Allen dau of Thomas and Ellen Allen nee Barker Ellen sister to my 4XUncle Edward Barker who married Mary Flint dau of Matthew Flint who married Ellen Allen.. Matthew son of my 5XGrandfather Abraham Flint of Darley Hillside whilst Thomas Allen family are also of my kin up to the present day as my friend Betty W. nee Allen is a direct heir of Thomas and Ellen as is my friend John Doxey of Rise End Middleton today he cousin to William Hubert Doxey also of my allied kin and my friend see also my Wheatcroft and Wright family history as Ellen Allen who married Matthew Flint was Grandaughter of my 7XGrandfather on my mothers side William Wheatcroft.. Allen Family History Thomas Allen born 1677 married Esther Storer 28th July 1701 she daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Storer the Storers my family over many generations (married into Holehouse Storers one of whom married the sister of Ebenezer Hall of Sheffield Silversmith Children of Thomas and Esther Allen 1.John Allen married 1st wife Anne Wright of my direct kin via Wheatcrofts and Frost 2nd wife.. Annes sister Mary marr 10th September 1739..John Allen was killed at Thisley Lead Mine Colehills aged 44 years when the mine was under the Agency of my Flint family 2.Anthony Allen married Rebecca Fox 3rd May 1732 Their son Anthony married Sarah Bamford whose son Anthony married Samuel Butler of my wifes kin whilst others of the Bamfords married into the Molinus and Brownson family of my kin 3.Elizabeth Allen married John Smedley of Steeplegrange 1726 John was cousin to Isaac Smedley who married Ellen Bailey as his 1st wife their son Thomas Smedley born 1736 married Mary Smith of Tansley their son being John Smedley who married Mary Roebuck sister of Thomas Roebuck of Wirksworth 4.Robert Allen married Dorothy Sheldon of Middleton Children of John and Mary Allen nee Wright 1.Samuel died in infancy 2.Joseph born 8th November 1752 Killed in an accident at Wall Close Lead Mine Bolehill part of The Bage system aged 11 years 3.James Allen born 11th May 1761 Killed aged 26 years at Thisley Lead Mine 4.William Allen married Mary Ferne of Bonsall dau of Edmund and Dorothy Ferne nee Charlton (Edmunds family pedigree dates back to Henry Ferne of Parwich and Robert Ferne of Snitterton and Bonsall who endowed Bonsall Free Grammar School where in the 1860s my Gr Gr Uncle John Crofts was a Schoolmaster and Agnes Ferne Agnes who gave land upon which in 1576 Anthony Gell built his Grammar School Agens Ferne us still remembered at Gells today as one of the School Houses is named Ferne House both my brother and sister when pupils at the Grammar School being members of Ferne House William and Mary Allen nee Ferne married on 10th September 1781 their daughter's all married into my Flint and allied Sims family Elaine Ferne Krumme of California today is an heir of this family who has visited my home with her family history..Elaine was born at Bolehill and attended Gells Grammar Scholl with my sister .. 5.Ellen Allen married Matthew Flint son of my 5XGrandfather Abraham Flint who married Martha Wright of Darley Dale at St Helens Church in 1723 Ellens Grandfather was William Wheatcroft my 7XGrandfather he born 1645 who married Mary Wragg 1667 6.Hannah Allen born 14th August 1745 married Joseph Brownson of Wirksworth he Gr Uncle of my 2XUncle John Brownson who married my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walkers sister Elizabeth Walker The Brownsons direct heirs of Johannes Conradt Molinus and the Bamfords of Parwich one of their heirs being John Bronson of Glasgow who in the 1540s was a Steward to Mary Queen of Scots when she was a prisoner at Wingfield Manor and Tutbury Castle under the care of The Earl of Shrewsbury 7.Mary Allen born 28th October 1747 married William Hoades my 5XUncle of Bolehill he a Baker at Wirksworth William Hoades brother was Isaac Hoades my 4XGrandfather who married Anne Shaw dau of Jethro Shaw of Snitterton (On the Oker side of Snitterton) Anne Shaws brother James Shaw was father to John Shaw whose family began the quarrying dynasty at Matlock Dale, Colehills, Middle Peak and Hoe Grange Longcliffe 8.Anne Allen married Edward Butler son of John Butler my wifes Grand fore bare he also of my Shaw family as his Grand fore bare was Jethro and Silence Shaw of Beeley then Oker Silence married George Godbehere of Cromford first her maiden name being Annable. My wifes Grt Uncle was Frank Holmes Butler deceased who married my wifes Grt Aunt Sarah Slack (by slacks) Frank was half brother to my wifes Grandfather Herbert Evans Frank Holmes Butler also my kin via Shaws. his daughter marrying into the Rowland family of Callow Hall Farm which is next door ot Callow Carr Farm where in the late 1790s my wifes 6XGrandfather Zachariah Hall who married Hannah Ward of Kirk Ireton farmed Children of Anthony and Rebecca Allen Thomas Allen married Anne Hallsworth 12th January 1764 Thomas was killed in a mining accident at Ravenstor Mine when Samuel Flint my 4XUncle was Mining Agent there Thomas and Anne were Grand fore bares of my friends at Middleton today.. Betty W. nee Allen and J Doxey cousin of W.H Doxey all born at Middleton Thomas and Anne Allens son Thomas born 1762 married Ellen Barker sister of my 4XUncle Edward Barker of Bolehill who married Matthew and Ellen Flint nee Allens daughter Mary Flint Thomas and Ellen's daughter Anne Allen became Housekeeper to John Smith of Bolehill Gent she having children illigit.by John Smith.. their Grandson being Rev John Smith Doxey he son of Thomas and Elizabeth Doxey nee Smith Allen Thomas Doxey son of Thomas and Millicent Doxey nee Gregory of Middleton then Bolehill and then Wigwell..The Gregorys are of my kin via Brownson Hall and others see Gregory Ped on Ince Thomas Doxey was born at Middleton then moved to Bolehill and then to Wigwell Thomas and Anne Allens other children were 1.Edward Allen married Lydia Wigley of Wirksworth 2.Samuel Allen married Mary Hamilton they Grand fore bares of my friend John Doxey 3.Sarah Allen married Joseph Foster 4.Ellen Allen married Thomas Doxey of Middleton 1811 Children of William and Mary Allen nee Ferne 1.Dorothy allen married William sims 1802 of The Bent Ashlelyhay This Sims family gave a barn which became Bent Methodist chapel where my mothers family of Matkin and Byards attended ..My Grandfather Walker often preaching there..In the 1970s when working for a short time for Matlock Glass, on being made redundant at Bryan Donkin I fitted new window frames at the old chapel when it was sold and became a private house. the Sims married into my Flint and my Harrison / Houfton family. William and Dorothy Sims son Samuel Sims married Elizabeth Slater daughter of my 4XUncle and Aunt Joshua and Hannah Slater nee Flint Joshua Slater was killed in 1823 at Masson Mill he an engineer there.. Joshua and Hannah were Gr Gr Grandparents to Councillor Joshua Frederick Slater (The Father of Wirksworth Urban District Council). Fred Slater my father Harry S Flint and Norman Harrison of my Slater kinship were all fellow Councillors on Wirksworth UDC in the 1940s Out of this Sims and Harrison family came Sir John Plowright Houfton who was the first General Manager at Bolsover Colliery when Emmerson Bainbridge had negotiated the land deal with The Duke of Portland and The Earl Manvers for the sinking of the pit..Plowright Houfton then went on to be a Director of Bolsover plus also of Clipstone Mansfield Thoresby Cresswell and other Collieries in the Doncaster area he also becoming M.P. for Nottingham East ..Sir John Plowright Houftons cousin Percy Bond Houfton an Architect designed Model Villages for the coal industry including Bolsover where my Uncle George Else and his wife my fathers sister Millicent Else nee Flint lived along with for a time my Uncle George Seeds and his wife Gertrude Dads other sister Also living at the Pit Cottages were my cousins Glady Else who married George Reddish and Grace Else who married George Bentley both miners at Bolsover..For a time Uncle Sydney Flint worked at Bolsover Colliery whilst Uncle Arthur Botham born in the 1880s who married Dads eldest sister Leah Amelia Flint was a Pit Deputy at Clipstone Colliery living in another of Percy Bond Houfton's Model Villages Sherwood Village ..Uncle Arthur Botham was involved at Clipstone when it was first sunk. I am in touch with the nephew of Plowright Houfton and with his Grandaughter 2.Sarah Allen born 1784 married Robert Flint brother of my 3XGrandfather John Flint who married Elizabeth Colledge Robert on Sarah nee Allens demise in 1829 became a Mormon his daughter having married Elijah West of Ockbrook Derby who was a Priest in the Latter Day Saints Robert along with his sons John Flint who married Mary Foster Spencer of Middleton dau of Peter and Hannah Spencer nee Potter of Hallicar Lane Middleton (became part of Duke Street) Peter Spencer was kin of my wifes family of Hall of Middleton his family also marrying into my Hawley family.. whilst Roberts other son William Allen Flint married Elizabeth Slack of Bolehill dau of Samuel and Sarah Slack nee Land Samuel originally from Middleton and of my wifes kin whilst Sarah was sister to my 2XGrandmother Hannah Land who married James Smith of Carsington and possibly in the dim and distant past related to Jonathan Smith of the Rev John Smith Doxey's family.. James and Hannah Smith nee Land's daughter Sarah married Thomas Cauldwell whose daughter Annie married John Walker they my Grandparents On Thomas Cauldwells early demise when a serving Police Officer at Sheffield Sarah remarried Robert Flint my 3XUncle who was the son of cousins John and Mary Flint nee Flint John son of my 3XGrandfather John Flint whilst Mary was the daughter of Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen Robert Flint lived with my Grt Grandfather henry Flint and his brother Adam Flint at Wigwell Nook Farm Sough Lane Wirksworth Moor Robert Smelting Mill Agent at Meerbrooke Cupalow Longway Bank which was reached via Sough Lane The Meerbrook Sough ran under their land where Jacob Frost of my kin was Bailiff to the Hurts.. 3.Anne Allen born 1787 married Mark Flint son of my 4Xuncle Samuel Flint who married Hannah Allen of Bolehill Samuel was Mining Agent at The Dovegange Mines and at Ravenstor and Thisely Mines whilst his brother Joseph Flint was Mining Agent at the Bage Mine and Wall Close Bolehill and Ratchwood Founder Mine Rise End Middleton Samuel and Hannahs direct heir today.T. Flint is my fellow family history researcher living near Derby.. Footnote In August of 2008 my wife daughter and I attended a Flint/Brough family reunion at Meerebrook Village Hall near Leek Stafforshire when over 70 members of the Utah Brough and Flint family from Kaysville St George Layton West Jodron Salt Lake City etc met with a further 70+ members of the Brough family who originate from Upper Hulme near Leek and Longton Staffs My wife dau and I the only Brirish Flints present to research family history.. John Flint of Bolehill who married Mary Foster Spencer was father of John Flint who married Martha Brough whose father was born at Longton Staffs but who went out as a Mormon with Flints to Kaysville Utah in the 1850s ..I am in regular touch with the Broughs and Flints in the State of Utah and bordering States Paul and Deana Flint nee Barton being my main contacts Paul being Gr Grandson of John and Martha Flint nee Brough they living between Layton and St George Pauls son being David Flint a Market Garden Owner at Layton Children of William and Dorothy Sims nee Allen 1.John Sims born 1810 married Dorothy Stafford This same Stafford family via James Stafford married my 4XAunt Margaret Colledge sister to Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge my 3XGrandmother On James Staffords demise Margaret married George Derbyshire of Toadholes (Two Dales) Darley Dale he a Roof Slater whose family married into the Wildgoose family of Matlock Bank Building contractors John Derbyshire of Darley Dale a Joiner of this family also married into my fathers Walker family.. 2.Dorothy born 1807 3.Hannah born 1805 4.Mary born 1803 obt unmarried aged 25 years 5.James Sims born 1813 married Anne Kniveton dau of Charles Kniveton Weaver of Bolehill James and Anne Sims were parents to Anne Sims who married into the Eaton family of my wifes family (Cromford) and of my brothers wifes family of Farnsworth of Cromford see Sims and Eaton family history (my wife and my brothers wife are of similar lineage) 6.William Sims born 1815 wife unknown 7.Joseph Sims born 1818 married wife unknown 8.Samuel Sims twin to Joseph married Elizabeth Slater dau of my 4XUncle and Aunt Joshua and Hannah Slater nee Flint 9.Elizabeth Sims born 1821 married Thomas Land of Bolehill son of my 3XGrandparents George and Betty Land nee Hoades George and Betty's daughter Hannah Land married James Smith of Carsington he Mining Agent to his relation Matthew Bacon at Town Head Lead Mine Carsington Pastures (Thomas Cauldwell my Grt Grandfather who married Sarah Smith dau of James and Hannah Smith nee Land was brother of John Cauldwell who married Anne Flint dau of William and Martha Flint nee Bacon Martha dau of Matthew Bacon who owned Town Head Mine Carsington Pastures..John Cauldwell was a Gamekeeper at Hopton Hall Estate when for a time the Hurt family lived there ) Regards Stuart G Flint..

15 Roebuck 1 Jan 2009

    Having double checked my records and re researched parts of it for the third time today I give the following information regarding the Roebucks who played the game of football against Ince I do not at present have enough information to say who the Little - David was..It may have been that Little was his surname or as Doxey makes the claim that Twigge may not have written the account himself but that a third party may have written it..the name may be misleading..I believe it must have been Thomas Norris Ince though as I have other info about Ince and his forebare Samuel Norris of Sheffield as the Dales who married into Ince were of my distant kin via Walkers Ludlams and Dales of Nottingham Lea Hall ( Bradbourne ) and Parwich . To explain my ideas on the subject I will give you a run down of the Roebuck Fowler Bush Mason Spencer (Tansley) Smedley and Smith family history which connects with my kinship . Ince Peds gives some detail about Roebucks Fowlers etc but I have made connections between the families to explain how they were all inter related Starting with Smiths / Spencer family of Tansley whose heirs still live in the Wirksworth area and married into my Belfield and Killer family of recent years via Websters..(ie Edith Webster nee Spencer deceased last year in her 90s my family fellow history Researcher born Canada but of Tansley and Wirksworth famlies..Edith Spencer married Edward Blackwall Webster of Storer Farm Ashleyhay Edward sister to Kathleen Webster who married Adam Killer Baker deceaced of Killers bakery St Mary's Gate Wirksworth..Edward and Kathleens Gr Grandmother was Mary Hall daughter of Caleb and Hannah Hall nee Flint Hannah sister of John Flint my 3XGrandfather Adam Killer and I sharing as Grand fore bare William Killer of Middleton John Smith of Tansley Sons John Smith married Mary Spencer dau of Timothy and Anne Spencer nee Bown Baker's of Matlock Direct heirs of Edith Webster nee Spencer Samuel Smith of Tansley his son George owned a Dyers and Bleaching Mill at Tansley Wood Mills..whilst George's brother John married Anne Flint of Lea Children of John and Mary Smith nee Spencer John Smith married Alice Killer of Derby (so Ince says but I believe she was born at Matlock ..I have found a lady of that name who is of my distant kin her brother George Kilhare having owned land which he exchanged for land owned by Thomas Hallett Hodge who sold Kilhares land on to Sir Richard Arkwright ..I have this on record in Arkwright family papers recently catalogued by friends of mine who are senior Officers of Wirksworth Barmote Court ..I introduced them to the papers which are kept locally and which I have often viewed and have a copy of the catalogued listings where members of my family and my wifes family of Hoades Spateman Hall Fox Kilhare Knowles etc are all mentioned 2.Richard Smith married Ellen Fowler daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Fowler nee Pearson Ellens sister Martha married Willaim Bush whose daughter Ellen married my 3XUncle Michael Hall-Wigley he born at Castleton but on marriage Land Agent to Green Goodwins at Wigwell Grange .. Anne Pearson sister of Ellen and Elizabeth married Henry Mason of Bolehill he a Mining Agent.. 3.Mary Smith married Thomas Smedley Hosier of Wirksworth they parents of John Smedley 1st of Lea Mills who married Mary Roebuck dau of Thomas and Ellen Reobuck nee Bright of Mansfield Mary Roebuck was sister to Thomas Roebuck of Wirksworth Chandler and Grocer who married Elizabeth Smith 1802 he the elder Gent who played in the Football Match his son being Richard Henry Mason Roebuck who married a Pilkington in 1830 he a School Master at Kirk Ireton ....I agree with your belief that Richard and father Thomas were the footballers Children of Richard and Ellen Smith nee Fowler 1.John Smith Hosier of Wirksworth 2.Richard Smith married Elizabeth Charlton of Brassington (Hall) My 5XUncle Stephen Halls Grandson John Stephen Hall married into this Charlton family of Brassington Hall (see Charlton Fox Hall case on your web pages .. 5XUncle Stephen Halls first wife was Mary who lived with her father at Lea Hall Bradbourne (where the Dales lived who married into Ince) Lea Hall Farm today owned by one of My / My wifes allied family of Naylor via Harrisons of Middleton ...Doris Harrison married John Naylor of Lea Hall Doris's sister Betty still living at Doveholes Buxton worked for my Dad in our shop on leaving school and often looked after me as a babe in arms Betty's sisterr Julia deceased also worked for my mother after my fathers demsie up to us closing down the business in the 1970s whilst her sister June married my wifes and my kinsman Lous Spencer of Middleton he and I co founders of The Dalesmen Male Voice Choir in 1987 at Middleton we having sung in choirs and Quartets for over 40 years together.. Louis's Grandfather William Samuel Spencer founded Middleton Victoria Brass Band in the 1890s which in the 1930s became Middleton Silver Prize Band when all the players were blood kin ie Killer Statham Mather Slack Spencer Flint Pearson Evans (my wifes family) Jones Doxey etc The conductor of the Band when they won Silver Prize at Belle Vue National Championships was Joseph Samuel Spencer W.S.Spencers son Joe Sam Spencers brother Walter Spencer married Martha Millward Farnsworth who was sister to James Farnsworth whose daughter Jennifer married my brother John Malcolm Flint .. James Farnworth's wife was Evelyn Boden of Matlock Cliffe whose brother Herbert Boden was Musical Director of Matlock Male Voice Choir he a Manager a J W Wildgoose Buidling Contractors / Quarry Owners Matlock Bank whose brother Lubin of my distant kin was the Founder of Matlock Prize Choir Lubin co owner of Oldham House Hydro Wellington Street Matlock with his mother Racheal Wildgoose nee Davies..Edward Alec Spencer brother to Walter and Joe Sam Spencer was my singing / music teacher and he also Sunday School Superintendent at Middleton Mount Zion Methodist Church built in 1905 by my Grandfather John Walker and his brothers (Joseph Walker & Sons) Edward Alec was father of Louis Spencer 3.Elizabeth Smith married Thomas Roebuck of Wirksworth He the senior player in the football match 4.Nanny (Anne) Smith married Samuel Frost Grandson of my 6XGrandfather Robert Frost Samuel Frost was Manager at Wirksworth Savings Bank also a Malster /. Grocer /Rope Manufacturer / Coal Vendor His son Robert continued with the Coal business but in the 1850s my Gr Gr Grandfather Samuel Flint took over the Coal Yard along with his partners Thomas Hall and his cousin Joseph Flint (Thomas Hall married Josephs sister Mary Flint Joseph Flint owned a Brick Works at Flints Wharf Steeplegrange (now a Residential area known as Brickfields Close which Flints and Halls leased from Peter Arkwright) This Hall family married back into my mothers family of Brookes and Land and still owned a Grocery and Bakery up to the 1950s Adam Killer of my kin trained as a Baker with Luke Hall Grandson of Thomas and Mary Hall nee Flint Smedley's John Smedley Miner of Steeplegrange married Elizabeth Allen of my allied kin see Allen / Flint family history Isaac Smedley Miner married 1st wife Ellen Bailey 2nd wife Anne Higton dau of Job Higton ( one of my neighbours today is of this Higton family who also married into my Peate and Flint family Way back in the early 1700s William Hall of my wifes kin and my own married Sarah Higton of this family) Son of Isaac and Ellen nee Bailey Thomas Smedley married Mary Smith dau of John Smith of Tansley Hannah Smedley married Warndall Alsop A Lady living near my home today is heir of this Alsop family having married into my wifes family of Rowland (also related to my Matkin and Kinder family of Callow and Ashleyhay ) Dorothy Smedley married John Hoult of Mansfield Isaac Smedley married Dorothy Greenhough Children of Thomas and Mary Smedley nee Smith 1.John Smedley married Mary Roebuck dau of Thomas Roebuck of Mansfield Gent John Smedley with Peter Nightingale founded Lea Mills Smedley's taking over 2,Hannah Smedley married John Alsop son of John and Anne Alsop nee Ogden Anne of Tansley John Alsops brother Anthony Alsop married Hannah Wright they Uncle and Aunt of Anne who married my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker as his 1st wife in 1836 The Wrights are of my direct kin as they hail from my Wheatcroft and Frost family from the 1600s - Out of this same Smedley and Roebuck family came John Marsden whose Grandson John Bertram Marsden Smedley became Managing Director of John Smedley Lea Mills being the longest serving Director of the firm ..In 1919 Mr Marsden Smedley paid for my Aunt Doris Walker to attend Nottingham University to study Lace Manufacturing and business management My mother was Mr Smedley's Secretary up to marriage.. When Aunt Doris returned from University to Lea Mills in the 1920s she became a Departmental Manager over the Womens Section and also Managed the Wirksworth depot (the old Ebenezer Methodist Chapel opposite the Moot Hall Chapel Lane and also Managing the Out Workers having a depot at Tibshelf ..By the 1950s she was in charge of over 200 women at the mill see photograph on your web pages where she was introduced to H.M The Queen Elizabeth ) In the 1940s 2nd W.W. Aunt Doris was sent by Smedleys as a Manager at Bliss of Derby who manufactured Shell Casings and other Ordnance at their Foundry on Mansfield Road Derby and then at Ranskill Ordnance Factory near Retford Notts where she was a Departmental Manager in the Plastic Explosives Rolling Mills and Cordite Manufacturing Section Roebucks Joseph Reobuck of Mansfield married Mary Goodall of Mansfield ...... Daughter name unknown married .... Hardwicke of Nottingham Malster Elizabeth married John Web of Windsor Grocer Mary married James Milnes of Ashover related to Nightingales of Lea Bridge Children of Joseph and Mary Roebuck Thomas Roebuck of Mansfield Gent married 1st wife Ellen Bright dau of Robert Bright Attorney at Wirksworth 2nd wife Mary Wood of Kirk Ireton daughter of John Wood of that place Hannah Roebuck married John Slingsby of Windsor Mary married Mr Sherwood of Doncaster Jeweller Children of Thomas and Ellen Roebuck nee Bright Robert Bright Reobuck died in infancy Thomas Roebuck Grocer and Chandler of Wirksworth baptised 1778 but appears to have been born some 5 years earlier married Elizabeth Smith dau of Richard Smith They had a son Richard Henry Mason Reobuck who became a School Master at Kirk Ireton Thomas Norris Ince was the son of Richard (Rickard ) and Catherine Ince nee Norris Richard Ince an Attorney at Wirksworth as was his son Catherine dau of Samuel Norris of Sheffield whose allied kin were the Dales My apologies if this has confused you all the more Thomas Rroebuck who married Elizabeth Smith was the elder his son Richard Henry Mason Roebuck the younger of the players Thomas Norris Ince the senior whilst the David is a mystery but I will seek to find the answer I have information about Jonathan Twigge if you are interested Regards Stuart G Flint

14 Kays of Hob Hall Farm 30 Dec 2008

    William Kay who committed suicide at Hob Farm Gorsey Bank married Martha Wetton of Holehouse which is off Pratt Hall Lane Ashleyhay twixt Ashleyhay and Gorsey Bank I can see the farm from my front room window .. The Wettons are of my allied kin as my Uncle Arthur Botham was son of Henry and Mary Botham nee Wetton of Gorsey Bank Uncle Arthur married my father's sister Leah Amelia Flint he a Pit Deputy at Clipstone Colliery retiring to Whitley Bay Tyne and Wear living near my cousin Harry Sprake Botham he named after my father and his brother John Botham who left Bolsover after the 2nd W.W. having served in the Army / Airforce during the war to open Garages and Vehicle Dealerships at Newcastle Upm Tyne and Lisles Taxis / Chauffer Driven Cars I was offered a job by Harry as a Driver in my 20s .. John emigrated to Australia in the 1960s his daughter is my fellow family history researcher today she having married a retired Australian Assistant Chief Constable he born at Mansfield where he was a Police Officer William Kays son George Kay had a daughter Anne Mary Kay who married James Slack son of George and Sarah Slack nee Butler Sarah daughter of John Butler of my wifes kin of Alderwasley George Slack was son of my 3XUncle and Aunt Samuel and Sarah Slack nee Land Sarah sister of my 2XGrandmother Hannah Land who married James Smith of Carsington ..Samuel Slack was kin of my wifes family of Slack of Middleton ..Samuel and Sarah's daughter Elizabeth married William Allen Flint son of my 4XUncle Robert Flint they emigrating as Mormons to Kaysville Utah in 1850 Samuel and Sarah's son Samuel married William Allen Flints sister Hannah Flint.. George and Sarah Slack nee Butlers children were Emma married Charles Phillips Hairdresser of Wirksworth he born in Warwickshire Louisa married Jonathan Logan Schoolmaster Alfred.. William George.. James born 1867 married Anne Mary Kay dau of George Kay Farmer of Hob Hall Farm Regards Stuart G Flint

13 Standard Ore Dish re Wirksworth Barmote Court 29 Dec 2008

    In a ledger owned by Samuel J Sheldon are remarks regarding the Dish used to measure mineral of Lead ore at Wirksworth Barmote Court In his own words This Dish has been found by taking its measurements very accurately to contain 472 cubit inches in a more than fourteen pints Winchester Measures .. Its dimensions was known by W Sherwin in 1790 The Length of the Top was 21 inches.5 parts ? The Length of Bottom 20 inches.7 " The breadth at Top 5 inches.3 " The Depth 4 inches.26 " In S.J Sheldons report at the foot of this page are comments made by Mr Rosewarne in 1836 The heaviest Ore I have ever seen was at Matthew Bacons Mine Town Head Carsington in 1829 which weighed upwards of 75lbs per dish and when by way of trial it was certified at Meerbrook Cupola produced 81 % lead Matthew Bacon's daughter Martha married William Flint whose daughter Anne married John Cauldwell my Gr Gr Uncle brother to Thomas Cauldwell my Grt Grandfather who was born at Alderwasley to Nathaniel and Charlotte Cauldwell Nathaniel Head Woodsman to Francis and Elizabeth Hurt nee Arkwright Thomas Cauldwell was a Police Officer at St Michaels Lancaster and then at Attercliffe Sheffield where he died in the pursuance of his duties aged 29 years He married Sarah Smith they my Grt Grandparents.. When Thomas Died Sarah remarried Robert Flint my 3XUncle he born 1839 Smelting Mill Manager at Meerbrook Cupola Longway Bank and a Farmer living at Wigwell Nook Farm Sough Lane Wirksworth Moor with my Gr Grandfather Henry Flint he a widow and Henry's brother Adam Flint who married Millicent Marples dau of Arthur and Millicent Marples nee Greenhough she my kinswoman also via Simpson Colledge Flint Greenhough Killer Jones Axe and Walker.. Thomas and Sarah had daughters Ada born at St Michaels Lancaster who married Albert Byard of Breamfields Wirksworth and Annie born at Sheffield who married John Walker they my Grandparents Robert Flint was son of cousins John Flint brother of my Gr Gr Grandfather Samuel Flint and Mary Flint daughter of Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen Robert and Sarah's sons became members of The Latter Day Saints and in 1850 emigrated on the Mormon chartered ship the Mary Ellen from Liverpool Docks Captained by John Knowles of Liverpool ..In August 2008 for the first time since 1850 I was the first Flint of Wirksworth area to meet with my Flint / Brough family at Meerbreook nr Leek Staffordshire when the Brough Family Organisation based in Salt Lake City all members of The L.D.S. some senior members of the Church sent a delegation of over 70 members of the Brough family to meet with their family in England which included allied kin of Flints. We met at Meerbrook Village Hall where High Tea was served. My wife and daughter were also guests as my wifes family of Slack and Spencer were members of the Flint /Brough family also.. Robert Flint who married Sarah Allen's son John Flint married Mary Foster Spencer dau of Peter and Hannah Spencer nee Potter Peter my wife's 5XUncle whilst William Allen Flint Johns brother married Elizabeth Slack dau of Samuel and Sarah Slack nee Land my 3XUncle and Aunt Sarah sister to my Gr Gr Grandmother Hannah Land who married James Smith Mining Agent to Matthew Bacon of Town Head Carsington.. Samuel Slack of Middleton was of my wifes Slack family Loujean Flint is Gr Grandaughter of John and Martha Flint nee Brough John son of John and Mary Flint nee Spencer of Middleton Loujean is a colleague of Cynthia Doxey Lecturers at Brigham Young University Cynthia Doxey is kin to John Palmer of Dorset and of my friend William H Doxey of Wirksworth I have contact with Loujean she a Representative of the Utah Flint family on the Brough Family Organisation I have also contacted Cyntha Doxey and many members of my Flint family of Utah and adjoining States Regards Stuart G Flint

12 Middleton Old Friendly Society 29 Dec 2008

    The following are entries in the account re Middleton Old Friendly Society of which Samuel J Sheldon was Treasurer / Secretary of Income January 1908 Received Interest from Savings Bank 15 - 14 - 4 Feb Interest from Savings Bank 20 - 00 - 0 March " " " " 15 - 00 - 0 March 25th Half Years Rent of Land from John W Sheldon 1 - 15 - 0 April ?Liverage Disposal 2 - 00 - 0 May Edward Mather Balance 5 - 8 -10 May 25th Ebenezer Hall Sheffield Honourary Sub 1 - 4 - 0 June Half Years Rent Land James Steeples 8 - 00 - 0 July Savings Bank 346 - 00 - 0 Ebenezer Hall Cheque cashed at William Deacon Bank 554 - 00 - 0 Sept. John W Sheldon Rent Half Year 1 - 15 - 0 Ebenezer Hall Managing Director of Martin Hall & Co Silversmiths he born to Gilbert and Elizabeth Hall nee Slack of The Alley and then Town Street Middleton.. Ebenezer Hall went on to own Fountain House where one of my Sheldon family lived up to recent years although Ebenezer never lived there as he lived at Abbeydale Hall Dore near Sheffield..Slacks both my wife and my kin) was brother in law to Samuel J Sheldon via Ebenezers brother Joseph Hall a Manager at Martin Hall & Co Silversmiths Shrewsbury Works Sheffield.. Joseph Hall married Mary Longden daughter of Job and Elizabeth Longden of Ible Farmers Mary's sister Jane Longden married Samuel J Sheldon Mary and Janes sister Elizabeth married George Frost of Middleton Hillside he a Master Stonemason kin of Joseph Gould who was a Spar Turner at Scarthin Nick whose heir today is a retired Deputy Headmaster at Anthony Gell Comp School Ebenezer Hall gave the funds to build the Vicars Vestry and Porch at Holy Trinity Church Middleton His Hall Forebares of the 1760s married into my direct Flint family via Caleb Hall who married Hannah Flint sister of my 3XGrandfather John Flint who married Elizabeth Colledge.. Calebs father Gamaliel Hall was killed when he fell down Goodluck Mine Via Gellia the Barmaster in charge of the Inquest being Adam Simpson of The Study Manor House Bonsall whose daughter Mary married Richard Arkwright son of Sir Richard Arkwright ..All the jurymen who served on the Inquest were of my wifes and my family re Samuel Wragg my wifes 6XGrandfather Thomas Godbehere her 7XUncle (Samuel Wraggs wife being Hannah Godbehere sister to Thomas Godbehere) Matthew Ashover (Ashovers buried in Middleton Congregational Church Yard) Job Hall Jacob Doxey (my kin via Sheldons one of his heirs my contact today who has furnished me with the Sheldon documents) etc..etc.. see Chris Newhalls Hall page on John Palmers Web Site Adam Simpson's sister Dorothy Simpson married Henry Flint of Holloway Their daughters Sarah and Dorothy Flint both married Samuel Prince who owned The Study Manor House after Adam Simpson Samuels 1st wife was Sarah Flint and then on her demise Samuel married Dorothy. Samuel Prince was nephew of my 6XUncle and Aunt Edith and Paul Prince nee Henstock of Slaley Edith sister to my 5XGrandfather Edward Henstock of Slaley Hall he a Mining Agent at Hentock Mines Slaley Moor and Farmer Edward married Mary Frost of Bonsall Their daughter Mary married William Hawley of Mettesforde Bridge and then Rise End Middleton he co partnering at mines with my Wheatcroft family at Middle Peak Mines also a Blacksmith and Engineer ..William and Marys daughter Mary married John Killer of Middleton they my 3XGrandparents John and Mary daughter Mary married Samuel Flint they my Gr Gr Grandparents ..Mary's brother William founded Killers Quarry Middleton his 2nd wife being Anna Brownson daughter of my Gr Gr Uncle and Aunt John and Elizabeth Brownson nee Walker Elizabeth sister of my Gr Grandfather Joseph Walker John Brownsons fore bare family were Bamfords and Molinus ..his Grand fore bare being Major Johaness Conradt Molinus who was colleage of Sir Cornelius Vermuyden when they surveyed and oversaw the digging of The Dovegange Sough in the 1630s..Catherine Molinus Grandaughter of Johaness Conradt Molinus married Samuel Wheatcroft (also known as Samuel Collinson) illligit. son of Jane Wheatcroft daughter of my 7XGrandfather William Wheatcroft who married Mary Wragg see Hall Potter Wheatcroft Molinus Collinson family pedigree Regards Stuart G Flint

11 Wirksworth Moot Hall built 1773 and Mill Close Warren Car engine 29 Dec 2008

    Re Information In further books which have come into my possession owned originally by my Gr Gr Uncle Samuel Joseph Sheldon (born 1848 at Hallicar Lane Middleton By Wirksworth to Joseph and Elizabeth Sheldon nee Sheldon of Middleton and Bonsall respectively died 1933 at Sheldons Yard Duke Street Middleton living next door to my wifes Grandfather Herbert Evans who reared Eric Sheldon along with my Mother In law.. Eric brother of Albert and Clifford Sheldon Albert owning Shellard Quarry Griffe Grange now owned by Stancliffe Stone of Darley Dale..Eric was Transport Manager at the quarry he on leaving school working for my father Harry Sprake Flint as a Grocers Assistant ) In a Ledger is the following information which may be of interest Wirksworth Barmote Court (Moot Hall) before being replaced by a more modern structure on Chapel Lane Wirksworth in 1814 was built in 1773 in Wirksworth Market Place believed to be where the present Town Hall stands It was built by Thomas Villiers also known as Lord Hyde of Hindon also known as 1st Earl Clarendon..Chancellor to The Duchy of Lancaster On the same page it states that a new Steam Pumping Engine began to pump flood water from Mill Close Lead Mine Warren Carr in 1876 the owner being Edward Miller Wass who was a friend of Samuel J Sheldon, S.J Sheldon Deputy Barmaster and Shareholder at Mill Close Mine also Barmaster to Crich Liberty where Wass and Alsops owned partnerships the Alsops being kin of my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker who married S.J.Sheldons sister Martha as his 3rd wife.. Joseph Walkers 1st wife Anne Wright was neice of Anthony Alsop of Wensley Chief Barmaster Soke & Wapentake of Wirksworth he and his brother John Alsop being Lead Smelters and Merchants at Wensley and Lea Bridge. Their family marrying into the Miller and Wass family Lydia Aslop daughter of John Alsop married John Allen of Holloway who was Head Master at The Study School Bonsall when Jasper Wager Edward Miller Wass William Bemrose and Joseph Alsop among others were Scholars at the school..Luke Alsop son of John and Anne Alsop nee Ogden married his cousin Lydia daughter of Anthony and Hannah Alsop nee Wright of my family I have donated the Luke Alsop Diary which came into my possession to Derbyshire County Council Archives Library .. John Alsops son married Hannah Smedley sister of John Smedley 1st of Lea Mills Edward Miller Wass sold Upper and Nether Golconda Lead Mines Griffe Grange along with the Freehold of the surrounding land to Samuel J Sheldon in 1873 ..Chandos Pole Gell having a minority share in the mine.. In 1915 Samuel J Sheldon sold Upper and Nether Golconda Mines Griffe Grange along with Chance, Tenement and Chariot Mines Carsington Pastures to George Henry Key Colour Merchant of Matlock Bath, whose family today trading as Viaton Industries still own the site.. My father Harry S Flint as Chairman of Wirksworth Water Board negotiated leasing the land and water rights on the land on Slaley Moor owned by George Henry Key and oversaw the building of the pipe work and Pumping Station at the foot of Via Gellia Wood opposite Tufa Cottage (the skeletal remains of the Pumping Station still visible among the undergrowth and trees) plus the piping of the water on to Middleton Moor re the first treated water supply to the village of Middleton 1937/8. At the foot of the page re Barmote Court details is the following information Lead ore in the year 1808 Price of Lead 34.00 - 40.00 per ton Lead Ore sold in 1874 at Warren Carr 60 lbs to the dish January 1st 57/6 per load January 3rd 58/- per load Feb 20th 56/3 per load March 7th 52/6 per load April 11th 51/3 per load May 5th 48/9 per load June 18th 50/- per load June 25th 50/6 per load Sept 14th 51/- per load Sept.23rd 52/6 per load The same up to end of year In the early 1900s The Lords of the Manors of Crich were Lord Hotfield paid Roylaties F.W.Fairbrother " " F.C.A. Hurt " " and then grouped together John Alfred Wilmot Bessy Towndrow Mary E Wolstonholme John H Topham William Cross Margaret H Cross Regards Stuart G Flint

10 Bilbie/Locketts 15 Dec 2008

    The following is the direct link re Bilbie family with Locketts Alderman William Bilbie Master Grocer Lord Mayor of Nottingham 1732 marr Elizabeth Walters of Ripley Derbyshire Son Joseph Bilbie Grocer of Nottingham married Anne Holland of North Wingfield dau of John Holland Gent Son William Bilbie of Berry Hill Mansfield Gent Justice of The Peace married Anne Barber of Greasley Notts Children Joseph Bilbie William Bilbie Major Robert Bilbie Gent... Commander of the Derby Militia Mary Bilbie who recieved a legacy of 10,000 Anne Bilbie married William Jeffrey Lockett Gent of Derby Attorney and Counsel for the Prosecution to the Crown .. Land Agent to His Grace The Duke of Devonshire

09 Lockett 15 Dec 2008

    William Lockett was a Derby Solicitor who became Prosecution Counsel to the Crown when the Pentrich Riotous were on trial around 1817..I have studied the history surrounding the Pentrich Riots for some many years,, The :Lockett family appear to have been Solicitors in Derby for some 100 years In time William J Lockett became a wealthy man having interests in Lace Making factories at Loughborough and a confidant of His Grace The Duke of Devonshire and as His Grace owned most of Shottle as the family I believe still do today it is possible that Lockett was arranging a land deal with Nuttal as John Nuttal was a Commissioner and Land Surveyor and it may just be possible that the land Nuttal was inerested in re driving a road twixt the Ecclesboune and Shottle Hall was Jebbs Lane as the Jebbs family were by no means poor one of their ilk associated as a Juryman in the case against The Pentrich Riotors as I show below .. The Wirksworth - Duffield Railway line passes under a bridge on Jebbs Lane.. and in fact allied members of the Jebbs family still live in the Wirksworth area today some being being friends of mine When Lockett tried the rioters which included Ludlam Brandreth the Bacon brothers and Weightman the Jury was headed by all the local Gents and Lords of the Manors including the Foreman Lord George Cavendish Phillip Gell Hon George Vernon John Radford Hon Henry Cavendish Francis Mundy Sir Robert Wilmot Bart ...+++John Jebb..+++.. Charles Hurt Richard Arkwright etc..so it is little wonder that the rioters were dealt with severely Regards Stuart G Flint

08 Photo 405 Main Street Middleton 23 Nov 2008

    Top Photograph Shows Main Street just below The Green The old gate shown in photograph top right led into a field which Mr Walter Hadfield owned his farm on Vicarage Lane just below The Fields going out of the village towards Middleton Recreation Ground over Greener Fields towards Steeplegrange (The Arkwright family endowed the land to the Trustees of Middleton Recreation Ground my father one of the original Trustees) I often helped to take cattle from Vicarage Lane Fields via Chapel Lane and then on to Main Street up to the fields shown also helping with Hay Making as I did with my brother and our mates at other farms in the village ie Willowdene Farm owned by Mr Webster (his wife sister to Mr Howard the Baker of Middleton his sons having a Bakery at Cromford up to recent years which Wrights took over Mr Wright retired related to my Uncle Charles Lesley Wright deceased Gents Outfitter Cromford Howards baked the best bread and today I still buy bread from a local baker at Middleton who worked for Howards, baked to Howards recipe.. Just across the road from Hadfields fields just a wall showing was where Mr Benny Gretton lived his wife a Slack of my wife's family..Mr Gretton was a Beekeeper and I was often asked to help transport his hives He made some of the best honey only surpassed today by honey made by Mr Headon of Tufa Cottage Via Gellia today Just below Grettons was Middleton Post office still such today then in my youth owned by Mr Brian Coles who came to Middleton as an Electrical Engineer in the 1930s to connect Middleton to the Mains His colleague was my Uncle Geoffrey Grace (married Anne Walker my mother's sister ) Just below The Post Office old Photo was Howards Bakery taken over by Mr Thomas Wigley and below Wigley's Bakery was Jones The Butcher they of my kin via Flint Killer Spencer Greenhough Axe Slack and Doxey. Bottom photograph The houses and shop shown running up Main Street Middleton from bottom of photograph were known as Alexandria Buildings..My father Harry Sprake Flint had the shop as a Fancy Goods and Newsagency which afterwards came into the ownership of Mrs Goodwin who lived in the house below the shop on Main Street ..Her heirs still live in the village ..My father and his mother Gwenillian Flint nee Sprake lived above the shop ... Alexandria Building was split level twixt Main Street and The Alley My Grandmother's house entrance was from The Alley Dad married Kathleen Walker dau of John and Annie Walker nee Cauldwell of Manor Fields The Fields from this house in 1937 he born in 1894 Just above Alexandria Buildings not shown too clearly was Central Stores just visible which my father leased from the Gregson Family who were the former Grocers at the shop Dad sold near enough everything barring the kitchen sink the shop three storey's high Dad was a Master Grocer but also had a Drapery Shop at Wirksworth and eventually he converted a house next to Central Stores as a Drapery outlet.. We also sold Provisions which came loose this meaning that my brother sister and I on Saturday mornings spent the time skinning cheeses or unpacking new barrels of Butter and packs of Lard or boning Bacons In the Sugar Room we would weight out 2 lb bags of suger into the blue sugar bags a tedious job or weighing loose flour into 3lb, bags in the Flour room Once a week the flour was transported from a Mill at Darley Dale in 56 lb sacks which has to be winched through the floor via a hand cranked crane..We also sold Boots and shoes Patent Medicines Pots and pans crockery china and at Christmas Toys and Gifts Dad employed local village people in the shops ie Mr Eric Sheldon of my kin he reared from youth with my mother in law by my wife's Grandfather Herbert Evans of Sheldons Yard Duke Street Middleton Eric went on after war service to be Transport Manager at Shellards Quarry Griffe Grange owned by his brother Albert Sheldon..Dad also employed as an Apprentice Mr Edgar Doxey deceased who was brother of Councillor William Hubert Doxey J.P. M.B.E. they kin of Mr John Palmer.. Edgar who in his last years lived next door to my mother at Duke Fields Senior Citizens bungalows retired as a Foreman at Masson Mill When he became ill Mother who on selling the business became an auxilliary nurse at Wirksworth Maternity Hospital in her 80s looked after him along with the other residents of the bungalows.. Others who worked for Dad were Margaret Slack Betty Harrison Herbert Doxey and Daphne Bunting whose mother was sister to George Else who married my father's sister Millicent Flint..Daphne worked for Dad from leaving school and when Dad was nearing his end she came back in the 1960s and stayed until mother sold the buisness in the 1970s Her sister Jean drove the shop van and taught me to drive Jean and her husband in the 1980s ran The Whitworth Hotal Darley Dale serving the best meals in the county When my daughter celebrated her 21st birthday we held it at The Whitworth Hotel when Jean was Landlady Many of her / my cousins were present who lived at Bolsover .. Abover Central Stores a house jutted out into Main Street This was owned by Mr Bertram Petts who with his brother John James Petts founded a Monumental Masonry Works at a workshop just across the road on Chapel Lane from Highfields The Fields my family home John J Petts was father of my Aunt Ada Flint nee Petts who married Dads brother John Samuel Flint a Steam Engine Driver who lived near Crewe.. Aunt Ada's sister Lillian married Councillor Norman Harrison who was of my mother's Land and Brookes family of Steeplegrange and Bolehill Bertram Petts's Grt Grandson is now owner of the Monumental business still in the same yard. Across the road from Central Stores just visible above the Telegraph Posts were The Barns one time owned by Gregsons where they kept Horses and a Carriage In the 2nd W.W. under emergency orders all biscuit tins and the like had to be saved and so Dad stores all manner of tins etc in the barns The upstairs Lofts had been sealed before Dad ever took over the barns and in the 1960s Mr Arthur Wilson who lived just above Central Stores on The Pitchings (now for some reason known as Stoney Hill) and myself broke into the loft and found old saddles and harness and riding gear ..Mr Wilson had one of the Barns and kept Ferrets in them Just below the Barns on the bottom side of the Telegraph Posts was Belmont Cottage owned by Mr Tom Walker who had an Engineering Works at Sheffield I believe..His more recent kin was a lady who married into the Olivers whose daughter married into the Bennett family of Hosiery Manufacturers of Wirksworth.. Mr Tom Walker along with my father and another kinsman William Brace they great friends often attended Queen Park Chesterfield to watch Derbyshire Cricket Club play ..I have recently found out that before Belmont Cottage was built a row of Thatched roofed cottages stood on the same site and that one day a tenant at one of them on arriving home from work down one of the lead mines at Middleton looking forwards to a meal of Oatcakes found his wife had run out of fat..In anger he grabbed hold of a hand full of Tallow used for making candles and threw this fat into a pan which was already to hot..The pan caught light and the thatch caught fire burning all the cottages down to the ground... Between the Barns and Belmont Cottage was Main Street Weslyan Methodist Church which Mrs Edith Taylor attended she of my wifes Slack family.. Her cousin lives today below my home at Wirksworth.. Regards Stuart G Flint

07 Simpson/Wigley family 21 Nov 2008

    The following is the family history of the Simpson family of Bonsall and Wirksworth James Simpson of Wirksworth wife unknown May have been born out of Derbyshire. No record of his birth on L.D.S site or Wirksworth Parish Registers Son James Simpson born 1666 married Grace Wigley 1692 daughter of Ralph Wigley believed to have lived at Wigwell Grange which Wigley's came into possession of when Anthony Babbington was tried and hung for Treason against Elizabeth 1st he son of Ralph Wigley who married Anne Healey in 1632 he Grandson of Henry Wigley who married Elizabeth Gell living at The Hall Middleton. Ralph who married Anne Healey was brother to Henry Wigley who married May Spateman they living at Seniorsfield nr Cromford ( Seniorsfield was a group of houses owned by Wigley's and where the original Bridge House was built nr the foot of Willersley Lane... Henry Wigley was Executor to my 8XGrandfather Henry Coates will... Children of James and Grace Simpson nee Wigley 1.William Simpson born 1694 married Mary Statham of Alderwasley 2.Peter Simpson born 1695 Woolcomber and Fulling Miller Milnehouse Green Wirksworth (Millers Green) married Elizabeth Curzon of Crich at St Mary's Church Crich 1719..she daughter of William and Mary Curzon nee Piggin Mary daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Piggin Elizabeth nee Fritchley of Fritchley...A direct heir of Thomas and Elizabeth Piggin was Miss Elizabeth Piggin of Crich who I knew as Aunt Lizzie she secretary to my Aunt Doris Walker Departmental General Manager at John Smedley Lea Mills 1930 - 1960s who lived with my Walker family at Middleton When Elizabeth, Peter's 1st wife died in 1729 he remarried Sarah Wigley of Wirksworth in 1732 3.Ralph Simpson born August 18th 1705 married Marie Johnson of Wirksworth 17th September 1731 4.James Simpson born 1702 married Hannah Blythe daughter of Rev John Blythe of Dronfield 5.John Simpson born 1704 married Elizabeth Ginny of Weston Upon Trent nr Derby 6.Elizabeth Simpson born 1699 obt 1700 7.Robert Simpson born 1697 Known child of William and Mary Simpson nee Statham Sampson Simpson married Mary Potter Children of Peter and Elizabeth Simpson nee Curzon 1.Mary Simpson born 1720 2.Millicent Simpson born 1723 married Samuel Colledge 1743 he a Farmer / Landlord The Chequers Inn Milnehouse Green also a Mining Agent .. they my 4XGrandparents Samuel was son of William and Margaret Colledge nee Holmes (Williams 1st wife was Anne Cadman daughter of Timothy and Mary Cadman nee Wheatcroft Mary sister to my 7XGrandfather William Wheatcroft on my mothers side of the family) 3.William Simpson 4.Elizabeth Simpson born 1729 she surviving Her mother died soon after childbirth Children of Peter and 2nd wife Sarah nee Wigley 1.Anne Simpson born 1734 2.Sarah Simpson born 1736 married John Wigley of Wirksworth 1760 3.Daniel Simpson born 1738 Sarah Peter's 2nd wife died in 1748 Children of John and Elizabeth Simpson nee Ginny Lived at The Study Manor House Bonsall 1.Adam Simpson born 1725 married 1st wife Elizabeth Robinson of Cromford They had one son Adam Simpson who died in his 20s 2nd wife Elizabeth Oldham of Shirland Adam owned Lead Mines and land at Middleton and Bonsall He was Deputy Barmaster and oversaw the inquest of Gamaliiel Hall whose family owned Goodluck Lead Mine Via Gellia in the mid 1700s Gamalieil fell down the mine shaft and was killed on March 18th 1783 .. All the Jurymen at the hearing held at The Barmote Court were of my wife and my family ie Samuel Wragg who was my wifes 7XGrandfather he married Hannah Godbehere Thomas Godbehere who was brother in law to Samuel Wragg Matthew Ashover allied kin to Wraggs Samuel Mather both my wifes and my kinsman Daniel Slack my wifes / my kinsman Ebenezer Hall he the senior partner at the mine Jacob Doxey he of my Sheldon kinship ..Robert Spencer, George Holmes my wifes 6XGrandfather married Hannah Greatorex in 1781 witnesses Gamalieil Halll and William Flint John Lee he of the Clayton family of my kin. Gamaliel Hall was father to my 4XUncle Caleb Hall who married Hannah Flint sister of my 3XGrandfather John Flint who married Elizabeth Colledge. 2.Dorothy Simpson born 1728 married Henry Flint Blacksmith of Holloway son of Anthony Flint Grocer Their daughters Sarah and Dorothy both married Samuel Prince Sarah his first wife and on her demise Dorothy Samuel Prince's Uncle and Aunt were my 6XUncle and Aunt Paul and Edith Prince nee Henstock Edith sister of my 5XGrandfather Edward Henstock of Slaley Hall 3.John Simpson married Mary Cooke 1746 Children of Adam and 2nd wife Elizabeth nee Oldahm 1.John Simpson born 1761 married Elizabeth Hawksely the daughter of a Factory owning family near Arnold Nottingham, she Aunt to Thomas Hawksley born 1807 who is a man of some fame as he was the founder of water purification engineering ie who built Trent Bridge Water Works and others throughout the British Isles he a Fellow of The Royal Institute President of The Institution of Water and Gas Engineers President of The Institution of Civil Engineers Bestwood Pumping Station which he built is still in use today... 2.Samuel Simpson born 1759 Samuel and John were partners for a time with their brother in law Richard Arkwright of Cotton Mills and in time they purchased the mills near Manchester 3.Mary Simpson born 1755 married Richard Arkwright of Willersley Castle 1780 at Bonsall Parish Church Children of John and Mary Simpson nee Cooke James Simpson born 1760 married Margaret Lloyd of Spondon daughter of Rev John Lloyd James and Margarets son Edward Lloyd Simpson married Maria Cade daughter of Dr James and Anne Romana Cade nee Wright Anna Romana Wright daughter of Joseph Wright of Derby Painter who painted the portrait of Sir Richard Arkwright..Anne Romana Wright was born in Italy when Joseph Wright was on the Grand Tour of the country. Joseph Wright married Amme Swift of Ault Hucknall. Dr James Cade F.R.C.S. was a well known surgeon who lived at The Homestead Spondon reputedly where Josiah Wedgewood was married from .. Dr James Cades Grandaughter was Rowena Cade who founded the Minack Theatre Cornwall and is also remembered as a Patron of Derby Shakespeare Company Edward Lloyd and Maria Simpson nee Cade's daughter Margaret Romana Lloyd Simpson . married William Bemrose who with brother Sir Henry Howe Bemrose founded the Bemrose Corporation Printers and Publishers at Derby and Spondon William and Henry Bemrose were the sons of William and Elizabeth Bemrose nee Ride of Derby..This William Bemrose attended The Study School Bonsall and then set out as a Printer at Matlock Bath one of his associates in the printing trade who he had dealings with was Jonathan Coates of Alfreton who had a Printing Works at Market Place Wirksworth (at the rear of where Ogdens had a Butchery business, more recently Coates's Butchers Shop Mr Ian Coates of today nil relation to Jonathan Coates) Jonathan Coates's daughter Mary Coates married my 4XUncle William Hawley he brother to Mary Hawley who married John Killer they my 3XGrandparents ..Jonathan's wife being Mary Wilson of Alfreton whose family of Solicitors were executors along with Sir John Eardley Wilmot of Chaddesden Hall of Lt Col Tristram Revell of Carnfield Hall will.. Wilsons took over the Hall and married into the Radfords who then owned the Hall Today a Mr Cartland owns Carnfield Hall Jonathan Coates printed many of the notices regarding The Wooley Manusripts as did my other kinsman Stephen Glover Printer and Publisher of Derby Stephen married Anne Shaw neice of my 4XGrandparents Isaac and Anne Hoades nee Shaw Stephen Glovers son Stephen Shaw Glover married Martha Slack of Middleton see my / my wifes Slack family history.. Children of Samuel and Millicent Colledge nee Simpson 1.Elizabeth Simpson born 1763 married John Flint 1787 they my 3XGrandparents John's 1st wife was Anne Peate dau of Phineas Peate of Alport Heights Ashleyhay whose sister Grace married James Potter they my sister in law (my brother's wife) 4XGrandparents 2.Millicent Simpson born 1761 married Joseph Greenhough of Bolehill.. Greenhoughs of this family have married into my family over the years up to recent times ie Joseph and Millicent Greenhough's son John Greenhough married Millicent Flint his cousin daughter of my 3XGrandparents John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge Their son Joseph Greenhough married Elizabeth Wright of my kin who were brother / sister in law to my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker who married Anne Wright as his 1st wife in 1836 Anne an heir of my Frost 6XGrandfather on my father side she also heir of William Wheatcroft my 7XGrandfather on my mothers side of the family Millicent Greenhough of this family married Arthur Marples of Bolehill whose daughter Millicent married Adam Flint my Gr Gr Uncle brother to Henry Flint my Grt Grandfather William Jones son of Peter and Mary Jones nee Flint my 3XUncle and Aunt,... Mary daughter of my 3XGrandfather John Flint who married Elizabeth Colledge married 3 times all to the same Spencer family two sisters and a cousin between.. By his 3rd wife he had a son William whose married twice his 2nd wife giving birth to a daughter Elsie Jones who married John James Greenhough they parents to friends of mine today who live in the Wirksworth area ..Williams first wife gave birth to Frances Jones who I knew as Francie who married Arthur Kinder whose daughter Diana deceased was a close friend of my sister brother and myself..her family living just behind my father's Central Stores Grocery business at Middleton In my early 20s I worked at Arkwrights Cromford Mill as a Lorry Driver for Troy Laundry a subsidiary of Preston Model Laundry Diana was a Wagers Clerk there 3.Margaret Colledge married 1st husband James Stafford of Shottle 2nd husband John Derbyshire of Darley Dale he a Roof Slater his family marrying into the Wildgoose family of Matlock Bank Building Contractors and Quarry owners at Ashover 4.Thomas Colledge born 1743 married Anne Cooper of Callow 1768 5.Samuel born 1745 married Anne Vallance of Callow 6.William Colledge born 1750 married Elizabeth Vallance 7..John Colledge married Mary Jepson 8.James Colledge married Joanna Holland Their son William became an Ordained Anglican Priest but in his mid 20s married Sarah Orme of Ashleyhay and on emigrating to Ohio U.S.A. changed denomination becoming a Methodist Minister..I have contact with his heir Jean Vongail Hamilton nee Colledge Regards Stuaret G Flint

06 Willersley Castle photo 152 19 Nov 2008

    I offer the following information Edward Wainwright was Head Gardener to Richard and Mary Arkwright nee Simpson and then their son Peter Arkwright on the Willersley Castle estate in the 1830s - 1850s ... Edward married Sarah Wigley in 1858 she my kinswoman via Taylors Allens Beesley Macbeth and Flint..Edward and Sarah married at St Mary's Church in 1858 the Arkwright family church just over the bridge from the Castle now Cromford Parish Church ..Their witnesses were Fanny Arkwright daughter of Peter Arkwright and John Beastall of Morton who was Peter Arkwrights Butler.. Sarah was Edwards 2nd wife..He died in the 1860s Their daughter Louise became Head Accountant to Macbeths of Hulme and Stretford Manchester at their Commercial Tailoring Factories where they employed between the two units some 80 workers whilst Andrew Macbeth nephew of Thomas and Isabell Macbeth nee Spencer one of the Manchester Tailoring family (Isabell born Gorsey Bank Wirksworth she of my wifes kin and my sister in laws family of Potter, founded Andrew Macbeth Solicitors of Wirksworth now known as Andrew Macbeth Cash & Co now owned by Potter & Co of Matlock Gertrude Cecile Macbeth of this family married Lawrence Beesley of my kin who survived the sinking of The TITANIC in 1912 their son Alec Beesley marrying Dodie Smith the author of 101 Dalmatians and other books made into films by Walt Disney William Smith my Gr Gr Uncle was also a Gardener on the estate but in time became Groundsman and Head Gardener at The Botanical Gardens Matlock Beth .. His son Samuel Smith a Spar Turner in time owned The Royal Museum Matlock Bath once owned by John Mawe and then Vallance & Walker (not my Walker family) and workshops on Museum Parade which he passed on to his son William Smith...William Smith senior originating from Clay Mills nr Burton Upon Trent married my Gr Gr Aunt Sarah Walker sister to my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker In the 1850s Richard Simpson was an oft time visitor to Willersley Castle he a J.P. from Eccles Manchester son of John and Elizabeth Simpson nee Hawksley Elizabeth born at Nottingham .she sister John Hawksley who married Mary Whittle of Arnold Notts whose son Thomas Hawksley born at Arnold in 1803 was a famous Civil Engineer who built Trent Bridge Water Works and thereafter was much sought after as a Gas and Water Engineer he being a Fellow of The Royal Society and President of The Institution of Gas and Water Engineers..also President of The Institution of Civil Engineers..He founded systems of water purification unknown of before.. Having worked as an Engineer for a brief time in Water Treatment at Haarlem Mill myself in the 1970s for Chord Chemicals, I read about Hawksley many years ago... My 5XGrandfather Peter Simpson was a Fulling Miller and Woolcomber at a workshop on the land at Millers Green he leased from the Gell family 1720s where in 1771 a Cotton Mill was built by Sir Richard Arkwright and Partners where water was used for the first time to drive his machinery via the tributaries of The River Ecclesbourne some of which run underground down the back of my home ..In heavy rain some of this water entered my garden.. so much so that some years ago land drains had to be built at the foot of my garden The Mill by 1815 was known as Haarlem Mill Whilst the waters which fed the dams at Arkwrights Mill are no more a small stream still runs near Speedwell Mill under the Callow Road near The Chequers Inn / Farm once the home of my 4XGrandparents Samuel and Millicent Colledge nee Simpson. John Simpson was a Cotton Merchant with his brother Samuel Simpson..they brother's of Mary who married Richard Arkwright. Mary John and Samuel children of Adam and Elizabeth Simpson nee Oldham of The Stufy Manor House Bonsall.. Adam Simpson was nephew of my 5XGrandfather Peter Simpson . Adams sister Dorothy married Henry Flint Blacksmith son of Anthony Flint Grocer and Inn Landlord of Holloway Their daughter's Sarah and Dorothy married Samuel Prince ..1st wife Sarah and on her demise Dorothy. Samuel Prince's Uncle and Aunt were my 6XUncle and Aunt Paul and Edith Prince nee Henstock Edith sister of my 5XGrandfather Edward Henstock of Slaley Hall nr Bonsall who married Mary Frost of Bonsall...Edward and Mary's daughter Mary married William Hawley they my 4XGrandparents whose daughter Mary married John Killer of Middleton they my 3XGrandparents whose daughter Mary married Samuel Flint in 1830 they my Gr Gr Grandparents..Samuel Flint was one time Overseer at Ratchwood Mine but by the opening of The Cromford & HP Railway became one of the first Wharfingers at Middle Peak and Station Master at Steeplegrange when a primitive passenger service was run on the line he also a Coal Merchant at Flints Wharf Steepelgrange ..His son Henry Flint my Grt Grandfather was Wharfinger at Friden nr Hartington and Station Master at Parsley Hay. He also a Corn Merchant at Parsley Hay.. Henry lived at Friden Station House now part of Friden Brick Works Richard Arkwright after a time of co owning a Mill at Manchester with his brother's in law John and Samuel Simpson sold the mill to them.. In my teens my father Harry S Flint owned a Drapery Shop and on the counter was an oak framed display cabinet for cotton reels.. Printed in gold lettering in the front of the cabinet were the initials J. & S.Simpson Manchester.. The Simpson brothers were not as succesful in business as their brother in law and in time sold out to I believe Thomas Houldsworth .who also bought Arkwrights Rocester Mill which eventually was called Tutbury Mills Many years ago I visited Rocester Mill..as members of my Flint family of Darley Dale and Two Dales removed to Rocester and Uttoxetor when a Cotton Mill Abraham Flint built at Ladygrove Road Two Dales failed due to a lack of funds he selling it on to the Deykeynes who converted the mill into Flax Manufacturing..This branch of my family on removing to Rocester and Uttoxetor had dealings with Arkwrights Abraham's heirs becoming Solicitors at Derby (Flint Bishop & Barnett founded by Abraham John Flint who married Catherine Orme dau of Robert Orme of Bakewell Grocers & Purveyor of Wine Wines...they living on Burton Road Derby. Abraham John Flint in 1931 was National Labour Party M.P. for Ilkeston he succeeded by Gorge Oliver he succeeded by Leopold Raymond Fletcher . Their son Abraham Flint was an Derby Alderman members of his family becoming Barristers and Q.Cs at Nottingham ... In my teens after major surgery I worked for Orme & Co at their Darley Dale branch as a Provisions Assistant, Orme & Co eventually taking over Seymour Meads and Hunters of Wirksworth where in 1906 my father aged 12 years was an Apprentice he becoming a Master Grocer ./ Draper / Gents Outfitter at Middeleton and Wirksworth . Ormes then became part of International Stores they being taken over by Fine Fayre now known as Somerfields ) John Flint. F.R.C.S. an heir of Abraham Flint of Two Dales returned to Winster from Rocester as a G.P. .. living at Wensley I am led to believe he was Medical Officer to Mill Close Mine and was a friend of the Brittlebank family Solicitors of Oddo House Winster In recent years I have made contact with a lady of this family.... Another heir of Abraham Flint was Charles Flint who married Esther Aston of Bilston he also a Solicitor at Stafford His Grandaughter Fanny Flint on the early demise of her parents lived at Bolehill with my family of Thomas and Mary Hall nee Flint (Thomas a Baker and Farmer at Bolehill.). Fanny married Alvin Smedley of Steeplegrange whose family were of my wifes Evans and my Wright / Frost family.. Alvin Smedley was my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker's Foreman Master Stonemason whose heir today of the same name is a friend of mine who lives near my home..he a stalwart of Wirksworth British Legion having served in the 2nd W.W. his wife deceased of Canadian birth being a good friend of mine who often played the organ and the piano at Church services I preached at and at Barmote Court (Senior Citizen Flats) Midweek Fellowship meetings which I often spoke at about music and family history or leading services. Samuel Simpson retired to Matlock Bath whilst I believe John Simpson retired to Nottingham .. When Willersley Castle was purchased by The Wesley Guild in 1929 my Uncle Rev Sydney Austin Price lived at The Mews Willersley Castle when he was Superintendent Minister to Wirksworth Methodist Circuit 1932 -( Rev S.A. Price married my mothers sister Elsie Walker) .In the late 1930s Joseph Walker & Sons..my Grandfather John Walker being one of the sons with his nephews Isaac and Joseph Walker, built Wirksworth Methodist Manse on Derby Road which within the last 3 years when Wwirksworth Circuit was absorbed into Matlock Methodist and United Reform Circuit has been sold and purchased by an allied member of the Walker family.who iriginally built it.. In the 1950s my brother in law Rev Arthur Macgregor Brown deceased (married my sister) lived at The Mews Willersley Castle when he was Probationer Methodist Minister to Wirksworth Circuit his "Boss" Rev Arthur Roebuck who lived at The Manse at Wirksworth .. Three of my immediate family today work at Willersley Castle.(Christian Guild Holiday and Conference Centre) my son continuing the work as a Gardener / Woodsman / Handyman on the estate which Edward Wainwright began in the early 1830s Just along the road from Willersley Castle is Bow Wood which on 30th May 1700 my 7XGrandfather Thomas Hoades purchased from John Spateman of Rodenook Farm Wessington he a land owner (the Wigley and Gell family married into Spatemans) I have it on record via manuscripts belonging to the Arkwright family that John Spateman purchased Boughwood on Cromford Bridge End Matlock and Browns Wood and Whitfield on Noth side of Derwent except two Smelting Mills called Lums Smelting Mills on 20th June 1682 Also on record is 30th May 1700 Indenture John Spateman to Thomas Hoades possession of Browns Wood and Whitfield North side of Derwent and Bough Wood Matlock Cromford Bridge End..My Hoades family are also on record in the Arkwright manuscripts re the Will of Thomas Hoades which states 10th July 1712 Will of Thomas Hoades of Wirksworth which inclcudes shares left in the will to his wife of Ratchwood Orchard and Ravenstor Groves and shares in all other meers to his son William Hoades (William my 6XGrandfather) Ratchwood Orchard Thisely and Ravenstor Mines plus The Bage Wall Close and The George Mines Bolehill and The Dovegange Mines were managed by my Flint family from 1640s - 1890 ie Henry Coates my 8XGrandfather at The Dovegange Samuel Flint my 4XUncle his heirs being Wigley's and Beesley's and his brother Joseph Flint my 4XUncle his son Henry Flint and his son Herbert Flint.. By the 1880s the main shareholder of Ratchwood Mine was Frederick Arkwright of Willersley Castle ..My Gr Gr Uncle Samuel J Sheldon had to inform Arkwright that as he had not kept the mine in workmanship that the mine was to be given over to The Hopton Wood Company.. By the 1950s a kinsman of mine by Sheldons Councillor Leslie A Doxey owned the land where Ratchwood Mine was situated and built bunglows on the site..Ratchwood Mine is still to be seen at the foot of one of the gardens.. John Spateman in his will left a Smelting Mill and land to Thomas Nightingale and by the mid 1700s my Hoades family sold Bow Wood to Nightingales as a source of White Coal which fed the Smelting Mills.. My Grand fore bare family of Killer in this same period where Woodsmen at Bow Wood living in cottages above where Wood End House was built..Bow Wood today is cared for by The Woodlands Trust . Peter Nightingale 2nd sold most of his estate to Sir Richard Arkwright . but Wood End House after the Milnes family and Swettenhams had left the property became part of the Smedley estate at Lea Mills..One of the more recent Directors of Lea Mills lived at Wood End House when my Aunt Doris Walker was a Departmental General Manager at Lea Mills in the 1930s - 1960.. My 7XGrandfather Thomas Hoades who owned the shares at Ratchwood Founder, Orchard and Ravenstor Mines on Colehills twixt Steeplegrange and Rise End was partner / shareholder to Robert Greensmith whose family built a large Manorial Grange where Steeplegrange gets its name..Greensmiths heir sold the Grange to Sir Richard Arkwright in the 1760s which Arkwright demolished using the stone to build his first Mill at Cromford Isaac Hoades my 4XGrandfather married Anne Shaw whose nephew John Shaw began the family dynasty who opened up quarries at Matlock Dale Colehills Hoe Grange Longcliffe and with Peter Bowne founded Bowne & Shaws Quarry Middle Peak.. When Anne died Isaac married Elizabeth Peach whose heirs are the Macbeth family aforementioned Regards Stuart G Flint

05 Molinas and Brownson/Walker links 17 Nov 2008

    The following is information regarding my links with Johannes Conradt Molinas Major Johannes Conradt Molinas born Netherlands married Madellin of Gorsey Bank obt May 23rd 1661 Agent to Sir Cornelius Vermuyden re Land and Mine Drainage at Isles of Axeholme Cambridgshire Levels Hatfield Chase and The Dovegange Sough.. Henry Coates my 8XGrandfather born approx 1598 was Mining Agent to Sir Robert Heath Vermuydens partner at The Dovegange Mines Children of Johannes Conradt Molinas Matthew born 1633 married Mary Marcellus born 1640 Thomas born 1643 Edward married Dorothy Greenhough 1682 Children of Edward and Dorothy Molinas nee Greenhough Dorothy born 1690 obt 1703 Francis born 1684 obt 1706 Hellena born 1706 obt 1706 Daniel born 16879 obt 1689 John born 1696 Catherine married Samuel Collinson alias Wheatcroft his mother Jane my 8XAunt daughter of my 7XGrandfather William Wheatcroft who married Mary Ragg Samuels first wife was Mary Spencer of Middleton Daughter of Matthew and Mary Molinas Mary Molinas married Anthony Bamford Son Anthony Bamford born 1717 married Alice Elliott of Mill House Green Wirksworth where my 5XGrandfather Peter Simpson had a Fulling Mill 1720s which he leased from the Gell estate the site where previously Gells Nether Smelting Mill was situated and where in 1770 approx Sir Richard Arkwright and partners built a Cotton Mill which by the 1820s was known as Haarlem Mill and was where Robinson Madley and Hackett had a Smallwares Mill followed after them by Joseph Wheatcroft as a Tape MIll and his son George Hanson Wheatcroft who lived at Waltham House one time the Cottage Hospital and then Maternity Home and now the newly refurbished Care Home Children of Marcellus and Alice Bamford nee Elliott 1.Hannah Bamford born 1758 married Thomas Brownson of Parwich in 1791 whose son John married my 2XAunt Elizabeth Walker sister of my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker (Joseph born 1815 marr 3 times) 2.Marcellus Bamford married Elizabeth Mather dau of James Mather of Matlock Their son Marcellus married Hannah Frost daughter of John and Hannah Frost nee Wright of my kin Wrights being heirs of my 7XGrandfather William Wheatcroft aforementioned John Frost was of my direct kin his Grandfather my 6XGrandfather Robert Frost who married Dorothy Mather kin of James Mather of Matlock Footnote Anna Brownson daughter of John and Elizabeth Brownson nee Walker married my 3XUncle William Killer founder of Killers Quarry Middleton he brother of my 2XGrandmother Mary Killer who married Samuel Flint in 1830..Anna's sister Elizabeth Brownson married Frank Eaton a Railway Engineer who was of both my wifes kin of Eaton and my sister in law ( my brothers wife) family of Eaton of Cromford and Aqueduct Cottage Cromford Canal built by Peter Nightingale on the Spur of the Canal which he had constructed to reach Lea Mills before the Smedley family took over the works It is believed that the Brownsons of Parwich are heirs of John Brownson born at Glasgow who was a Steward to Mary Queen of Scots who was incarcerated at Wingfield Manor and Tutbury Castle ..Wingfield Manor owned by the 6th Earl of Shrewsbury.who married Bess of Hardwick...by Elizabeth 1st.. The Earls of Shrewsbury along with their allied kin the Earls of Kingston Upon Hull also owned land in the Cromford area of which I have researched and have first hand written evidence gained from documents connected with local families some of whom were my 7X and 6XGrandparents of Killer and Hoades and my wifes Fox / Carden family of Willersley Lane back in the 1600s who lived in the Willersley Cromford Starkholmes and Matlock area and are recorded as having heirs who sold land to Thomas Hallett Hodges who sold this land on to Sir Richard Arkwright and to Thomas and his son Peter Nighingale 1st.whose son .Peter Nightingale 2nd then sold most of his estate to Sir Richard Arkwright ... - Regards Stuart G Flint

04 Retford 17 Nov 2008

    My Uncle Rev Sydney Austin Price was Superintendent Minister at Retford Methodist Circuit twixt 1940 - 1949 Uncle Austin was husband of my mothetr's sister Elsie Walker My Aunt Doris Walker who was before the 2nd W.W. a General Manager at John Smedley Lea Mills was seconded by Mr John Bertram Marsden Smedley in 1940 to Ranskill Ordnance Factory nr Retford in charge of the Plastic Explosives Rolling Mills Department I have photgraphs of Ranskill Ordnance Factory staff including Aunt Doris She once had the terrifying experience of one of the Mills exploding which shattered one of the areas in the factory The all women employees refused to re enter the buildings after the explosion which I believe resulted in fatalities .. Managers were not allowed to work the Mills , but Aunt Doris being the lady she was (I often had a tongue lashing from her in my youth) ignoring her seniors orders not to do so, walked out into the factory with the white overalls and rubber boots the girls wore, started up one of the Mills and began to produce.. The girls slowly but surely filtered into the factory one by one and full production was resumed..Aunt Doris at the end of the war went back to Lea Mills becoming General Manager over some 200+ girls retiring in 1960..She was presented to H.M. Queen Elizabeth soon after her retirement... Aunt Doris like her sister my Aunt Annie Grace were also involved in work during the war which was a little cloak and dagger in operation The end result as far as Aunt Doris was concerned was that a group of German girls were bought over from Germany in 1939 whose families were opposed to Adolf Hitler some living with my family .. ie Hilda Geiler who Aunt Doris often visited in Berlin up to Hilda's demise in more recent years The girls worked at Lea Mills Aunt Doris attended Nottingham University her fees paid by Mr Marsden Smedley My mother was Secretary up to marriage to Mr Smedley Aunt Annie Grace worked for the M.O.D.after the war as a Senior Administrator up to retirement During the war she was an assistant in the bunker to Winston Churchill... If you are interested in the Ordnance Photographs I can either send them by email or let you have a look at them when you visit Middleton, although my being able to visit you at Middleton will depend upon if I am mobile, as at the moment I am house bound due to problems with my legs (unable to walk) the Nurses having to visit twice weekly to dress them.. I had D.V.Ts in my younger days after Major Surgery when I was In Bretby T.B. Surgical Wards and the legacy today is down to that as I had Celulitis recently which has left my legs in a bit of a state..If I cannot visit you..you may feel able to visit me at Wirksworth..[address removed by webmaster] Regards Stuart G Flint

03 Middleton Football Club photo 102 16 Nov 2008

    You may be interestred to know that Thomas Brittain who was Club President 1913 was son in law of my kinsman George Colledge Thomas married Mary Colledge daughter of George and Hannah Colledge nee Robinson of Cromford George set out as a Master Tailor but by the 1870s was in business with partner John Keane as a Quarry owner at Baileycroft Quarry Wirksworth he also a partner at a Lead Mine on Longstone Edge (Backdale Mining Co.) where today a Quarry is being worked .. Thomas and Mary's daughter Sarah Matilda Brittain married Alfred Fox son of my wife's 3XUncle Luke Fox who was Station Master at Wirksworth Railway Station from 1877-1890 Alfred was a Senior Clerk at the Station..Thomas Brittain came from Warwickshire originally he a Civil Engineer who owned Manystones Quarry Longcliffe nr Brassington..My wifes 3XUncle William Thomas Needham Slack of Brassington was Thomas Brittains General Manager at the Quarry ..George Colledge along with Thomas had a tunnel dug under North End and ran a tramway from Baileycroft Quarry into Wirksworth Railway yard just a little way beyond the Big 'ole Tunnel Baileycroft Tunnel comes out under the Station House Garden and is now where the Children Play area is re Wyverne Rail who have re opend the line from Wirksworth - Idridgehay and by 2010 hopefull all the way to Duffield .Members of my family are shareholders..as my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker a Master Stonemason and Building Contractor built property on the line and some of the gritstone road bridges en route.. Joseph Walkers workshop and a house are next door to the Station House off North End ..the garden overlooking the railway line George Colledge was nephew to my 3XGrandparents John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge of Bolehill Thomas Brittains son Thomas was Grand fore bare of an aquaintance of mine who lives at Brassington today her family allied kin to my Petts family of Monumental Masons of Middleton Henry Jepson on the list and Arthur Killer Joseph Batterley and the Brookes family are of my kin also . Regards Stuart G Flint

02 Soliloquy to Benjamin Andrew 16 Nov 2008

    The following is a poem written by my former kinsman John Wright born 9th May 1749 of Bolehill ... John Wrights Grandfather was William Wheatcroft my 7XGrandfather whilst his parents John and Hannah Wright were of my kin also via Hannah nee Frost she daughter of my 6XGrandfather Robert Frost John Wright was a noted Poet, he adjudicating at Literature Society events.. He lived into his 80s his demise in 1828.. He attended Anthony Gell Grammar School where he excelled in English Grammar ..On leaving school he became a Lead Miner at The Bage Mine Bolehill where members of my Flint and Wright family were Agents My Flint kin being so from 1790 - 1830 via my 4XUncle Joseph Flint his son Henry Flint also Agent and Henry's son Herbert Flint up to 1890.. John Wright himself became an Agent but also gained land and property from his family which by his 50s he was able to retire He gave lessons to Bolehill children free of charge before ever a school was available for the children of that village .. His Grt Niece Anne Wright married my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker in 1836 as his first wife Joseph borrn 1815 Josephs 2nd wife on the early demise of Anne (she my blood kin via Frosts and Wheatcrofts also neice of Anthony and Hannah Alsop nee Wright..Anthony with his brother John Alsop Lead Merchants and Smelters at Lea Bridge their alled kin being Smedley's of Lea Mills and Miller Wass ...) was Margaret Fletcher of Wrockwardine Wood whose heirs today live at Wirksworth and at Holloway ..On Margarets demise Joseph married her Nurse my true Grt Grandmother Martha Sheldon in 1867 their son John Walker my Grandfather who married Annie Cauldwell of Alderwasley in 1892 Benjamin Andrew was also of my family as he married Sarah Prince of Bonsall The Prince family of my kin via my Henstock family of Slaley Hall and Simpsons of The Study Manor House Bonsall Benjamin Andrew was a member of The Wirksworth Volunteer Corp in the early 1800s which was formed as a Home Defence Corp in the event of Napoleon invading Britain in 1805 ..Another of my kinsman Charles Gough of Grassmere was also a member of The Volunteer Corp in the same era ..Charles Gough is also remembers in verse in two poems written by Sir Waltert Scott (Helvelyn) and by William Wordsworth (Fidelity) To Bens Gun Thrice welcome again to the shoulder of Ben, So march on to fight or to drill An old Volunteer who never knew fear Come frog-eaters, soon as you will Ye slavish gulls know, to valour we owe, Our Nations magnanimous name Brave John Bull and our Ben are the same sturdy men All Wirksworth's wild echoes proclaim I know soon, or late, that death is my fate, If I die then my Country to save- Applause will be given to earth and in Heaven And my dust ever blest by the brave Besides, Andrews name, in some book of fame May be written for Britons to ken And wherever I die, when freedom comes by She'll point to the sod of our Ben The Prince / Andrew Pedigree with corrections of errors made by Thomas Norris Ince William Prince of Longnor removed to Bonsall married Sarah Riley of Bonsall Children 1.John Prince of Bonsall Famer married Margaret Abel daughter of German Abel (Abels also my kin via other peds) 2.William Prince married Martha ... 3.Paul Prince married my 6XAunt Edith Henstock sister to my 5XGrandfather Edward Henstock of Slaley Hall nr Bonsall (Ince states Edward's surname as Staley.. I believe he must have meant Edward of Slaley.. strangley though Stayle's of Cromford are of my kin (Paul and Ediths nephew Samuel Prince married two sisters Sarah Flint and Dorothy when Sarah died.. they daughters of Henry and Dorothy Flint nee Simpson Dorothy Flint nee Simpson sister to Adam Simpson whose daughter Mary born 1755 married Richard Arkwright of Willersley Castle at Bonsall Parish Church 1780 son of Sir Richard Arkwright Adam Simpson was nephew of my 5XGrandfather Peter Simpson.. 4.Joanna married Jon Wood of Wensley 5.Lydia married Valentine Twycross of Hartington 6.Isaac Prince married Mary .... John and Margaret Prince had one child Sarah who married Benjamin Andrew a Woodsman he my kinsman His allied kin being the Tommison family of Bonsall who owned a Lead Smelting Mill in Bonsall Dale . Tommison's married into my Wright family of Bolehill ..An heir of this Tommison family today lives at Llandudno who is my fellow family history researcher Children of Issac and Mary Prince 1.Isaac Prince of Heanor 2.John Prince died in infancy 3.Samuel Prince died infancy 4.William Prince of Bonsall Chelsea Pensioner died unmarries 5.Samuel Prince married 1st wife Sarah Flint dau of Henry and Dorothy Flint nee Simpson of The Study Manor House Bonsall 2nd wife on Sarah's demsie her sister Dorothy 6.Ralph Prince married Mary Mather of Bonsall dau of William Mather. 7.Thomas Prince 8.George Prince married Mary Brace dau of Thomas and Grace Brace of Bonsall Samuel and Dorothy Prince nee Flint's son Samuel one time Grocer of Manchester removed to The Study Manor House Bonsall on the demise of his parents His son was a Curate at Bonsall Parish Church Samuel and Dorothy's daughter Betty Flint Prince died at 11 months of age their other children being John and Sarah. Edward Henstock married Mary Frost of Bonsall they my 5XGrandparents Their daughter Mary married William Hawley of Mettesforde Bridge whose family owned a Forge removing on marriage to Rise end Middleton where William my 4XGrandfather was a Mining Agent and Mine Partner with Wheatcrofts of my family (William Wheatcoft of my kin married Elizabeth Hawley sister to William Hawley they partners in mines) William and Mary Hawley's daughter Mary married John Killer of Middleton Building Contractor and Engineer they my 3XGrandparents Their daughter Mary married Samuel Flint Wharfinger and Coal Merchant at Middle Peak Wharf his coal yard at Steeplegrange Wharf (known to this day as Flints Wharf) also partner with his cousins Joseph Flint and Thomas Hall in a Brick Manufacturing business at the side of Flints Wharf now a residential area known as Brick Fields Close leased from the Arkwright estate Thomas Hall (married Mary Flint) also being a Farmer at Bolehill and Baker / Grocer his heirs still in business as Grocers at Bolehill up to 1950 Luke Hall of this family trained Adam Killer of my kin as a Baker who set up business at St Mary's Gate Wirksworth the Bakery still working today .. Regards Stuart G Flint

01 Photos 591 592 William Holmes 5 Nov 2008

    At the risk of being told once more that I must be related to everyone in the Wirksworth area, I have to say that I am related via marriages to William Holmes via my Land Flint Hoades Walker and Greenhough family His pedigree is as follows Thomas Holmes born at Brassington his fore bares coming as Weavers from Lancashire Thomas married Elizabeth Buxton dau of Walter Buxton of Bolehill Lead Miner son Walter Holmes born 1823 married Anne Land daughter of my 3XUncle and Aunt George and Hannah Land nee Brookes of Bolehill George a Lead Miner at The Bage Mine where members of my Flint family were Agents from the 1790s - 1890s others of my kin having seams in the mine named after them it is believed George Land was son of my 3XGrandfather George Land who married Betty Hoades George's sister Hannah Land married James Smith Mining Agent of Carsington they my Gr Gr Grandparents Their daughter Sarah married Thomas Cauldwell of Alderwasley he a Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty at Sheffield aged 29 years..his daughter Annie married John Walker they my Grandparents (Sarah Cauldwell on Thomas's demise remarried my 3XUncle Robert Flint of Wigwell Nook Farm Wirksworth Moor he son of cousins John and Mary Flint nee Flint.. John Flint son of my 3XGrandfather John Flint whilst Mary was dau of Robert Flint who in the 1850s he then in his late 60s emigrated with sons to Kays Ward Utah as Latter Day Saints ..I am in touch with dozens of my kin who live at Salt lake City Ogden Layton St George and Kaysville (was Kays Ward) and have attended family reunions in recent months at Leek Staffs when over 70 members of the family from Utah attended son William Holmes married Mary Anne Land dau of John and Martha Land nee Greenhough Martha daughter of John and Millicent Greenhough nee Flint Millicent dau of my 3XGrandparents John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge ..I am surrounded by Greenhoughs of this family today they living near my home The following info is just for interest not for publication Regards Stuart G Flint

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