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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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23, Market Place

Robert Johnston


    23, Market Place (next to the Bank) is a Grade II listed building built in 1839. Described as: Red brick; 3 storeys; 3 sash windows (no glazing bars) with channelled lintels, the uppers (one blocked) having glazing bars; plain wood eaves; slates. Modern shop front. There are cellars beneath. It may have been run from 1821 by James Sanders, who was "ironmonger, whitesmith, man. of cut nails, and smith", then by William Tomlinson 1861-1881, then Thomas Caldicott in 1891, then by Robert Johnston 1900 to 1935, when Robert retired. In more recent times it has been a tea merchants, a grocers, a delicatessen, an estate agent and Raffles. In 1980 it was one of the first old shops to be repaired under the "Wirksworth Project". Being listed, the shop front has hardly changed in 175 years.

1920 OS map
From a 1900 advert

Market Place

        23                       24       25       26-27
   Restaurant  NatWest Bank   Chemist  Private     Electrical
               resid flat              Residence   retailer

The Market Place, Wirksworth (looking North). Notice competitors Marsden and Johnston face each other, with goods on the pavement.
A canvas stall is being erected in the upper Market Place.
A 1920's Thorneycroft lorry with solid tyres delivers a heavy load to the Red Lion.
Signposts on the gaslamp read: B5035 Carsington 2, Ashbourne 8 B5023 Duffield 9, Derby 13

Robert Johnston's, Ironmonger
Robert Johnston, ironmonger, 1900-1935.
"Raffles" cafe and restaurant, opened in 1988
"Le Mistral" cafe and bistro
"Natural Choice" delicatessen, repaired 1980

Family Trees

       1834                1829               1828               Mary
       Robert      1860    Alice              Thomas             A
       JOHNSTON=====v=====RICHMOND           BONEHILL=====v=====X
                     |                                     |
                     |                                     |
 |--------|----------|-------|------|       |----------|---|---|------|
 |        |          |       |      |       |          |       |      |
1864     1866       1867    1869   1873    1856       1858    1861   1866
William  Elizabeth  Robert  Alice  Thomas  Frederick  Albert  Henry  Kate
                     |                                               Philipps
                     |                                                |
                     |                                                |
                     |                                               1866
                    1867                                             Kate
                    Robert                1897                       Philipps
                    1938                   |                         1955


Robert JOHNSTON married Alice RICHMOND at Stratford on Sep 1860
1871 Census for John Street, Old Stratford, Warwickshire
Robert     JOHNSTON  Head     -  M  38  1833  Travelling Draper  Scotland
Alice      JOHNSTON  Wife     -  F  43  1828  -                  Gloucestershire
William    JOHNSTON  Son      -  M   7  1864  Scholar            Warwickshire
Elizabeth  JOHNSTON  Dau      -  F   5  1866  Scholar            Warwickshire
Robert     JOHNSTON  Son      -  M   4  1867  Scholar            Warwickshire
Alice      JOHNSTON  Dau      -  F   2  1869  -                  Warwickshire
Robert     JOHNSTON  Boarder  -  M  19  1852  Travelling Draper  Scotland  
1881 Census for 2 John Street, Old Stratford, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
Robert     JOHNSTON    Head     Marr  M  47  1834  Travelling Draper (Carter)  Scotland
Alice      JOHNSTON    Wife     Marr  F  52  1829  -                           Stanton, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth  JOHNSTON    Dau      Sing  F  15  1866  -                           Warwickshire
Robert     JOHNSTON    Son      Sing  M  14  1867  Scholar                     Warwickshire
Alice      JOHNSTON    Dau      Sing  F  12  1869  Scholar                     Warwickshire
Thomas     JOHNSTON    Son      Sing  M   8  1873  Scholar                     Warwickshire
John       McKECHNIE   Boarder  Sing  M  22  1859  Travelling Draper           Scotland
1891 Census for Bath Street East, Leamington Priors, Warwick
Thos         TALES     Head     Widower  M  51  1840  Ironmonger             Chorley, Lancashire
Louisa Emma  SOUTHAM   Servant  Widow    F  45  1846  House Keeper           Birkenhead, Cheshire
Robert       JOHNSTON  Boarder  Single   M  24  1867  Ironmongers Assistant  Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
Robert JOHNSTON married Kate Philipps BONEHILL at Stratford on Jun 1897
1901 Census, 23 Market Place, Wirksworth
#7---Market Place, 23---[Wirksworth]---
W007a      Robert  JOHNSTON     Head    M 34  M  Ironmonger            Stratford Avn WAR
W007b      Kate P  JOHNSTON     Wife    M 35  F                        Stratford Avn WAR
1911 Census for 23 Market Place Wirksworth
Robert         JOHNSTON  Head   Marr  M  44  1867  Ironmonger Stratford 0n Avon Warwicks
Kate Philipps  JOHNSTON  Wife   Marr  F  45  1866  -          Stratford on Avon Warwicks
Florrie        BONEHILL  Niece  Sing  F  27  1884  -          Ladywood Bham
Emma           ELSE      Maid   Sing  F  16  1895  Domestic   Wirksworth Derbyshire
Robert JOHNSTON died at Belper on 1938 aged 71
1891 Census for Bottom Locks, Broomer Croft, Kingsbury, Tamworth, Staffs
Albert   BONEHILL  Head  Marr  M  33  1858  Lock Keeper On Canal  Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
Mary A   BONEHILL  Wife  Marr  F  34  1857  -                     Stratford, Warwickshire
Florrie  BONEHILL  Dau   -     F   7  1884  Scholar               Birmingham, Warwickshire
Thomas   BONEHILL  Son   -     M   5  1886  Scholar               Birmingham, Warwickshire
1891 Census for Lime Works Cottage, Birmongham Road, Old Stratford, Stratford upon Avon, Warwicks
Thomas  BONEHILL  Head  Marr  M  62  1829  Foreman Brick & Lime Works  Wilmcote, Warwicks
Mary A  BONEHILL  Wife  Marr  F  63  1828  -                           Aston Cantlow, Warwicks
Kate P  BONEHILL  Dau  Sing   F  25  1866  Dressmaker                  Stratford on Avon, Warwicks
1881 Census for Ashburns Lime Works Cottage, Birmingham Rd, Old Stratford, Stratford on Avon, Warwicks
Thomas         BONEHILL  Head  Marr  M  52  1829  Foreman Lime Burner  Wilmcote, Warwickshire
Mary Ann       BONEHILL  Wife  Marr  F  52  1829  None                 Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire
Fredrick       BONEHILL  Son  Sing   M  25  1856  General Labourer     Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
Albert         BONEHILL  Son  Sing   M  23  1858  Labour On Coal Wharf Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
Harry          BONEHILL  Son  Sing   M  20  1861  Labourer Lime Burner Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
Kate Philipps  BONEHILL  Dau  Sing   F  15  1866  Milliner             Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
1871 Census for One Elms Wharf, Old Stratford, Stratford upon Avon, Warwick
Thomas    BONEHILL  Head  Marr  M  42  1829  Lime Burner    Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire
Mary A    BONEHILL  Wife  Marr  F  43  1828  -              Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire
Fredrick  BONEHILL  Son   -     M  15  1856  Lime Burner    Old Stratford Warwickshire
Albert    BONEHILL  Son   -     M  13  1858  Lime Burner    Old Stratford, Warwickshire
Henry     BONEHILL  Son   -     M  10  1861  Scholar        Old Stratford, Warwickshire
Kate P    BONEHILL  Dau   -     F   5  1866  Scholar        Old Stratford, Warwickshire
1891 Census for Market Place, Wirksworth
W012a      Thomas        CALDICOTT    Head    M 29  M  Ironmonger            Gainsboro LIN
W012b      Lizzie        CALDICOTT    Wife    M 25  F                        Nottingham NTT
W012c      Winifred      CALDICOTT    Dau     S 3   F                        Nottingham NTT
W012d      Mary          CALDICOTT    Dau     S 1   F                        Gainsboro LIN
W012e      Clara         HART         Servant S 18  F  General servant dom   Bingham NTT
1881 Census for Market Place, Wirksworth
#94---Market Place---[Wirksworth]---(RG11-3419-1-p20)
W094a      William       TOMLINSON    Head    M 55  M  Ironmonger            Wirksworth
W094b      Eliza         TOMLINSON    Wife    M 58  F                        Chelsea MDX
W094c      Thomas K      WILLIAMS     Servant U 21  M  Ironmongers assist    Ormskirk LAN          K=Kuffin?
W094d      Ann           WETTON       Servant U 26  F  Dom servant general   Chesterfield
1871 Census for Market Place, Wirksworth
#136---Market Place---[Wirksworth]---
W136a     William      TOMLINSON    Head    M 45  M  Ironmonger            Wirksworth
W136b     Eliza        TOMLINSON    Wife    M 47  F                        Chelsea MDX
W136c     Kate         KIRKLAND     Niece   U 17  F                        Chesterfield
W136d     James        GOMAR?       Apprent U 19  M  Ironmonger            Stonsey? MDX
W136e     Jane         ELSE         Servant U 16  F  Servant domestic      Wirksworth
1861 Census for Market Place, Wirksworth
#61---Market Place---[Wirksworth]---(Page 11,ED 1, RSD "Wirksworth",RG9/2517)---
W061a    William      TOMLINSON    Head    M 35  M  Ironmonger            Wirksworth
W061b    Eliza        TOMLINSON    Wife    M 38  F                        Chelsea MDX
W061c    George       OUTRAM       Appr    U 17  M  Apprentice            Cromford
W061d    Elizabeth    WARDMAN      Servant U 21  F  House servant         Wirksworth
1841 Census for Market Place, Wirksworth
---Market Place---[Wirksworth]------------
W811a     James          SANDERS        50  m  Y  Whitesmith
W811b     Mary           SANDERS        50  f  Y
W811c     Judith         TURNER         70  f  Y  Ind
W811d     Emma           HENCHCLIFFE    5   f  Y  F.S.
1821 SAUNDERS James (Market place) Ironmongers 
1827 SAUNDERS James (Wirksworth) Whitesmith, ironmonger, man.of cut nails 
1821 SANDERS James (Market place) White & blacksmiths 
1835 SANDERS James (Market place) Ironmongers [(& smith)] 


Does #23 have cellars? What are they like?
Some of the answer came from Customer reviews for 2014

catacombs downstairs ----- labyrinth of small rooms in the cellar ----- downstairs to the 'cellar' ----- previously been a cellar ----- totally isolated part of the restaurant downstairs ----- there is also a basement where the bulk of the covers are situated ----- cellar surroundings are lovely ----- The downstairs section of the restaurant is such a pleasant and unexpected surprise ----- This restaurant has a lovely characterful basement/cellar dining area with discrete sections ----- sitting downstairs in the cellar, although very quaint and authentic....----- cellar space was charming and intimate ----- downstairs in the vaulted cellar which has a lovely atmosphere ----- sat in the cellar, which was architecturally delightful ----- appreciate the cellar experience ----- downstairs area is very cosy.

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