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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 578


Events in Middleton.

    Stuart Flint has sent these photos of events from the long history of Middleton, and a description of the people who took part.

X578a Prayers on opening of Middleton Pumping station.
My father Harry S Flint when Chairman of Wirksworth Water Board leading the prayers on the opening of Middleton Water Pumping Station Via Gellia from Slaley Moor Springs on land owned by G.H Key up the wood onto Middleton Moor Reservoir Also in the photo is at the back left Councillor Samuel Palin Greengrocer of Wirksworth Right of Sam Palin Mr John Sutton Chairman of Wirksworth U.C.C. front left Councillor Joseph Wheatcroft Front right Councillor Mountford Harry Sprake Flint is to the right of the photograph with bowler hat and gloves in hand
X578b Sam Sheldon, who lost his foot in an accident.
The man sitting on floor in Colconda Mine Coe examining mineral is Samuel Joseph Sheldon my Gr Gr Uncle Other photo is The report of accident printed in Derby Mercury when S.J Sheldon lost a foot when trapped under a loaded stone wagon on Middleton Top Incline

Derby Mercury c1919-20

Quarry Manager Injured on High Peak Line.

Mr Samuel Sheldon, of Middleton-by- Wirksworth, manager of the Bradwell Quarry, Hopton, a former owner of the Golconda Lead Mine, and one of the Deputy Barmasters under the Duchy of Lancaster, was seriously injured on the High Peak Railway on Friday of last week. Mr Sheldon was walking up the Middleton inclined plane on the London and North-Western Railway towards the quarry, and, stepping out of the way of descending wagons, was knocked down by trucks being drawn in the opposite direction. He was badly injured, one of his feet being so nearly severed as to necessitate amputation. He was conveyed to Wirksworth Hospital, and later to Derby Infirmary, where on Tuesday he was reported to be making as good progress as could be expected in view of his great age. Mr Sheldon is a well-known public man, and formerly represented Middleton on the Ashbourne Board of Guardians. He is a member of Wirksworth Old Age Pensions Sub-committee.

X578d Doris Walker being presented to Queen Elizabeth II.
The photograph shows my Aunt Doris Walker being presented to H.M. Queen Elizabeth 2nd. Aunt Doris was a senior Departmental Manager at John Smedley Lea Mills where she worked from leaving School as a Trainee Manager She was sent to Nottingham University her fees paid for by Mr John Bertram Marsden Smedley the M.D. of Smedley's for something like 50 years I believe. Aunt Doris retired in 1960 and soon after H.M. visited Lea Mills Aunt Doris was given a Silver Salver signed by all the members of the Directors at the same occasion
X578e Taken c1898. Old Jubilee Primitive Methodist Church
The photo circa 1898 shows The old Jubilee Primitive Methodist Church on Duke Street three doors away from the new Mount Zion built in 1906 by my Grandfather John Walker and his brothers under their trading name Joseph Walker & Sons
The photgraph shows the old Jubilee Primitive Methodist Church as it was when its membership was fairly large..among this group is Mr Buxton behind the bass fiddle who I believe led the choir and had an orchestra of sorts When the Jubilee closed as a church it was used in the mid 1900s as a garage for Mr Billy Buxtons Funeral cars I believe It was demolished to make way for Chapel Croft Housing For a time Mr Webster used the building to store his ex Navy Army Surplus sales stock
The photograph dated about 1898 shows the Jubilee Chapel where members of my wife and my family attended before my Grandfather John Walker and his brothers built Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Church in 1905 just a few yards to the left of the picture on land where a Thatched Roof House once stood I believe the gent with the Bass Fiddle was Mr Buxton who had a small Orchestra ..

In my youth the old Church was used as a Garage for a Hearse and funeral cars owned by Mr Billy Buxton after which it was used for ex Naval and Army Supplies by Mr Webster..his son Clifford who was physically disabled and I were mates and often helped move goods in the place after which the Webster family lived opposite my family home off Vicarage Lane and The Fields

By the 1970s the old church was demolished and by the 1980s Chapel Croft a housing development was built on the site..

X578f Prince of Wales visiting Hopton Wood Stone.
Another rather faded photograph of The Prince of Wales visit to Hopton Wood Stone
X578g Prince of Wales visiting Hopton Wood Stone.
Photograph of The Prince of Wales visiting Hopton Wood Stone Middleton 1930s founded by my 3X Uncle William Killer passed onto his sons Adam William Joseph and John known as Killer Bros Hopton Wood Stone W.H Doxey J.P M.B.E..is kin of William Killer one of the brothers who married Sarah Ward widow nee Lamb
X578h John Walker and Nellie England.
The photo of my Uncle John Walker born 1893 to John and Annie Walker nee Cauldwell my Grandparents. He married Nellie England of Blackwell nr South Normanton who was a School Teacher at Middleton Junior School in the 1st W.W. period. Uncle Joe Walker, Uncle John's brother married Celia Cooper of Skegby nr Mansfield. Aunt Celia was a School Teacher at Cromford C of E School built by Richard Arkwright. 2nd Aunt Celia and Aunt Nellie before marriage lived with my Dad, Uncle Bill Flint and Grandmother Gwenillian Flint, she then a widow. Grandfather William Flint killed at Killer Bros Quarry Dec 5th 1905 ..

Uncle John is mentioned on the Roll of Honour on your site. He was Gassed and suffered from Asthma for the rest of his life. He was a Master Stone Mason and Building Contractor, a Free Mason who left Derbyshire after the 1st W.W. and set up business as a Building Contractor at Dartford Kent gaining M.O.D contracts to build air fields in the South of England. Aunt Nellies father was a Manager at a Coal Mine owned by the Blackwall Mining Company (it may have been Winnings, a mine). Uncle John built Miners Cottages at Blackwall renting them to the miners himself.. (information from my Aunt Doris Walker)

My cousin Roy Walker, John and Nellies son, was a Flying Officer in the 2nd W.W. Flying I believe from Biggin Hill (Spitfires)
Regards Stuart G Flint

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