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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 506


Taken about 1900

John Newton writes:
I have just come across the photo of William Calow - double bass maker - on your website. William was the grandfather of my grandmother Elsie Newton (nee Calow, father Thomas who committed suicide in 1905). Elsie married George Newton, and there is one surviving son of Elsie living in Nottingham - my uncle George. I am John Newton, and live in Sheffield, aged 55. I work as a consulting engineer, but one of my hobbies is classical guitar making, which I find very coincidental, and happened before I had researched the Calows !! I wonder if you have contact details of Veronica Bryan Smith (Oswestry) - the email address given on your website does not work, and I would dearly like to get in touch with 'new relations'. I can be contacted by return email (work address) or at home on [email address hidden] I have in the past two years done extensive research on my family tree, and this is now loaded on to Family Tree maker software
Hope you can help
Kind Regards

John Newton

William CALOW 1847-1910

From: Veronica Bryan-Smith (v.bryansmith#btopenworld.com) (change # to @)
Subject: William Calow
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 16:12:47 -0000

Don't know if it's of interest, but I'm attaching a photograph of my Great Grandfather, William Calow from Tansley, born 1847. His father, Thomas, was also from Tansley, and his father, Francis, from Matlock. The photograph was taken in Nottingham - so not particularly 'local' - where he and his sons, Thomas and Francis, were repairers and makers of stringed instruments, known particularly for the double bass. They have brief mentions on a few websites such as 'contrabass' and 'gallerystrings'.

Sorry about the quality, but my 'original' is a very faded photograph of a photograph!

With best wishes - and many thanks for all the information and enjoyment your site provides.

Veronica Bryan-Smith

The fairly small CALOW family centred on Tansley can be seen on the following census links:
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"As one reached the bottom of the Knoll [in Tansley], just before the stream that passes under the road, there was a mill set back from the lane. This was the Bobbin Mill (now a dwelling) where Robert Black, together with neighbours William Sanderson and Joseph Calow turned wooden bobbins for use in the Tansley mills. We shall also find that William Sanderson had his own spindle mill at Foxholes, just across the stream".
"Tansley Remembered" by Keith Taylor

Photo taken:c1900
Source:Veronica Bryan-Smith, Oswestry

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Outline Pedigree

    1761 Matlock Francis 1791 Mary CALOW=====v=====LUDLAM | |---------------------|-----------------| | | Matlock Matlock 1795 Crich 1796 1800 Crich 1805 William 1817 Phebe FRANCIS 1822 Mary CALOW======v=====SMITH CALOW=====v=====CROSSLEY | | |------|-----|-------|----|--|----------|-------| | | | | | | | | | 1826 1826 1827 | 1832 1837 1839 | Sarah Mary Samuel | Elizabeth Hannah John | | | | | 1830 1830 1823 1824 Joseph 1860 Mary Thomas 1843 Martha CALOW=====v=====MASON CALOW=====v=====BONSALL | | | | |-------|---|----| |--------|-------|--|--| | | | | | | | 1862 1867 | | 1850 1855 1861 Thomas William | | Joseph Mary Francis | | 1873 1869 1847 Bertha ? Samuel William ? =====v===== CALOW CALOW=====v===== ? | 1910 | | | |---|---| |---|---| | | | | 1897 1899 1868 1884 George Ida Thomas Francis 1905 1925

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