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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Photo 137


Ecclesburn Lane, Idridgehay

Elaine Partridge writes:
"....I have these two postcards. I believe I got the postcards from Mr. & Mrs. Smith at the Post Office in Idridgehay. They were always very substandard and dark, and I have done my best to make them lighter.
The other picture is another postcard so dark as to be almost useless. If you look very carefully you can see what appears to be a very very old model car. Your guess is as good as mine.
One little sweet anecdote about Idridgehay. There was a train that used to go into Derby in time for the morning office crowd, and out again at about 5:30p.m. There was a dear old Colonel type who lived on the road down to the station who traveled on the train. One morning he did not board the train. The train driver waited in the station until someone went from the train to see why he was not there!
I just loved the months we were living in Idridgehay. I have such happy memories of there and Wirksworth. We lived there until 1946. Barbara and John Marsden were special friends. They had the ironmongers in the square. There was a cinema which changed programs Monday and Thursday. You always saw every movie, and seats were tacitly reserved for certain people in the town. Our neighbor, Tom Turner, had a special seat and people always left it for him.
I had my 21st birthday while I was working at Hatfield's farm. The telegraph boy with Happy Birthday telegrams knew just where to find me in the street, delivering milk from the farm. On VE night we tore down all the blackout curtains in Meadow House and turned on every light in the house and went into the garden to marvel! There was dancing to LOUD music outside the Cottage Hospital."Knees Up Mother Brown" etc. (ask your aunt) I guess none of the patients got much sleep that night. I know I did not get home until 6 a.m.

Photo taken:1930?
Source:Elaine Partridge now living in Las Vegas, Nevada USA 

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