Notes by the Author

The CD-ROM of "Wirksworth Parish Records" was orginally a "One-Place-Study" Internet website which was launched on 12 July 1998. Over the years the website has grown very large with more records, graphics and history about the Wirksworth area, and adopted hyperlink- and phonetic-indexing. It is now the largest and most detailed study of an English Parish on the Internet and has received a great amount of fanmail from users worldwide. Many asked whether the website could be sold on CD as a permanent reference avoiding telephone charges, downloading delays and disappearance from the Internet.

This CD contains the complete set of Wirksworth website files as they stood at the date when the disc was written. The on-line website is being continuously enlarged and improved, please check for any new additions and for the latest data. As a bonus, over 600 high resolution old photos (too large to be placed on the website) have been added to this CD, and linked to the website.

Author of Wirksworth Parish Records
15 May 2002

If you have any enquiries or complaints about this CD:
John Palmer, 29 Sutherland Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset BH18 9EB, England