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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Search results for
Petrifactioners, Dealers and Agents

Results of a request for a search for "Petrifactioners, Dealers and Agents" in the Wirksworth Area Parish Registers and Census.

To: Peter BURR,
Tirolerstrasse 21F,82515 Wofratshaussen, Germany
From: John PALMER,
29 Sutherland Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset BH18 9EB, England
Subject: Search for Petrifactioners,dealers and agents
Date: 18 Jul 2001

Hello Peter,

           Below are entries from the Wirksworth District Parish
 Registers and Census 1841,51,61 and 81 which mention an occupation
of "Petrifactioner" or "dealer". Many of the types of dealer will not
interest you, but I have left them in. 
Another commonly used term is "Agent" and I have included search results
for this word as well.
Families of a person in a Census entry can be traced by using the
reference number at the start of each entry in the Website Census lists
(eg 1851 Census, all the family of entry "Bn109a" will start with "Bn109")
Unfortunately, burials around 1891 do not mention an occupation, so I
have not been able to run a search for "petrifactioners, mineral dealers
and miners" who died in 1891.
           Get back to me if you want any more help. If you can send and
receive e-mail it would be a great help.

                              Best wishes,

                           John Palmer, Dorset, England
========from Wirksworth Parish Registers=================
C 1814jan16 VALANCE Henry=(son)John/Mary(Matlock)[Petrifactioner]
C 1814may29 WALKER Eliza=(dau)Richard/Elizabeth(Matlock Bath)[Petrifactioner]
C 1814jul31 WHEATCROFT Elizabeth=(dau)German/Elizabeth(Cromford)[Coal dealer]
C 1822feb20 WALKER William=(son)Richard/Elizabeth(Matlock Bath)[Petrifactioner]
C 1822apr07 MARTIN George=(son)Joseph/Mary(Matlock)[Petrifactioner]
C 1822jun16 MARTIN Thomas Wood=(son)George/Ellen(Matlock)[Petrifactioner]
C 1822jun23 SWIFT Elizabeth=(dau)John/Sarah(Cromford)[Petrifactioner]
C 1823oct26 MARTIN William=(son)Joseph/Mary(Matlock)[Petrifactioner]
C 1824jun07 BODEN John=(son)Joseph/Sarah(Matlock)[Petrifactioner]
C 1824jun07 BODEN Thomas=(son)Joseph/Sarah(Matlock)[Petrifactioner]
C 1825sep11 MARTIN Joseph=(son)Joseph/Mary(Matlock Bath)[Petrifactioner]
C 1827jun24 SWIFT Lucinda=(dau)John/Sarah(Cromford)[Petrifactioner]
C 1827jun24 SWIFT William=(son)John/Sarah(Cromford)[Petrifactioner]
C 1829mar15 FINNEY Grace=(dau)John/Elizabeth(Wirksworth)[Dealer in earthenware]
C 1836nov27 MOORE Agnes=(dau)Caleb/Hannah(Middleton)[Coal dealer]
C 1838apr29 HALL James Joshua=(son)Thomas/Mary(Bolehill)[Coal Dealer],#2316
C 1855jan14 SLACK Fanny=David/Sarah(Middleton)[Dealer],#226"MPR"
M 1866apr02 PARKER Francis(Cromford),Iron dealer/HOLMES Mary(Cromford),#110
              Fathers: Francis PARKER,Irondealer/Samuel HOLMES,Miner
              Witnesses: John KIRK,Hannah KIRK
              Status: b,f/s,f
C 1886apr21 MILLER Mary ann=Henry/Matilda(Wirksworth)[Dealer],#1412
C 1892jun29 MILLER William arthur=Henry edward/Matilda(Wirksworth)[Dealer],#1796
C 1893dec17 MACBETH Alec leslie=Isaac/Emma(Wirksworth)[Dealer, antiqu.],#1897
C 1829apr24 CADMAN Elizabeth=(dau)William/Mary(Wirksworth)[Lace Agent]
C 1832aug05 CADMAN Mary=(dau)William/Mary(Wirksworth)[Lace Agent]
M 1841aug12 TISSINGTON George(Cromford),Agent/GELL Sarah(Cromford),-,#216
             Fathers: George B. TISSINGTON,Miner/Daniel GELL,Victualler
             Witnesses: William POTTER,Hannah NUTTALL
             Status: B,F/S,F
M 1841dec12 HACKETT Richard(Cromford),Agent/SWINSCOE Mary(Cromford),-,#230
             Fathers: John HACKETT,Whitesmith/James SWINSCOE,Cotton spinner
             Witnesses: John SWINSCOE,Mary Ann BURTON
             Status: W,F/S,F
C 1842oct09 DOXEY Elizabeth=Richard/Elizabeth smith(Manchester)[Agent],#487
C 1843jul16 DOXEY David=David/Ann(Cromford)[Agent],#574
C 1850oct27 FLINT Martha=Samuel/Mary(Steeple houses)[Coal agent],#125"MPR"
C 1855sep02 SPENCER Sarah=Job/Millicent(Middleton)[Quarry agent],#249"MPR"
M 1858jul28 ELCE Thomas(Middleton),Mine Agent/OXSPRING Sarah Ann(Middleton),#90
             Fathers: Thomas ELCE,Miner/William OXSPRING,Miner
             Witnesses: James ELCE,Ann ELCE
             Status: w,f/s,f    Comment: MPR
C 1866oct03 BRIDDON Sabina=William/Mary(Middleton)[Assurance agent],#575"MPR"
M 1868aug27 FLINT Herbert(Bole Hill),Mine agent/SPENCER Charlotte(Middleton),#155
             Fathers: Henry FLINT,Mine agent dec/Arthur SPENCER,Miner
             Witnesses: Arthur SPENCER,Hannah SPENCER
             Status: w,f/s,f    Comment: MPR
M 1871apr08 FORD John(Wirksworth),Coalagent/KENDRICK Anna maria(Wirksworth),#250
             Fathers: Samuel FORD,Labourer/William f KENDRICK,Baker
             Witnesses: Job KEELING,Pascha ers? KENDRICK
             Status: w,f/s,f
C 1871aug24 SPENCER Isaac=Isaac/Lois(Middleton)[Coal agent],#702"MPR"
M 1873apr07 MOULD Benjamin(Wirksworth),Mineagent/KNIVETON Lydia(Wirksworth),#288
             Fathers: Jonathan MOULD,Woolcomber/William SIMS,Miner
             Witnesses: Thomas ELSE,Frances ELSE
             Status: w,f/w,f
C 1873may27 SPENCER Isaac=Isaac/Lois(Middleton)[Coal agent],#749"MPR"
C 1880jun20 PEARSON Clara lilian=John/Frances(Wirksworth)[Coal agent],#909
C 1884apr27 PEARSON John william=John/Frances(Wirksworth)[Coalagent],#1249
C 1885dec02 ELSE Edith florrie=James/Maria(Wirksworth)[Mineagent],#1388"(born 24oct1883)"
C 1887nov23 PEARSON Edith rebecca=John/Fanny(Wirksworth)[Coal agent],#1509
C 1888may16 STAFFORD Thirza ann=Francis william/Annie(Wirksworth)[Life assr agent],#1545
C 1890jun04 PEARSON Edward arnold=John/Frances(Wirksworth)[Coalagent],#1659
M 1891sep28 SHELDON Samuel Joseph(Middleton),Mine agent/LONGDEN Jane(Ible),-,#294
             Fathers: Joseph SHELDON,Miner/Job LONGDEN,Farmer
             Witnesses: Samuel SHELDON,Sally SHELDON
             Status: B,F/S,F    Comment: MPR
C 1892mar27 HOTSON William hugh M=Hugh/Helen(Alderwasley)[Estate agent],#1771"Mcintosh"
C 1892jul03 PEARSON Frances emily=John/Annie(Wirksworth)[Grocer,coalagent],#1797
C 1894nov19 WARREN Kathleen helen J=Robert jesse/Mary kate(Alderwasley)[Land agent],#1992"Joan"
C 1895dec16 WARREN Robert lionel M=Robert sefse?/Mary kate(Alderwasley)[Land agent],#2095"Miles"
C 1897jul30 WARREN Winifred mabel=Robert serse/Mary kate(Alderwasley)[Land agent],#2251

========from 1841 Census==================
Br014a William WALTON 35 m Pig dealer Y
Br014c William LEES 15 m Pig dealer Y
Br018a George WAYNE 35 m Butter dealer Y
Cm046a Ebenezer BODEN 35 m Coal dealer Y
Cm079a James WHITEMAN 30 m Coal dealer Y
Cn45g James WRIGHT 20 m Timber dealer N
Iw06a Elizabeth WHEELDON 55 f Butter dealer N
Mk056a John SWIFT 49 m Petrifactioner Y
Mk207a John BROADPORT 30 m Tea dealer S
Mk246g Edward SAXTON 25 m Tobacco dealer N
Mk246i Mac FARNELL 45 m Silk dealer I
Mk619a Charles WRIGHT 50 m Dealer in Pots Y
W092a Isiah ABBOTT 25 m Horse dealer Y
W102a John HALL 45 m Dealer in Earthenware Y
W114a Dennis ALSOP 20 m Horse dealer Y
W175a German BUXTON 50 m Dealer in glass Y
W189a William SHELDON 60 m Dealer in rags Y
W291a Joseph TAYLOR 40 m Dealer in rags Y
W304a John OGDEN 55 m Coal dealer Y
W384a James ORRIDGE 28 m General dealer Y
W386a Joseph NUTTALL 45 m General dealer Y
W432c John BUXTON 45 m Flour dealer Y
W723a John SMITH 25 m Horse dealer Y
W733a John HOLEHOUSE 30 m Horsedealer Y
W741d John BROCKLEHURST 20 m Cow dealer Y
W769c Richard HOPKINS 80 m Dealer in rags Y
W803a James NALL 45 m Dealer in hats Y
Id17a Robert CRESSWELL 55 m Land agent Y
W048a William CADMAN 50 m Lace Agent Y
W137a Joseph LANCASHIRE 45 m Lace agent Y
W486a Joseph FLINT 65 m Mine agent Y
W737a Daniel WILSON 70 m Mine agent Y
W740a Roger KNOWLES 45 m Mine agent Y
=======from 1851 Census====================
Bn109a Elizabeth HIGGOTT 77 F Retail flowerdealer Bonsall
Br017a Robert BRIDDON 82 M Farmer & Dealer Brassington
Br022f Anthony WALTON 48 M Horse dealer Brassington
Br025a Thomas JOHNSON 27 M Salt dealer Parwich
Br026a Matthew ALLSOP 43 M Cattle dealer Brassington
Br060a George WAYNE 48 M Butter dealer Brassington
Br060b Alice WAYNE 44 F Butter dealers wife Height LAN
Br060c Robert WAYNE 21 M Butter dealers son Brassington
Br061c John ALLSOP 43 M Cattle dealer Brassington
Br061d George ALLSOP 28 M Cattle dealer Brassington
Br077a Robert SWINDELL 56 M Pig dealer Brassington

Br083a Thomas ALLSOP 41 M Cattle dealer Brassington
Cm173a George WILDGOOSE 33 M Glass,china dealer Cromford
Cm173b Hannah WILDGOOSE 42 F Dealers wife Matlock
Cm242d Henry BESTWICK 17 M Tea dealer Carsington
Cn10a Samuel STEVESON 47 M Salt dealer Carsington
Cn50a Mary GREATOREX 65 F Dealer in Poultry Brassington
Hw17a William ALLSOP 26 M Coal dealer Hulland
Hw19a James TAYLOR 35 M Coal dealer Belper
Hw22a John COOPER 56 M Coal dealer Hulland Ward
Hw30a James HOLLAND 69 M Butter dealer Turnditch
Hw67a John BOOTH 28 M Hay dealer Biggin
Hw77a Thomas ALLCOCK 36 M Hay dealer Hulland Ward
Id22d George HAYNES 26 M Cattle dealer Ideridgehay
Kk047b Daniel BROWN 24 M Coal dealer Kirk Ireton
Md041a William HIGGOT 30 M Corn dealer Cromford
Md079a Benjamin BUCKLEY 64 M Mineral agent Middleton
Mk014a George HIGGOTT 26 M Provision dealer Cromford
Mk016a Catherine GREGORY 30 F Grocer & ale dealer Matlock
Mk135a Nathaniel WHEATCROFT 32 M Carrier,dealer in Cromford
Mk202b Thomas PEARSON 31 M Petrifactioner Matlock
Mk242a William WHEATCROFT 57 M Retd mineral agent Wirksworth
Mk261a John BROADFOOT 44 M Draper & tea dealer Scotland SCT
Mk740a Charles WRIGHT 64 M Dealer earthenware Matlock
Ty042e Matthew PLATTS 23 M Cattle dealer Riber
W012a Ann PEAT 66 F Small ware dealer Leek STS
W044b Elizabeth BRIDDON 37 F Boot & shoe dealer Wirksworth
W047a Isaac MACBETH 39 M Baker flour dealer Wirksworth
W122a John ROSEWARNE 70 M Lead mineral agent Swaffham NFK
W173a Francis STONE 32 M Butter dealer,grocr Youlgreave
W191a Job BUNTING 59 M Dealer, small wares Bonsall
W247b Sarah MOSES 35 F Shopkeeper, dealer Wirksworth
W270a William HOLMES 67 M Dealer in smallware Brassington
W282c Joseph BUNTING 26 M Dealer in fish etc Wirksworth
W325a John GLEESON 26 M Dealer, smallwares Ireland IRL
W368b Joseph MOSS 34 M Coal dealer Wirksworth
W377a Mary SHAW 60 F Toy dealer Wirksworth
W407b Elizabeth JAMES 44 F China dealer Newcastle STS
W448a John STEEPLES 48 M Coal dealer Carsington
Cm209f William BEARD 34 M News Agent Chesterfield
Cm227c William BODEN 20 M Coal Agent Ashover
Cm241a Mathew HUGHES 44 M Carriers Agent B...ton? NTH
Cm243a Francis BARTON 38 M CHPR Railway Agent Hope
Cm243b Ann BARTON 35 F Agents wife Heanor
Cm243c Eliza BARTON 1 F Agents dau Cromford
Cm243d Andrew BARTON 2m M Agents son Cromford
Hw26a Samuel BAINBRIGGE 42 M Land & Tithe Agent Biggin
Id31a John PARKIN 29 M Land Agent Valuer & Tickhill YKS
Id34a Robert CRESSWELL 67 M Land Agent & Owner Edale
Md079a Benjamin BUCKLEY 64 M Mineral agent Middleton
Mk074a David KIDD 51 M Agent for Lime Kiln Cromford
Mk127d Thomas COOPER 18 M Cheese agent Aston
Mk242a William WHEATCROFT 57 M Retd mineral agent Wirksworth
Mk242b Elizabeth WHEATCROFT 57 F Ret minl agent wife Middleton-by-W
Mk245a Thomas GELL 29 M Ale & porter agent Cromford
Mk675a George NUTTALL 49 M Land Agent & L P Matlock
Mk701a John BOWN 51 M Coal agent Matlock
Mk738a Charles WALKER 40 M Lead Mine Agent Matlock
W069a Samuel FLINT 55 M Lead mine agent Wirksworth
W122a John ROSEWARNE 70 M Lead mineral agent Swaffham NFK
W244a Joseph LANCASHIRE 55 M Farmer & lace agent Long eaton
W267a John ALLSOPP 61 M Agent in a Frock W Wirksworth
W395a Mary CADMAN 57 F Lace agent Wirksworth
W647a Joseph FLINT 75 M Agent of Lead Mines Bolehill
W661a Henry FLINT 49 M Agent lead mines Bolehill
W701a Thomas ELSE 50 M Agent to lead mines Middleton

======from 1861 Census================
Br070a Matthew ALLSOP 54 M Cattle dealer Brassington
Br083b John ALLSOP 55 M Cattle dealer Brassington
Br083c Robert ALLSOP 34 M Cattle dealer Brassington
Br153c Thomas SWINDELL 34 M Cattle dealer Brassington
Br154a John FEARN 34 M Grocer,corn dealer Brassington
Br161a George ALLSOP 40 M Pig dealer Brassington
Hw18a William ALLCOCK 36 M Hay,straw dealer Hulland
Hw18b Elizabeth ALLCOCK 36 F Dealers wife Atlow
Hw18c James ALLCOCK 11 M Dealers son Atlow
Hw18f Elizabeth ALLCOCK 4 F Dealers dau Hulland Ward
Hw18g Thomas ALLCOCK 1 M Dealers son Hulland Ward
Hw31a Charles WOOD 40 M Cattle dealer Slaley
Hw31b Honor WOOD 40 F Dealers wife Hulland Ward
Hw72a John COOPER 44 M Butter dealer Biggin
Hw72b Charlotte COOPER 32 F Dealers wife Parwich
Hw72d Richard COOPER 6m M Dealers son Parwich
Iw14a Samuel HUTCHINSON 55 M Cattle dealer Ireton Wood
Iw14c Samuel HUTCHINSON 22 M Cattle dealer Ireton Wood
Iw30a Charles TAYLOR 43 M Farmer 6a, haydealer Ireton Wood
W055a Mary ALLSOP 41 F Dealer fancy goods Wirksworth
W055b Sarah S ALLSOP 38 F Partner dealer Wirksworth
W066a Thomas ORRIDGE 22 M Smallware dealer Wirksworth
W114a John ROSEWARNE 80 M Late mineral agent Swaffham NFK
W170a Patsey GLEESON 32 M General dealer Ireland IRL
W253a Francis STONE 44 M Sw dealer,grocer Youlgreve
W342a Samuel MYERS 30 M General dealer Prussia UNK
W394a John COOK 44 M Furniture dealer Wirksworth
W403a Benjamin TATLOW 32 M Grocer, prov dealer Middleton Youlgr
W482a John MARSH 52 M Grocer,tea dealer Bonsall
Br046a John GOULD 40 M Lead Mine Agent Brassington
Br046d Sarah GOULD 16 F Agents dau Brassington
Br046e Mary A GOULD 12 F Agents dau Brassington
Br097a Joseph GREATOREX 37 M Lead Mine Agent Brassington
Id20a John PARKIN 39 M Estate Agent,Lawyer Tickhill YKS
Id24a Robert CRESSWELL 77 M Land Agent,farmer Castleton
Id42a John SHEPHERD 51 M Timber agent,news Kirk Ireton
W088a Samuel EADSON 50 M Accountant, Agent Shirebrook
W114a John ROSEWARNE 80 M Late mineral agent Swaffham NFK
W205a James FLINT 61 M Lead mine agent Wirksworth
W649a Henry FLINT 59 M Lead mine agent Wirksworth
W727a John SPENCER 33 M Lead mine agent Middleton

========from 1881 Census============
Bg11e Charles BIRCH 47 M Builder & dealer in sanitary goods Clifton
Bn098a Randolph WALKER 28 M Provision dealer Bradford YKS
Bn177a William PAUNDALL 44 M Cattle dealer Bonsall
Br047a Robert ALLSOP 54 M Pig & calf dealer Brassington
Br094a Thomas B W SLACK 42 M Coal agent (dealer) Brassington
Br106a Daniel ALLSOP 30 M Coal seller (dealer) Brassington
Br126a George ALLSOP 57 M Pig dealer & farmer of 7 acres Brassington
Br127a John ALLSOP 74 M Formerly a calf & pig dealer Brassington
Br140a Thomas ALLSOP 71 M Pig & calf dealer Brassington
Cm102a Lavinia HODGKINSON 46 F Yeast dealer Stafford STS
Cm107a James SWIFT 60 M Cattle dealer Matlock
Cm156a George WILDGOOSE 65 M Glass china and fruit dealer Cromford
Cm156b Hannah WILDGOOSE 73 F Glass china and fruit dealer wife Matlock
Cm156c Ann Elizth. BODEN 16 F Fruit Dealers Glass China Asst Matlock
Cn47a Stephen GREATOREX 62 M Dealer in cattle Hopton
Hw05c Charles WOOD 60 M Farmers Cattle Dealer 2 Acres Bonsall
Hw44a John COOPER 41 M Cattle Dealer And Farmer Of 10 Acres Atlow
Hw54a William ALLCOCK 56 M Hay & Straw Dealer Farmer 24 Acres Hulland
Hw54c William ALLCOCK 27 M Hay & Straw Dealer Hulland Ward
Hw72a Sarah JOHNSON 46 F Butterman Dealer Mugginton
Id02a Charles KNIGHT 52 M Cattle dealer Kirk Ireton
Iw13f Thomas HUTCHINSON 28 M Cattle dealer Ireton Wood
Kk043a James SHERWIN 38 M Cattle dealer Brassington
Kk043c Sam T. SHERWIN 16 M Cattle dealers son(horse) Kirk Ireton
Md011a James HODGKINSON 40 M Provision dealer Winster
Md108a Daniel SLACK 66 M Hay dealer (20.2) Middleton
Md108e John SLACK 18 M Hay dealer Middleton
Mk0010a John SPENCER 50 M General dealer Matlock
Mk0011a Catherine STORER 60 F Wholesale dealer Matlock
Mk0136a John W. BODEN 37 M Grocer provision dealer Matlock
Mk0170a Charles EATON 53 M Boot & shoe dealer Cromford
Mk0176c William H. WYVILLE 23 M Provision dealer Alfreton
Mk0207a Caleb BUNKER 36 M Toys small dealer boot & shoe maker Mill Brook BDF
Mk0294i Charles B. JOHNSON 55 M General dealer Ludlow Salty SAL
Mk0334a George SEEDHOUSE 51 M Mineral labourer Bonsall
Mk0334d George SEEDHOUSE 20 M Mineral labourer (mine other) Matlock Bth
Mk0516tk Thos.A. FRANKLIN 60 M Provision dealer Alcester WAR
Mk0517a Charles HORSLEY 44 M Retired music dealer St Warbugh
Mk0605a Francis HADFIELD 59 M Grocer & color dealer Matlock
Mk0707a Mary DOXEY 33 F Toy dealer Holloway
Mk0722g James BOTTEMLLY 65 M Farmer & waste dealer Staley CHS
Mk0722n William MEADOWCROFT 48 M Baker & corn dealer Horsley LAN
Mk0758f Ann SCOLFIELD 52 F Cotton waste dealer Baroham ZZZ
Mk0873c Henry CARTWRIGHT 74 M Gen dealer Southwell NTT
Mk0966c Sarah WOODHOUSE 72 F Formerly coal dealer Matlock
Mk0982a Robert LATHAM 84 M Tea dealer Ardenbury? CHS
Mk1105a William F. CURRY 31 M Gen dealer Islington MDX
Mk1105b Elizabeth CURRY 29 F Gen dealer wife Islington MDX
Mk1162a Luke HADFIELD 61 M Farmer & cattle dealer Elton
Mk1162c Walter HADFIELD 31 M Cattle dealer Elton
Mk1162d Ann HADFIELD 37 F Cattle dealers wife Elton
Mk1162e Kate Ann HADFIELD <1 F Cattle dealers dau Riber
Mk1192a Samuel FOX 57 M Labourer in mineral wrks Starkholmes
Mk1192c Fred FOX 23 M Labourer mineral wrks Starkholmes
Mk1203a Samuel STATHAM 47 M Labourer mineral wks Starkholmes
Mk1204a George TURNER 25 M Labourer mineral wks Ashbourne
Mk1206a Chas. GROWCOTT 41 M Labourer mineral wks Shrewsbury SAL
Mk1232a Thomas WRIGHT 50 M Cooper grocer & prov dealer Cromford
Mk1233a John STONE 28 M Provision dealer Cromford
Sh47c Thomas WAYNE 39 M Cattle Dealer Brassington
Ty055a Robert P. TOPLIFF 42 M Agent To Coal Dealer Macclesfield CHS
W056a Henry ABELL 37 M Cattle dealer Turnditch
W065a Benj. STREET 72 M Wholesale beer dealer Matlock Bath
W095a Wm. COOKS 64 M Furniture dealer Wirksworth
W095c Henry W. COOKS 25 M Furniture dealer Wirksworth
W095d Ernest COOKS 20 M Furniture dealer Wirksworth
W108a Rebecca OLDFIELD 47 F Glass & china dealer Cromford
W176a Francis STONE 62 M Provision dealer Youlgreave
W177a Patrick GLEESON 50 M Small ware dealer Ireland IRL
W177c William GLEESON 19 M Small ware dealer Manchester LAN
W185a Henry MILLER 28 M General dealer Birmingham WAR
W293a Mark POYSER 52 M Tea dealer Bonsall
W312a George COLLEDGE 65 M Stone mineral merchant Wirksworth
W320a John MOORE 64 M Ala & porter dealer Middleton
W344a William BARKER 64 M Marine store dealer Wirksworth
W389a John COOKE 66 M Painter and general dealer Wirksworth
W404a William HEATH 26 M Grocer & provision dealer (master) Stone STS
W425a Jabez LOWE 51 M Small ware dealer (genl) Chesterfield
W432a Abel BODEN 29 M Earthenware dealer N K YKS
W451b Henry A. HUBBERSTY 39 M Justice of the peace (mineral merchant) Wirksworth
W585a William TAYLOR 47 M Small ware dealer Wirksworth
W707f Frederick LAND 21 M Boot & shoe dealer Wirksworth
W750a James SWIFT 35 M Cattle dealer Cromford
W765a David SHELDON 65 M Farmer & coal dealer Cromford
Bn283a Abram WHEATCROFT 42 M Agent Matlock
Br094a Thomas B W SLACK 42 M Coal agent (dealer) Brassington
Br142a Joseph GREATOREX 56 M Lead miner agent Brassington
Cm029a Thomas KIDD 32 M Coal agent dlr Matlock (Scarthin)
Cm096a Samuel WHEATCROFT 36 M Insurance agent Cromford
Cm100b George F.Henry BROWN 23 M Stationer news agent etc Cromford
Cm121a Samuel FLINT 72 M Coal agent (mcht) Bole Hill
Cm228a Jno. HOLMES 48 M Coal agent Cromford
Cm241a Wm. WALKER 32 M Ry goods agent l.n.w. Hazel Wood CHS
Hp14a Thomas TAYLOR 72 M Land agent (auctioneer) Carsington
Hp14b Elizabeth TAYLOR 72 F Wife of land agent Hopton
Hp14c Harriett Eliz. TAYLOR 43 F Land agent dau Hopton
Hp14e Walter TAYLOR 29 M Land agents son (no occ) Hopton
Hw68a Alfred E.P. PERMAN 46 M Insurance Agent Warminster WIL
Id19a John GREATOREX 39 M Coal agent (coal slr) Kirk Ireton
Md013a Benjamin BUCKLEY 61 M Lead mine agent Wirksworth
Md098a William SPENCER 49 M Lead miner agent Middleton
Md181a Isaac BROOKS 62 M Lead miners agent Middleton
Mk0102a Joseph WRAGG 33 M Life assurance agent Cromford
Mk0120a Thomas KIDD 55 M Coal agent Cromford
Mk0224a Thomas CHAPLIN 39 M General agent Kegworth LEI
Mk0239a William A.C. SCOTT 32 M Assurance agent Banbury CHS
Mk0284f John ASTOKELL 28 M Commision agent Leeds YKS
Mk0470a John ASHTON 42 M Station master & goods agent Darley Dale
Mk0480vf William TAYLOR 60 M Colliery agent (mine serv) Newport WLS
Mk0480vr Alfred L. JONES 36 M Ship owner & steam ship agent (nav serv) Carmarthen WLS
Mk0480yf William T.N. BUTLER 40 M Commission agents merchant Sherwood Forest NTT
Mk0480ze Henry A. BOSWELL 31 M Bank agent Macduff SCT
Mk0509a William CROWDER 53 M Newsagent Matlock
Mk0516ub George DUDENEY 30 M House agent Brighton SSX
Mk0617c Fredk.W. MARSDEN 26 M Commission agent Cromford
Mk0826a John ELSE 61 M Auctionier & estate agent Dethick
Mk0826c Alfred C. ELSE 32 M Auctionier & estate agent Matlock
Mk0980a George W. WRIGHT 45 M Estate agent & collector Holloway
Mk0980b Ellen WRIGHT 33 F Estate agent & collectors wife St Johns Wood LND
Mk1211a John FRITH 30 M Insurance cos agent New Mills
Ty055a Robert P. TOPLIFF 42 M Agent To Coal Dealer Macclesfield CHS
W002d James HARRISON 24 M Sewing machine agent Wirksworth
W004a James BRIDGETT 37 M Sewing machine agent Greenhill Lane Alfr
W115f George TURNER 55 M Coal agent Wirksworth
W171a John BUNTING 49 M Assurance agent wmll preacher Wirksworth
W678a Herbert FLINT 46 M Lead mine agent Wirksworth
W798a Daniel HARRISON 30 M Coal agent Wirksworth
W802a John WIGLEY 33 M Insurance agent Ilkeston


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