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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of WRIGHT-3

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

WRIGHT family history

    Subject: The Wright family of my allied family
    Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 21:26:17 +0100 (BST)

    The following is the pedigree of the Wright family of Wrights Cottages Wirksworth Moor.. Wrights Cottages were I believe a group of abodes now demolished situated on farmland near The Old Noahs Ark Inn at Wigwell where my 4XGrandfather Thomas Hodgkinson was the Landlord in the early 1800s

    John Wright whose former kinsmen by Ince appears to have been born at Cromford some at Ashbourne.although I have doubts that his name was John as in Parish records it gives Ellen Wheatcrofts husbands name as William Wright (Right). be that as it may John or William, married Ellen Wheatcroft daughter of William Wheatcroft (not as Ince says Richard Wheatcroft..Richard was William's brother) William Wheatcroft who married Mary ragg (Wragg) a Mining Agent was my 7XGrandfather on my mothers Cauldwell side of the family..Cauldwells being estate workers for the Hurts of Alderwasley Hall (Gamekeepers, Woodsmen, Head Foresters, Coal Miners and Iron Forge Workers)

    Children of John and Ellen Wright nee Wheatcroft

  • 1.Samuel Wright Lead Miner married Silence Cotterill dau of Francis Cotterill of Cromford
  • 2.John Wright born 1713 married Hannah Frost 1737 daughter of my 6XGrandparents Robert and Mary Frost nee Doxey
  • 3.Job Wright married Anne Ashe of Darley Dale... Annes family of Ashe are of my more recent kin and my wifes kinship as Rose Kelland nee Street of South Africa and my wife share the same 6XGrandfather in Joshua Street of Wash Green Wirksworth whilst Rose's Grand fore bare was George Hawley of Matlock Bridge who was my 5XUncle. Rose's Grandfather being Joseph Ashe (see John Palmer's Old Photo's). Streets also of my Flint kin over a number of marriages..Joshua's son was Benjamin Street my wifes 5XGrandfather who married Sarah Morris their daughter Harriett married Ambrose Blackham Horse Nail Maker Wash Green Forge Rachel Street, Harrietts sister, married Joseph Flint son of my 4XUncle Joseph Flint..
  • 4.William obt unwed
  • 5.Mary Wright born 1712 married John Allen of Bolehill..1739 This Allen family married into my Flint family from the mid 1700s - mid 1800s
  • 6.Elizabeth had a son out of wedlock Joseph Wright born 1741 who married his cousin Martha Wright.. 1763 Elizabeth married Isaac Critchlow of Wirksworth 1745
  • 7.Hannah Wright married Thomas Buxton Chandler / Miner of Wirksworth

    Children of Samuel and Silence Wright nee Cotterill

  • 1.Hannah born 1750 married Anthony Alsop of Wensley Head Barmaster Soke & Wapentake of Wirksworth Lead Merchant / Smelter born at Wensley brother of John Alsop who married Hannah Smedley sister of John Smedley 1st son of Thomas Smedley Hosier Wirksworth in partnership with his brother in law Richard Smith.. Anthony and Hannahs daughter Lydia married her cousin Luke Alsop Lead Merchant Lea son of John and Hannah Alsop nee Smedley. Via the Wass / Alsop family marriage the Alsops became major Lead Mine Owners up to the demise of the Lead trade in Derbyshire.their kinsmen of Wass owning Mill Close Mine up to the 1930s... Richard Smiths sister Mary married Thomas Smedley father of John Smedley one time partner with Peter Nightingale It is his name on the walk way bridge joining the two mills at Lea.. Smiths are also my kin via my Frost family and by the families of Bush (married into my Wigley family) and Fowlers.
  • 2.Silence Wright born 1759 married Walter Buxton her cousin son of Thomas and Hannah Buxton nee Wright
  • 3.Lydia Wright married Robert Sims of Alderwasley he of my kin see my Sims listings
  • 4.Anne Wright born 1752 also known as Nanny married John Frost Mining Agent son of my 5XGrandfather John Frost, Johns sister Mary married John Flint they my 4XGrandparents
  • 5.Samuel married his cousin Elizabeth Wright see next family

    Children of John and Hannah Wright nee Frost

  • 1.Elizabeth born 1754 married her cousin as above Saamuel Wright 1774
  • 2.Hannah Wright born 1758 married Joseph Collinson Joiner / Builder (directly related to my Wheatcroft family) ie Jane Wheatrcroft was sister to Ellen who married John/William Wright Jane my 8XAunt She had a son out of wedlock who was sired by Samuel Collinson
  • 3.Ellen Wright born 1741 married Michael Gibbons Blacksmith / Cooper from Burton Upon Trent.. lived on Wash Green Their son Thomas married his cousin Elizabeth Collinson daughter of Joseph and Hannah Collinson nee Wright above When Michael Gibbons died Elizabeth married my 4XUncle Joseph Flint Mining Agent at The Bage Lead Mine Bolehill and Ratchwood Lead Mine Rise End Middleton..Joseph a widower his 1st wife having been Elizabeth Spencer of Middleton daughter of Arthur and Sarah Spencer nee Adams of Rise End Middleton.. In the 1850s - 1900s this Adams family were my allied kin via the Killer and Doxey family of Middleton..
    Footnote Joseph Flint's son Joseph married Rachel Street mentioned earlier
  • 4.John Wright born 1749 eldest son attended Anthony Gell Grammar School Mineral Merchant / Agent who accrued some wealth and by his mid life was viewed as an educated gentleman who adjudicated at poetry reading sessions at a Derby Literature Society..He wrote his own poetry some of which I have in my keeping..see end of this list.. Into his 70s he gave free schooling lessons to Bolehill children at his home He died in 1828 aged 80 years..
  • 5.Samuel Wright married Elizabeth Hall widow of John Hall of Middleton nee Bramley John Hall being one of my wifes distant ancestors Elizabeth was sister to Robert Bramley Gardener / Nurseryman..
  • 6.Joseph Wright born at Derby Shoemaker who removed on marriage to Buxton married Hannah Tinsley daughter of John Tinsley School Master Anthony Gell School, his family also co owning lead mines..
  • 7.Mary Wright married Robert Stear ..This Stear family married into a family one of whose heirs is a friend of mine today at Middleton a member of the Doxey family. I have recently helped him to trace his Doxey / Tomlinson family

    Children of Job and Anne Wright nee Ashe of Breamfields near Wirksworth

  • 1.Job Wright born 1749 married 1st wife Hannah Taylor of Wirksworth 2nd wife Ellen Smith daughter of John Smith of Breamfields..
  • 2.William Wright married Mary Houghton daughter of John Houghton of Ashbourne
  • 3.Joshua Wright married Rebecca Houghton sister of Mary
  • 4.Martha Wright married William Oxspring Landlord of The New Inn a Public House at Bolehill at the entrance to the field wherein is The Bage Lead Mine the land owned today by the Killer family of my fore bare kin.. I am in touch with the Driver / Oxspring family of England and U.S.A.

    Children of Samuel and Elizabeth Wright nee Wright cousins

  • 1.James died in childhood
  • 2.John Wright of Derby Shoemaker married Dorothy surname unknown
  • 3.Samuel Wright of Wrights Cottages Wigwell Wirksworth Moor Lead Mining Agent married 1st wife Mary Smith of Hartington 2nd wife Hannah Tommison widow of George Tommison of Bonsall Lead Smelter I am in touch with a lady of this family who now lives at Llandudno North Wales she before marriage a Tommison
  • 4.Sarah Wright born 1778 married Henry Tomlinson Shoemaker of Wirksworth.. His heirs my allied kin..
  • 5.Silence Wright married George Smedley of Steeplegrange Their present day heir A.Smedley my friend now in his 70s lives near my home today his Grt Grandfather Smedley having been my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker's Foreman Stonemason his son Alvin Smedley also a Mason working for Walkers when Walkers had the sub contract to build railway property on The London North Western Railway line at Gloucester - Carlisle.. also building Compton & Evans Bank Wirksworth (Now NatWest)
    Joseph Walker my Grt Grandfather married as his 1st wife Anne Wright of this family she my kin via Frost and Wheatcroft..see later listing.. George and Silence Smedley's son John Smedley married my wifes 4XAunt Elizabeth Evans of Scarthin Nick Cromford
  • 6.Catherine Wright born 1791 married Charles Silkstone of Bolehill 1809
  • 7.Martha Wright born 1795 married Thomas Smedley brother of George as per above information

    Child of John and Grace Wright nee Cotterill

  • Catherine Wright born 1770 married Thomas Grayson of Derby Mercer / Mill Owner afterwards of Stanton By Dale ..A memorial to Thomas and Catherine is on the wall of Wirksworth Parish Church

    Child of Joseph and Hannah Wright

  • John Wright also known as Derby Jack Ships Captain at Liverpool married at Liverpool, retired to Manchester

    Children of Joshua and Martha Wright

  • 1.William Wright
  • 2.Elizabeth Wright
  • 3.Martha Wright married Samuel Brookes of Middleton he a kin of my Killer family. Samuel was a Lime Burner at Middleton..his heir John Brookes married into my Flint family..

    Children of Job and Ellen Wright of Breamfields

  • 1.Job Wright Miner Bolehill
  • 2.Grace Wright married George Hallam Hosier of Bolehill
  • 3.Martha Wright married William Allen of Cromford

    Children of John and Dorothy Wright

  • 1.Samuel Wright
  • 2.Mary Wright
  • 3.Elizabeth Wright born 1800 married John Wheeler of Derby Joiner Elizabeth died in childbirth 1st year of marriage

    Children of Samuel and Mary Wright nee Smith

  • 1.William Wright married Grace Alsop of Kniveton dau of Thomas Alsop Wood Sawyer
  • 2.Elizabeth Wright born 1814 married Joseph Greenhough he my blood kin his Grt Grandfather being my 5XGrandfather Peter Simpson Woolcomber / Fulling Miller of Mill House Green Wirksworth ...Joseph Greenhoughs heir, J.Greenhough lives opposite my home today his nephew P. Greenhough of Milford near Belper being my fellow family history researcher..Greenhoughs married into my Flint and Colledge family some many times over the years up to the 1900s
  • 3.Anne Wright born 1816 married JOSEPH WALKER my GRT GRANDFATHER 1836 Joseph born 1815 married 3 times Anne his first wife who died in childbirth 2nd child she my blood kin by Frost and Flints and Wheatcroft and Cauldwell-Walkers..Joseph's 2nd wife was Margaret Fletcher of Wrockwardine Wood Shropshire who bore most of his children, heirs living at Wirksworth today one being Director of Wirksworth Heritage Centre.. When Margaret became ill Joseph employed a family friend (related) Martha Sheldon to nurse his wife up to her demise When Margaret died Joseph then in his late 50s married Martha Sheldon 1869 she aged 45 years having one son John born 1871 who married Annie Cauldwell 1891 they my Grandparents

    Child of Charles and Catherine Silkstone nee Wright

  • James Silkstone born 1810 married Mary Warton daughter of Joshua Warton Landlord of The Greyhound Hotel Cromford also known at one time as The Black Dog built by Sir Richard Arwkright owned by his son Richard of Willersley Castle

    The following is a poem written by John Wright of this family

    The Soliloquey of Ben Andrew written during the Napoleonic Wars in memory of Johns friend Benjamin Andrew who was a distant kin of my family also related to the Brittlebank family of Solicitors. Ben Andrew was a member of The Wirksworth Volunteer Regiment

    Thrice Welcome again to the shoulder of Ben,
    So march on to fight or to drill,
    An old volunteer who never knew fear
    Come frog eaters, soon as you will
    Ye slavish gulls know, to valour we owe,
    Our Nations magnanimous name;
    Brave John Bull and Ben are the same sturdy men
    All Wirksworth's wild echoes proclaim
    I know, soon or late, that death is my fate,
    If I die then - my country to save
    Applause will be given by earth and in Heaven,
    And my dust ever blest by the brave
    Besides, Andrew's name in some book of fame,
    May be written for Britons to ken;
    And wherever I die, when freedom comes by.
    She'll point to the sod of our Ben

    Another of my kinsmen was Mr Adam Chawick who was also a poet who had a book of prose printed by the Newnes Publishing family one of whom was Minister at Glenorchy Independent Chapel Masson Mill.(became a Congregational Chapel on the formation of The Congregational Union 1825 mother church to Middleton Congregational Church built 1786 by lead miners some of my kin under the direction of Lady Glenorchy's minister Rev Captain Scott..where my father was a Deacon.1920s- I was Christened by Rev Smart one of the last ministers of Glenorchy Chapel Masson before it was demolished for road widening.. Rev Smart a blind man lived opposite Masson Mill. Adam was Manager at Compton and Evans Bank Matlock Bath in the 1860s where in the 1950s my brother began his training with Westminster Bank who took over Compton & Evans..

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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