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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of WRAGG-2

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

WRAGG family history

    Subject: My wifes family of Wragg (allied kin of Carol Toulson's family on your contributed peds site) 2nd attempt
    Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 12:40:22 +0100 (BST)

    The following is my wifes Wragg family pedigree

    Samuel Wragg born 1715 married Temperance Frost my 8XAunt on Flint sister to Robert Frost who married Dorothy Mather in 1707 Robert and Dorothy my 7XGrandparents.. The name Temperance was taken from the Gell family of Hopton Hall.. Temperance Gell sister of Phillip Gell founded Temperance Gell School Carsington 1722.. My Wheatcroft / Collinson family were Agents to Sir John Gell and his heirs for many years.. In more recent years my Aunt Florence Wright nee Walker was school mistress at Temperance Gell School up to the 1960s..

    Children of Samuel and Temperance Wragg

  • 1.Samuel born 1730 married Martha Brookes 1756
  • 2.Peter born 1732 married 1st wife Elizabeth Smith.. 2nd wife Martha Rouse widow nee Frost sister to my 4XGrandmother Mary Frost who married John Flint they my 4XGrandparents
  • 3.George Wragg married Anne Stafford..This Stafford family my kin via other marriages through into the mid 1800s
  • 4.Adam Wragg married 1st wife Henrietta Batty 2nd wife Hannah Potter daughter of James and Grace Potter who were my sister in laws Grand fore bares (my brother's wife) see Potter listings..

    Children of Peter and Elizabeth Wragg nee Smith

  • 1.Temperance Wragg born 1770 married Thomas Potter 1795 Plasterer of Cromford Road Wirksworth they Grand fore bares of my sister in law's family of Farnsworth / Millward

    Children of Samuel and Martha Wragg nee Brookes

  • 1.Mary born 1756 married Thomas Rogers 1777
  • 2.Grace born 1758
  • 3.Samuel born 1759 married Hannah Godbehere daughter of Thomas Godbehere my wifes 5XGrandfather
  • 4.Hannah Wragg married Job Gregory of Cromford
  • 5.Joseph Wragg married Amy Hall of Middleton
  • 6.Selina Wragg born 1763
  • 7.Martha Wragg born 1767 married William Alsop Miner of Holloway
  • 8.William Wragg married Mary Dean of Kirk Ireton
  • 9.Isaac Wragg married Elizabeth Sheldon of my mother's kin Middleton

    Children of Samuel and Hannah Wragg nee Godbehere

  • 1.Sarah born 1780 married William Hunstone of Birchover 1816
  • 2.Hannah Wragg born 1782 married Robert Evans 17th December 1807 they my wifes 4XGrandparents
  • 3.Jane born 1785
  • 4.Samuel Wragg married Mary Slack of Middleton see my Slack listings
  • 5.Peter Wragg married Dorothy Slack daughter of Abraham Slack see my Slack listings
  • 6.Nathaniel Wragg born 1797 married Anne Spencer sister to Mary Spencer who married John Flint son of my 4XUncle Robert Flint who with his sons John aforementioned who married Mary Spencer and William Allen Flint who married Elizabeth Slack also of my wifes family and my Land family..emigrated as members of The Latter Day Saints in 1850 to Kaysville Utah

    Children of Samuel and Mary Wragg nee Slack

  • Anne Wragg born 1820 married William Gamble Grocer of Wirksworth 1843 This Gamble family related to my Harrison / Land / Brookes family of Steeplegrange

    Children of Peter and Dorothy Wragg nee Slack

  • 1.Samauel Wragg
  • 2.Peter Wragg born 1815 married 1st wife Hannah Wragg his cousin 2nd wife Sarah Buxton widow nee Spencer daughter of Reuben Spencer (married into my Killer family)
  • 3.Joseph Wragg born 1817 married Martha Andrew daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Andrew nee Prince (This Prince family married into my allied Simpson kin who married into the Arkwright family of Cromford.. the Andrew family kin of Brittlebanks Solicitors of Winster and Ashbourne)
  • 4.Dorothy Wragg born 1820 married Parkinson Measure 1848 of Melton Mowbray Plate Layer Cromford & HIgh Peak Railway

    Children of Adam and Harriett Wragg nee Batty

  • 1.Samuel Wragg born 1778 married Elizabeth Buckley 1800
  • 2.Joseph Wragg born 1781

    Children of Adam and Hannah Wragge nee Potter 2nd wife

  • 1.James Wragg born 1785 married Sarah Wragg
  • 2.Dorothy Wragg born 1789

    Children of Joseph and Martha Wragg nee Andrew

  • 1.Mary Wragg born 1838 married Samuel Spencer 1867

    Children of Samuel and Martha Spencer nee Wragg

  • 1.Pheobe Spencer
  • 2.James Spencer
  • 3.Joseph Spencer married Ruth Potter Adams
  • 4.Walter Spencer
  • 5.William Samuel Spencer married Ellen Buckley daughter of Joseph and Jemima Buckley see Buckley family listings in contributed pedigrees John Palmer's site W.S.Spencer was founder of Middleton Victoria Brass Band founded to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee..later after winning silver prize at Belle Vue National Brass Band Championships 1933 known as Middleton Silver Prize Band now part of Brassington Middleton and Wirksworth known in its short form B.M.W.Brass William Samuel Spencer's Grandson Louis has recently taken up the baton on the formation of B.M.W. Youth Training Band to make sure of the bands continued future

    Children of William Samuel and Ellen Spencer nee Buckley

  • 1.Edward Alec Spencer born 1894 married Alice Slack daughter of Henry and Mary Slack.see my Slack family listings .parents of my friends Louis and Alec Spencer at Middleton today..Edward Alec known in my youth as Alec Spencer was my brother sister and my music mentor he being trained as Sunday School Superintendent at Middleton Mount Zion Methodist Church by my Grandmother Annie Walker nee Cauldwell (Walker's built Mount Zion 1905/06)..Alec Spencer and his brothers were instrumentalists in their father's Band, Alec also Choir Master of Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel Choir his father William Samuel Choir Master at Middleton Congregational Church where my father Harry S Flint was a Deacon and Sunday School Superintendent
  • 2.Joseph Samuel Spencer Choir Master at Middleton Weslyan Methodist Church Bandsman Middleton Silver Prize Band where my Sheldon family were Trustees
  • 3.Walter Spencer married Martha Farnsworth daughter of Thomas and Anne Farnsworth nee Potter, Martha my sister in law Jennifer Flint nee Farnsworth's Aunt. Walter was Choir Master at Holy Trinity Parish Church Middleton (many Jennifers in my family)

    In my youth Alec Spencer's augmented choirs were made up of singers from the four churches at Middleton and some from Wirksworth making choirs of over 70 strong who gave renditions of Handels Messiah near Christmas and Stainer's Crucifixion at Easter.plus concerts throughout the years My mother and her sisters and my brother sister and I were members of those choirs from youth into adulthood .. Louis Spencer, Alecs son and myself continued that link singing in the 1960 with Zion Male Voice Quartet a prize winning foursome. Louis and I co founded The Dalesmen Male Voice Choir nearly 20 years ago.., my family, Louis and his wife also arranging Charity Concerts up to the present day, our joint families having had association in music for over 90 years..

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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