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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of WRAGG-1

Here's a Descent sent me by Carol Toulson, thanks Carol.

Hello John,

I wondered if my family file would be suitable for inclusion on your
website. I am sending it as a text document as I believe this is the
format you prefer. Please feel free to edit/add/omit to you hearts content.
Please let me know if there is any other information you would like.
Best wishes to you both

Carol K Toulson
in Essex, UK

Descendants of WRAGG

                    FAMILY OF CAROL TOULSON (nee WRAGG)

Harry WRAGG born 1885 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, died 1958 in Sheffield, Yorkshire
     Married Kate DOUGHTY, formerly COCKER (widow of  John A DOUGHTY) 
     on 12 Dec 1915 in Sheffield
Harry WRAGG's parents were Peter WRAGG (b. 1850, d. 1891) and Charlotte SOUTHERN
     (b 1853, d 1927). They married 27 Dec 1870 in Sheffield.

Kate DOUGHTY's parents were Joseph COCKER (b.c. 1836, d. 1906)
     and Mary BURKE (b.c. 1838, d. 1892) 
     They married 11 August 1857 in Sheffield.
2 x Gt. Grandparents

Peter WRAGGs parents were John Philip WRAGG (b 1821, d 1872)
      and Elizabeth DOXEY (b. 1824, d 1865) 
      John Philip later married Ann (?) of Rawmarsh (b. 1837, d after 1881)

Charlotte SOUTHERN's parents were George SOUTHERN (b. 1805, d 1858) and
     Esther BOULTON (b. 1808, d 1891).
     They married on 12th Feb 1827 in Rotherham, Yorkshire

Joseph COCKER's father was Joseph COCKER - b.c. 1800, d after 1859.  
     Mother unknown
Mary BURKE's parents were James BURKE, Traveller - no other details. 
     Family folklore = Irish Blood.
3 x Gt. Grandparents

John P WRAGG's parents were Nathaniel WRAGG (b 1797, d 1858) and 
     Ann SPENCER (b. 1799, d 1872).
     They married 17th Sep 1818 at Middleton by  Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

Elizabeth DOXEY was illigitimate - her mother was Hannah DOXEY (b 1803).
     It is thought that Hannah married John Huws SLACK on 12th Sep 1827
     in Wirksworth and that she died in 1836 (not proven).

George SOUTHERN's parents were William SOUTHERN (b 1765, d 1835) and 
     Ann (?) (b 1772, d 1835)  It is not known when they married .

Esther BOULTON's parents were Benjamin BOULTON (b. 1777 - d ?) and 
     Hannah RAGG (b 1773, d. ?)  They married about 1800 
     in Rotherham, Yorkshire
4 x Gt. Grandparents

Nathaniel WRAGG's parents were Samuel WRAGG (b 1758, d 1833) and 
     Hannah GODBEHERE (b 1757, d 1803).
     They were married on 3rd May 1780 at Middleton by Wirksworth.

Ann SPENCER's parents were Peter SPENCER (1762, d 1816) and 
     Hannah PORTER (b.c. 1773, d 1848).   
     They married on 27th Mar 1794 at Wirksworth..

Hannah DOXEY's parents were Anthony DOXEY (b.c.1769, d after 1807) and
     Hannah BROOKE(S) (b. c. 1770, d 1830).
     They married 10th Aug 1795 in Wirksworth.

John Huws SLACK could be Elizabeth DOXEY's step-father, but not yet proven,
     therefore his parents not listed.

William SOUTHERN's parents unknown.

Ann (?) parents unknown.

Benjamin BOULTON's parents were Richard BOULTON (b.c. 1750, Mexborough, d ?) and
     Ann CARR (b. 1747, Bolton-Upon-Dearne, d ?).
     They married c. 1775 at Mexborough, Yorkshire

Hannah RAGG's parents were John RAGG (b. c 1740 d ?) and 
     Ann ARMITAGE (b 1741, d ?).
     They married on 26th  Dec 1768 in Sheffield.

5 x Gt. Grandparents

Samuel WRAGG's parents were Samuel WRAGG (b.c 1735, d 1808) and 
     Martha BROOKS (b 1737, d 1814) 
     They were married on 15th Jan 1856 at Middleton by  Wirksworth.

Hannah GODBEHERE's father was  Thomas GODBEHERE (b.c 1725, d ?) and 
     mother unknown.

Peter SPENCER's parents were Francis SPENCER (b 1718, d 1792) and 
     Mabel HALL (b 1723, d 1788).
     They were married on 19th Sept 1745 at Wirksworth.

Hannah PORTER's parents unknown.

Anthony DOXEY's parents were Joseph DOXEY (b.c. 1740, d 1801) and 
     Ann BROOKS (b.c 1740, d ?1769).
     They were married on 9th Oct 1765 at Middleton by Wirksworth.

Richard BOULTON's parents unknown.

Ann Carr's parents were Thomas CARR (b.c 1720, d ?) and 
     Anne WIGFALL (b. c. 1720, d ?)  
     They were married in 1744 at Darton, Nr Rotherham, Yorkshire.

John RAGG's parents were Jonathan RAGG (b.c. 1720, d ?) and 
     Ann TYAS (b.c. 1720, d ?).  Their marriage date unknown.

Ann ARMITAGE's parents were James ARMITAGE (b.c. 1710, d ?) and 
     Anne HAIG (b 1714, d?)  They married in 1737 at Bradfield, Derbyshire
6 x GT. Grandparents

Samuel WRAGG's parents unknown.. Naming patterns indicate he could be the
     son of Samuel WRAGG and Temperance FROST of Wirksworth, 
     but baptism not found.

Martha BROOKS's parents were Daniel BROOKS (b 1706, d ?) and 
     Jane BUXTON (b.c. 1705, d 1758).
     They were married on 9th Jun  1725 at Wirksworth.

Thomas GODBEHERE's parents unknown.

Francis SPENCER's parents were Peter SPENCER (b 1667, d 1739) and 
     Mary HASLAM (b 1685, d ?after 1739) 
     They were married on 18th Sept 1707 in Wirksworth.

Mabel HALL's parents were William HALL (b 1693, d 1774) and 
     Ann HIGTON (b 1693, d ?).
     They were married on 29th Sept 1714 at Wirksworth.

Joseph DOXEY's parents were John DOXEY (b.c.  1707, d aft. 1754) and 
     Alice HOLMES (b.c. 1705, d 1743) 
     They married  on 15th Sept 1731 at Cromford, nr Wirksworth,  
     John later married Hannah HODGKINSON (b.c. 1710, d aft. 1754).

Ann BROOKS's father was Daniel BROOKS (b.c 1720, d ?) her mother unknown.

Thomas CARR's parents unknown

Anne WIGFALL's parents unknown.

Jonathan RAGG's parents unknown.

Ann TYAS's parents unknown.

James ARMITAGE's parents unknown.

Anne HAIG's father was John HAIG, her mother is unknown.
7 x Gt. Grandparents

Daniel BROOKS's parents unknown.

Jane BUXTON's parents unknown.

Peter SPENCER's parents unknown.

Mary HASLAM's parents unknown.

William HALL's parents were Thomas HALL (b 1667, d 1720) and 
     Mary SPENCER (c. 1667, d 1727).
     They were married on 24 Jun 1690 at Wirksworth.

John DOXEY's parents were Thomas DOXEY (b c. 1672, d 1759) and 
     Mary WOODIWISS (b 1682, d 1746) 
     They were married on 25 Jan 1702 in Wirksworth.

Alice HOLMES's parents unknown.

Daniel BROOKS's parents unknown
8 x GT. Grandparents

Thomas HALL's parents were John HALL (b 1635, d 1688) and 
     Mary (?) (b.c. 1630, d 1700).
     They were married abt. 1665 at Wirksworth.

Mary SPENCER's parents unknown, but she could be the daughter of 
     Henry SPENCER.

Thomas DOXEY's parents were John DOXEY (b 1643, d 1681) and 
     Ann NADIN (b 1645, d 1727).
     They were married on 20th Apr 1669 in Wirksworth.

Mary WOODIWISS's parents unknown.
9 x Gt. Grandparents

John HALL's parents were Thomas HALL (b.c. 1600, d ?) and 
     Ann (? GEE) (b.c.1600, d 1643).
     They were married on 11th May 1619.

Mary (?) - parents unknown.

John DOXEY's parents were Thomas DOXEY (b 1606, d 1680) and 
     Ellen HUNT (b 1610, d 1681).
     They were married on 8th  Jun 1631 at Wirksworth.

Ann NADIN's parents were Thomas NADIN (b c. 1625, d 1692) and 
     Mary GELL (b 1615, d 1650).
     They were married on 9th May 1639 at Wirksworth.
10 x Gt. Grandparents

Thomas HALL's parents unknown.

Ann (?GEE)'s parents unknown.

Thomas DOXEY's parents were Roger DOXEY (b.c. 1570, d 1628) and 
     Dorothy BROOKES (b.c. 1570, d 1633) 
     They were married on 20th Oct 1594 at Longford, Derbyshire.

Ellen HUNT's parents unknown.

Thomas NADIN's parents unknown.

Mary GELL's father was Thomas GELL (b 1594, d 1656 at Carsington, Dbys.)
      - her mother unknown.
If anyone has additions/discrepancies to report,
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