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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of WIGLEY-3

Stuart G Flint writes:
Having recently found more links with Henry Beesley  re his cousin 
Sarah Wainwright both living with their Aunt Anne Flint nee Taylor at 
Steeplegrange I give the following info.

Stuart G Flint 

Descendants of WIGLEY

    Living with Anne Flint widow of Samuel Flint in 1861 were [see 1871 Census] Henry Beesley and his cousin Sarah Wainwright widow nee Wigley and her daughter Louisa Jane Wainwright..Sarah's late husband was Edward Wainwright who was Head Gardener to Richard Arkwright 2nd at Willersley Castle ... Edward Wainwright was a widower when he married Sarah Wigley, [and was] son of Timothy Wainwright a farmer of Chester... Sarah and Edward married on 5th May 1858 at St Mary's Church Mill Lane Crommford near Willersley Castle built by Sir Richard Arkwright..Witnesses at Sarah and Edward Wainwrights marriage were Fanny J Arkwright daughter of Peter Arkwright, Richard and Mary Arkwright's son....Sarah Wainwright was daughter of James and Elizabeth Wigley nee Taylor of Wirksworth / Middleton Elizabeth sister to Anne Flint nee Taylor both children of Robert and Mary Taylor nee Blackwell...of Middleton The following is the Wigley family re Sarah Wainwright William Wigley born 1674 married Sarah Mather widow 1695 Son Obediah Wigley born 1728 married Mary Shepherd of Carsington 1753 Son James Wigley born 1754 married 1st wife Mary Latham 2nd wife Elizabeth Brough Son of James and Mary nee Latham William Wigley born 1775 married Elizabeth Spencer daughter of Samuel and Hannah Spencer nee Woodrough..Woodroughs ( sometimes spelt Woodruffe) originating from Taddington near Buxton Samuel Spencer son of Daniel and Grace Spencer nee Wigley of Middleton married 1735 Son of William and Elizabeth Wigley nee Spencer James Wigley born 1803 married Elizabeth Taylor daughter of Robert and Mary Taylor nee Blackwell Elizabeth sister to Anne Flint nee Taylor (One of the wittnesses at Robert and Mary Taylors marriage was my 4XGrandfather George Land of Bolehill who married Betty Hoades daughter of Isaac and Anne Hoades nee Shaw they my 5XGrandparents on my mothers family side of Wigley/Walker..Isaacs 2nd wife Elizabeth nee Peach and he forebares of Macbeths and Beesley marriages) Daughter of James and Elizabeth Wigley nee Taylor Sarah Wigley married Edward Wainwright who was Head Gardener at Willersley Castle where other's of my mother's Smith/Walker family namely William Smith (born at Claymills near Burton Upon Trent) who married Sarah Walker my Gr Gr Aunt was also a Gardener at Willersley Castle, (later William and Sarah Smith nee Walker removed to The Heights of Abraham where they lived at The Lodge.. William Gardener /Groundsman at The Botanical Gardens Their son Samuel Smith Master Stonemason founded a Spar Turning business Blue John / other Derbyshire minerals later owning the Royal Museum Matlock Bath.. his son William continuing the business into the 1900s .. My Smith / Walker and Walthall families lived at Belle Vue House, Museum Parade Matlock Bath where my Gr Gr Uncle George Walker and his wife Lydia were Lodging House Keepers he also co owning with his brother's Joseph Walker my Grt Grandfather and William Walker (married Lydia Hall daughter of Caleb and Hannah Hall nee Flint, Hannah my 5XAunt ) Bullestree Lead Mine near Willersley Castle (Bullestree was on land where Cromford Railway Station was built) The Walker brothers of Bonsall anscestory were born at Castleton where their father William who married Catherine Wigley of Bonsall they my Gr Gr Grandparents was a Blue John Miner at their Hall family mine Blue John Cavern 1780s Three members of my immediate family today work on the Willersley Castle estate my son a Gardener / Groundsman and Woodsman (Christian Holiday and Conference Centre, Methodist Guild Holidays ) following in the footsteps of his 6 and 5 XGrandfather's both called Adam Killer Head Woodsmen to Nightingale 's at Bow Wood near Lea Bridge By the 1881 census Louisa Jane Wainwright aged 22 years daughter of Edward and Sarah Wainwright was working for the Macbeth family as Chief Clerk at their Tailors Workshops at Stretford and Hulme Manchester

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