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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of WIGLEY-2

Peter Osborn writes from Buckinghamshire:
Hello John 
Thanks for providing us with such a wonderful source of information 
on Wirksworth and the surrounding area. I attach some information 
in relation to the Wigley pedigree listed on the site. Please would 
you pass it on to the people who provided this pedigree. I would 
welcome comment and corrections via E mail osborgen1@yahoo.co.uk   
As you can see, not only are there Wigleys in this information but 
also Bodens. In fact the Bodens who were the bakers in Matlock Bath 
from at least 1800 to 1900 and who may have subsequently owned the 
Boden Tea rooms demolished in the A6 widening schemes of the 1960s.
Best regards. 
Peter Osborn

Descendants of WIGLEY

Descendants of Joshua Wigley, yeoman farmer/miner of Upper Town, Bonsall.
1. Joshua Wigley (b.Abt 1769-Bonsall,Derby,Eng.;d.Jan/Mar 1858-Bonsall,Derby,Eng.)
   sp: Lydia Seedhouse (b.Abt 1767;m.21 Feb 1796;d.11 Jun 1846)
   2. Mary S Wigley (b.Abt 1796-Bonsall,Derby Eng.)
   2. John Wigley (c.23 Jul 1797-Bonsall,Derby Eng.;d.22 Jul 1856)
      sp: Sarah  (b.Abt 1795;d.15 Jul 1868)
   2. Frances Wigley (c.29 Dec 1799-Bonsall,Derby Eng.;
      b.27 Oct 1870-Bonsall,Derby Eng.)
   2. Joshua Wigley (c.25 Jul 1802-Bonsall,Derby,Eng.)
      sp: Ann Wysall (b.Abt 1810-Brassington,Derby,eng.;m.23 Feb 1836)
      3. Joshua Wigley (b.Abt 1842-Bonsall,Derby,Eng.)
         sp: Alice  (b.Abt 1843-Finchley,Middlesex,England)
         4. John Wigley (b.Abt 1869-Bonsall,Derby,Eng.)
         4. Richard Wigley (b.Abt 1872-Bonsall,Derby,Eng.)
         4. Horace E Wigley (b.Abt 1874-Bonsall,Derby,Eng.)
         4. Roland S H Wigley (b.Abt 1876-Bonsall,Derby,Eng.)
         4. Septimus J Wigley (b.Abt 1880-Bonsall,Derby,Eng.)
      3. John Wigley (b.Abt 1849-Bonsall,Derby,Eng.)
      3. Mary Wigley (b.Abt 1840-Bonsall,Derby,Eng.)
   2. Hannah Wigley (c.20 Jul 1805-Bonsall,Derby Eng.;
      b.1858-Bonsall,Derby Eng.)
      sp: Henry Frost (b.1858-Bonsall,Derby Eng.)
   2. Lydia Wigley (c.25 Dec 1809-Bonsall. Nr Matlock. Derbyshire;
      d.btw 1871/1881)
      sp: Abel Boden (c.8 May 1808-Cromford Independent,Matlock Bath,Derbyshire;
      m.12 May 1831;d.1861/1871)
      3. John Boden (b.1832-Matlock Bath)
         sp: Mary Ann  (b.Abt 1831-Scarthin Nick)
         4. Kate Lydia Boden (b.Abt 1859-Matlock Bath Derby Eng)
         4. John W Boden (b.Abt 1871-Matlock Bath Derby Eng)
            sp Jennifer Emma (b. Abt 
      3. Anthony Boden (b.Bef 1 Jan 1834-Matlock Bath. Derby. England)
         sp: Selina Mary Stafford (b.Bef 13 Dec 1838-Matlock Bath. Derby. England;
         m.24 Mar 1863)
         4. Lizzie Boden (b.Abt 1864-Hampstead,Middlesex,England)
         4. Edith M Boden (b.1870-St Pancras,Middlesex,England)
         4. John S Boden (b.Abt 1872-St Pancras,Middlesex,England)
         4. Arthur L Boden (b.Abt 1876-St Pancras,Middlesex,England)
      3. Fanny Boden (b.Abt 1836-Matlock bath)
      3. Joshua Wigley Boden (b.Bef 18 Aug 1839-Matlock Derbyshire)
         sp: Sarah Martha  (b.Abt 1843-Isle of Wight,Hampshire,England)
         4. Ada Sydia Boden (b.Abt 1867-Hampstead,Middlesex,England)
         4. Walter John Boden (b Abt 1869 - Hampstead,Middlesex,England)
         4. Maurice Boden (b.Abt 1871-Hampstead,Middlesex,England)
      3. Thomas Boden (b.25 Nov 1842-Matlock Bath. Derby. Eng.)
         1st Sp: Unknown
         4. Annie Boden (b.28 Jan 1869-St Pancras Middlesex .Eng)
         4. Abel Boden (b.Abt 1871-St Pancras Middlesex .eng)
         2nd Sp: Rosina Jane Watts Cannon (b.5 Jan 1855-Willesden. Middlesex. Eng.;
            m.18 Aug 1878)
         4. Arthur Boden (b.21 Mar 1879-Willesden. Middlesex. eng.;
            d.23 Dec 1954-Palmers Green London n13)
            sp: Daisy  (b.21 Mar;d.1 Jul 1950)
            5. Eileen Boden (b.Abt 5 Jul 1915)
               sp: Arthur Edmonds (m.10 Sep 1938)
         4. Ida Boden (b.18 Mar 1880-Willesden. Middlesex. Eng.;
            d.27 Jul 1954-Park Royal London)
         4. Alice Boden (b.3 Oct 1882- Willesden Middlx Eng ;
            d.24 Jun 1954-Leicester Eng.)
            sp: George Frank Drewry (b.11 Sep 1878-Chelsea North East  Mid;
            m.16 Mar 1912;d.9 Feb 1956-Leicester Eng.))
            5. Doris Elsie Drewry (b.27 Aug 1915-Willesden Green,Middlesex  London.;
               d.20 Mar 2001-Leicester Eng.))
               sp: Edward Lloyd Osborn (b.12 Mar 1910-Islington,London;
               m.2 Dec 1939 London;d.4 Apr 1994-Leicester Eng.))
         4. Florence Boden (b.9 Mar 1885;d.23 Oct 1976-Ruislip,Middlesex Eng.))
            sp: Walter Thursby
            5. Albert E Thursby (b.Abt 31 May 1915-prob. Harrow Middlesex;
               d.Abt 1996-Gerrards Cross. Bucks)
               sp: Dorothy? 
            5. Leslie Thursby (d.22 Jul 1978)
               sp: Rita  (m.26 Nov 1938)
         4. Gertrude Boden (b.4 Dec 1888;d.Aft 1953)
            sp: UNKNOWN
         4. Annie Boden (b.28 Jan 1869-St Pancras Middlesex .Eng) 
         4. Abel Boden (b.Abt 1871-St Pancras Middlesex .Eng
      3. Emma Lydia Boden (b.1849-Matlock Bath Derby. Eng.))
Information from Peter Osborn a son of Doris Drewry and Edward osborn. osborgen1@yahoo.co.uk

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