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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of WIGLEY-1

Here's a Descent sent me by two readers.

Descendants of WIGLEY

Henry Wigley of Wirksworth, marr 2nd May 1689 to Elizabeth Bott 

Children of Henry & Elizabeth Walker nee Bott, my grt grt grt grt grt grt maternal grandparents. [1]William Wigley of Bonsall, ch 2nd Jan 1717 Shoemaker / Miner, William marr 14th Jan 1731 to Sarah Henstock from Slaley. Sarah Henstock is also my kin via the Hawleys, Halls, Flints and Sheldons.. Mary Henstock her cousin married William Hawley..whose daughter Mary marr John Killer whose dau marr Samuel Flint....Mary Henstocks sister Ruth marr Stephen Hall Gent. from Middleton who was a direct kin to Mabel Hall whose grandaughter Mary Spencer marr John Flint on the Flint ped.. Mabel Hall's direct kin was Caleb Hall who marr Hannah Flint. Stephen Hall's father was Thomas Hall who marr Mary Bagshaw..sister to Stephen Bagshaw, Barmaster, Soke & Wapentake of Wirksworth 1740s. In later years Thomas Hall of this Hall line marr Mary Flint of kin...and my wife's grandmother was Sarah Jane Hall dau of Samuel also of the same forebears...In the pavement of St Marys Church Wirksworth West End of Church ..are memorials to this Hall family. Other Flint / Henstock marriages unite our families.

Joseph Hall of Castleton, born late 1690s. Blue John Cavern Mine Owner with partner John Kirk..The stone is supposedly named after John Kirk... His brother Micheal Hall was an Attorney at Sheffield.

[2]Hannah Wigley of Bonsall, ch 6th Mar 1719

[3]Jacobus Wigley of Bonsall, ch 1st Jul 1722

[4]Henry Wigley of Bonsall, ch 25th Jul 1725

[5]Hannah Wigley of Bonsall, ch 21st Sep 1729

Children of William and Sarah Wigley nee Henstock, my grt grt grt grt grt maternal grandparents. [1]John Wigley of Bonsall, marr Francis Marple sister to Jacob.

[2]William Wigley of Bonsall, Miner marr Anne Roper of Cromford.

[3]George Wigley of Bonsall, Miner marr 1st in 27 Feb 1760 to Margaret Hall, Castleton dau of Joseph Hall, 2nd in 23 Feb 1772 to Hannah Hibbs

[4]Ellen Hall co-heiress with Margaret above of her fathers estate... marr Mr Hyde of Sheffield Attorney.

Children of John and Francis Wigley. [1]Joshuah Wigley, Miner/Farmer marr Lydia Seedhouse, Bonsall.

[2]William Wigley, died in East Indies, Mercer.

[3]Hannah Wigley, marr Charles Alsop, Bonsall, Flax Dresser.

[4]Sarah Wigley, marr John Teasby, Bonsall, Flax Dresser.

Children of William and Anne Wigley. [1]John Wigley, Coal Mine Agent, Butterley Ripley.

[2]George Wigley, Farmer Bakewell.

[3]Benjamin Wigley, Farmer Bakewell.

[4]Mary Wigley, marr William Simpson from Millhouse Green Wirksworth, nephew to Adam Simpson, Bonsall, Lead Smeltor, Lumbsdale Tansley. Lead Mine Owner, Bonsall Middleton Matlock...

Sarah, Dorothy, James, and Hannah, all died in inf.

Children of George and Margaret Wigley nee Hall. [1]Micheal Hall Wigley, Mine Agent Bolehill ch at Bonsall 24th Jul 1768, marr at Bonsall 4th Dec. 1794 to Ellen dau of William Bush of Wirksworth, Woolcomber and Martha Pearson co-heiress of John Pearson.

[2]George Wigley of Bonsall, ch 28th Jul 1771

[3]Catharine Wigley of Bonsall, ch 13th Jun 1773

[4]Millicent Wigley of Bonsall, ch 28th Jul 1776 marr William Gregory from Slaley Lead Miner.

Children of George and Hannah Wigley nee Hibbs [1]Sarah Hall Wigley of Bonsall, ch 27th Dec 1772, Sarah kept house for her grt Uncle Micheal. She later marr Richard Harris of Manchester Brickmaker.

[2]William Wigley of Bonsall, ch 23rd Jul 1775

[3]Mary Ruth Wigley of Bonsall, ch 19th Oct 1778 died without issue.

[4]Anthony Wigley of Bonsall, ch 10 Apr 1781

[5]Martha Wigley of Bonsall, ch 5 Sep 1784

[6]Elizabeth Wigley of Bonsall, ch 4th Apr 1790

[7]Ann Wigley of Bonsall, ch 5th Nov 1794

Children of Micheal and Ellen Hall Wigley. [1]George Micheal died in inf. croup, [2]Martha obt Smallpox.

Children of Sarah Wigley, Sarah was my Grt Grt Grt Grandmother Mat. [1]Catherine Wigley, ch 27th Mar 1781. marr 23rd Sep 1802 to William Walker. Buried 11 Nov 1847 They were my Grt Grt Grandparents.

[2]Ruth Wigley of Bonsall, marr John Sheldon miner a direct kin of my Grt Grandmother Walker and Samuel Joseph Sheldon her brother... Samuel Jos. Sheldon's wife was Jane Longden dau of Job Longden Ible and Grt Grt grandaughter of Moses and Martha Longden nee Flint of my kin.. Janes sister Mary marr Joseph Hall Silver Smith Sheffield who was cousin to Caleb Hall of my kin.. N.B. I have found a newspaper report dating from the 1900s concerning Samuel Joseph Sheldon.. It reads as thus: "Mr S.J.Sheldon of Middleton Manager at Bradley Quarry Middleton Top was walking down the incline from work , when he stumbled under the path of a down going loaded wagon...The wheels of the truck severed his foot where he lay...Within two months he was back at work wearing a false foot... Mr sheldon is a partner at Golgonda Lead Mine Hopton..and owns Snake and Bold mines Hopton Wood..He is also the Chairman of Wirksworth Old Age Pensioners Ass formed to pay a subsistnce allowance to quarry men and lead miners unable to work...He is also a trustee at Middleton Weslyan Methodist Church."

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