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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of WHEATCROFT-1

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

WHEATCROFT family history

    Hello John

    The following is my Wheatcroft Caldwell and Walker connections

    Richard Wheatcroft married Elizabeth


    William Wheatcroft born 24/Aug /1645 married Mary Ragg 16th September 1667 they my 7XGrandparents William's allied family were Cadmans (William's family of Cadman were also of my lineage via the Simpson/Colledge family of Mill House Green Wirksworth, known as Millers Green today near my home)


    1.Jane Wheatcroft Christened 1674 married John Woodiwisse ..Publican Before marrying Woodiwisse Jane had a son Samuel out of wedlock to a member of the Collinson family of my kin...Samuel her illigit son married 1st wife Mary Spencer of Middleton This Spencer family both my wife and my own kin 2nd wife Catherine Molinus Grandaughter of Major Johannes Conradt Molinus colleague of Sir Cornelius Vermuyden Land/Mine Drainage Surveyor One of Samuel Wheatcroft alias Collinson's heirs. Elizabeth Collinson married my 4XUncle Joseph Flint as his 2nd wife ..his first wife Elizabeth Spencer of Middleton ... Joseph Flint was Mining Agent at The Bage Mine Bolehill and Ratchwood Mine Rise End Middleton 1780s ..The Bage Mine today stands on land owned by the Killer family of my kin the land previous to Killers owning it was owned by my allied Hall family..My Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker built a house bordering the field in which the Bage Mine stands behind Halls Bakery / Grocers Shop.. It is possible the my Aunt Harriet Janet Fields Flint nee Woodiwisse (adopted by the Mather family of Middleton allied kin to Killer's) may have been of the same Woodiwisse family.. Harriett married my father's brother Sidney Flint deceased Chief Engineer at John Smedley Lea Mills 1930s-
    2.Ellen Wheatcroft married John Wright (on some records named William) of Wrights Cottages Wirksworth Moor John and Ellen Wright's 3XGrandaughter Anne Wright she my blood kin via Wheatcroft and Frost/Flint's married my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker as his first wife in 1836 Anne was also related to the Alsop family of Lea Bridge ... Anne died in childbirth with her first child Joseph who also died and Joseph Walker then married Margaret Fletcher of Wrockwardine Wood Shropshire On Margarets demise in the early 1860s after having children.. Joseph married her nurse Martha Sheldon she my true Grt Grandmother... One son John Walker married Annie Cauldwell 1892 they my Grandparents
    3.Elizabeth Wheatcroft born 1672 married William Norman of Alderwasley 1692 they my 6XGrandparents Their only daughter Sarah born 1674 the year her mother died married William Caldwell of Alderwasley Farmer (on some records he is known as Cawdale on others Cowdale The name remained Caldwell from the early 1700s - mid 1800s and then a U was added Cauldwell) Elizabeth died in 1674 William Norman soon after

    Children of Samuel and Mary Wheatcroft nee Spencer Samuel alias Collinson

    Mary born 1716 the year her mother died married Ebenezer Frost whose heirs married into the Hanson family who by the 1900s married into my Flint family ( the daughter of Thomas Flint, Thomas son of Joseph Flint who played cricket for Derbyshire 1870s)

    Children of Samuel and Catherine Wheatcroft nee Molinus alias Collinson

    1.Edward Wheatcroft born 1729 married Lydia Hall of Middleton Halls both my wife and my own distant kin..Halls also related to my Coates Grand fore bare family
    2.Thomas Wheatcroft married Elizabeth Buxton daughter of German Buxton
    3.Elizabeth Wheatcroft married her cousin Thomas Wheatcroft
    4.Martha married Luke Ashworth of Wickersley near Doncaster
    5.Catherine married Stephen Needham of Wickersley
    6.Sarah married Thomas Hammersley of Derby Malster / Brick Maker

    Children of Edward and Lydia

    1.Edward Wheatcroft born 1771 married Mary Gallimore daughter of Thomas Gallimore..This Gallimore family married into my mother's Walker family
    2.Sarah Wheatcroft married Ferdinand Mold (or Mould) whose family took over Hurts Iron Works at Morley Park and Alderwasley where members of my family worked
    3.Cassandra Wheatcroft married George Clay of Leicester
    4.Catherine Wheatcroft married John Harland Excise Officer
    5.Samuel Wheatcroft married Anne Simpson daughter of Richard Simpson cousin to my 4XGrandmother Millicent Colledge nee Simpson

    Child of Edward and Mary Wheatcroft nee Gallimore (among others)

    1.William Wheatcroft Mining Agent / Publican of Matlock Bath (County Hotel now known as County & Station Hotel) married my 4XAunt Elizabeth Hawley twin to Mary Killer nee Hawley my 3XGrandmother. Their son was Edward born 1813 who married Jemima Pearson 02/12/1833 Edward was Post Master at Matlock Bath Other sons John born 1817 and William born 1812 and a daughter Mary Edward and Jemima's children were Adolphus married Sarah Longden at St Michaels Church Derby 07/05/1860 Sidney Frederick married Maria Webster of Shirley living at Matlock Bath he Landlord first at The Station Hotel (one time known in his father's day as The County Hotel where William Wheatcroft was Landlord known today as The County & Station Hotel..Sidney F then became Landlord at Hodgkinson's Hotel by the 1900s,) James W Wheatcroft became a Plumber/Gas Fitter then in older age an Ironmonger in his own business.. Rosealina, Caroline, Jemima and Walter..

    I would be interested in hearing from any present day family of the Wheatcroft family re the above named persons

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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