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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of WALKER-1

Here's a Descent sent me by two readers.

Descendants of WALKER

I am led to believe that the Walkers came to Bonsall then to Castleton,
in the 17th century, from Scotland...In the 1800 whilst some remained at
Castleton, my direct kin removed to Wirksworth and Bolehill. 

Henry Walker of Bonsall, marr..................approx 1680.

Henry Walkers children. John Walker, miner, married Margaret Dakin of Dunscar dau of William Dakin, Yeoman, a family seated there over 400 years.

Job William Walker, marr and had issue, wife unknown, but removed to Ashover, buried at Ashover Church..(see memorial).

Children of John and Margaret Walker. John, had issue..(still researching).

Joseph, born 1730 Smalldale marr 1st Anne Rowbotham who left issue... 2nd Anne Fox no issue.

William Walker, born 1739, marr Elizabeth Nall dau of John Nall, Mine Agent and Sarah Chapman from Tideswell. They were my Grt Grt Grt Grandparents.

Thomas Walker of Castleton, miner, marr Anne Hallam, had issue.

Micheal Walker, had issue.....

Abraham Walker, died without issue.

Hannah Walker, marr Samuel Bland of Abney....

Mary Walker marr George Clay, Castleton, miner.

Martha, Ellen, both married (still researching).

Children of Joseph and 1st wife. John, Isaac, Joseph, Abraham (still researching).

Children of Hannah Walker and Samuel Bland. Samuel....Elizabeth........Blands still live around Castleton area.

Children of William and Elizabeth Walker nee Chapman. Elizabeth Walker, marr 1st John Smith from Stockport, Stonemason. 2nd William Buckley from Stockport, one son by Buckley.

Mary Walker, marr James Marshall of Edale, Brickmaker, had issue.

Sarah Walker, marr Thomas Dakin, cousin from Hope, Flax Dresser.

Anne Walker, marr Joshuah Birch, miner, had issue.

Hannah...,Henrietta, obt infants.

William Walker, born at Castleton 13th June 1783, miner (Blue John), marr at Bonsall to Catherine Wigley daughter of Sarah and ........... daughter of George Wigley Farmer / Miner Bonsall.......They were my Grt Grt Grandparents maternal.

Children of William and Catherine Walker nee Wigley. George Wigley - Walker, Miner/Stonemason, marr Lydia Maskrey dau of Joseph Maskrey Stonemason/Builder (Gorsey Bank).

Elizabeth Walker, born 1805, marr 14th June 1831 to John Brownson Joiner/ Wood Turner. Their daughter Anna Brownson marr William Killer a Director of Killers Quarry Middleton Anna was his 2nd wife had issue..... William Killer was nephew to my Grt Grt Grandfather and Grandmother Flint Samuel and Mary nee Killer and cousin to Martha Flint dau of Samuel and Mary...

Sarah Walker, born 11th Sept. 1807, marr William Louth, Landscaper/Gardener, Matlock 29th May 1828.

William Walker, born at Bolehill 2nd Novemeber 1810, marr Lydia Hall dau of Caleb and Hannah Hall nee Flint, of my direct Flint lineage... see Flint ped.

John, Anne obt infants.

Joseph Walker, born 1815. My Grt Grandfather, marr 1st wife Anne Wright 1836 dau of Samuel and Mary Wright from Bolehill....This Wright family were also my kin on the Flints..Anne's Grt Grt Grandfather maternal..was also my mat Grt Grt Grt Grt Grt Grt Grandfather Robert Frost. Mine Agent. His Grandaughter Mary Frost marr John Flint who were my Grt Grt Grt Grt Grandparents. Anne died in childbirth ( son Joseph died inf.) They had one surviving child Catherine. 2nd wife Margaret Fletcher Wrockerdine Wood Shropshire.....Joseph Walker founded a family company Stonemasons / Building Contractors...employing many men, and having the contract to build railway property on the newly opened London Northwest Railway line from Gloucster to Cumbria..It must have been a profitable contract as it lasted many years..and as well as this..Walkers built much of the housing and shop premises around Wirksworth area..including the Baptist Church Wirksworth. much of .Cromford Road some of Steeplegrange..some of St John Street....Derby Road..... Mount Zion Methodsit Church Middleton and some of Bolehill...NatWest Bank Wirksworth etc....He met his second wife whilst building in Shropshire They had many Children..... On Margaret becoming ill..they employed a nurse/housekeeper Martha Sheldon from Middleton..After Margaret's death Joseph Walker marr Martha Sheldon. my grt grandmother. They had one son John Walker who marr Annie Cauldwell.. They were my Grandparents..

Continuing with William and Catherine Walkers children... Catherine Walker, born 1817, marr William Wesley, Tailor, son of John Wesley 1841.

Mary Walker, born 1820, marr Isaac Brookes, Middleton, son of John Brookes, miner 1848.

Henry Walker, born 1822, Stonemason/Builder marr Anne Greatorex, Wirksworth July 28th 1848 dau of Henry Greatorex. Children: Sarah Jane Walker, William Henry Walker.

John Walker obt inf.

Children of William and Lydia Walker nee Hall... (William and Lydia were my wifes and my own kin via Walker / Hall / Flint connections). Lydia Walker, marr John Gallimore, Blacksmith.

Mary Walker, marr George Land, Miner Bolehill.

Anne Walker, marr Robert Wilson, Farmer Tansley.

Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker's heirs are many..some living abroad.. I now give my direct lineage.

Children of John and Annie Walker nee Cauldwell, Master Joiner / Builder N.B. My Grandmother Walker (maiden name Cauldwell) was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Cauldwell ...When her father Thomas ..a Police Officer at Sheffield died ages 28 years..her mother married Robert Flint my Grt Grt Uncle.

Elsie Walker, marr Rev Austin Price, Methodist Minister a Welshman born in Shropshire..His fathers family owned an Engineering company in Birmingham making vehicle parts..possibly how he got his name...His brother Ralph Price took over the company...Uncle Austin was Minister in Wirksworth Circuit during the 1930s...From Middleton they went to Retford in Notts..but then went to Llangollen in Wales..I spent many happy times there especially riding on the canal barges which passed near the manse....No issue.

John Walker, marr Nellie England from Blackwell nr Alfreton, dau of .... England Colliery Manager Winnings A & B Coal mines. Nellie was a Schoolteacher at Middleton Junior School who for a time lodged with my grandmother Gwellian Flint in the early 1900s....John was born near Carlisle when Grandfather was building rail property ...He was a Captain in the Coldstream Guards during W.W.1. Gassed in action..he suffered from asthma the rest of his life..Uncle John removed from Bolehill in the early 30s to Dartford Kent, with brother Joseph and founded their own Building company with contracts from the War ofiice to build and renovate R.A.F. property.. In the second war. John's son Roy Walker was a pilot based on the south coast during The Battle of Britain..

Alec Walker, born 1896, fought in 1st W.W. Lancashire Fusileers, born at Lancaster..Killed In Action 1915, Buried in Alberta War Grave Belgium aged 19 years.

Joseph Walker, Stonemason/ Builder, marr Celia Cooper from Skegby Mansfield, School Teacher Cromford Cof E Junior School, Father Farmer / Coal Miner removed to Kent..then to Westcliffe on Sea where he built Guest Houses, and managed them...

Doris Walker, born 1901 died last year (2001) 3 weeks short of her 100th Birthday...Spinster. Aunt Doris was employed at John Smedley Ltd Lea Mills ..Mr John Marsden Smedley.took her on as the first woman trainer Manager...She attended Nottingham University and studied design and business practice....Within a few years she was a Departmental Manager in the Women's Section...and became a Senior Manager having responsibility over the creation of new designs and overall management of the women at Lea Wirksworth and Tibshelf...On the outbreak of W.W.2 she was seconded to Bliss & Co Derby as a manager over the production of shell casings for ordnance..then further seconded to Ranskill Ordnance Factory in Notts. as a manager over the production of plastic explosives for bomb making a highly dangerous task. After the war she received a commendation from the war office..and in later years was presented with a silver enscribed salver by H.M. The Queen at Lea..... She remained at Lea Mills as a Senior Manager up to retirement..During this same period..my Uncle Sydney Flint was Chief Engineer at Lea mills. Aunt Doris was noted as a keen disciplinarian..Recently I met one of her workers from the factory..When she realised I was Aunt Doris' nephew the lady commented.. "she was a fair boss lad...but by heaven, she was a B..........Tyrant...".

Florence Walker, School Teacher Middleton School --- Carsington Junior School up to retirement..marr Leslie Charles Wright, Tailor Cromford Market Place (property once owned by Arkwrights).

Anne Walker, marr Geoffrey Grace from Codnor, came to Middleton with Brian Coles to connect mains electricity throughout the village...Brian Coles marr Jesse Fearn from Middleton and years later kept the Post office in the village..Anne and Geoffrey div. within a few years.... Aunt Anne was a Secretary in the War office at Whitehall previous to W.W.2 and on the outbreak of conflict was transferred to Churchills personal staff in the bunker..She signed the O.S. document..and we never ever knew what she got up to...After the war she was a senior administrator in the Ministry of Defence...She was a trained Classical singer, and often sang during the war with the Eric Robinson Band .....she told me that it relieved the stress of her job. She and I became good friends when she returned home to Middleton, suffering from Cancer..I often took her rides in the car..and when we got to the fringe of the village she would always say.."now we are clear of the village call me Annie not Aunt.." She was a very beautifull women still for all her suffering and being in her 60s...I remeber her with affection.

Kathleen Walker, born 1916 marr Harry Sprake Flint born 1894 marr in 1937 Christmas Day. My parents.......Mother was a Secretary at Lea Mills up to marriage..She also modelled swim wear..(if she reads this..I'll be scalped) Many people in Middleton thought that the age difference was to great, but then..they did not know my father....He had a youthfull outlook on life..and played cricket once in a while into his 50s...even though he had a lifelong heart defect, had Cancer and Arthritis...I realise the next few lines will be seen as hero worship..but then..Dad was my hero..No armchair general he.. not.."can I do it"...bur..".lets get it done"..was his way. My family upbringing was one of care and affection..Mother is still living at Middleton aged 86 years the last of her sibling generation.

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