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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Pedigree of Thomas TAYLOR-2

Dear John, 
     I was surprised and pleased to get an enquiry from Australia yesterday
regarding the William Taylor Pedigree I had sent to you. I agree with you
that using Numerical-Alpha numbering system is easier. 
     I hope you do not mind me doing this analysis of your data and hopefully
it may save other investigators some time. 
     Attached is a Pedigree of Thomas and Elizabeth TAYLOR of Hopton.
It is mainly derived from census information which I have included to help
understand my interpretation of the data. 
Ralph Taylor 

                 TAYLORS OF WIRKSWORTH


01 Thomas TAYLOR born circa 1811 Carsington.  
   married Elizabeth  ???.  born Hopton.
   Occupation:  Gamekeeper and Land Agent (after 1861) 

   Children of Thomas and Elizabeth.
   Reference Census 1841 HP12. Census 1851 HP04. Hopton
02 John   TAYLOR born circa 1831
03 Thomas TAYLOR born Hopton circa 1833 
   married Sarah ???? Occupation Game keeper
   Ref  census 1861 Ad02 Alderwasley. 
   Farmer of 168 acres Sandyford Ashlehay
   Ref Census 1881 AS17.
04 Isaac TAYLOR born circa 1835
05 Clara TAYLOR born circa 1836
06 Harriet Eliz TAYLOR Born circa 1837.
07 Mary Ann TAYLOR born circa 1840. 
   Married John TOMPSON 26 Dec 1872 from Tipperary Irl. 
   Fathers ,Thomas Taylor land agent, Thomas Thompson Farmer. 
   Witnesses: Harriet Eliz Taylor, Thomas Taylor.
   Note Widow ? living with her parents in 1881 Ref Census 1881 HP14
08 William TAYLOR born circa 1842. 
   Occupation Assistant dog breaker.
09 Phillip TAYLOR born circa 1844
0J Henry TAYLOR born Circa 1847  
   Married Emma ???? of Thorpe. 
   Occupation,Artificial Manure Manufacturer. 
   Reference Census 1881 CN10 Carsington.
0K Emily TAYLOR born circa 1849 Hopton. 
   Reference Census 1861 HP05 Hopton
0L Walter TAYLOR born circa 1852  Hopton
0M Alice E. TAYLOR born circa 1854 Hopton

03  Children of Thomas and Sarah of Alderwasley
    Ref. PRs and Census 1881 AS 17 Ashlehay
031 Mary Edith TAYLOR Christened 1 Jul 1866
032 Blanche    TAYLOR Christened 4 Aug 1867
033 Thomas     TAYLOR Christened 14 May 1869
034 John       TAYLOR Christened 10 Sept 1871
034 Walter     TAYLOR Christened 12 May 1872
035 Matilda    TAYLOR Christened 13 June 1875

0J  Children of Henry and Emma
    Reference census 1881 CN10 Carsington
0J1 Gertrude TAYLOR Born circa 1875 Carsington
0J2 Anne E.S.TAYLOR born circa 1876 Carsington
0J3 Evelyn A TAYLOR born circa 1878 Carsington
0J4 Thomas R TAYLOR born circa 1880 Carsington

1     Census 1841
Hp12a Thomas    TAYLOR    30  m  Y  Gamekeeper
Hp12b Elizabeth TAYLOR    30  f  Y
Hp12c John      TAYLOR    10  m  Y
Hp12d Thomas    TAYLOR    8   m  Y
Hp12e Isaac     TAYLOR    6   m  Y
Hp12f Clara     TAYLOR    5   f  Y
Hp12g Harriet   TAYLOR    4   f  Y
Hp12h Mary      ?         11m f  Y
Hp12i Elizabeth STEVENSON 12  f  Y  F.S.

2    Census 1851
Hp04a Elizabeth TAYLOR Wife M 42  F Gamekeepers wife  Hopton
Hp04b Isaac     TAYLOR Son  U 16  M Assist gamekeeper Hopton
Hp04c Clara     TAYLOR Dau  U 15  F Dau               Hopton
Hp04d Mary Ann  TAYLOR Dau    10  F Dau scholar       Hopton
Hp04e William   TAYLOR Son     9  M Scholar           Hopton
Hp04f Phillip   TAYLOR Son     7  M Scholar           Hopton
Hp04g Henry     TAYLOR Son     4  M                   Hopton
Hp04h Emily     TAYLOR Dau     2  F Gamekeepers dau   Hopton

3   Census 1861
Hp05a Thomas    TAYLOR Head M 52  M  Land Agent         Carsington
Hp05b Elizabeth TAYLOR Wife M 52  F                     Hopton
Hp05c Mary B    TAYLOR Dau  U 20  F                     Hopton
Hp05d William   TAYLOR Son  U 19  M  Assist dog breaker Hopton
Hp05e Walter    TAYLOR Son  U 9   M  Scholar            Hopton
Hp05f Alice E   TAYLOR Dau  U 7   F  
#2---Game Keepers Lodge---[Alderwasley]---
    (page 2, ED 7, RSD "Wirksworth", RG9/2518)
Ad02a Thomas TAYLOR Head M 28 M Gamekeeper        Hopton
Ad02b Sarah  TAYLOR Wife M 23 F Gamekeepers wife  Alderwasley

4.  Census 1881
Hp14a Thomas        TAYLOR   Head    M 72 M Carsington Land agent(auctioneer)
Hp14b Elizabeth     TAYLOR   Wife    M 72 F Hopton     Wife of land agent
Hp14c Harriett Eliz.TAYLOR   Dau     U 43 F Hopton     land agent dau
Hp14d Mary Ann      TOMPSON  Dau     M 40 F Hopton     Farmers wife
Hp14e Walter        TAYLOR   Son     U 29 M Hopton     Land agents son (no occ)
Hp14f Mary          FLEWITT  Visitor U 28 F Youlgreave Governess (sch)
Hp14g Mary          HALLORAN Serv    U 18 F Middleton  Dom serv
As17a Thomas  TAYLOR Head W  48  M Hopton       Farmer 168 acres em 3 lab
As17b Edith   TAYLOR Dau  U  14  F Alderwasley
As17c Blanche TAYLOR Dau     13  F Alderwasley
As17d Thomas  TAYLOR Son     12  M Alderwasley  Scholar
As17e John    TAYLOR Son     10  M Alderwasley  Scholar
As17f Walter  TAYLOR Son      9  M Alderwasley  Scholar
As17g Matilda TAYLOR Dau      6  F Alderwasley  Scholar
Cn10a Henry      TAYLOR   Head  M  34  M Hopton           Artifical manure Manfr 
Cn10b Emma       TAYLOR   Wife  M  33  F Thorpe
Cn10c Gertrude E.TAYLOR   Dau       6  F Carsington       Scholar
Cn10d Anne E.S.  TAYLOR   Dau       5  F Carsington       Scholar
Cn10e Evelyn A.  TAYLOR   Dau       3  F Carsington
Cn10f Henry F.   TAYLOR   Son       1  M Carsington
Cn10g Thomas R.  TAYLOR   Son       4m M Carsington
Cn10h Ellen      SMITH    Servt U  18  F Sheriffhales SAL Domestic servt
Cn10i Emma       HUMPHREY Servt U  15  F                  Domestic servt

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