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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of TALBOT-1

John -
    As per my recent e-mail, here's an attachment with the relevant
information about my TALBOT ancestry. I'm related to William Arthur
TALBOT, late of Wirksworth, and all his predecessors. I'd welcome any
e-mails from anyone else claiming similar ancestry, particularly any
stories or information on the cabbying Talbots beyond the basic
 birth/marriage/death stuff .....
Best Wishes

David J Holmes

Descendants of TALBOT

TALBOT RELATIONS listed - the ones in red are direct relations of the author.

1. William TALBOT bn appx 1821 in Moreton Pinkney, Nthts
   (Hawker & Grocer) m 5 Apr 1847 in Slapton, Nthts, to Mary Ann CAUSEBROOK
   d in 1880s, possibly while in New Zealand - further investigation required here !
   2. Anne TALBOT bn appx 1848 in Slapton, Nthts
   2. Benjamin T. TALBOT bn appx 1851 in Moreton Pinkney, Nthts
      (Policeman) m 24 Jul 1883 in Hulland, Dbys, to Hannah BLACK
   2. Mercy C. TALBOT bn appx 1854 in Slapton, Nthts
   2. Susannah TALBOT bn appx 1857 in Slapton, Nthts
   2. William TALBOT bn 1 May 1859 in Slapton, Nthts
      (Ag. Labourer) m 15 Apr 1885 in Wirksworth to Emily PEARSON
       later Cab Proprietor) d 13 May 1932 in Wirksworth, Dbys
      3. John Arthur TALBOT bn 22 Apr 1886 in Wirksworth, Dbys
         (Cab Proprietor) m 4 Oct 1911 in Hulland to Ethel BOOTH
         d 19 Jan 1918 in Wirksworth, Dbys
         4. William Arthur TALBOT bn 13 Jan 1912 prob in Hulland, Dbys 
            (Cab Proprietor) m 17 Apr 1939 in Belper (St Peters) to Vera ROBINSON
            later various) d 22 Oct 1995 in Wirksworth, Dbys
         4. Norman Lawrence TALBOT bn 17 Oct 1914 prob in Hulland, Dbys
            (Cab Proprietor) m May DOWNEY
            d 3 Mar 1989 in Wirksworth, Dbys
      3. William TALBOT bn appx 1889 in Wirksworth, Dbys (bapt 19 Feb 1890)
         may not have married, not known at present
         d 14 Jul 1954 in Wirksworth, Dbys
   2. John TALBOT bn appx 1861 in Slapton, Nthts
   2. Joseph H. TALBOT bn appx 1863 in Slapton, Nthts
      (Ag. Labourer,  m 10 Mar 1892 in Wirksworth to Emily CROFTS
       later Cab Proprietor) d 12 Oct 1938 in Wirksworth, Dbys

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