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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of STREET-1

Hello John

The following is my wife's Street and Pearson family history some of which is also of my kin

Yours Stuart G Flint

Descendants of STREET and PEARSON

    John Street married Mary Rowley 1680


  • John Street born 1689 married Elizabeth Saxton of Alfreton
  • William Street born 1692 married Anne Walker at Duffield Parish Church 1713

    Children of John and Elizabeth Street nee Saxton

  • 1.Lydia Street married Thomas Stubbs
  • 2.Henry Street married the widow of ............ Flint of Bolehill
  • 3.Samuel Street married Hannah Simpson widow of Peter Simpson Hannah daughter of William Elliott of Bonsall..Simpson's of my distant kin (not Bonsall Simpson's of my kin..Peter Simpson's parents were Adam and Hannah Simpson nee Doxey Adam born at Middleton Tyas County Durham his family invvolved in a partnership Copper Mines Peter was killed at Middleton Tyas in an accident at the mine)
  • 4.Joshua Street married Martha Booth of Narrowdale Staffordshire daughter of William Booth Landlord Joshua was a lead miner and Landlord of The Miners Standard Bolehill

    Children of Joshua and Martha Street nee Booth
    Joshua Street married Elizabeth Pearson 1780 daughter of Benjamin Pearson Overseer at Cromford Moor Sough which fed the Water Wheels along with Bonsall Brook at Sir Richard Arkwright's Mill Lane Mill Cromford Benjamin was also Mining Agent at The Dovegange Lead Mines.. In Fittons book History of Arkwrights..he is mentioned as a trusted manager although also working at one time for Peter Nightingale ..His son Benjamin Pearson who married Mary..... from Brough North Derbyshire was a Cotton Merchant..

    Benjamin Pearson senior was the son of Thomas Pearson Miner of Upper Wood between Matlock Bath and Bonsall..Benjamin's brothers Parkin Pearson married Martha Lockall whose brother Robert Lockall was Deputy Barmaster for Cromford and whose daughter Hannah married John Eaton of my sister in law and my wife's family.. Bens other brother was Thomas Pearson Petrifactioner of Matlock Bath who married ........... daughter of James Pearson.. Thomas and his wife had children Joseph Pearson Peter pearson and a daughter who married Thomas Poundall of Bonsall...This Pearson family also lived under an alias of Parker who married into my direct Frost family of Bolehill

    Children of Joshua and Elizabeth Street nee Pearson

  • 1.Mary Street born 1783 married William Gell Innkeeper
  • 2.Martha Street born 1795 married George Buckley of Bolehill 1815 see also my wife's / my Butler family history Buckley's of my own kin
  • 3.Sarah married Henry Cotton of Ashbourne
  • 4.Benjamin Street Mining Agent / Overseer of Wash Green Wirksworth married Sarah Morris niece of John Heapy (Heapey's my kin via my mother's Cauldwell family of Alderwasley)
  • 5.Joshua Street born 1784 married Anne Alsop daughter of Dennis Alsop of Holloway Lead Miner / Farmer Anne's sister Dorothy Alsop married John Shaw Malster of Oakerthorpe Road Bolehill son of my 5XUncle James Shaw sister to Anne Shaw who married Isaac Hoades they my 4XGrandparents on my mother's Cauldwell Walker side of the family John and Dorothy's sons became quarry owners at Matlock Dale Colehills Steeplegrange and on Middleton Road (Bowne & Shaw Middle Peak ) and at Hoe Grange Quarry Longcliffe in partnership with George Lovegrove..Peter Bowne who partnered with John Shaw was already Quarry General Manager at The Butterley Company quarry at Crich where John Shaw junior had interests also..

    Children of of Benjamin and Sarah Street nee Morris

  • 1.Rachell Street married Joseph Flint son of my 4XUncle/Aunt Joseph and Elizabeth Flint nee Spencer Joseph senior being Mining Agent at The Bage Lead Mine Bolehill and Ratchwood Mine Rise End Middleton his brother my 4XUncleSamuel who married Anne Taylor being Agent at The Dovegange Mines
  • 2.Harriett Street married Ambrose Blackahm Nail Maker Wash Green Forge they my wife's 4XGrandparents Ambrose and Harrietts daughter Emma married George Fox Building Contractor/ Monumental Mason of Cromford Road Wirksworth.. George and Emma's daughter Emma Fox married John Thomas Hall a Platelayer on The Cromford & HPR whose daughter Sarah Jane Hall married Herbert Evans they my wife's Grandparents ..Herbert a Kerb Dresser at Hopton Wood Stone Middleton
  • 3.Martha Street
  • 4.Lydia Street
  • 5.Elizabeth Street

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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