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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of SPRAKE-1

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

FLINT/SPRAKE family history

    Subject: Flint / Sprake family history
    Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 20:13:03 +0100 (BST)

    The following is the pedigree of my Flint / Sprake family

    Edwin Sprake born 1825 at Ross Scotland his fore bares of Huguenot origin who fled Belgium via Holland in the 17th century when the persecution of the Protestants occured in that era.. Some of his kin landed in Scotland and others in South Wales, Cornwall Devon and Dorset as miners and later iron workers... Edwin removed from Ross in the late1840s living at Blaenafon where he was a Foreman in the iron sorting dept Blaenafon Iron Works becoming by the 1860s a General Manager.. He married Leah Anne Williams of Upper Llanover 1852

    Children of Edwin and Leah Anne Sprake

    1.Henry Sprake also known as Harry born 1855 married Jane Jones of Victoria Ebbw Vale Henry an Iron Moulder
    2.Edwin Sprake twin of Henry born 1855 Iron Founder
    3.John Sprake married Mary Jenkins of Tredegar Rhonnda Valley John a Steel Worker
    4.Laura Sprake born 1859.. Laura travelled to Wirksworth Derbyshire with her sister Gwenillian working for Marsden the Auctioneer's North End Wirksworth..She then married a coal miner from Morton near Chesterfield
    5.Gwenillian Sprake born 1863 ..On the demise of her mother, Gwenillian lived with her Uncle Rev Thomas and his wife at Clifton Street Aberdare where he was also a Pit Deputy at Aberdare Colliery ..Gwenillian came to Derbyshire as a Governess to the family of Gentry who lived at Middleton in the summer months in a house on Chapel Lane which afterwards was lived in by my allied Axe family related to my Killer family.. The house was directly opposite my mother's Walker family home Manor Fields.. After Axe left the house my sister in laws family of Millward lived there.. Gwenillian met William Flint a Crane Driver at Killer Bros Hopton Wood Stone Quarry and married in 1886 they my Grandparents ..

    On Leah Anne Sprake nee Williams demise, Edwin remarried Anne Fowler widow nee Dando of Trevinith whose children of her first husband were

    1.Edward Fowler Labourer Iron Works
    2.Joseph Fowler Labourer Iron Works
    3.Leanora Fowler
    4.Maudi Fowler
    Living with Edwin and Anne was Susannah Dando Anne's mother living at Market Street Blaenafon

    Children of Henry and Jane Sprake nee Jones

    1.William born 1883 Coal Miner Big Pit Colliery Blaenavon
    2.Edwin born 1885 Coal Miner
    3.Glady's born 1887
    4.Arthur born 1889
    5.Reginald born 1890
    6.Ethel born 1891
    In 1964 on the demise of my father Harry Sprake Flint I visited Blaenafon and Mamhilad to see Ethel Reece nee Sprake, Dads cousin then in her 70s who had kept in touch with the Derbyshire family . Ethel the wife of the then late Rev Reece Baptist Minister at Mamhilad Baptist Church who worked as a Foreman at Cortaulds Ltd Pontypool Nylon Factory... The Sprakes of the 1880s lived at 3 Queen Street Blaenafon

    Children of John and Mary Sprake nee Jenkins

    1.Edwin John Sprake born 1886 Coal Miner
    2.Blodwen Sprake born 1888
    3.Elizabeth Sprake born 1883
    Living with the Sprakes of this family were John Jenkins Coal Miner Mary's father her brother David John Jenkins Coal Miner aged 20 years (1881 census) William Jenkins aged 13 years Coal Miner Living at 1 Market Street Blaenafon also owning a Greengrocery Shop on Market Street

    I wish to thank Mr Roynon and Rt Rev Hackett of South Wales for all their help in tracing my Sprake family..

    Children of William and Gwenillian Flint nee Sprake

    1.Leah Amelia Flint born 1887 married Arthur Botham son of Henry and Mary Botham nee Wetton of Wirksworth.. Uncle Arthur was a Pit Deputy at Clipstone Colliery near Worksop then Pit Deputy at Bolsover Colliery..
    2.Millicent Flint married George Else son of George and Grace Else nee Spencer of Middleton Uncle George was a coal miner at Bolsover living on Hunlocke Road Pit Cottages where I was an oft time visitor..
    3.Gertrude Flint married George Seeds of Wirksworth Uncle George at first a miner at Bolsover then removed to Cromford Hill (Arkwright Cottages) where he worked at Masson Mill as a machine minder
    4.Harry Sprake Flint born 1894 married kathleen Walker 1937 daughter of John and Annie Walker nee Cauldwell they my parents.. Harry was a Master Grocer / Gents Outfitter Liberal Councillor Middleton Ward Ashbourne R.D.C. and Wirksworth U.D.C. see other sites for more details
    5./ 6.Two children Gwenillian and Thomas Flint both died in infancy buried alongside their father William who was killed at Killer Bros Quarry 1905 buried at Holy Trinity Church Yard Middleton
    7.Laura Flint married George Doxey son of Aaron Doxey Uncle George an Engineer at Masson Mill saw action in the 1st W.W. Aunt Laura was my God Mother her daughter Gwen who died in her 40s 15 years my senior was a good friend to me...
    8.John Samuel Flint married Ada Petts daughter of John James Petts Monumental Mason.. Uncle Jack Flint was a Steam Engine Driver and a Trade Unionist, his brother in law was Councillor Norman Harrison whose father William Harrison was Chairman of Wirksworth U.D.C. when the road cutting through Colledge's Baileycroft Quarry was driven which was named Harrison Drive after William Harrison whose Grandmother was of my kin of Land/Brookes...
    9.Sydney Flint married Harriett Janet Fields Woodiwisse also known as Dolly Mather adopted by the Mather family kin of Killer's and of my wife's Evans family..Uncle Sydney was at first a Mining Engineer at Bolsover Colliery and then became Chief Engineer at John Smedley Lea Mills Uncle Syd was founder of Cromford Ladies Choir and a member of Cromford Male Voice Choir in which I sang from 1959 ....He also played Solo Cornet with Darley Dale Band in the era when they won Silver Prize at Belle Vue in the National Championships followed within a few years by Middleton Victoria Band .. Uncle Syd also conducted Middleton Congregational Church Choir...
    10.William James Flint born 4 months after his father William was killed at Killer Bros Quarry Dec 5th 1905 married Marian Walters of South Wingfield at Crich Wesleyan Methodist Church Uncle Billy was a Foreman Welder at Derby Carriage & Wagon Works

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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