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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of SPENCER-2

A pedigree researched by Stuart G FLINT for the Wirksworth website

Descendants of Francis SPENCER mar. 1669

Hello John
Yes..get ready for it..The Spencers are both my wife and my allied kin 
be it by various routes
The following is the full Spencer family history
Frances Spencer married Anne Dakin 1669
Robert Spencer born 1669  married Ane Gell dau of Thomas and Mary Gell 
nee Spencer of Middleton
Peter Spencer born 1777 married Maria  or Mary Haslam 1702
William Spencer  married Elizbeth 
Child of Peter and Maria  Spencer nee Halsam
Frances Spencer  1718 married Mabel Hall of Middleton  1745 Halls both my 
wife's kin and mine Mabel daughter of William and Sarah Hall nee Higton 
(A friend of mine and near neighbour is of this Higton family)
Children of Frances and Mabel Spencer nee Hall
1.Pheobe Spencer married John Sims 1770
2.Mabel married John Bateman 1774 
3.Francis married my 5XAunt Elizabeth Hawley 1786 sister of my 
4XGrandfather William Hawley who married Mary Henstock of Slaley Hall 
their daughter Mary married John Killer of Middleton they my 3XGrandparents  
Their daughter Mary Killer married Samuel Flint 1830  they my Gr Gr 
4.Hannah  married William Woodiwisse fore bare of my Aunt Janet Harriett 
Fields Woodiwisse also known as Dolly Mather who married my father 
Harry S Flint's  brother
5.Mary Spencer  married  ..........  Mather
6.Peter Spencer married Hannah (some doubt of her surname Latter Day Saints 
have her as Potter or Porter ..I believe it to be Potter) they married  
27th March 1794 and Grandparents of James Spencer who married Alice 
Children of Robert and Anne Spencer nee Gell
Thomas Spencer married Hannah Hall  1726
Benjamin Spencer born 1698  married Mary Hall  1723
Children of Peter and Hannah Spencer nee Potter
1.Peter Spencer born 1795  married Elizabeth Spencer of Wirksworth 1820
2.Frances Spencer born 1796
3.Anne born 1799
4.Samuel  born 1801
5.Mabel Spencer born 1804
6.James Spencer born 1896
7.John Spencer born 1808
8.Mage (Margaret) Spencer born
9.Mary Spencer born 1818  married John Flint son of Robert and Sarah Flint 
nee Allen
Robert and Sarah my 4XUncle and Aunt (S.G.Flint)  John Flint along with his 
brother William Allen Flint who married Elizabeth Slack daughter of my 
3XUncle and Aunt Samuel and Sarah Slack nee Land (Sarah sister of my Gr Gr 
Grandmother Hannah Smith nee Land
Samuel Slack, of my wifes kinship)  along with Robert then nearing his 70s  
Sarah having died in 1829  emigrated as Mormons to Kaysville Utah in 1850  
I have the full history of their departure and travel across the desert 
wastes to Utah from Nebraska  some of their offspring dying of Cholera en 
route The History written by a Gr Grandaughter of John and Mary Flint nee 
Spencer Mary Rose Flint  I am in contact with the family at Salt Lake City  
Kaysville  Layton  Ogden and St George
John's older sisters who did not emigrate to U.S.A.  Mary and  Hannah and 
Martha married as follows..Mary married her cousin John Flint son of my 
3XGrandparents  John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge   John and Mary  
(cousins) had a daughter Mary who married John Tomlinson of Wirksworth  
and a son Robert born 1839 who in his 40s married my Grt Grandmother Sarah 
Cauldwell nee Smith whose 1st husband Thomas  my true Grt Grandfather 
killed whilst a Police Officer at Sheffield aged 29 years (Robert and Sarah 
Lived with my Grt Grandfather Henry Flint widow and his brother Adam Flint 
who married Millicent Marples  all living  at Wigwell Nook Farm  Sough Lane 
Wirksworth Moor. Robert Smelting Mill Manager at  Longwaybank Cupalow where 
today a retired persons bungalow site is situated called Cupalow Park ....
Martha married Henry Walker of my mother and fathers family of Hoades Frost 
and Walker his allied kin being Ince..Hannah married Samuel Slack 
of Middleton 
Children of Peter and Elizabeth Spencer nee Spencer of Wirksworth
1.Mary born 1821
2.Peter Spencer born 1822 married Anne  surname unknown  Their son James 
Spencer born 1851 married Alice Greatorex daughter  of Benjamin Greatorex 
they living on Greenhill just above Joseph Flint of my kin who played 
cricket for Derbyshire in the 1870s 
3.Hannah Spencer born 1825
4.James Spencer born 1828
5.Anne Spencer  born 1834
6.Elizabeth Spencer born 1837
Children of Robert and Anne Spencer nee Gell
Thomas Spencer married Hannah Hall 1726
Benjamin Spencer  married Mary Hall 1723
Children of Thomas and Hannah Spencer nee Hall
1.Thomas born 1727  married Hannah Dale 1753
2.Henry born 1729  married Dorothy Dale 1756
3.Isaac born 1740  married Sarah Buxton of Middleton 1764 they 
5XGrandparents of my friend and family history researcher and my mother 
in laws cousin M.Taylor nee Spencer her husband being nephew of Edith 
Taylor nee Slack of my wifes kin   M.Taylors brother Haydn Spencer deceased 
was partner to my kinswoman May Flint of Flints Wharf Cottages Steeplegrange 
This Spencer also Grand fore bare of Isabella Spencer who married Andrew 
[Having re looked at the Spencer family tree I have found that Isaac and 
Sarah Spencer nee Buxton had another son Thomas Spencer whose son Job 
Spencer married Hannah Spencer  ..Job and Hannah had a son Isaac who married 
Rebecca ...who had a son William who married Judith Brookes of Middleton  
William and Judiths son Frances Spencer married Elizabeth Ellen Slater of 
Ireton Wood who may well be the Betty Spencer  as she is living on Greenhill 
with Slaters at one point being at age 17 years a Servant working for 
George Allen Sub Postmaster at Wirksworth Post Office 
This does fit in with the time scale around 1907  She married Frances 
Spencer in 1885 See X597] 

4.Mary Spencer   
5.George Spencer  
6.Martha Spencer 
Child of Thomas and Hannah Spencer nee Dale
Thomas Spencer born 1753  married Anne Mellor 1772
Children of Benjamin and Mary Spencer nee Hall
1.Daniel Spencer orn 1730  married Anne Storer 1761 she my kin via Sheldons  
My Gr Gr Gr Grandfather John Sheldon married Edith Storer of this family 
2.Robert Spencer 
3.Ellen Spencer  
4.Hannah Spencer
5.Reuben Spencer born 1743 married Elizabeth Buckley Their son Reuben 
Spencer married Mary Goodall of Middleton 1789  removing to Bonsall Moor 
as Farmers Their son Benjamin Spencer born 1803  married Anne Spencer 
dau of John and Rebecca Spencer  Benjamin and Anne farmed at Bottom Leys 
(also called Bonsall Leys ) Farm the farm formerly under the ownership of 
Adam Simpson of my kin who lived at The Study Manor House Bonsall..
Bonsall Leys Farm is out over Slaley Way on land once owned by my Henstock 
family who married into the Prince/Simpson family of The Study Manor House 
Children of Daniel and Anne Spencer nee Storer
1.John Spencer married Martha Buckley of Matlock 1779
2.Daniel Spencer married Anne Wragg of my wifes kin 1789
Children of Thomas and Anne Spencer nee Mellor
1.Thomas Spencer born 1772
2.Henry born 1775
3.Hannah born 1778
4.Benjamin born 1781
5.George Spencer born 1784  married Hannah Hopkinson of Bolehill 1806
6.Anne Spencer  married Thomas Godbehere 1810 cousin to my wifes 
4XGrandmother Hannah Wragg who married Robert Evans in 1804  
Hannah's mother being Hannah Godbehere 
7.Elizabeth married Isaac Spencer 1808
8.James Spencer born 1792 married Sarah Hopkinson 1813
9.Anthony Spencer born 1796
10.William Spencer born 1789 married Martha Buckley
Children of Isaac and Sarah Spencer nee Buxton
1.Sarah born 1764
2.Isaac born 1766  married Martha Slack daughter of Abraham and Dorothy 
Slack nee Flint fore bares of my friend M Taylor nee Spencer and Mabel 
Spencer who married John Sheldon my 3XUncle 
3.Anthony Spencer born 1773   married Ellen Duffield of Gorsey Bank..
  4XGrandparents of M Taylor nee  Spencer cousin of my mother in law  and 
Haydn also parents of Isabella who married Andrew Macbeth (Master Tailor 
at 15 Clayton Street Hulme Manchester employing over 45 people making up 
suits etc.. His son Thomas was father of Gertrude Cecile Macbeth who married 
Lawrence Beesley of my kin having a son Alec Beesley who married Dodie 
Smith of Manchester who on them both removing to New York U.S.A. Dodie 
wrote the book 101 Dalmatians and other such works filmed by Walt Disney  
Dodie died at Manchester in the 1990s I am in touch with Lawrence Beesley's 
family in Canada
Children of Anthony and Ellen Spencer nee Duffield
1.Thomas Spencer born 1794  married Vina Bradshaw of Matlock at St Giles 
Church Matlock 1816 3XGrandparents of M Tailor 
2.Anthony Spencer born 1796  married 3 times  1st wife  Sarah Hawley 
daughter ot Henry Hawley of my mothers Hawley / Sheldon  family of 
Middleton and Wirksworth 2nd wife Grace Potter sister of Jonathan  Potter 
my sister in laws Grand fore bare  ( J.Farnsworth  her Grandmother  being 
Anne Potter... J. married my brother J M Flint)  3rd wife  Sarah Godbehere 
of my wifes allied kin
3.Sarah Spencer born 1797  married Richard Moore of Middleton  The Miss 
Moores two spinster sisters  of this family in the 1950s taught my wife to 
play the piano The Moores married into the Hall family
4.Isaac Spencer born 1799
5.Robert Spencer born 1801  married Mary Hall at Manchester he a Tailor 
working for his in law Andrew Macbeth 
6.Isabella born 1804  married Andrew Macbeth of Manchester married at 
Manchester Cathedral 1826  Andrew Macbeths brother Isaac Macbeth of 
Wirksworth Baker married Hannah Boden daughter of Abel and Anne Boden nee 
Hoades dau of  Isaac Hoades who was my 4XGrandfather he a Baker at 
St Mary's Gate where Killers Bakery is today  whose 1st wife was Anne Shaw 
of Oker and Snitterton   they married at St Helens Church Darley Dale in 
1771  His 2nd wife was Elizabeth Peach married 1792  she mother of Anne 
Hoades who married Abel Boden Abel son of Abel and Hannah Boden nee 
Brittlebank of Winster Andrew Macbeth son of Isaac committed suicide his 
son Andrew being the founder of Andrew Macbeth Solicitors 
7.Henry Spencer  married Mary Potter sister to Grace and fore bare of my 
sister in law J Flint nee Farnsworth  
8.Anne Spencer born 1810   married William Roper son of Francis and Dorothy 
Roper nee Hawley  Dorothy my kin via my Hawley  Killer family   Ropers 
farmed at Town Head Farm Bonsall and Brightgates Farm Bonsall Moor  and 
at Kirk Ireton
Children of Thomas and Vinah Spencer nee Bradshaw 
1.Thomas  born 1819
2.Daniel Spencer born 1820  married Hannah Slack daughter of William and 
Fanny Slack they my friend M.Taylors 2XGrandparents and via William and 
Fanny Slack  my wifes 3XGrandparents  
3.John born 1822  
4.William born 1828   
5.Henry  born 1824
6.Hannah Spencer  married Isaac Spencer 1855 Isaac Spencer widow of Sarah 
nee Buxton at age 75 years lived with Thomas and Vina 1841 census
Children of Danile and Hannah Spencer nee Slack
1.William Spencer born 1849
2.Sarah Anne Spencer
3.Anne born 1857
4.Emma Spencer born 1858  married Samuel Jepson Stonecutter at Killers 
Quarry son of Joseph Jepson Joiner His heirs today are friends of mine at 
Middleton and Darley Bridge they Funeral Directors at Middleton  Matlock  
Darley Dale and Bakewell  R Jepson  son of K Jepson being Musical Director 
of Matlock Band today Prize Winners   K Jepsons father Reginald of Duke 
Street Middleton  was Apprentice to my Grandfather John Walker
5.Isabella Spencer born 1859  married William Butler  they fellow Trustees 
with my Grandparents John and Annie Walker nee Cauldwell when Mount Zion 
Methodist Church was built in 1905  by Joseph Walker & Sons  My Grandfather 
and his half brothers the builders  William Butlers half brother Isaac 
Butler was one time partner to my wifes Grt Grandmother Sarah Anne Holmes 
he her 2nd partner having a son F H Butler whose half brother was my wifes 
Grandfather Herbert Evans who married Sarah Jane Hall..  On Isaacs demise  
Sarah Anne married Joseph Evans father of Herbert  Sarah's 1st husband was 
William Evans  bother of her 3rd husband Joseph  William Butler and Isabella 
adopted a lady who married into the Harrison family (see J Harrison Water 
Bailiff)  whose daughter today is a friend of my family  her husband a 
Spencer whose family founded Middleton Silver Prize Band in 1892..   he 
and myself  co founders of The Dalesmen Male Voice Choir in 1987..
6.Grace Spencer  born 1861  married George Else  son of James and Hannah 
Else nee Godbehere  Their son George Else married my fathers sister 
Millicent Flint, Uncle George  a Manager at Bolsover Colliery  where others 
of my kin were Pit Deputies and Miners   Sir John Plowright Houfton being 
a Director at Bolsover along with Rufford  Thoresby Creswell  Clipstone 
and others in the Doncaster area  his cousin Percy Bond Houfton being the 
Architect who designed all the Pit villages   Sir Johns fore bares are of 
my other Harrison family (married into my mothers Land and Brookes family 
and my fathers  Petts and Flint family) and Sims family  (see Benjamin 
Houfton family history on John Palmers web pages with  whom I am in contact 
also with Sir Johns Grandaughter )   
7.Daniel Spencer  born 1866 married Esther Evans  sister of Joseph Evans 
my wife's Gr Gr Grandfather who married Mary Slack  
Joseph Evans owned Springus Lead Mine under MIddleton Moor  and was a 
member of The Grand Jury along with my John F Doxey of my kin of Wirksworth 
Barmote Court  my Gr Gr Uncle Samuel  J. Sheldon kin of Doxey's being the 
Deputy Barmaster
Children of Daniel and Esther Spencer  nee Evans
1.Daniel born 1891
2.Joseph W Spencer born 1893  married Martha Dickinson who was kin of my 
sister in laws family of Boden Potter and Farnsworth of Cromford  Joseph 
and Martha's son William Spencer was a friend of mine and my colleague at 
Middleton Congregational Church when I was Sunday School Superintendent he 
one time a pupil when my father was Sunday School Superintendent at the 
Chapel  He returned to Wirksworth   when he retired as a Captain in 
The Salvation Army in charge of the Corp at Bullwell and then Shirebrooks 
Notts Bill Spencer married Kathleen Gratton of The Dale  Wirksworth  she 
also an Officer in The S.A.   
3.Hannah M Spencer
4.Ernest Spencer of Middleton his family lived on King Street Middleton in 
my youth his daughter who I attended Middleton Junior School with living 
near my home today
5.Leslie Spencer father of M Taylor my fellow family history researcher  
and friend and Haydn Spencer deceased  whose partner was May Flint of  
Flints Wharf Cottages Steeplegrange   Haydn living there up to his demise 
in recent years  Flint's  having lived there from when the railway was 
built (C&HPR)  my Gr Gr Grandfather one time a resident there 1840s before 
moving into the Station House Steeplegrange 
I have much more information and can fill in with other branches of this 
family up to the present day..but I think this will suffice for now..
Regards  Stuart G Flint

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