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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of SMEDLEY-1

Hello John
The following is a pedigree of the Smedley family who are of my allied kin
Yours Stuart G Flint

Descendants of SMEDLEY

    George Smedley born at Bonsall married Susanah Ferne of Bonsall 14th May 1781 at Crich.. Susanah daughter of Henry and Grace Ferne of Bonsall ..Henry's brother Edmund Ferne married Dorothy Charlton they being parents of Mary Ferne who married William Allen of Bolehill whose daughters Dorothy Anne and Sarah married into my Sims and Flint family..

    Children of George and Susanah Smedley nee Ferne

  • 1.Joseph married Sarah Leedham of Wirksworth
  • 2.George Smedley married Silence Wright dau of Samuel and Elizabeth Wright nee Wright cousins ..This Wright family of my kinship via my 6XGrandfather Robert Frost and my 7XGrandfather William Wheatcroft.. theses gents grand fore bares of Wrights who lived at Wrights Cottages Wigwell Wirksworth Moor.. When Samuel Wright married his cousin Elizabeth their witnesses were Walter Buxton of my kin and John Frost my 5XGrandfather ...
  • 3.Henry Smedley
  • 4.Thomas Smedley married Martha Wright sister to Silence above
  • 5.Susan Smedley married Thomas James Southern of Rotherham
  • 6.Grace Smedley married Peter Wragg of Riber

    Children of Thomas and Martha Smedley nee Wright

  • 1.George Smedley of Steeplegrange born 11th Sept 1820 Miner at The Bage Mine Bolehill married Sarah Kniveton sister to Mary Kniveton of Alstonfield School Mistress
  • 2.Samuel Smedley born 16th Sept. 1822 married Elizabeth Buckley daughter of George Buckley he also of my Flint kin
  • 3.Henry Smedley married Martha Buckley sister of Elizabeth above
  • 4.John Smedley born 1824 married 1st wife Sarah Barker Grandaughter of Edward and Mary Barker nee Flint Mary my 5XAunt sister to John Flint who married Mary Frost daughter of John and Esther Frost nee Hill they my 5XGrandparents 2nd wife Elizabeth Evans daughter of James Evans brother to my wife's 4XGrandfather Robert Evans who married Hannah Wragg
  • 5.Thomas Smedley born 13th Sept. 1827 married Eliza Barker 1847 sister to Sarah above

    Children of Thomas and Eliza Smedley nee Barker

  • 1.Thomas Smedley obt age 14 months..(around this period of time a Smallpox epidemic hit the Wirksworth area..My 3XUncle Michael Hall Wigley who married into the Bush / Fowler family of Mill House Green lost all his 5 children to Smallpox)
  • 2.Sarah Elizabeth
  • 3.Emma obt aged 20 years
  • 4.Alvin S Smedley born 1858 married 1st wife Fanny Flint of Stafford.. Alvin S Smedley was a Stonemason working for my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker & Sons They had children Louisa and Mary..Fanny was Grt Grandaughter of my 5XUncle Abraham Flint (married Lydia Frost 1/2 sister to Mary Frost who married John Flint they my 4XGrandparents Abrahams son John Flint married into the Moorcroft family whose heirs founded Wm Moorcroft Pottery.. John's son Charles was a Solicitor at Stafford. Abraham Flint was born at Darley Hillside, but when his brothers removed to Bolehill he moved on marriage to Uttoxetor and then Stafford ..) Fanny's father Charles Flint died at young age and Fanny lived with Thomas and Mary Hall nee Flint of Bolehill..Mary cousin to my Gr Gr Grandfather Samuel Flint who married Mary Killer ..Thomas Hall, Samuel Flint and Mary Hall's brother Joseph Flint were in a partnership ..Joseph a Wharfinger at Steeplegrange on The C&HPR he also with Samuel a Coal Merchant at Flint's Wharf and a Brick Manufacturer ..Samuel my Gr Gr Grandfather was Wharfinger at Middle Peak Wharf for a time then Station Master at Steeplegrange Thomas Hall was a Baker and Grocer at Bolehill.. Halls of this family were my kin up to recent years by other marriages and remained Bakers and Grocers up to the 1950s heirs still living in the area ..Adam Killer of my allied kin was Apprentice Baker to Luke Hall heir of Thomas and Mary Hall nee Flint Adams son today is neighbour to my wife's brother at Bolehill opposite The Bage Lead Mine.. The land The Bage stands is owned today by Adam's son previously owned by the Hall family and when the mine was in production managed by members of my Flint family.. whilst my Grandfather John Walker was born at a house at the rear of Halls Bakery, near The Bage and worked part time nights for Halls Bakery preparing the dough etc.even though he was an Apprentice Carpenter for his family firm Joseph Walker & Sons .Joseph being his father (John born to Joseph's 3rd wife)..Adam Killer on completing his apprenticeship took over the St Mary's Gate Wirksworth Bakery which is still prospering as such today under new ownership the owner distant kin of my wife and myself via Slacks

    Alvin S Smedley's 2nd wife on Fanny's demise (died April 18th 1882) was Mary Anne Rainsford of Duffield (married February 20th 1883) by whom he had the following children John Edward, Olive, Wilfred, Alvin, James, Isaac, Beatrice, Bertie, Harold and Maud (or Marie)

    Alvin Smedley today a family friend who lives near my home is an heir of Alvin S Smedley

    Regards S.G Flint

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