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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of SLATER-2

A Pedigree sent by Dave Rees .

Dave writes:
"Please find my attachment of SLATERs of Derbyshire. It would take too long to send it in any other format, sorry. Hope this would be of interest to you or other people researching SLATERs. It all started from researching my wife's side of the family. From Archibald Gilbert SLATER who played for Derbyshire CCC, my wife's grandfather."

Thanks Dave.

Descendants of SLATER

    **** writes: Descendants of John Slater Generation No. 1 1. JOHN1 SLATER was born 1760 in TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. He married ANN. Children of JOHN SLATER and ANN are: 2. i. JOHN2 SLATER, b. February 11, 1783, ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE; d. 1866, BELPER DISTRICT.DERBYSHIRE. ii. WILLIAM SLATER, b. December 24, 1786, ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. iii. WILLIAM SLATER, b. December 21, 1788, ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. iv. MARY SLATER, b. December 26, 1790, ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. v. ANN SLATER, b. 1795, ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. 3. vi. BENJAMIN SLATER, b. May 28, 1797, ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. 4. vii. GEORGE SLATER, b. December 23, 1798, ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. viii. ANN SLATER, b. October 18, 1799, ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. ix. MELICENT SLATER, b. October 20, 1800, ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. Generation No. 2 2. JOHN2 SLATER (JOHN1) was born February 11, 1783 in ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE, and died 1866 in BELPER DISTRICT.DERBYSHIRE. He married HANNAH BEARDSLEY January 21, 1811. She was born January 7, 1793 in TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. Children of JOHN SLATER and HANNAH BEARDSLEY are: 5. i. SAMUEL3 SLATER, b. 1812, PENTRE LANE.DERBYSHIRE; d. 1881, Ashbourne district derbyshire. 6. ii. JOSEPH SLATER, b. October 19, 1813, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE; d. 1888. 7. iii. JAMES SLATER, b. 1818, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. iv. GEORGE SLATER, b. April 8, 1821, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. v. HANNAH SLATER, b. September 7, 1828, ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. vi. ANN SLATER, b. September 16, 1832, ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. vii. FRANCIS SLATER, b. April 12, 1835, ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. 3. BENJAMIN2 SLATER (JOHN1) was born May 28, 1797 in ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. He married ELIZABETH MARSH December 28, 1836. She was born 1802 in WIRKSWORTH.DERBYSHIRE. Children of BENJAMIN SLATER and ELIZABETH MARSH are: i. HANNAH3 SLATER, b. 1838, WIRKSWORTH.DERBYSHIRE. ii. SAMUEL SLATER, b. 1841, WIRKSWORTH.DERBYSHIRE. 4. GEORGE2 SLATER (JOHN1) was born December 23, 1798 in ALL SAINTS.TURNDITCH.DERBYSHIRE. Children of GEORGE SLATER are: i. ANN3 SLATER, b. 1820. ii. ELIZA SLATER, b. 1825. Generation No. 3 5. SAMUEL3 SLATER (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1812 in PENTRE LANE.DERBYSHIRE, and died 1881 in Ashbourne district derbyshire. He married HANNAH LEE February 2, 1873. She was born October 29, 1809 in HOGNASTON DERBYSHIRE, and died 1873 in DERBYSHIRE. Notes for SAMUEL SLATER: IN 1851 CENSUS LIVING IN KIRK IRETON VILLAGE DERBYSHIRE WITH FAMILY NO SIGN OF JOSEPH. Children of SAMUEL SLATER and HANNAH LEE are: i. JOSEPH4 SLATER, b. 1837; m. MARY WALKER; b. 1841, BRASSINGTON DERBYSHIRE. 8. ii. JOHN SLATER, b. Abt. 1839, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. iii. MARY SLATER, b. Abt. 1841, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE.. iv. HANNAH SLATER, b. Abt. 1842, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE.. v. SARAH SLATER, b. Abt. 1844, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE.. vi. PHOEBE SLATER, b. Abt. 1845, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE.. vii. FRANCIS SLATER, b. Abt. 1850, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE.. 6. JOSEPH3 SLATER (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 19, 1813 in KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE, and died 1888. He married ELIZABETH SMEDLEY 1848. She was born 1817 in THORPE.DERBYSHIRE, and died 1900 in Ashbourne district derbyshire. Children of JOSEPH SLATER and ELIZABETH SMEDLEY are: i. MARY GRACE4 SLATER, b. 1846, HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE. ii. ELIZABETH SLATER, b. 1847, HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE. iii. WILLIAM SLATER, b. 1849, HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE; d. 1861. 9. iv. JOSEPH SLATER, b. January 6, 1851, HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE; d. September 17, 1919, HAMILTON.ONT. 10. v. EDWARD SLATER, b. 1852, HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE. vi. JAMES SLATER, b. 1854, HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE. vii. SARAH ANN SLATER, b. 1855, HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE. 11. viii. JOHN SLATER, b. 1857, HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE. ix. ABNER SLATER, b. June 1859, HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE; m. MARY ANN WILSON, June 2, 1897. 7. JAMES3 SLATER (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1818 in KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. He married ELIZA BAIMBRIDGE December 10, 1846. She was born December 12, 1819 in MUGGINTON.DERBYSHIRE. Notes for JAMES SLATER: in 1881 census living in Mansfield Rd.Heanor.Derbyshire.with son Alfred wife Mary.Ann.Alfred.Eli.Francis.John.grandchildren. Children of JAMES SLATER and ELIZA BAIMBRIDGE are: i. JOHN4 SLATER, b. 1841, HAZLEWOOD.DERBYSHIRE. 12. ii. GEORGE SLATER, b. October 14, 1846, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. iii. HANNAH SLATER, b. 1849, HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE. 13. iv. ALFRED SLATER, b. 1851, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. 14. v. HENRY CHARLES SLATER, b. February 23, 1855, ALDERCAR LANE.HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE; d. November 20, 1916, WORKSOP. Generation No. 4 8. JOHN4 SLATER (SAMUEL3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1839 in KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. He married ELIZA. She was born 1851 in WEST HATTON DERBYSHIRE. Children of JOHN SLATER and ELIZA are: i. ALBERT5 SLATER, b. 1862, WEST HATTON DERBYSHIRE. ii. WILLIAM SLATER, b. 1874, DENABY YORKSHIRE. iii. SAMUEL SLATER, b. 1875, DENABY YORKSHIRE. 9. JOSEPH4 SLATER (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born January 6, 1851 in HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE, and died September 17, 1919 in HAMILTON.ONT. He married DOROTHY SWAINSON December 25, 1882. She was born March 15, 1856 in CHESTER., and died March 28, 1937 in HAMILTON.ONT. Children of JOSEPH SLATER and DOROTHY SWAINSON are: i. ETHEL5 SLATER, b. October 21, 1883, MAPPLETON.DERBYSHIRE; d. April 16, 1993, HAMILTON.ONT; m. DOUGALL CAMBELL, December 31, 1920. ii. STEWART SWAINSON SLATER, b. January 7, 1885, MAPPLETON.DERBYSHIRE; d. December 8, 1956, TRAIN NR COBALT. ONT. iii. ANNIE ALBERTA SLATER, b. March 19, 1888; d. September 5, 1989, BURLINGTON.ONT; m. WILLIAM GEARING. iv. ERIC SLATER, b. February 17, 1890; d. April 22, 1890, SHIRLEY DERDYSHIRE. v. DOROTHY HILDA SLATER, b. December 4, 1894; m. LITTLECHILD. vi. MARGARET MAUD SLATER, b. November 29, 1898, MAPPLETON.DERBYSHIRE; d. September 22, 1971, HAMILTON.ONT; m. JOSEPH ALFRED TANCREDE BOURKE, January 23, 1928; b. September 3, 1888, PLESSISVILLE.CANADA; d. August 23, 1973, HAMILTON.ONT. 10. EDWARD4 SLATER (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1852 in HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE. He married (1) EMILA ELIZABETH BARNES 1876. She was born 1851 in Ashbourne Derbyshire, and died 1890. He married (2) ELIZABETH ELLEN BRAND 1893. She was born 1869. Children of EDWARD SLATER and EMILA BARNES are: i. ROBERTJOSEPH E5 SLATER, b. 1877, Ashbourne Derbyshire. ii. WILLIAM ERNEST B SLATER, b. 1878, Ashbourne Derbyshire. iii. ALICE ELIZABETH SLATER, b. 1879, Ashbourne Derbyshire. iv. JAMES EDWIN SLATER, b. 1882, Ashbourne Derbyshire. v. CHARLES H SLATER, b. 1883, Ashbourne Derbyshire. vi. EMILA SLATER, b. November 1, 1883; d. August 11, 1958, St Barts London; m. SIDNEY SMITH, May 12, 1909, Ashbourne.Derbyshire; b. 1883. vii. BETSY ANNIE R SLATER, b. 1885, Ashbourne Derbyshire. viii. FRANCES LOUISA SLATER, b. 1887, Ashbourne Derbyshire. ix. MURIEL SLATER, b. 1888, Ashbourne Derbyshire; m. JOHN FOGG. x. BENJAMIN PARKES SLATER, b. 1890, Ashbourne Derbyshire. Child of EDWARD SLATER and ELIZABETH BRAND is: xi. WILFRID5 SLATER, b. 1896, Ashbourne Derbyshire; m. MAY FLORENCE FRANCIS; b. 1898. 11. JOHN4 SLATER (JOSEPH3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1857 in HULLAND WARD.DERBYSHIRE. He married ELIZABETH TURNER May 11, 1878. She was born 1861 in BASLOW.DERBYSHIRE. Children of JOHN SLATER and ELIZABETH TURNER are: i. SARAH SUSANNAH5 SLATER, b. 1878, WIRKSWORTH.DERBYSHIRE. ii. GEORGE SLATER, b. 1880, WIRKSWORTH.DERBYSHIRE. iii. CHARLES SLATER, b. 1882, WIRKSWORTH.DERBYSHIRE. iv. ALEX SLATER, b. 1885, WIRKSWORTH.DERBYSHIRE. v. JOSHUA F SLATER, b. March 22, 1890, WIRKSWORTH.DERBYSHIRE. 12. GEORGE4 SLATER (JAMES3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 14, 1846 in KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. He married CLARA FORD 1868. She was born 1846 in KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE, and died 1883 in KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. Notes for GEORGE SLATER: in 1881 census living in Rake Stones Farm.Kirk Ireton .derbyshire. with Clara.Martha.Isaac.Hannah.IN 1871 CENSUS LIVING 52 WIRKSWORTH LANE KIRK IRETON WITH CLARA/MARTHA Children of GEORGE SLATER and CLARA FORD are: i. MARTHA5 SLATER, b. 1869, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. ii. HANNAH D SLATER, b. 1874, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. iii. ISAAC SLATER, b. 1876, KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. iv. WALTER HORATIO SLATER, b. May 18, 1882, MORLEY.DERBYSHIRE. 13. ALFRED4 SLATER (JAMES3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1851 in KIRK IRETON.DERBYSHIRE. He married MARY ANN BROWN September 1872. She was born 1853 in BRINSLEY.NOTTINGHAM. Notes for ALFRED SLATER: IN 1881 CENSUS LIVING.IN 124 STATION RD HEANOR WITH FAMILY. Children of ALFRED SLATER and MARY BROWN are: i. ANN5 SLATER, b. June 1874, BRINSLEY.NOTTINGHAM. ii. ALFRED SLATER, b. September 1875, HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE.. iii. ELI SLATER, b. 1876, BRINSLEY.NOTTINGHAM. iv. FRANCIS SLATER, b. December 1878, HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE.. v. JOHN SLATER, b. 1880, HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE.. vi. GEORGE SLATER, b. 1882, HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE.. vii. EDITH SLATER, b. December 1883, HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE.. viii. ELLEN SLATER, b. 1886, HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE.. ix. MAY SLATER, b. June 1887, HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE.. x. WILLIAM HENRY SLATER, b. December 1891. 14. HENRY CHARLES4 SLATER (JAMES3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born February 23, 1855 in ALDERCAR LANE.HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE, and died November 20, 1916 in WORKSOP. He married SARAH ANN BESTWICK December 28, 1878. She was born 1855 in LANGLEY MILL.HEANOR DERBYSHIRE. Notes for HENRY CHARLES SLATER: PLAYED CRICKET FOR DERBYSHIRE C.C.C. 1882-1887. IN 1881 CENSUS LIVING IN Langley Mill Road.Heanor .with Sarah and William IN 1891 CENSUS LIVING IN 44 STACKS LANE. PILSLEY. WITH SARAH/GEORGE/WILLIAM/HERBERT/ELIZABETH/ARTHUR/HARRY/ELIZA/SAMUEL/ARCHIBALD . Children of HENRY SLATER and SARAH BESTWICK are: i. GEORGE HENRY5 SLATER, b. 1875, HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE OR LANGLEY MILL. DERBYSHIRE; d. February 20, 1927; m. SARAH E; b. Abt. 1877, STONEBROOM.DERBYSHIRE. Notes for GEORGE HENRY SLATER: IN 1901 CENSUS LIVING IN NEW VILLAGE CRESWELL.ELMTON.DERBYSHIRE WITH FAMILY ii. WILLIAM ALFRED SLATER, b. September 1880, LANGLEY MILL.HEANOR DERBYSHIRE; d. September 1895. iii. HERBERT SLATER, b. November 11, 1881, LANGLEY MILL.HEANOR DERBYSHIRE; d. December 2, 1958, CRESSWELL DERBYSHIRE; m. ELIZA ANN HEPTON; b. 1879, KILLAMARSH. Notes for HERBERT SLATER: PLAYED CRICKET FOR DERBYSHIRE C.C.1N 1907 iv. ELIZABETH AMELIA SLATER, b. 1883, HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE.; m. ALBERT SWAIN. v. ARTHUR SLATER, b. September 1884, HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE.. vi. HARRY SLATER, b. June 1886, HEANOR.DERBYSHIRE.; m. FLORRIE DRABBLE. Notes for HARRY SLATER: lived at welbeck street creswell derbyshire vii. ELIZA MARY SLATER, b. 1887, TIBSHELF.DERBYSHIRE; m. WILLIAM DAYKIN. viii. SAMUEL SCOTT SLATER, b. March 1889, TIBSHELF.DERBYSHIRE. ix. ARCHIBALD GILBERT SLATER, b. November 22, 1890, PILSEY.DERBYSHIRE; d. July 23, 1949, ROYAL INFIRMARY U.D. MANCHESTER .LANCASHIRE; m. MILLICENT VERONICA ATKINSON, August 20, 1919; b. 1895, BRADFORD DISTRICT .YORKSHIRE; d. November 10, 1964, Rossendale General Hospital Rawtenstall. Notes for ARCHIBALD GILBERT SLATER: PLAYED CRICKET FOR DERBYSHIRE C.C.C. FROM 1911 TO 1931 x. FLORRIE SLATER, b. July 6, 1892, PILSEY.DERBYSHIRE; d. May 20, 1976, WOODLANDS COURT HOSPITAL. BOSTON.LINCOLNSHIRE; m. HARRY UPTON, June 12, 1944; b. May 23, 1885, KIRTON FEN.LINCS; d. March 17, 1971, BOSTON LINCOLNSHIRE. xi. STEWART CRAWFORD BESTWICK SLATER, b. July 14, 1895, CRESWELL DERBYSHIRE; d. May 3, 1954, 36 Laurel Avenue .Church Warsop.Mansfield.Notts; m. KATE ELIZABETH GOULDING, April 27, 1921, GLINTON.WORKSOP; b. 1895, ELMTON.WORKSOP.OR Creswell.Derbyshire; d. December 15, 1986, Mansfield Community Hospital.Notts. xii. NELLIE SLATER, b. March 1896, PILSEY.DERBYSHIRE; m. SIDNEY THOMPSON, 1960; b. 1897.

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