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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of SLACK-2

This Pedigree was sent by:
Ruth Singh

Thanks Ruth.

SLACK family history

    From: Ruth Singh
    Subject: Re: Josiah Slack of Middleton- convict
    Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 14:59:36 +0100

    This is my Slack pedigree.

    JOHN SLACK b. 1669 m ANNE SPENCER in 1690 at Wirksworth (I wondered if he is the brother of Abraham b. 1665).

  • Children of John and Anne are JOHN b.1693 m ANNE BROOKS in 1723 at Wirksworth.

  • Children of John and Anne are JOHNATHAN b.1723 Wirksworth who married ELIZABETH WIGLEY and ANNE b. 1716 Wirksworth who married CHRISTOPHER TOMLINSON.

  • Children of Johnathan and Elizabeth are DANIEL b.1743 m ELIZABETH RAINES b. 1762 Grange Mill (I am unsure of this date as it would make Daniel almost 20 years older than her, perhaps she is a second wife?) , second wife being SARAH WHEELDON.

  • Children of Daniel and Elizabeth are DANIEL b.1770 m ELLEN COLLINSON, JOHN b. 1771 m GRACE SPENCER, ANN (NANCY) b. 1775 m BEN DOXEY, JOSIAH b. 1776 Middleton m MARY JEPSON in 1800 ( a butcher/farmer in Middleton), ELIZABETH b.1781 m THOMAS MOORE.

  • Children of Josiah and Mary are ELIZABETH b1801 and JOSIAH b. 1802 Middleton m MARTHA BEARDSLEY of Duffield (this is my 3x greatgrandfather the convict and where my branch started).

  • Children of Josiah and Martha are WILLIAM b.1826 m SARAH ? of Hognaston, ANN b.1828 m AARON BUCKLEY, JAMES b. 1830 m ELIZA BOWMAN b.1823 Weston Underwood in 1855, later married MARY ANN ? b.1831 Smalley ( this is my 2x greatgrandmother but I do not know her maiden name , can anyone help ?), ELIZABETH b.1833 unmarried, HENRY b. 1835, MARTHA b. 1838 m JOHN BROOKS, JOSIAH b.1841 who is noted as being blind from birth, unmarried but worked as a stone quarryman which is amazing. At the time of convict Josiah being in Ashbourne workhouse (1881) there is also a Mary Slack b.1843, noted with him as his daughter, but I have been unable to locate her within the family earlier.

  • Chidren of James and Mary Ann ( my great, great grandparents) are MARY JANE b.1866, GEORGE b.1866, WILLIAM b.1868 m MARTHA OATES b.1875 Horsley, MARY ELIZABETH b.1870, CHARLES b.1874.

  • Children of William and Martha (my greatgrandparents ) are MARY (POLLY) b. 1895 Horsley m JAMES BELL b.1898 Denby, ANNIE(NANCE) b.1898, ERNEST b.1899, ELLEN(NELLY) b.? Children of Mary(Polly) and James Bell (my grandparents) are KENNETH b. 1921, ALAN b. 1923, COLIN b.1926 m EMMA ELIZABETH BEARDSLEY b.1929 Holbrook, DONALD b.1928.

  • Colin and Emma Elizabeth (my parents) have four children of which I am the eldest, they have six grandchildren.

    A little history and life lines of my branch of the Slacks.

    JAMES SLACK b. 1830 Middleton (taken from census). 1841 Josiah Slack b, 1774 Wirksworth farmer/butcher living The Green, Middleton
    Mary Slack b. 1781 Wirksworth wife
    James Slack b. 1830 Middleton Grandson

    1851 I have been unable to find James at this time, both grandparents are dead, Mary in 1848 and Josiah in 1851, his father is in Derby gaol. I do know that he married Eliza Bowman in 1855(she died 1863).I don't know if there are children from this marriage.

    1861 James Slack b. 1830 Middleton agricultural labourer living Smalley, Derbyshire
    Eliza Slack b. 1823 Weston Underwood wife

    1871 James Slack b. 1830 Middleton Publican
    living Makeney, Derbyshire (I think its the Holly Bush Inn)
    Mary Slack b.1831 Smalley wife
    Mary Jane b. 1866 Horsley Woodhouse daughter
    George b. 1867 Milford son
    Mary Elizabeth b. 1870 Milford daughter
    William b. 1868 Milford son

    1881 James Slack b.1830 Middleton Publican
    living Duffield Bank, Makeney
    Mary Slack b. 1831 Smalley wife
    Mary Jane b. 1866 Horsley woodhouse daughter
    George b. 1867 Makeney son
    William b. 1868 Makeney son
    Mary Elizabeth b. 1870 Makeney daughter
    Charles b. 1874 Makeney son

    1891 They are no longer at the Holly Bush Inn, Makeney, as yet I have not been able to find them, but Mary Ann died in 1894 and James in 1900, I have not found where.

    WILLIAM SLACK b. 1868 Makeney, Derbyshire

    I have very little knowledge of my great grandfather, he married my greatgrandmother Martha Oates in 1895 (my grandmother was well on the way). Martha was born in Horsley, Derbyshire to William and Mary Oates who kept the Coach and Horses Pub for many years. William and Martha seem to have lived in Horsley for some years as my grandmother Mary(Polly), her sister Annie(Nance) and brother Ernest were all born there. When my grandmother was aged five William and Martha moved to Wilson near Breedon on the Hill in Leicestershire, taking with them Annie and Ernest, I think Ellen(Nelly) was born there, and there may be others. (William is shown as a farmer in 1901 census), but they did not take my grandmother with them. She was brought up, until she married, by William and Mary Oates her maternal grandparents, in Horsley. We have never known why this happened as she never spoke of the Slack family, just her Oates relations. My father, who died two years ago, never knew his Slack grandparents. If anyone out there has any knowledge of our branch of the Slack family I would be delighted to hear from them, especially if they have knowledge of why my grandmother was left behind. I also have reseach for various maternal branches of the Slacks, which I would be glad to share.

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