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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of SLACK-1

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

SLACK family history

    Subject: Further Slack family history
    Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 21:50:23 +0100 (BST)

    The following is a Slack family history some of whom are of my kin

    Abraham Slack born 1665 married Mary Coates 1687 of Cromford daughter of John and Anne Coates..John and Anne Coates my 7XGrandparents..Johns father being Henry Coates Mining Agent to Sir Robert Heath whose partner in lead mine ownership was Sir John Gell of Hopton Hall early 1600s


  • 1.Abraham Slack born 1687 married Ruth Clough 1713
  • 2.Isaac born 1689
  • 3.Mary born 1699

    Children of Abraham and Ruth Slack nee Clough

  • 1.Joseph Slack born 1714 married Grace Tompson of Middleton 1742
  • 2.Abraham born 1719 married Mary Fogg of Cromford 1743
  • 3.Elizaberh born 1716

    Children of Abraham and Mary Slack nee Fogg

  • 1.Abraham born 1745 obt as infant
  • 2.Mary born 1748 married Thomas Burton
  • 3.Isaac Slack born 1752 married Elizabeth Hughes 1775
  • 4.Hannah born 1756
  • 5.Abraham born 1758 married Dorothy Flint 1781 daughter of Isaac Flint

    Children of Isaac and Elizabeth Slack nee Hughes

  • 1.Isaac born 1786 married Hannah Brookes 1812 witnesses Gamalieil Hall and John Lee. Hall and Lee my wife and my kinsmen
  • 2.Samuel Slack born 1778 married Anne Blackwall dau of Samuel and Sarah Blackwall

    Children of Abraham and Dorothy Slack nee Flint

  • 1.Martha Slack born 1781 obt infant
  • 2.William Slack born 1782 married Mary Hall daughter of Gamalieil and Anne Hall nee Gregory..Gamalieil was brother to Caleb Hall who married my 4XAunt Hannah Flint sister to John Flint my 3XGrandfather (married Elizabeth Colledge) Halls also my wife's kin
  • 3.Martha Slack born 1788 married Isaac Spencer witnesses Edward Wheatcroft (my kin) and Isaac Spencer father of Isaac
  • 4.Dorothy Slack born 1791 married Peter Wragg 1811 brother to my wifes 4XGrandmother Hannah Evans nee Wragg
  • 5.Mary Slack born 1792 married Samuel Wragg brother to Peter and Hannah above
  • 6.Anne born 1795
  • 7.Joseph born 1801 married Dorothy Greatorex
  • 8.Thomas born 1797 married Ellen Elliot daughter of Jonathan and Ellen Elliot nee Flint.. Ellen my allied kinswoman
  • 9.Abraham married Margaret Vallance 1837

    Children of William and Mary Slack nee Hall

  • 1.Sarah born 1806 married her cousin Isaac Slack son of Samuel and Anne Blackwall
  • 2.Martha born 1808 married Joseph Greatorex of Wirksworth

    Children of Isaac and Hannah Slack nee Brookes

  • 1.Grace born 1813
  • 2.Samuel born 1815
  • 3.Martha Slack born 1819 married Stephen Shaw Glover son of Stephen and Anne Glover nee Shaw.. (Stephen married Anne Shaw..niece to my 5XGrandmother Anne Hoades nee Shaw. Shaws being Lime Burners / Stonemerchants eventually working Middle Peak Quarry as Bowne & Shaw.. Stephen junior was born in 1817 his mother Anne nee Shaw died 3 months later and Stephen Glover senior remarried Anne Milnes.. Stephen Senior was a Stationer at Derby also Publisher of genealogical works and history's of Derbyshire and The Derbyshire Gazeteer... His books are still on sale...)
  • 4.Isaac born 1823 William born 1824 Samuel born 1828

    Children of Joseph and Grace Slack nee Tompson

  • 1.Samuel Slack born 1756 married Elizabeth Flint daughter of Isaac Flint
  • 2.Thomas slack born 1753 married Anne Flint daughter of Isaac Flint
  • 3.Joseph Slack married Sarah Booth of Duffield His son Joseph married Elizabeth Sims of Duffield my distant kin via Wesley's and other relationships.. Joseph and Elizabeth emigrated to Ohio U.S.A.
  • 4.Ruth Slack
  • 5.Abraham Slack born 1756

    Children of Samuel and Elizabeth Slack nee Flint

  • 1.Grace Slack born 1788 married Joseph Buckley 1803
  • 2.Samuel Slack born 1789 married Sarah Land 1816 Sarah my 4XAunt sister to Hannah Smith nee Land my 3XGrandmother on my mother's family line..Samuel and Sarah's daughter Elizabeth married William Allen Flint son of my 4XUncle and Aunt Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen who with his brother John Flint who married Mary Spencer of Middleton daughter of Peter and Hannah Spencer nee Porter with father Robert (Sarah died in 1829) emigrated as Latter Day Saints to Kays Ward Utah 1850 on the ship Marie Ellen captained by John Knowles ..I have the full history of the family as they travelled from England - America via the Grt Grandson of John and Mary Flint nee Spencer Paul Spencer Flint whose wife, her family originally from Hereford England, my fellow family history researcher..Their family continue to be members of the Latter Day Saints..
  • 3.Ruth born 1783
  • 4.Luke Slack born 1792 married Mary Sheldon 1816 Mary my direct kin via my mother's Sheldon / Walker family.. Mary's cousin Ruth Sheldon was my wife's 4XGrandmother who married John Holmes whose daughter Anne married Daniel Holmes whose son Daniel was father to Sarah Anne Holmes who married into the Evans family twice, her 2nd husband Joseph Evans ( brother of Sarah Annes first husband William Evans ) were my wifes Grt Grandparents

    Children of Samuel and Sarah Slack nee Land

  • 1.Samuel born 1819 married Hannah Flint 1840 daughter of Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen Robert my 4XUncle became a member of The L.D.S.1830s
  • 2.Elizabeth Slack born 1817 married William Allen Flint 1849 William son of Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen became a member of the L.D.S.
  • 3.George Slack born 1825 married Sarah Butler daughter of John Butler who was my wifes direct kinsman via her Grt Grandmother Sarah Anne Evans nee Holmes who had a son by a Butler of this kin The Slacks also of my /my wifes kin as Sarah Annes son by Butler married into the same Slack family Sarah Annes 3rd husband Joseph Evans had a son Herbert 1/2 brother to Frank H Butler.. Herbert married Sarah Jane Hall they my wifes Grandparents..This Butler family were also my kin as they were heirs as myself of the Shaw family who became Quarry Owners
  • 4.Mary Anne Slack born 1827
  • 5.Millicent Slack born 1830

    Children of Joseph and Dorothy Slack nee Greatorex

  • 1.Josiah Slack born 1831 married Anne Spencer daughter of Francis Spencer Butcher of Paddengate (Duke Street) Middleton Francis brother to Mary Spencer who married John Flint son of my Uncle/Aunt Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen and emigrated as members of the L.D.S. in 1850
  • 2.Martha Slack born 1833 married William Freer of Nottingham emigrated as members of the L.D.S in 1850 with Flints
  • 3.Joseph born 1839 married Anne ......
  • 4.Abraham born 1843 married Elizah Brookes of my kin 1868
  • 5.Esther born 1823 married John Hall son of Job Hall distant kin to my wife
  • 6.Dorothy born 1824 married Henry Walker
  • 7.William born 1827 married Eliza Frost 1847 emigrated with Flints as members of the L.D.S. 1850 to Kays Ward Utah (now known as Kaysville 25 miles from Salt Lake City)

    Children of Thomas and Anne Slack nee Flint

  • 1.Thomas born 1788 married Susannah Henstock of Slaley my kinswoman
  • 2.William Slack married Ellen Doxey 1812

    Children of Thomas and Susannah Slack nee Henstock

  • 1.Thomas born 1814 married Sarah Hall daughter of my 4XUncle and Aunt Caleb and Hannah Hall nee Flint Sarah's sister Lydia Hall married my 2XUncle William Walker brother to my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker whilst Sarah and Lydia's other sister Mary married John Webster Building Contractor / Monumental Mason of St John Street Wirksworth whose heir married Adam Killer Baker St Mary's Gate in more recent times of my distant kin...John Webster's family owned a Paint Shop at property which is now Spencer's Cake Shop and Cafe on the corner of St John Street/St Mary's Gate..Killer's Bakery still in business on St Mary's Gate managed by a distant kinsman of my wife and my Slack family Thomas on Sarah's demise remarried to Elizabeth surname unknown

    Children of Thomas and Sarah Slack Sarah nee Hall obt in 1841

  • 1.Samuel Slack born 1840 married Elizabeth Frost 1862

    Children of Thomas and Elizabeth 2nd wife

  • 1.Margaret Slack 2.Ellen Slack 3.William Slack

    Children of Samuel and Elizabeth Slack nee Frost

  • 1.George Slack born 1868 married Agnes Doxey daughter of William Doxey Butcher with shops at Matlock Matlock Bath Middleton and North End Wirksworth..they parents to Douglas Slack born 1899 and Samuel Slack
  • 2.Sarah Ellen Slack married Richard Batterley of Middleton kin to my sister in law my brother's wife and my own family via Slack Dickinson Swift Farnsworth and Spencer

    N.B. When Agnes Slack nee Doxey obt George married again to Lydia the widow of John James Petts Monumental Mason, Lydia nee Brookes she my kin via my mothers Land Brookes family .. John J Petts daughters were Lillian who married Councillor Norman Harrison he also my kin via Land / Brookes, Ada who married my Uncle John Samuel Flint and Ethel who remained a spinster they step sister's to Douglas and Samuel Slack..Douglas Slack who I have always known as "Uncle " Douglas as he and my father were great friends both being Best Man at their respective marriages and fellow Deacons at Middleton Congregational Church .. Douglas also Managing my father's Gents Outfitting shop at Wirksworth up to purchasing the business from my father.. "Uncle" Douglas obt in his 40s and his business was purchased by his Uncle Herbert Leonard Doxey who was a Newsagent at Market Place Wirksworth opposite the Gents Outfitting shop..(now Hanbury's Butcher's Shop) H.L Doxey's wife was Ada Botham cousin to Uncle Arthur Botham (married my Aunt Amelia Leah Flint my father's sister) Herbert L. Doxey's daughter Mary married 1st husband Samuel Livingstone and managed the shop up to Samuel Livingstone's demise with T.B. aged 29 years..Mary then married Peter Ward-Close of Millers Green.. I acknowledge Mr and Mrs Ward - Close of Loughborough who some years ago gave me their family history... (Samuel Livingstone in 1947/8 was a fellow founding member with my father of Wirksworth Rotary Club, I have Dads original Inaugral Programme naming the founders )

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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