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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of SIMS-4

Stuart Flint sent this pedigree of his ancestors, thanks Stuart.


    Subject: The Sims Allen and Kniveton connections
    Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 21:41:24 +0000 (GMT)

    Hello John

    The following is a pedigree of the Sims, Allen, Kniveton family of my Flint connections

    Robert Sims born at The Bent Ashlehay..Bent is a hamlet near Alport Heights..A farming community.. The Sims family lived in a Farmhouse which is opposite what was Bent Methodist Church ..When the Church closed and was purchased for conversion to a house, in the 1970s I worked at the site for Matlock Glass Co who replaced all the windows..My Grandfather John Walker preached at Bent Chapel..


    Robert married Mary Sladen daughter of Richard Sladen of Wirksworth There seems to be some confusion of who this Robert married..On Ince it states Robert married Mary Sladen. daughter of Richard Sladen.but on other pedigrees it states it was Maria Frost daughter of John and Anne Frost nee Sladen.. On Lionel Parnes's Sims ped re the L.D.S. Family Search pages, he gives Robert as having married Maria Frost. Lionel is my distant kinsman we sharing the same Sims and Wigley fore bare's..


    Robert Sims born 1725 married Anne Haye 1747


    John Sims born 1754 married Hannah Simpson 1777 sister of Adam Simpson.. see Simpson ped on John Palmer's Contributed Peds.


    William Sims married Dorothy Allen 1802 daughter of William and Mary Allen nee Ferne The Fernes also of my kin via Henstock's of Bonsall/Slaley Witnesses at William and Dorothy Sims nee Allen's marriage was Robert Walker of my Frost/Hoades and Flint family - Benjamin Street who was my wifes 5XGrandfather

    William and Mary Allens children were

  • 1.Sarah born 1784 married Robert Flint 1805 Robert was my 4XUncle brother to John Flint who married Elizabeth Colledge they my 3XGrandparents Sarah died in 1829 and Robert in the 1830s became a member of The Latter Day Saints and in the 1850s emigrated with his sons John and William Allen Flint along with their wifes Mary nee Spencer and Elizabeth nee Slack respectivley and children then born to Kays Ward Utah (Mary and Elizabeth were both of my/my wife's kinship via Spencer/Porter and Land/Slack) Robert Flint's daughter Mary Flint married her cousin John Flint brother to my Gr Gr Grandfather Samuel Flint who married Mary Killer ..John and Mary's son Robert Flint in his 40s married my Grt Grandmother Sarah Cauldwell widow of my Gr Grandfather Thomas Cauldwell. born at Alderwasley ..Thomas a Police Officer who died in the pursuance of his duties aged 29 years of age at Sheffield . Sarah nee nee Smith Grandaughter of George and Betty Land nee Hoades Thomas and Sarah's children were Ada Cauldwell who married Albert Byard of Breamfields Wirksworth son of Francis and Mary Byard nee Maskrey and Anne Cauldwell who married John Walker ..son of Joseph and Martha Walker nee Sheldon (Joseph's 3rd wife) John and Annie Walker my Grandparents..
  • 2.Anne Allen married Mark Flint son of my 4XUncle and Aunt Samuel and Hannah Flint nee Allen of Bolehill
  • 3.Dorothy Allen born 1782 married William Sims 1802

    William and Dorothy Sims nee Allen had the following children

  • 1.Dorothy born 1806
  • 2.Hannah
  • 3.Mary obt 1803
  • 4.James Sims born 1813 married Anne Kniveton dau of Charles Kniveton Weaver
  • 5.William born 1815
  • 6.Joseph born 1818
  • 7.Samuel Sims born 1818 married Elizabeth Slater 1841 Elizabeth daughter of Joshua and Hannah Slater nee Flint, Hannah sister to John Flint my 3XGrandfather ..Joshua Slater was killed in an accident at Masson Mill 1823 when oiling a machine..Elizabeth Sims nee Slater's brother John Slater married Sarah Kniveton 1844... Their son John Slater married Elizabeth Turner dau of George Turner Coal Merchant at Baslow .. John Slater was at first a Joiner then took over the coal business, his coal yard between The Swan Inn (a house today, but in the early 1800s when an Inn, owned by my distant kinsmen John Waterfield who was also a Stonemerchant/Lime Burner at Stoneycroft Quarry formerly Landlord at The Lime Kiln Inn) and what is today Bennetts Hosiery Works Cemetery Lane off North End Wirksworth...John and Elizabeths son was Joshua Frederick Slater who in my youth owned a Cycle Shop and tobacconists on St Johns Street Wirksworth ..He was known as The Father of The Council Wirksworth Urban District Council he a colleague/friend of my father both serving on Wirksworth U.D.C. and fellow Rotarians my father a Founder Member in 1948..
  • 8.Elizabeth Sims born 1821 married Thomas Land son of George and Anne Land nee Brookes of Bolehill. George Land's sister Hannah married James Smith of Carsington they my Gr Gr Grandparents..George and Hannah's parents were George and Betty Land nee Hoades they my 3XGrandparents
  • 9.Lydia Sims born 1824 married John Kniveton of Bolehill
  • 10.Frances born 1826

    Others of my/my wifes family married into the Kniveton family up to the 1960s...

    Out of this Sims family of recent times are members of my allied family of Harrison of Ockbrook and Borrowash Derby, Wirksworth and Steeplegrange and Houfton's of Chesterfield who were involved as founding managers of Coal Mines at Bolsover Cresswell and Clipstone and Architects who designed mining villages in the Bolsover/Cresswell/Clipstone area ..see Sims pedigree re Benjamin Houfton on John Palmer's Wirksworth web pages.. Sir John Plowright Houfton 1856 - 1929 was of this family who was the first General Manager of Bolsover Colliery when it was first sunk 1889 the founder being Emmerson Muschamp Bainbridge followed by Rufford Colliery 1913 Clipstone in 1922 and Thoresby in 1928 ..Members of my family worked at Bolsover and Clipstone Colliery...Percy Bond Houfton was an Architect who designed model mining villagers, where members of my kin lived at Bolsover and Clipstone Sir John Plowright Houfton was also a J.P.and M.P. for Nottingham East...

    FOOTNOTE Thomas Harrison of Ockbrook married Sarah Sims of Derby (family drawn from Bolehill)...

    Their children were:

  • 1.Herbert Harrison born at Ockbrook (Borrowash)1836 married Ellen Land daughter of George and Anne Land nee Brookes George brother to my Gr Gr Grandmother Hannah Smith nee Land ..
  • 2.Charles Harrison Railway Labourer born 1837 married Selina Keeling of Ockbrook at Ockbrook 20th May 1861. Charles lived at Litchurch Derby with his wife and niece Mary Sims a Cotton Doubler of Derby
  • 3.James Harrison born 1839 married Mahala Buckley of Bolehill daughter of George and Millicent Buckley widow of John Butler nee Brookes .. John Butler of my wifes kin George Buckley was reared by my 4XUncle and Aunt Peter and Mary Jones nee Flint at Bolehill
  • 4.Anne Harrison married Edward Brookes of Bolehill son of Edward Brookes .. Mary Walker my Gr Gr Aunt married Isaac Brookes of this family

    Children of Charles and Selina Harrison nee Keeling on 1881 Census were:

  • Mary H Harrison 1862
  • John Harrison 1864
  • Eli Harrison 1867
  • Maria Harrison 1872
  • James Harrison 1876
  • Lydia Harrison 1879

    Children of James and Mahala Harrison

  • 1.William John Harrison born 1863 married Sarah Jane Gamble ..daughter of William Gamble Cordwainer/Shoemaker Wirksworth.. William John Harrison was a Councillor on Wirksworth Urban District Council and in the 1930s when Chairman of the Council gave his name to the new road driven through the old Baileycroft Quarry site once owned by my Colledge family... Harrison Drive...
  • 2.Millicent Harrison born 1873 School Teacher married John Benyon son of John Benyon John Benyon senior came to Wirksworth from Wem Shropshire as Butler to Nicholas Price-Wood and his wife Agnes nee Hubbersty .. Price-Wood's family owning Banks and Finance Houses his wifes family being Clergy and Solicitors at Wirksworth living at Wirksworth Hall Coldwell Street.. Hubbersty's related to the Hurt family Alderwasley..John senior became the first Labour Party Agent in the Wirksworth area early 1900s .. Benyons married into my sister in laws family of Swift Farnsworth and Dickinson of Cromford ...Agnes Price-Wood dug out the first sod when The Wirksworth-Derby Railway line was founded the special steel spade for the occasion provided by William Tomlinson whose parents were Thomas and Mary Tomlinson nee Hall..Mary daughter of Stephen and Ruth Hall nee Henstock they my 5XUncle and Aunt.. Thomas Tomlinson came from Shropshire via Ashbourne in the early 1800s as an Ironmonger on St Johns Street.. The spade still hangs in a cabinet in the Council Chamber Wirksworth Town Hall..
  • 3.Isaac G Harrison Monumental Mason born 1867
  • 4.James Harrison Plumber born 1870
  • 5.Mahala Harrison born 1875

    Children of William and Sarah Harrison

  • 1.Hubert Harrison Scholar and Engineer possibly born late 1890s as I just remember him when I visited his brother Norman
  • 2.Florence Harrison
  • 3.Norman Harrison married Lillian Petts dau of John James and Lydia Petts nee Brookes (her Brookes family also of my kin) Monumental Mason of Middleton Lillians sister Ada Petts married my Uncle John Samuel Flint my father's brother.. John James Petts was brother of Bertram Petts whose Grt Grandson today is Director of the family firm of Monumental Masons. Norman Harrison was a Labour Party Councillor on Wirksworth U.D.C. in the same era as my father was a Liberal Councillor and with my father was a fellow Deacon at Middleton Congregational Church..After my father obt in 1964 I was inducted as a Deacon at the Church when Norman and Lillian were still serving, along with a friend of mine today, her Grandfather George Slack re the following information... When John James Petts died his widow married George Slack of The Green Middleton ..he of my wife and my kin and Grandfather of my friend who was inducted along with myself as a Deacon..Norman Harrison had his own Plumbing business at Steeplegrange

    Regards S G Flint

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