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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of SIMS-3

Here's another Descent sent me by Benjamin Houfton, thanks Ben. See his email

Descendants of SIMS-3


    ROBERT SIMS. Born 1600s. Purchased land at The Bent, Ashleyhay, Derbyshire in 1708. Died 1724 Wirksworth.

    ROBERT SIMS. (son of the above) gave the land to his sons, John and Thomas in 1755.

    SAMUEL SIMS. 1818 - 1896. Born in Bolehill. Lead miner. Married ELISABETH SLATER born 1821, daughter of Joshua Slater and Hannah Flint. They had -

    MARY SIMS born 1849 at Bolehill. Youngest of six (or more?) children. Mary was a Cotton Factory Worker, as were most of the other children.

    Mary Sims moved to another mill around 1871 and lived in the house of Charles Harrison, railway worker, at Ockbrook. She became a 'Cotton Doubler.'

    ROBERT SIMS (my Grandfather) was born to Mary Sims (father not known) in 1875 in Spondon.

    MARY SIMS married in 1879 to GEORGE SHELLEY born 1856. They lived at 36 Cromford Hill, Cromford. Then at 47 Main Street, Cromford. George Shelley was a Labourer and later a Gamekeeper, then a labourer again.

    George and Mary Shelley lived with Mary's mother, Elisabeth Sims who was 79 years old, at 188 Main Street, Cromford (1901 census.)

    Robert Sims trained as a Teacher around 1891 at The School House, Ashford, Derbyshire in the house of William R Stubbs.

    Robert Sims was married in Cromford to MARY ELLEN BOWN - born 1873.

    MURIEL BEATRICE SIMS (my mother) born to Robert and Mary 05 July 1904. Died 24 June 1994.

    MURIEL married GEORGE FREDERICK HOUFTON born 1 December 1904. Died 17 May 1970. They had three children: Anne 1931, Jennifer 1934 and Benjamin 1942.

    NB. Mary Ellen Bown's aunt, Hannah, married a Mr. Poyser and worked as a housemaid for the Arkwrights at Willersley Castle, Cromford in 1861.

    Ben Houfton 2006

From:  Benjamin Houfton 
Subject:  Sims family 
Date:  Mon, 13 Nov 2006 15:57:32 -0000 
Dear John Palmer
I am researching into my family history, and have received a great deal 
of information from various sources. I enclose a brief Sims family tree 
for your information.
I already know a lot about the family, all of whom on my mother's side, 
seem to originate in your area.  However, one person I don't seem to be 
able to track down is:
Frederick Shelley, born in Cromford in 1886, factory hand (woollen) 
living at 47 Main Street, Cromford (1901 census).  He was the son of 
my Great Grandmother, Mary Shelley ( previously Mary Sims before 
marriage.)  I cannot find out when Frederick Shelley died, whether he 
married, had any offspring and if so what became of them.
Any help you could provide would be very welcome.
Yours sincerely
Benjamin Houfton 

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