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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of SIMS-1

Here's a Descent sent me by Lionel Parnes, thanks Lionel.

Descendants of SIMS

                           SIMS FAMILY TREE

John Sims,

John Sims children.
Robert Sims, marr Anne Bayton, 29th Dec 1737.
Job Sims, chr 20th Feb 1712, 
                 marr Sarah Wagstaff, 29th Dec 1732.
John Sims, marr Dinah Berisford, 22nd Apr 1742.

Children of Robert and Anne Sims nee Bayton.
Anne Sims, chr 4th Jan 1744, marr George Fisher.
John Sims, born 1746, 
          1st marr 1st Dorothy Repton, 29th Nov 1770, 
          2nd Sarah Mould, 17th Jun 1793, died 31st Jan 1834.
Isaac Sims,
James Sims,
Sarah Sims, marr Samuel Walker

Children of John and Dorothy Sims nee Repton.
John Sims, marr Ann Edwards
Dorothy Sims, chr 25th Nov 1774 marr Edward Pacey
Joseph Sims,
Robert Sims, chr 30th Dec 1779.
Samuel Sims, chr 5th Jan 1781.
James Sims, chr 22nd May 1785.

Children of John and Sarah Sims nee Mould.
Ann Sims, chr 14th Sep 1794, marr Benjamin Burton, 13th Apr 1815.
Robert Sims, chr 11th Sep 1796.
Sarah Sims, chr 8th Apr 1798, marr John Land.
Issac Sims, chr 13th May 1801, bur 2nd Apr 1827.
William Sims, chr 13th May 1804, bur 21st Sep 1819.

Children of Job and Sarah Sims nee Wagstaff.
Jane Sims, chr 22nd Oct 1742, marr Joshua Roose, 20th May 1769.
Job Sims, chr 26th Dec 1744.
John Sims, marr Mary Newham dau of Thomas Newham.
Thomas Sims, chr 8 Feb 1749, bur 7th Apr 1751.
Thomas Sims, chr 1st May 1752.
Sarah Sims, marr Edward Annable.
Mary Sims, marr Thomas Barber.
Anne Sims, chr 26th Feb 1738.

Child of Anne
Elizabeth Sims, a natural child begotten by W COX of Alfreton
    bonesetter Mar to Frances OGDEN of Wirksworth butcher

Children of John and Dinah Sims nee Berisford
Dinah Sims, marr John Launt.
Amey Sims,
Hannah Sims, born 1752, marr James Cooper, 5th Jun 1776, 
                    died 1st Apr 1833.
John Sims, marr widow Phoebe Spencer 
                  dau of Thomas Hallam, 30th Aug 1770.
William Sims, born 16th Feb 1755, marr Alice Twigg, 27th Aug 1788.

Children of John and Phoebe Sims nee Hallam
Dinah Sims, chr 20th May 1771, marr George Sowter, 28th Jun 1791.
Elizabeth Sims, marr William Gregory.
John Sims,
William Sims, marr Anne Dallison dau of Gilbert Dallison.
Amy Sims, chr 2nd Sep 1781.
Thomas Sims, chr 3rd Sep 1786, marr Mar Anne Allen 
                    dau of Thomas and Ann Allen.
Hannah Sims, marr Gilbert Dallison 2nd Wife.
Mary Sims, marr Thomas Gadsby.
James Sims, chr 3rd Feb 1786.

Children of William and Alice Sims nee Twigg.
John Sims, chr 16th Sep 1789, marr Dorothy Low 
                  dau of William and Hannah Low, 10th Jun 1813.
William Sims, born 12th Dec 1791, marr Elizabeth Doxey 
                     dau of Anthony and Hannah Doxey, 6th Nov 1817.
James Sims, born 19th May 1793, marr Phoebe Slater 
                   dau of John Slater, 18th Sep 1820.
Ann Sims, born 6th Mar 1797, marr John Wesley, 24th Jul 1817.
Samuel Sims, born 8th Jun 1799, marr Mary Bates 
                    dau of James and Ann Bates, 10th Oct 1822.
Thomas Sims, born 21st Sep 1802, died 13th Sep 1804.
Mary Sims, born 4th May 1806, marr Leonard Winters, 20th Apr 1828.
Sarah Sims, born 25th Nov 1809.

Children of John and Dorothy Sims nee Low.
John Sims chr 1st Oct 1815.

Children of William and Elizabeth Sims nee Doxey.
Alice Sims, born 8th Mar 1818.
Samuel Sims, born 6th Aug 1821.
William Sims, born 29th Jun 1825.
Hannah Sims, born 14th Jun 1828, died 28th Apr 1829.

Children of James and Phoebe Sims nee Slater.
Thomas Sims, chr 21st May 1823.
Joseph Sims, born 6th Apr 1825.
William Sims, chr 2nd Mar 1828.
Frances Sims, chr 4th Dec 1831.
Eliza Sims, chr 26th Jan 1834.
John Sims, chr 19th Mar 1837, bur 16th Nov 1837.

Children of Samuel and Mary Sims nee Bates
Mary Sims, chr 13th Feb 1825.
Samuel Sims, chr 10th Jun 1827.
Alice Sims, chr 15th Jun 1829.

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