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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of SIMPSON-1

Stuart Flint sent this pedigree of his ancestors, thanks Stuart.

Descendants of SIMPSON

    Subject: Simpsons of Middleton Tyas/Oakerside Wensley/Bolehill and Middleton
    Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 19:30:49 +0000 (GMT)

    Hello John

    Over some time I have been researching the family of Peter Simpson of Oakerside who lived alongside my Shaw family of the same place.. The following is the pedigree of Peter Simpson with connections to my family.. (This Simpson family is a different branch to my direct Simpson family of Idridgehay and Mill House Green Wirksworth)

    Peter Simpson born 1695 approx at Oakerside near Wensley Darley Dale married Katherine Cowper of Wensley 1716

  • Son

    Peter Simpson married Hannah Elliott daughter of William and Elizabeth Elliott nee Kniveton of Bonsall (see Brenda Clifton's Kniveton Pedigree on John Palmers Contributed Peds)
    FOOTNOTE Peter was a Copper Miner at Middleton Tyas a village near Richmond North Yorkshire..His family were in partnership with Tissingtons of Wensley / Wirksworth and with Leonard Hartley Esq. ( whose family were wealthy landowners in the Richmond area) at the mine which only lasted for about 30 years before being worked out..Peter was fatally injured at the mine his demise at Oakerside....Hannah his wife then remarried Samuel Street of Bolehill who was of my wifes and my kin..see Ince Street Pedigrees Hartley and Tissingtons also had partnerships at mines in North Wales and Westmoreland..The Tissington family married into the Mawes who were major financiers in the mineral mining industry. Various Tissington families are included in Ince Peds on John Palmer's Wirksworth web pages

    Children of Peter and Hannah Simpson nee Elliott

  • 1.Adam Simpson born 1760 married Hannah Doxey 1782 (I believe she was the daughter of William and Mary Doxey nee Smedley born 1765 married to Adam aged 17 years) Adam born at Middleton Tyas but who then lived at Rise End Middleton and then Bolehill
  • 2.Hannah Simpson married John Sims of Bolehill..Hannah died and John remarried to the widow of William Knowles of Matlock Mining Agent nee Milward of Darley Dale

    Adam and Hannah had many children but most obt in early childhood A son Joseph married Hannah Allen of Cromford living for a time at Manchester but then returning to the Wirksworth area having many offspring
    A daughter Elizabeth born 1805 had a son Thomas out of wedlock in 1833 and then married Robert Adams of Rise End Middleton as his 2nd wife..Roberts first wife being Sarah Bateman of Middleton..married 1824 Robert and Sarah were parents of Robert Adams who married Ruth Killer my 3XAunt...sister to my Gr Gr Grandmother Mary Flint

    Robert who married Sarah was son of Robert and Margaret Adams nee Buxton of Middleton. Roberts cousin also named Robert married Elizabeth Buxton sister to Margaret

    Children of Robert and Margaret Adams nee Buxton

  • 1.Ellen born 1786 married James Peat of Wirksworth. Ashlehay
  • 2.Edith born 1793
  • 3.Elizabeth born 1787 married Robert Flint of Alderwasley.. (my father was born 1894 in the house on Hillside Middleton which Robert and Elizabeth lived, as did one of their sons, owned in the 1890s by Killer Bros who owned Hopton Wood Stone quarry )
  • 4.Hannah born 1799 married Samuel Sheldon 1820 of my kin Witness Peter Henstock
  • 5.Mary born 1790 married Peter Henstock of my kin (Slaley) 1813
  • 6.Robert born 1797 married 1st wife Sarah Bateman 1824 2nd wife Elizabeth Simpson
  • 7.Sarah obt 1803 1 year of age
  • 8.Alice born 1794
  • 9.Anne born 1805 married Abraham Walker of Middleton

    Children of Robert and Sarah Adams nee Bateman

  • 1.Hannah born 1827
  • 2.Robert married Ruth Killer

    Child of Elizabeth Simpson

  • 1.Thomas Simpson born out of wedlock 1833 married Hannah 1857 (either Evans..in which case she was my wifes Gr Gr Aunt daughter of Joseph and Millicent Evans or Slack daughter of Samuel and Mary Slack in which case she is still of my wifes kin but also of my own distant kin.. On the census it gives Hannah as being born at Middleton but there is no record of her marriage to Thomas Simpson on either the Parish records or in the L.D.S. family search web pages..The Hannah of this marriage was 14 years of age in the 1851 Middleton census..I have traced back to just the two who could have been Thomas's wife)

    Children of Robert and Elizabeth Adams nee Simpson

  • 1.Job Adams born 1837
  • 2.Mary born 1839
  • 3.Edward born 1846
  • 4.Matilda born 1849

    Children of Thomas and Hannah Simpson

  • 1.Adam Simpson born at Manchester 1867 Stationers Assistant at Matlock
  • 2.Joseph Simpson
  • 3.Mary Matilda Simpson
  • 4.Elizabeth Simpson born 1871 married John Brailsford Plasterer son of Joseph and Ellen Brailsford nee Hawley Ellen's Hawley family being my kin via my mother's Cauldwell Sheldon Walker family . John Brailsfords Grandparents were John and Rebecca Brailsford nee Killer Rebecca my 4XAunt sister to my Gr Gr Gr Grandfather John Killer who married Mary Hawley (daughter of William and Mary Hawley nee Henstock of Slaley Hall of my father's kinship)

    Regards S G Flint

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