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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of SHAW-1

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

SHAW family history

    Subject: Shaw / Hoades / Land / Cauldwell /Walker family ped my mother's family
    Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 22:10:10 +0100 (BST)

    The following is my Shaw family history

    William Shaw born 1598 at Beeley near Bakewell my 9XGrandfather


  • 1.Helen born 10/10/1631
  • 2.Jervais born 1633
  • 3.Robert Shaw
  • 4.Edward Shaw 1636
  • 5.Thomas born 1638
  • 6.John Shaw born 1644 married Mary of Wensley 1st wife 1675
    2nd wife Elizabeth of Oakerside 1688..John and Mary the researcher's 8XGrandparents

    Children of John and Mary Shaw

  • 1.Rebecca born 1676
  • 2.Jane born 18/05/1679
  • 3.Elizabeth 1685
  • 4.Catherine
  • 5.Ruth
  • 7.Jethro Shaw born 16/02/1686 married Silence Godbehere widow of George Godbehere of Cromford ( George owned land and shares in lead mines at Cromford Alderwasley and Bolehill) George Godbehere died within 2 years of their marriage, and Silence then married Jethro Shaw of Wensley a farmer at Oakerside..Silence gained property/land from Godbeheres will ie among other property one piece of land named Fishpool Flatts near Alderwasley One of Shaws heirs Thomas Shaw son of John and Hannah Shaw ( John Stonemerchant Bowne & Shaw Middle Peak Quarry in the 1890s) farmed at Lane End Farm near Fishpools Flatts,one time owned by my Hoades family of Longway Bank see Hoades family history. Silence's maiden name was Annable, kin of my father's fore bare family of Coates of Cromford... see Coates family history..Jethro and Silence were my 7XGrandparents

    In Ince Pedigrees it records Jethro as having tangled with Dick Turpin possibly on Winster Moor.. Some historians make the claim that Turpin never made it into Derbyshire..but I have been informed by other's that Turpin did indeed ride the highways of our county..although it is known that some highwaymen made themselves out as Turpin

    Children of John and Elizabeth 2nd wife

  • 1.Elizabeth Shaw
  • 2.Hannah Shaw born 1689
  • 3.Millicent Shaw born 1691

    Children of Jethro and Silence Shaw

  • 1.Jethro Shaw born 1713 married Ruth Clark-Robinson of Winster they my 6XGrandparents
  • 2.Gervaise Shaw twin to John Shaw married Jane Wright dau of John Wright of Wensley Martha Wright who married Abraham Flint of Darley Hillside at St Helens Church 1723 they my 5XGrandparents may have been cousin to Jane Wright.. still researching
  • 3.John Shaw born 1707 twin to Gervaise married Elizabeth Goodwin of Rowsley John was Innkeeper and a Farmer at The Red Lion Inn Rowsley.. On parish records spelt Shore
  • 4.Phillip Shaw a Farrier in the Army recorded as a heavy inbiber of ale obt unwed
  • 5.Hannah Shaw married Robert Frost son of my 6XGrandparents Robert and Mary Frost nee Doxey Mary born at Middleton..

    Children of Jethro and Ruth Shaw nee Clark-Robinson

  • 1.John born 1741 married ..................
  • 2.Thomas Shaw married Jane had a daughter Ruth
  • 3.Jethro Shaw of Oakerside Farmer married Sarah Wall daughter of Anthony Wall of Hackney Lane Matlock..Walls of this family married into my family on two other occasions
  • 4.Elizabeth Shaw born 1738 married John Holmes of Darley Dale
  • 5.Silence Shaw married John bond of Oakerside
  • 6.Hannah Shaw married 1st husband John Oates from South Wingfield.. 2nd husband George Ward of Matlock..George and Hannah Ward nee Shaws daughter Anne Ward married George Scotthorne.. George and Anne's daughter Mary married my Gr Gr Grandfather Samuel Flint's cousin Joseph Flint Wharfinger and Brick Manufacturer at Flint's Wharf Steeplegrange.. George and Anne Scotthorne nee Ward's son George Scotthorne married Jane Bryan daughter of Benjamin and Mary Bryan nee Bown Bryans having partnerships at Cumberland and Rutland Caverns Matlock Bath..Janes brother Benjamin became an author of books about Derbyshire becoming in time Editor of Newspapers I am in touch with members of this family
  • 7.James Shaw born 1751 married Hannah Roper daughter of Joshua Roper of Bolehill
  • 8.Anne Shaw born 1750 married Isaac Hoades of Longway Bank nr Wigwell Grange ISAAC AND ANNE were my 5XGRANDPARENTS...married at St Helens Church Darley Dale 29/08/1771 Betty their daughter married George Land of Bolehill they my 4XGrandparents George and Betty's daughter Hannah Land married James Smith of Carsington Mining Agent .. James and Hannah's daughter Sarah born 1839 married Thomas Cauldwell son of Nathaniel Cauldwell of Alderwasley Head Forester to Francis and Elizabeth Hurt nee Arkwright.. Thomas 12 years Sarah's junior he a Police Officer at Sheffield who died aged 29 years in the pursuance of his duties..Sarah then remarried my 3XUncle Robert Flint born 1836 Lead Smelting Manager to Green Goodwins of Wigwell Grange living at Wigwell Nook Farm with his nephew Adam Flint brother to my Grt Grandfather Henry Flint..Adam married Millicent Marples daughter of Arthur and Millicent Marples nee Greenhough .. Thomas and Sarah Cauldwell's daughter Annie Cauldwell married John Walker son of Joseph and Martha Walker nee Sheldon.. they my Grandparents
  • 9.Mary Shaw married Daniel Prime from Birchover
  • 10.Jane Shaw married John Fletcher from Wensley
  • 11.George Shaw married Alice Marsden of Cross Green near Wensley, Alice cousin to Henry Marsden Ironmonger of Market Place Wirksworth My Gr Gr Aunt Catherine Walker married into the Marsden family via her husband William Wesley they in laws to Daniel Marsden Owner of Marsdens Ironmongers..

    Children of James and Hannah Shaw nee Roper of Bolehill

  • 1.Silence Shaw born 1775 married Samuel Butler 1797 they my wife's kin via Butler Spencer Slack Evans..Samuel Butler's father Edward Butler was brother in law to my 5XUncle Matthew Flint of Bolehill born at Darley Hillside who married Ellen Wright Grandaughter of my 7XGrandfather William Wheatcroft on my mother's side of the family..
  • 2.John Shaw born 1780 Malster /Lime Burner Colehills Steeplegrange married Dorothy Alsop daughter of Dennis Alsop Farmer of Lea. Alsops Lead Smelters of Lea Bridge my kin via Wright and Frost families of Wirksworth Moor.. Dennis Alsops other daughter Anne married my wife's 6XUncle Joshua Street brother to her 5XGrandfather Benjamin Street Land/Mining Agent to Smiths of Bolehill who owned the land known as Baileycroft which in the 1860s George Colledge of my kin opened up as a quarry Benjamin Streets other daughter Rachel sister to my wifes 4XGrandmother Harriett Blackham nee Street married Joseph Flint son of my 4XUncle Joseph Flint Mining Agent at The Bage Mine Bolehill and Ratchwood Mines Rise End Middleton..
  • 3.Elizabeth born 1783
  • 4.Mary born 1787
  • 5.Anne born 1792
  • 6.Mary Shaw married her cousin Jethro Shaw of Macclesfield
  • 7.Thomas Shaw born 1790 married Frances Fowkes 1815 of Hob Hall Farm Wirksworth
  • 8.Anne Shaw married Stephen Glover of Derby Printer / Publisher Author of genealogical research books and of the History of Derbyshire and the Derbyshire Gazeteer.. Anne died on October 8th 1817 after giving birth to Stephen Shaw Glover in March 15th 1817... Stephen Shaw senior married again to Anne Milnes of Matlock on December 17th 1818 They had sons Francis born at Wirksworth 2nd January 1820 John Edwin born 12th January 1824 Stephen Glover senior died at Moreton The Wirral Cheshire ...

    Children of John and Dorothy Shaw nee Alsop

  • 1.John Shaw born 1821 married Hannah Wilde 1848 daughter of John Wilde Cordwainer / Lime Burner Middle Peak Hannah's brother John Wilde became a partner for a while with John Shaw in Quarrying and Lime Burning at Colehills then at Middle Peak then Shaw went into partnership with Peter Bowne who was already General Manager at Butterley Quarry Crich.. Their financial backer was William Goodwin Civil Engineer son of Francis Green Goodwin of Wigwell Grange..Wilde and Green Goodwin were bought out of the partnership as was Bowne by the late 1890s when John Shaws sons took over the family businesses..
  • 2.Hannah Shaw married John Edmans esq.. Excise Officer
  • 3.James obt in childbirth
  • 4.William Shaw married Elizabeth Robinson Lived on Colehills
  • 5.Anne Shaw married Thomas Millington Hughes
  • 6.Pheobe Shaw obt in infancy

    Children of John and Hannah Shaw nee Wilde.
    They lived at Rock House Cromford Road Wirksworth alongside the railway sidings of the newly built Wirksworth - Duffield - Derby line which at first Shaw objected to being built..but which gave his business new life.. In the 1970s my wife and I lived near Rock House at Cavendish Villa which we leased from my kinsman Joseph Flint a Blacksmith / Engineer at Bowne & Shaws Quarry

  • 1.John Shaw born 1851 Limestone Merchant
  • 2.William Shaw born 1853 his wife Anne nee Cooper adopted by Baggeleys whose true daughter Fanny married Frank Shaw ..Fanny Shaw gave the land which provided the Playing Field now known as Fanny Shaws on Cromford Road.. Anne was 2nd cousin to my Grandmother Annie Walker nee Cauldwell.. In the 1950s William and Anne's daughter Ada Shaw lived at Oakerthorpe Road Bolehill... I often visited "Aunt Ada" as I knew her as, then in her 80s when I delivered groceries to her from our shop at Middleton She died in Babbington Hospital Belper.. I often took my mother in the car to see her there..
  • 3.George Shaw
  • 4.Frederick Shaw born 1855 married 1st wife Hannah Greatorex 2nd wife Catherine Upton, Frederick at first a Joiner then a Quarry Clerk
  • 5.Alfred Shaw born 1857 married Sarah from Cowley Yorkshire Alfred had a partnership with George Lovegrove at Hoe Grange Quarry Longcliffe as well as other quarrying firms. He and his wife lived for a time at Rose Cottage West End and then Ashleigh House Steeplegrange used in recent years by Tarmac as an office..For a time my mother's cousin Doctor James Walker F.R.C.S. lived at Ashleigh House
  • 6.James Shaw born 1860 Joiner
  • 7.Frank Shaw married Fanny Baggeley 1/2 sister to Anne nee Cooper Their mother was a Hotel Keeper at The Green Man West End Wirksworth her family also Bakers at the Bakery which afterwards Halls of my distant kin took over then Adam Killer of my allied kin..
  • 8.Martha Hannah Caroline Shaw born 1863 married Francis Luke Slack of Middleton their son Frank Slack was a Farmer and Stonemerchant
  • 9.Lizzie Shaw born 1867
  • 10.Anne Shaw born 1862
  • 11.Ernest Shaw born 1869

    From this family of Shaw came Stanley, William, Frank Clifford, Walter, Charles, Frederick, Alfred and Thomas Shaw..Thomas owned Lane End Farm Alderwasley once owned by my fore bare family of Hoades.. The Shaw brothers were all involved in quarry management.. Frank Clifford Shaw commonly known as Clifford Shaw was overall Director at Bowne & Shaws Quarry up to his demise living on Cromford Road...


    Robert Hoades of Longway Bank born 1612 married Margery Greener of Crich 1634 (the name Greener became Greenhough..others of both my mother and father's side of the family married into Greenhoughs into the late 1800s Greenhoughs lived for many years on a strip of land now part of Colehills where The National Stone Centre is built known as Greenhoughs Piece) Robert and Margery Hoades my 8XGrandparents

    Son of Robert and Margery Hoades among others I am still researching

    Thomas Hoades born 1643 married Mary ? may have been Bassill or something similar records blurred Thomas owned shares in Ratchwood Lead Mine Rise End Middleton and other lead mines in the Wirksworth area His family some of whom lived at Matlock (Mettesforde) owned property land and mines ie Dimple Knowle Mettesforde, Gail Meadow Mettesforde, Cotterills Farm Mettesforde, and land at Brackenfield some of which they sold to Thomas Nightingale fore bare of the two Peter Nightingales who were Lead Smelters and Lead merchants.. Peter 2nd building the first part of what became Lea Mills Thomas Hoades also sold Knights Close, property which I believe was at Holloway to Thomas Nightingale still researching Thomas Hoades was my 7XGrandfather..


  • 1.Thomas Hoades
  • 2.Anne Hoades left 40/- in her will to be paid to the poor of Wirksworth
  • 3.William Hoades Christened 1671 my 6XGrandfather still seeking his wife's name He may have married in the county of Norfolk

    Son of William Hoades

    Isaac Hoades born 1703 Christened 1717 at Wirksworth married Hannah Wardman of Middleton 1727


  • 1.Isaac Hoades Mineral Merchant Longway Bank married 1st wife Anne Shaw 1771 they my 5XGrandparents Anne nee Shaw died, and on September 16th 1790 Isaac married Elizabeth Peach.. Their heir was Andrew Macbeth who founded Andrew Macbeth Solicitors of St John Street Wirksworth...see my allied Flint/ Beesley family history on John Palmers web pages for more detail..
  • 2.William Hoades born 1750 married Mary Allen sister to William and Mary Allen nee Ferne whose 3 daughters married into my direct Flint family ie Robert Flint my 4XUncle of Bolehill married Sarah Allen daughter of Will and Mary Allen..Robert Flint along with sons John and William emigrated as members of The Latter Day Saints 1850 This Allen family were also kin of my Brownson (via Walkers) Wheatcroft Butler and Wright kin

    Children of Isaac and Anne Hoades nee Shaw 1st wife

  • 1.Elizabeth Hoades (Betty) born 1753 married George Land of Bolehill Lead Miner married 8th September 1789 George and Betty my 4XGrandparents
  • 2.Jethro Hoades born 1776
    Others were born but obt in childhood

    Children of Isaac and Elizabeth Hoades nee Peach 2nd wife

  • 1.William Hoades of Holmesford Cottage Land Bailiff to Captain Francis Green Goodwin married Elizabeth Bestwick daughter of George Bestwick Farmer of Carsington
  • 2.Anne married Abel Boden 1811 of Matlock Bath Abel son of Abel and Hannah Boden nee Brittlebank daughter of John Brittlebank of Winster who married Mary Fearn of Winster Fore bares of the Brittlebanks of Oddo House Winster and Ashbourne Solicitors.

    Abel and Anne Boden nee Hoades daughter Hannah married Isaac Macbeth brother of Andrew Macbeth both Baker's at St Mary's Gate Wirksworth.. When Macbeths left the Bakery Baggeleys of Shaw relationship took it over followed by my Hall family of Bolehill (Luke Hall) followed on by Adam Killer of my distant kin who was trained by Halls at Bolehill and now owned by a distant kinsman of my wife and my family of Slack.. The business has been in the family as it were for well over 250 years

  • 3. Hannah Hoades married Benjamin Kniveton (alias Land his mother Susannah sister to Hannah Land daughter of George and Betty Land nee Hoades.. Hannah Land married James Smith of Carsington Mining Agent they my 3XGrandparents.. Benjamin and Hannahs son Gilbert married Elizabeth Annable of Alderwasley of my mother's kin
  • 4.Sarah Hoades sometimes known as Cassandra had a child out of wedlock before marrying Charles Latham of Wirksworth
  • 5.Martha Hoades married George Turner Farmer of Ashlehay witnesses Thomas Fidler of Ashlehay Cattle Dealer and Henry Turner Farmer

    Children of William and Mary Hoades nee Allen

  • 1.Mary Hoades married Thomas Brookes of Bolehill 1791 This Brookes family married into my mothers family of Walker and into the Hall/Holmes family of Bolehill in more recent years..
  • 2.Hannah Hoades married Robert Walker a kinsman of my father's not my mother's Walker family..Robert Walker's Grandmother was Ruth Frost my 6XGrandfather Robert Frosts daughter, Ruth was sister to John Frost my 5XGrandfather .. Robert and Hannah Walkers son Henry Walker married Martha Flint daughter of my 4XUncle Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen

    Children of Robert and Hannah Walker nee Hoades

  • 1.William Walker Stonemason married Esther Biggins of Derby
  • 2.Henry Walker born 1806 married Martha Flint daughter of Robert and Sarah Flint nee Allen.. Henry was a Master Stonemason who in his 50s worked for my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker & Sons Building Contractors
  • 3.Mary Walker born 1804
  • 4.Millicent Walker born 1811 married Rowland Buxton a Currier and Lead Mine Partner..Rowland was quite a wealthy man who owned a Landau which he proudly rode where ever he travelled in his business.. Martha was killed when the Landau hit a rock and overturned at Steeplegrange she striking her head on the road.. She was carried into the house of John Shaw on Oakerthorpe Road Bolehill (where my "Aunt Ada" lived in more recent times ) where she died some days later the doctor called to her being Dr Shore no relation to John Shaw..
  • 5.James Walker Master Stonemason born 1810 married Elizabeth Higton daughter of Job and Elizabeth Higton of Bolehill..A Higton of this family is my near neigbour today James and Elizabeth Walker's son Job Walker married Hannah Land niece of my 3XGrandmother and for a time Oliver Schreiner authoress and radical femanist lodged with Job and Hannah whilst Schreiners lover Havelock Ellis a writer and radical socialist lived with John and Mary Flint of my kin at Little Bolehill...Schreiner and Ellis were colleagues of David Herbert Lawrence who for a time lived at Bolehill with my distant allied Marsden family (Ironmongers) before living at Mountain Cottage Middleton..James Walker worked in his 50s for Joseph Walker & Sons of my Great Grandparentage.
  • 6.Hannah Walker born 1813
  • 7.Rachel Walker born 1821
  • 8.Marie Walker twin to Rachel
  • 9.Edith Walker born 1816 married William Walthall Stonemason / Blue John Spar Turner ..William worked by the 1860s for Samuel Smith son of William and Sarah Smith nee Walker Sarah sister to my Gr Grandfather Joseph Walker on my mother's side of the family..Samuel owned a Spar Turning business on Museum Parade Matlock Bath, then after Vallance and Walker gave up the Central Museum Samuel Smith took it over, it becoming known as The Royal Museum..his son William taking over by the turn of the 1900s
    Footnote Joseph Walker my Grt Grandfather and his sister Sarah aforementioned had a brother George Wigley-Walker who married Lydia Maskrey of Wirksworth ..George and Lydia were Lodging House Keepers at Belle Vue House Museum Parade Matlock Bath George was also in partnership with his brothers William and Joseph Walker at Bullestree Lead Mine Cromford ..near where Cromford Railway Station was built.. George Wigley-Walker was Mining Agent there....William Walker their brother married Lydia Hall daughter of Caleb and Hannah Hall nee Flint Hannah my 4XAunt sister to my 3XGrandfather John Flint who married Elizabeth Colledge
  • 10.Samuel Walker born 1818 married Mary Derbyshire daughter of John Derbyshire of Darley Dale Builder / Roof Slater whose former kinsman George Derbysire married my 4XAunt Margaret Stafford (widow of James Stafford) nee Colledge..Margaret sister to my 3XGrandmother Elizabeth Colledge who married John Flint..A further kinsman of this Derbyshire family of Roof Slaters was Lubin Derbyshire who married into the Wildgoose family of Darley Dale and Matlock Bank...
  • 11.Daniel Walker born 1824 Master Stonemason married Hannah Hall dau of Gamalieil Hall of Wirksworth Master Stonemason

    Children of William and Elizabeth Hoades nee Bestwick

  • 1.Ellen married Thomas Stevenson Farmer of Carsington
  • 2.Mary married Samuel Parkin Blacksmith of Longway Bank
  • 3.Eliza Hoades
  • 4.Hannah Hoades
  • 5.Elizabeth Hoades married Henry John Shore of Dudley West Midlands. Chain Manufacturer at Whatstandwell Forge son of Zachariah Shore Schoolmaster
  • 6.Sarah married John Allen of Bolehill
  • 7.William Hoades .. William was Landlord of Holmesford Cottage Inn near Whatstandwell owned by the Green Goodwins My Grt Grandfather Henry Flint lived at Holmesford Cottage Inn in the 1890s after his wife my Grt Grandmother Emily Flint nee Crofts of Cromford drowned in Bonsall Mill Weir
  • 8.Thomas Hoades.. In some records it states that Thomas died of a broken heart when Miss Florence Nightingale refused his proposal of marriage..Thomas was a Farmer / Butcher at Whatstandwell or Longway Bank..

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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