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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of ROLLEY-1

Sent by Lee-anne Taylor of Brisbane, Australia.
See also some of the ROLLEY family in Heights of Jacob webpage.

Descendants of ROLLEY


1.Peter RAWLING birth abt 1650 and Alice
    1.John RAWLING born abt 1675 Bonsall Married Martha.
      John died 14 June 1743 Bonsall and Martha 1756 Bonsall
        1.John RAWLING born abt 1708 aka John ROLLEY Married 21 August 1743 
          to Elizabeth FERN born abt 1720 Beeley Derbyshire 
          to Gawini FERN and Elizabeth HOLME.  
          [Elizabeth's mother Olinday HOLME] 
          John died 1779 Bonsall and Elizabeth died 19 March 1792 Bonsall
             1.John ROLLEY born abt 1743 Beeley Married Hannah born abt 1744
               John died 1824 Bonsall and Hannah died 1819 Bonsall
                   1.John ROLLEY born abt 1770 Bonsall 
                     Married Sarah born abt 1771 Bonsall
                     John Rolley occupation a sawyer. Residence Top of Town, Bonsall 
                     two dwellings including a frame work Knitters, a Croft, 
                     Kitchen and Garden
                     John died 1831 Derbyshire and Sarah died June quarter 1846 Bonsall
                       1.Mary ROLLEY born Nov quarter 1795 Bonsall 
                         Married 6 Sept 1819 Bonsall to John MASSEY born abt 1798. 
                         Mary died 1873 Derbyshire and John before 1861 Bonsall
                           1.Ann Thalia MASSEY born abt 1819 Bonsall
                           2.Thomas MASSEY born abt 1822 Bonsall
                           3.Thomas MASSEY born abt 1824 Bonsall
                           4.William MASSEY born abt 1824 Bonsall
                           5.George MASSEY born abt 1827 Bonsall
                           6.Andrew MASSEY born abt 1832 Bonsall
                           7.Lucy MASSEY born abt 1832 
                             Married to Joseph HENSTOCK
                               1.Ester HENSTOCK
                       2.John ROLLEY born abt 1796 Bonsall 
                       3.John ROLLEY born abt 1789 Death 1798
                       4.William ROLLEY born 12 April 1799 
                         married 20 Sept 1841 Duffield to Elizabeth HAY born abt 1798 
                         to James HAY and Ann NOBLE.
                         William died 26 July 1863 Bonsall and Elizabeth died 31 Dec 1887 Bonsall
                         William occupation a Wood turner and blind since age 11. 
                           1.Ann HAY born 4 June 1826 Crich Derbyshire Death 1846 Bonsall
                           2.Hannah HAY born abt 1829 Death Aug quarter 1847 Bonsall
                           3.Samuel ROLLEY born 18 May 1833 
                             Married 29 May 1854 Sheffield to Sarah Ann BUNTING 
                             born 4 Sept 1826 to Robert BUNTTING and Mary YOUNG.
                             Samuel occupations Watchman, Stone Quarryman & Bathman 
                             Residence 119 High Street Bonsall. Family Immigrated 
                             to Brisbane Australia in 1878. 
                               1.William ROLLEY born 22 April 1855 Bonsall
                               2.John ROLLEY born 30 Dec 1856 Bonsall
                               3.Samuel ROLLEY born 26 May 1860 Bonsall
                               4.Ann Elizabeth ROLLEY born 1863 Bonsall
                               5.Henry ROLLEY born 1864 Bonsall 
                           4.William ROLLEY born 7 Feb 1839 Bonsall 
                             Married 20 August 1861 Bonsall Maria HENSTOCK 
                               1.Annie Maria ROLLEY born abt 1863 Derbyshire
                               2.William ROLLEY born abt 1865 Sheffield
                               3.Emily Jane ROLLEY born abt 1867 Sheffield
                           5.Emmeline ROLLEY born 17 April 1842 Bonsall 
                             Married 14 Sept 1864 Bonsall 
                             to Samuel WHEELDON born abt 1836 Bonsall 
                               1.Mary Wheeldon born abt 1868 Bonsall
                               2.Thomas Wheeldon born abt 1875 Bonsall
                               3.Emily Wheeldon born abt 1878 Bonsall
                           6.John ROLLEY born 27 Sept 1843 Bonsall 
                             Married 26 May 1866 Bonsall to Ann LOXLEY 
                             born 25 May 1845 Bonsall 
                             to Thomas LOXLEY and Dorothy GRATTON
                               1.Joseph ROLLEY born abt 1867 Bonsall 
                                 Married 1895 Derbyshire to Ada GOODWIN
                               2.James ROLLEY born abt 1869 Bonsall 
                                 Married to Annie
                               3.Sarah Ann ROLLEY born 8 Oct 1869 Sheffield 
                                 Married 28 July 1892 Bonsall to Frank SANDERS
                               4.Dorothy ROLLEY born abt 1872 Bonsall Death 1882 Bonsall
                               5.Mary ROLLEY born abt 1877 Bonsall
                               6.Elizabeth ROLLEY born abt 1880 Bonsall
                               7.Clara ROLLEY born abt 1882 Bonsall 
                                 Married 1903 Derbyshire to Jack HEALTH
                               8.Dora ROLLEY born abt 1884 Bonsall 
                                 Married 1907 Derbyshire to Nehemiah DOXEY
                           7.Mary Ann ROLLEY born 31 Dec 1849 Bonsall 
                             Married 20 May 1875 Bonsall to William WORTHY
                               1.James WORTHY born abt 1877 Clay Cross
                               2.Samuel WORTHY born abt 1880 Clay Cross
                               3.Joseph WORTHY born abt 1882 Bonsall
                               4.Sarah WORTHY born abt 1883 Bonsall
                               5.John WORTHY born abt 1890 Bonsall
                       5.Josiah ROLLEY born 10 April 1802 Derbyshire 
                         Married 29 July 1822 to Ann BOND
                         Josiah occupation Sawyer. Residences 51 High Street Bonsall, 
                         1 Horse Gate Bonsall, Scarthin Row Matlock. 
                           1.Mary Bond ROLLEY born abt 1824 Bonsall 
                             Married 29 July 1851 Belper Derbyshire to Jacob RAYNES 
                             (See RAYNES Pedigree)
                               1.Harriett RAYNES born abt 1853 Stockport
                               2.Raised Mary Ellen ROLLEY born 9 Oct 1865 Cromford (Mary's niece)
                                 Died age 79 on the 14 June 1945 Brisbane Queensland.
                                 See Notes on Mary Ellen ROLLEY
                                   1.Arthur ROLLEY born 4 Nov 1896 
                                     Primrose Cottage Upperwood Matlock Bank 
                                     Married 23 Dec 1922 Brisbane to 
                                     Charlotte May WARD born 17 May 1898 Charters Towers.
                                     Arthur died aged 88 on the 11 Dec 1984 and 
                                     Charlotte died aged 78 on the 23 Dec 1976 
                                     (In 2000  in Queensland Australia  Arthur's first 
                                     Great  Great  Great Granddaughter was born, 
                                     making her the 5 generation of Rolley's born in Queensland.
                                     Known as Ellen Rolley.)
                           2.Sarah ROLLEY born 21 March 1825 Bonsall 
                             Married John REDFERN born abt 1842 Bonsall
                               1.Elizabeth REDFERN born 10 Feb 1849 Bonsall 
                                 Married to Francis FEATHERSTONE born abt 1846
                               2.John REDFERN born abt 1860 Bonsall
                               3.Ann REDFERN born abt 1863 Bonsall
                               4.Henry REDFERN born abt 1865 Bonsall
                           3.Thomas ROLLEY born 3 Oct 1827 Bonsall 
                             Married Ann born 1824 Bonsall
                             Thomas died 1906 Stockport and Ann died 1887 Stockport
                               1.Sarah E ROLLEY born abt 1856
                               2.Ann ROLLEY born abt 1859
                           4.John ROLLEY born 28 Jan 1830 Bonsall 
                             Married 27 July 1857 Bonsall to 
                             Harriet BUNTING born abt 1830 Derbyshire to 
                             John BUNTING
                               1.Ann Elizabeth ROLLEY born abt 1860 Bonsall
                               2.Mary Ann ROLLEY born abt 1866 Derbyshire
                               3.John ROLLEY born abt 1867 Derbyshire 
                           5.Samuel ROLLEY born 25 May 1832 Bonsall 
                             a.Married 27 July 1857 Belper Derbyshire to 
                               Louisa Jane BUCKLEY born abt 1838 Cheshire to 
                               Jacob BUCKLEY and Jane TAYLOR
                               Louisa died 12 March 1866 Manchester
                               1.Thomas ROLLEY born abt 1858 Bonsall
                               2.Josiah ROLLEY born 7 March 1860 Bonsall
                               3.Mary Ellen ROLLEY born 9 Oct 1865 Cromford
                             b.Samuel then married 21 Jan 1867 Altrincham Cheshire to 
                               Ann WILKES born abt 1833 Ireland to Thomas WILKES
                               Samuel died March quarter 1910 Manchester and 
                               Ann died 1891 Manchester 
                               4.Charles ROLLEY born abt 1867 Manchester
                               5.William ROLLEY born abt 1872 Manchester
                               6.Samuel ROLLEY born abt 1875 Manchester 
                                 Married Clara Ann ANDREWS
                               7.Clara ROLLEY born abt 1878 Manchester
                           6.Ann ROLLEY born 8 Dec 1834 Bonsall 
                             Married 1860 Stockport to Mathias BRADSHAW 
                             born abt 1839 Cheshire to Obadiah BRADSHAW
                             Family Immigrated to Brisbane Australia in 1882.
                             Ann died 29 March 1912 Brisbane and 
                             Mathias died 12 Feb 1913 Brisbane
                               1.Betsy Ann BRADSHAW born abt 1871 Manchester
                               2.Josiah R BRADSHAW born abt 1867 Manchester
                           7.Betsy ROLLEY born 31 March 1837 Bonsall 
                             Married James YOUNG (4 Children)
                               1.Ann YOUNG born abt 1859 Bonsall
                               2.Mary YOUNG born abt 1860 Bonsall
                               3.Susannah YOUNG born abt 1862 Bonsall
                               4.Rose YOUNG born abt 1867 Lancaster
                           8.Josiah ROLLEY born 7 June 1839 Bonsall 
                             Married Ann PRIME
                               1.John ROLLEY born abt 1862 Youlgreave
                       6.John ROLLEY born 26 Dec 1804 Bonsall 
                         Married 16 April 1827 Bonsall to Mary BROOKS
                         Residence 1851 Middleton Derbyshire
                           1.Henry ROLLEY born abt 1828 Derbyshire
                           2.Elis ROLLEY born abt 1832 Derbyshire
                           3.Mary ROLLEY born abt 1834 Derbyshire
                           4.Jacob ROLLEY born abt 1840 Derbyshire
                           5.John ROLLEY born abt 1841 Derbyshire
                       7.Daniel Massey ROLLEY born 1 Nov 1807 
                         Married 27 July 1829 to  Charlotte BOND born 1808 Bonsall 
                         to Samuel BOND and Hannah. Residence Yeoman Street Bonsall 
                         in 1841. Daniel died March quarter 1889 Bonsall and 
                         Charlotte died 1872 Bonsall
                           1.William ROLLEY born abt 1830 Bonsall
                           2.Hannah ROLLEY born abt 1831 Bonsall
                           3.Charlotte ROLLEY born abt 1833 Bonsall
                           4.John ROLLEY born abt 1836 Bonsall
                           5.Eliza ROLLEY born abt 1840 Bonsall
                           6.Daniel ROLLEY born abt 1841 Bonsall
                           7.Samuel ROLLEY born abt 1843 Bonsall
                       8.Ann ROLLEY born 1 Nov 1807 Bonsall 
                         Married 23 July 1827 Bonsall to Thomas MILLWOOD
                       9.Lucy ROLLEY born 10 August 1814 Bonsall 
                         Married 28 July 1829 Bonsall to George MILLWOOD
             2.Martha ROLLEY born abt 1744 Beeley
             3.George ROLLEY born abt 1747 Beeley
             4.William ROLLEY born abt 1750 
               Married 8 June 1767 Bonsall Hannah SHELDON
               William died 1822 Bonsall
                 1.John ROLLEY born Bonsall
                 2.Elizabeth born Bonsall
                 3.Hannah born Bonsall
                 4.Mary born Bonsall
             5.Elizabeth ROLLEY born abt 1752 Beeley
             6.Mary ROLLEY born abt 1754 Beeley 
               Married 13 May 1779 Bonsall to Thomas DORE
             7.Josiah RAWLING born abt 1758 Derbyshire
             8.Olinday RAWLING born abt 1760 Derbyshire
                 1.Joseph ROLLEY
        2.Mary RAWLING born abt 1713 Derbyshire
        3.Catherine RAWLING born abt 1718 Derbyshire
             1.George RAWLIN 1739 Bonsall
    2.Peter RAWLING born abt 1677 Bonsall 
      Married July 1707 to Dorothy ADELL
        1.Samuel RAWLING born abt 1708 Bonsall
        2.Alice RAWLING born abt 1714 Bonsall
        3.Elizabeth RAWLING born abt 1718 Bonsall
        4.Martha RAWLING born abt 1721 Bonsall
        5.Daniel RAWLING born abt 1726 Bonsall
        6.Jeremiahs RAWLING born abt 1727 Bonsall
    3.Richard RAWLING born abt 1679 Bonsall
    4.Dorothy RAWLING born abt 1682 Bonsall Death 1685 Bonsall
    5.Daniel RAWLING born abt 1683 Bonsall Married Jane
        1.Joseph RAWLING born abt 1716 Bonsall
        2.Rebecca ROLLY born abt 1718 Bonsall
        3.Anna RAWLING born abt 1721 Bonsall
        4.Alicia RAWLING born abt 1724 Bonsall
        5.Isaac RAWLING born abt 1724 Bonsall
        6.Jane RAWLING born abt 1728 Bonsall
    6.Mary RAWLING born abt 1686 Bonsall
    7.Elizabeth RAWLING born abt 1689 Death 10 April 1697 Bonsall
    8.Alice RAWLING born abt 1691 Bonsall
    9.Martha RAWLING born abt 1695 Bonsall Death 1695 Bonsall

NOTES on Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen was about 6 months old when her mother Louisa Jane Rolley (nee Buckley) died. Her father sent her to live with his oldest sister, Mary Bond (nee Rolley) Raynes after the burial.
Mary Raynes lived in Primrose Cottage Upper Wood Matlock Bath, Derbyshire with her husband Joseph and daughter Harriett. This is where she stayed until the age of 39. It is said that Mary Ellen's two brothers never forgave their father Samuel for this decision.
At the age of 16 in 1881 Mary Ellen was employed as a cotton spinner at Matlock in Derbyshire and was still living in Primrose Cottage. But she kept in close contact with some of her immediate family in the Manchester area; it is not known if her father was one of them.
In 1896 Mary Bond 'Rolley' Raynes died in the April-June quarter. Mary Ellen had already taken over the management of the Tea Rooms at The Heights of Jacob during Mary Raynes illness. And the running of Primrose Cottage along with the care of Mary Raynes. Mary Ellen's greatest regret and wish was not having married or giving birth to a child.
On the 4 November 1896 Mary Ellen Rolley age 39 at Primrose Cottage gave birth to a boy called Arthur Rolley.
Arthur was told his father was Jacob Raynes from birth. Jacob Raynes acknowledged Arthur as his son but would not give him his name, for reasons lost in time. Descendants of Arthur look remarkably like Jacob.
Mary Ellen and Arthur remained at Primrose Cottage after Jacob died in 1904 when Arthur was 8.
The Heights of Jacob were under new management in Kelly's Trade Directory from 1907-1916 by George Adam CRAIG. At this time I have not been able to establish what occurred with the Heights of Jacob between 1904 and 1907.
Mary Ellen and Arthur were still at Primrose Cottage in 1908 when in the Kelly's Postal directory for business' Ellen Raynes was listed as proprietor of Primrose Cottage apartments. And in 1909 Harriett, Jacobs's daughter wished for the cottage to be sold.
And this is when the Mathias & Ann Bradshaw, Mary Ellen's Aunt, convinced her to immigrate to Brisbane Australia for a fresh start for her and her son. And to be close to family that had already Immigrated to Brisbane Australia.
(Ann Bradshaw nee Rolley was the younger sister of Samuel and the family peacemaker and the contact link between all the family members. She was universally loved by all)
So in 1910 her Uncle Matthew [Mathias] Bradshaw, who was then living at Myall Cottage in Ekibin Road Brisbane, nominated them for immigration to Australia.
Matthew paid 2 pounds and 6 pence to make the application on 1st April 1910. A warrant was issued on the 16 June 1910.
Mary Ellen 45 years and Arthur 14 years, Left Tilbury docks London 16 September 1910 and arrived in Brisbane on the "Orsova" on the 31st October 1910.
Mary Ellen died in Brisbane on the 14th June 1945 and was buried in Toowong Cemetery Brisbane on 15th June.
Inscription reads "Our Mother Mary Ellen Rolley- mother of Arthur"
Primrose Cottage
As described in a late 1900's Real Estate advertisement.
Situated in a quiet position above Matlock Bath with fabulous views. Take the first right hand turn, into Holme Road. Bear left proceeding to up Upperwood Road; continue through the "narrows", up the Hill until the road levels out slightly. The property is second white cottage on the left hand side.

Lee-anne Taylor

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