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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of RAINS-1

Sent by Lee-anne Taylor of Brisbane, Australia.
See also some of the RAINS family in Heights of Jacob webpage.

Descendants of RAINS

    {has been listed as Mains on census}

    Robert RAINS born abt 1720 married 4 April 1743 St John the Baptist Church Winster to Margaret MOOREHOUSE born abt 1722 Winster Robert died abt 1785 Winster and Margaret March quarter of 1793 Winster

    Mary RAINS death 1770 Winster
    Anthony RAINS born abt 1744 Winster death
    Anthony RAINS born abt 1751 Elton Derbyshire
    Elizabeth RAINS born abt 1752 Winster death 1780 Winster
    William RAINS born abt 1752 Winster death 1836 Winster married 27 March 1785 St John the Baptist Church Winster Lydia STALEY
    Margaret RAINS born abt 1756 Winster death 1756 Winster
    Josiah RAINS born abt 1757 Winster death 1759 Winster
    James RAINS born abt 1760 Winster death 1763 Winster
    Joseph RAINS born abt 1762 Winter death 1762 Winster
    Francis RAINS born abt 1768 Winster married Susannah BUNTING

    Francis RAINS born abt. 1768 Winster, Derbyshire married 2 October 1792 All Saints Church Matlock to Susannah BUNTING born abt. 1764 Matlock daughter of William BUNTING and SARAH SIMPSON Susannah died 6 June 1841

    Jacob RAINS
    Betty RAINS born abt 1792 Matlock
    William RAINS born abt 1794 Matlock
    Ann RAINS born abt 1795
    Benjamin RAINS born 5 Aug Bonsall 1801 married Grace LOXLEY
    Harriet RAINS born abt 1812
    Joseph RAINS born abt 1815

    Benjamin RAINS born 5 Aug 1801 Married 3 August 1829 in St James Church Bonsall, to Grace LOXLEY born abt.1802. Benjamin RAINS died 5 October 1833 Cromford, Grace LOXLEY died September quarter 1879

    Jacob RAINES born 5 November 1829 in Bonsall who married Mary Bond ROLLEY (please see more on Mary on Rolley pedigree)
    Isaac RAINES born ABT 1830
    Joseph RAINES born 27 April 1833 Bonsall

    Jacob RAYNES married on 29 July 1851 register in Belper, Derbyshire Mary Bond ROLLEY father Josiah ROLLEY and mother Ann BOND of Bonsall. Mary died in June quarter of 1895, Matlock Bath. Jacob RAYNES died 27 August 1904, Matlock Bath witness to death was Mary Ellen ROLLEY.

    Harriett RAINES Abt 1853 in Stockport, Cheshire. Married in 1874 to Alfred Joseph HACKETT.

    Jacob and Mary RAYNES also raised Mary's niece Mary Ellen ROLLEY born 9 October 1865 in Cromford, Derbyshire.

    Notes for Mary Ellen Rolley
    In both Mary and Jacobs later life Mary Ellen cared for both in illness until their deaths. Mary Ellen never married. Mary had a son Arthur ROLLEY on the 11 April 1896 Matlock Bath. Undocumented father was Jacob Raynes. (Please see more on Mary Ellen Rolley and Mary Bond Rolley at Rolley pedigree.)

    Lee-anne Taylor

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