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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of POTTER-1

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

POTTER family history

    Subject: My wife/my own Potter /Else family
    Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 21:59:24 +0100 (BST)

    The following is the family history of the Potter and Wragg family

  • 1.James Potter of Alderwasley born 1701
  • 2.William Potter born 1702 married Hannah Land 1724 she of my mother's Land family

    Children of William and Hannah Potter nee Land

  • 1.Jonathan Potter born 1725 married Dorothy Eaton of Cromford Dorothy sister to my wifes 5XGrandfather John Eaton
  • 2.Amy born 1727
  • 3.Anne born 1728
  • 4.Hannah Potter married George Slack of Bolehill he of my wife and my kin
  • 5.James Potter born 1736 married Esther Woolley
  • 6.Charles Potter born 1739 married Avice or Alice Gregory
  • 7.Thomas Potter born 1742 married Dorothy Smith of Alderwasley Dorothy distant kin to my mother's Smith / Cauldwell family

    Children of Jonathan and Dorothy Potter nee Eaton

  • 1.Thomas Potter
  • 2.Jonathan Potter born 1753 married Mary Frost
  • 3.James Potter born 1766 married Grace Peate daughter of Phineas Peate of Coneygreave Farm Alport Heights..Grace sister to Anne Peate who married John Flint my 3XGrandfather as his 1st wife.. Anne died in child birth first child John Flint who also died..John then married Elizabeth Colledge of Mill House Green Wirksworth they my 3XGrandparents..This Peate family also married into the Higton family one of whose heirs is my near neighbour today

    Children of James and Grace Potter nee Peate

  • 1.William born 1792 married Anne Ogden daughter of Francis Ogden Butcher Market Place Wirksworth
  • 2.James Potter born 1796 married Jane Frith she also of my kin her coussin Rebecca married Thomas Hodgkinson Landlord of The Old Noahs Ark Inn Wigwell they my 4XGrandparents on my mother's side of the family
  • 3.Sarah Potter
  • 4.Grace Potter married Anthony Spencer of Gorsey Bank they kin of the Macbeth family of my allied kin Macbeths were Bakers where Killers Bakery is today and then Solicitors..This Spencer family were also my wifes fore bare family also kin to Butlers
  • 5.Charles born 1801 married at Sheffield he a Plumber / Builder
  • 6.Dorothy Potter born 1803 married Francis Maskrey Master Stonemason of Gorsey Bank
  • 7.Jonathan Potter born 1806 married Anne Brailsford daughter of Joseph and Ellen Brailsford nee Hawley Ellen Grandaughter of Abernathan Hawley he my 5XGrandfather on my mother's Sheldon Smith Cauldwell Walker family ..Brailsfords of this family were my kin via many marriages including Farnsworth Killer Sheldon Spencer etc etc.. through to more recent years.. Charles Brailsford of this family who worked as a Mason for my kinsman George Colledge at Baileycroft Quarry 1880s - married Evelyn Farnsworth they Grt Aunt and Uncle to my sister in law J............. Flint my brothers wife nee Farnsworth ..
  • 8.Hannah born 1808 married John Udale
  • 9.Mary Potter born 1810 married Henry Spencer 1831 Henry brother to Isaac and Joseph Spencer they cousins to my Gr Gr Grandfather Samuel Flint who married Mary Killer..
  • 10.Thomas Potter born 1814 at Sheffield
  • 11. Elizabeth born 1815 at Sheffield

    The Potters were Plumbers Plasterers and Builders who I believe worked on contracts at Sheffield building the large Victorian Civic buildings

    Children of Jonathan and Anne Potter nee Brailsford

  • 1.John Potter Plasterer born 1836
  • 2.Anne born 1838
  • 3.Joseph Potter born 1841 married Elizabeth Anne Robinson dau of Edward Robinson Gas Plant Manager Wirksworth
  • 4.Thomas Potter born 1846 married Alice Spencer 1867 they my sister in laws Grt Grandparents ( J...... Farnsworth married J..M.Flint my brother)

    Children of Joseph and Elizabeth Potter nee Robinson

  • 1.Joseph born 1863
  • 2.Edward born 1868
  • 3.Anne born 1872
  • 4.Arthur born 1874
  • 5.Lizzie born 1874

    Children of Thomas and Alice Potter nee Spencer

  • 1.Anne Potter born 1867 married Thomas Millward-Farnsworth Grandfather of my sister in law J........ Farnsworth who married J.M.Flint my brother Thomas was at first a Pupil Teacher at Wirksworth's Anthony Gell School but then became a Stonemason /Builder his former family of Millwards and Farnsworths being Master Builders / Stonemasons Farnsworths were still builders at Steeplegrange up to recent years one of their kin a friend of mine today ..Thomas Millward Farnsworth worked for Ouslnam and Fearn of Brassington Building Contractors..He was killed on The Cromford & High Peak Railway line crushed under a train when walking the line back home to Steeplegrange after a days work..
  • 2.John Potter Plasterer / Building Contractor born 1869 married Clara Isadora Millward Farnsworth sister to Thomas Millward Farnsworth.. Their son John Potter lived opposite my wife and myself on Cromford Road Wirksworth in the 1970s he then in his 80s his wife a Smith of my distant kin on mothers side of the family.. John Potter had been a Building Contractor his yard alongside where Shaws (of the quarry) lived.. Mr Potter also had a public address system which he contracted out to businesses and to fetes etc..As he became less able he asked the writer of this history to carry out the public address work which I did after my full time job

    Children of Thomas and Anne Millward Farnsworth nee Potter

  • 1.Martha Farnsworth married Walter Spencer son of William Samuel Spencer of Middleton Walter one of the Brass Banding Brothers see Buckley and Wragg family history
  • 2.James Farnsworth married Evelyn Boden of Matlock Cliffe sister of Herbert Boden Foreman J.W.Wildgoose Building Contractors / Quarry Owners Matlock Bank and Ashover..Herbert Boden was also Musical Director of Matlock Male Voice Choir James and Evelyn were my sister in laws parents..

    I have the full Farnsworth family history some of which is already on John Palmers Contributed Pedigrees sent by Mrs Emma Hillman my sister in laws 2nd cousin.. My work covers some areas re Farnsworth's not in Mrs Hillmans research

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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