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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of George PEARSON-1

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Descendants of George PEARSON

The Pedigree of the Pearson Family of Bonsall and Cromford Compiled by Mike Higton

John KITCHEN m Troth SHORE giving birth to Roger KITCHEN on 11th February 1757 Roger KITCHEN had 5 children, marrying twice they were: (i) Robert SHORE KITCHEN (ii) John KITCHEN (iii) Elizabeth KITCHEN (iv) Sarah KITCHEN (v) Rachel KITCHEN George PEARSON (Tailor) son of Peter (Bonsall) m Elizabeth KITCHEN daughter of Roger, 10th December 1818 in Bonsall Children of George and Elizabeth PEARSON (i) Robert PEARSON christened 1st March 1819. Died at Subathoo in the Punjab 29th March 1844 whilst serving in the East India Company Infantry. See below for more details (ii) Mary Kitchen PEARSON born 24th February 1821, christened 26th February 1821 in Bonsall. (iii) Peter PEARSON born 10th January 1824, christened 11th November 1824 in Bonsall. Sources: International Genealogical Index; County Records Office, Matlock Oriental and India Office Collection, London. Children of Mary Kitchen PEARSON (i) Henry PEARSON (ill) b 6th March 1842 christened at Saint Mary`s Church Cromford 16th April 1843. Mary Kitchen PEARSON m Jabez FENTON (christened 15th March 1818) Son of Mary and Robert Fenton, circa 1846 ??? Children of Mary Kitchen PEARSON and Jabez FENTON of Scarthin Nick (i) Henry FENTON b circa 1845 (no proof of this, based on 1851 census record) (ii) Elizabeth FENTON christened at Matlock Bath 6th August 1848. (iii) Emily FENTON Christened at Matlock Bath 24th June 1855 (iv) Hannah FENTON christened at Matlock Bath 28th June 1857 (v) Herbert FENTON christened at Matlock Bath 11th March 1860 (vi) John FENTON b circa 1863 Children of Peter PEARSON and Elizabeth ??? of Almshouses Lane (i) Mary PEARSON christened at Saint Marys in Cromford 22nd Jun 1862. (ii) Eliza PEARSON christened at Saint Marys Church Cromford 31st July 1864. (iii) Fanny PEARSON christened at Saint Marys church Cromford 13th October 1867 (iv) Robert PEARSON christened at Saint Marys Church Cromford 24th October 1869 Eliza PEARSON m William BODEN and lived on Bedehouse Lane, Cromford Their children were: (i) Ann Elizabeth (Betty) BODEN b 1891 (ii) Frank BODEN b 1894 (iii) Edith BODEN b 24th March 1897. d 14/12/1991 Edith BODEN m Arthur HIGTON Their children were: (i) Eileen HIGTON b 05/11/1925. d 19/01/91 (ii) William Arnold HIGTON b 25/07/1928. d 31/07/1991 William Arnold HIGTON m Catherine Muriel WOODS Their children are (i) Michael Alan HIGTON b 07/11/59 (ii) Carol Ann HIGTON b 26/05/61 (iii) Sandra Eileen HIGTON b 08/11/63 Sources: International Genealogical Index; County Records Office Matlock; Census and other records on John Palmers database. 1901 census uk gov`t database, Mrs Catherine Muriel HIGTON --------------------------------------------------------------------

Robert Pearson 1st March 1819 - 29th March 1844 The Story so far

Elizabeth Kitchen marries George Pearson on the 10th December 1818. Sources Inces pedigrees page 111b. International Genealogical Index and County Records Office Matlock (2nd August 2002). Film M105, Vol 1. Robert Pearson, Christened 1st March 1819 the son of George and Elizabeth Pearson in Bonsall. George is a tailor. (County Offices Matlock: Ref M104 Vol 7/Record No 313 Researched 24th July 2002) 1821 - February 24th Mary Kitchen Pearson born, christened 26th February 1821. Sources International Genealogical Index and County Records Office, Matlock 2nd August 2002. 1824 - 10th January, Peter Pearson, Roberts brother born . Christened 11th November 1824. The last time I can find George (Task: Find record of Peters birth) Sources IGI and CRO Matlock 2/8/02. 20th May 1841 Robert enlists in the Honourable East India Company Infantry in Manchester enlisted by Major Axford 22nd May 1841 is in Chatham for Attestation Joined the depot 29th May for a period of unlimited service Embarked for India on the Nankin 10th September 1841 1841 Elizabeth Pearson listed in Census records ref Cm132a through 132d. Aged 55. No sign of George ! Peter is aged 15, Mary 20, also resident is Henry Walker aged 25, a tinplate worker. 1842, 6th March Henry Pearson born, Mary Pearson`s Illegitimate son. Christened at Saint Mary`s, Cromford on 16th April 1843. In the records held at County Offices she is described as a spinster. (Researched 2nd August 2002, Film no M108, Vol 2) At this time Robert is described as:- Aged 20, 5ft 6in tall with light brown hair, grey eyes and a fair complexion. His rank is private in the European Light Infantry regiment (1st Bengal European Regiment). 29th March 1844 he dies at Subathoo in the Punjab appearing on the casualty roll in May 1844. His age at the time of death is given as 24. His estate is valued at 97 rupees, 10 Anna, 4 pies. (Task research events in the region at this time). Approximate value of estate would have been 9 pounds. Died intestate (sub treasurer 15th October 1844) 1851 Elizabeth is living Alms House in Cromford and her occupation given as Parish Relief Servant. Peter is still there now aged 25 and a labourer along with Henry Pearson her grandson aged 9. Was the father Henry Walker (1841 census) 1851 Mary Fenton (aged 30) Scarthin Nick address along with Jabez Fenton aged 33 a millers carter from Cromford. Also listed is Elizabeth aged 2 and Henry Fenton aged 6 (double check this). 1861 Elizabeth living at Alms House with Emily Fenton aged 6 her granddaughter, this has to be Marys child! 1861 Emily Fenton also appears at Scarthin Nick address, Living with Mary Fenton and her husband Jabez. Mary is aged 40, Jabez 42. Also resident is Henry Pearson aged 19 and described as "son". Other occupants at this address are Elizabeth Fenton aged 12, a cotton spinner, Hannah aged 3 and Herbert aged 1. 1871 living alone at Alms House. Aged 84. 1871 Jabez is still at Scarthin Nick by now a railway labourer and widower aged 52 also listed is Emily 18 a cotton spinner, Hannah aged 15 also a cotton spinner (wrong age again) and John aged 8. Task find record of Marys death somewhere in the range 1862 - 1871. 1881 Peter, Roberts brother living at Moss Side, Cromford now aged 56 with his family, including his first and only son Robert aged 11. Presumably named after his long dead brother. 1881 John Fenton aged 18 appears as a servant at Castle top Matlock.

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