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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of McINTYRE-1

    Kevin Marples wrote
    I am sending you the results of my mother's family history which I have been researching for the last five years for inclusion on your Wirksworth Website.

    My mother's forbears appeared to have travelled around the country during the latter part of the 19th Century, especially going from town to town in Yorkshire selling wares as itinerant hawkers, living in tenamented accommodation and even union workhouses. Tracking them down has not been easy and is still ongoing therefore a lot of information relating to the early years will invariably contain inaccuracies. I am hoping like-minded researchers will find it useful and well as providing me with further information

    My great grandfather Ambrose MCINTYRE settled in Matlock around 1895 where he married and had children in the area before they moved to Wirksworth. My mother Elizabeth McIntyre was born in Wirksworth in 1929 and married Alan Marples in 1948 whose family are also from the Wirksworth area. I am their eldest son beng born in 1954 and spent the first twelve years of my life around Wirksworth. Although I moved to Derby 40 years ago I still have an affinity with Wirksworth as my father's family (Marples) stretch back over many generations, indeed my earliest recorded ancestor is Ralph Marple b. about 1662 in the area. (In due course I will also send you this pedigree)

Descendants of McINTYRE

                               FAMILY OF MACINTYRE

0-Alexander Craig MCINTYRE (b. circa 1846 Gourock? Scotland)
assumed marriage c1875 to Jane SMITH(?) (b. c1855 Wirksworth)
    1-Ambrose MCINTYRE (b. circa 1875 Staines Middlesex, d 23/2/1954 at Wirksworth)
      m.17/8/1896 Matlock to Sarah Ann JOHNSON (b. circa 1878 Barnsley Yorks,d.9/8/1940 Wirksworth)
        2-John MCINTYRE (b. c1888, assumed parents Ambrose MCINTYRE and Sarah Ann JOHNSON)
          m. 16/9/1912 at Wirksworth to Martha MASKERY (b. c1893, d.26/12/1917 Wirksworth)
            3-John MCINTYRE (b.26/10/1910 Wirksworth)
              m. Ethel WOODIN
                4-Janet MCINTYRE
                4-June MCINTYRE
                4-Margaret MCINTYRE
                4- John MCINTYRE
            3-Rose MCINTYRE (b.27/10/1912) 
              m. Harry unknown surname
        2-Alfred Ambrose MCINTYRE (b.21/4/1897 at Matlock, d.21/6/1932 at Wirksworth)
          m. 15/6/1918 at Wirksworth to Gertrude Rose BROOKS-KINDER (b. 11/10/1894 Brassington?)
            3-Gertrude May MCINTYRE (b.12/7/1918 at Wirksworth d.27/7/2005 at Derby)
              m. 26/6/1940 to Oswald WHITTAKER (b.24/3/1915, d.1987 at Lytham St Annes Lancs)
                4-Oswald Clive WHITTAKER (b. 26/9/1946, married Anne Fidler 22 Aug 1970 d. Oct 2007)
            3-Elizabeth Mary MCINTYRE (b.4/2/1929)
              m.27 Nov 1948 at Wirksworth to Alan MARPLES (b.29/1/1930 at Wirksworth)
                4-Kevin Alan MARPLES (b.3/2/1954 at Wirksworth)
                  m. 3/11/1979 at Horsley to Susan WELLS b.15/10/1958)
                    5-Robert Alan MARPLES (b. 19/9/1982)
                    5-Richard Gordon MARPLES (b. 29/5/1986)
                4-Michael John MARPLES (b.17/3/1958 at Wirksworth)
                  m. 1977 to Ruth ROBINSON
                    5-Alexander MARPLES (b.1978)
                  m. 1995 to Eileen DINEEN Co. Cork Eire
                    5-Luke MARPLES b.1992 London
                    5-Lauren MARPLES b.1994 Co. Cork Eire
                    5-Edel MARPLES b.1996 Co. Cork Eire
        2-John Edward MCINTYRE (b.3/4/1900 at Matlock, d.27/3/1941 at Wirksworth)
          m.23/11/1922 at Wirksworth to Elizabeth WILBRAHAM
          (nee BROOKS-KINDER b.23/11/1893, d.5/9/1969 Australia?
          Formerly married to George Wilbraham deceased)
            3-Joan MCINTYRE b.22 April 1924 Wirksworth
              m. 14 Dec 1942 to Joseph ASTON (b. 1923 d. 1999 Australia?)
                4-Carol Ann ASTON b. 7 Dec 1948
                4-Karen Sue ASTON b. 19 Feb 1954
                4-KEVIN John ASTON b.16 Aug 1952
        2-Mary Jane MCINTYRE (b.20/2/1903 at Matlock)
          m.19/4/1924 at Wirksworth to William WETTON (b.1900, d.1931)
          m. after 1931 ? ARMITT
        2-Alexander Ambrose MACINTYRE (b.1905 Matlock, d.1990 Wirksworth) 
          m. 1934 at Wirksworth to Ivy SPENCER (b. circa 1905 Wirksworth, d.1985 Wirksworth)
            3-John William MCINTYRE b. 1930
            3-Jack MCINTYRE b. circa 1933
            3-Maureen MCINTYRE b. circa 1940
            3-Gerald MCINTYRE b. 1941 Wirksworth
                4-Beverly MCINTYRE
        2-Lillian MCINTYRE (b.1906 Matlock d. 2000)
          m. 1930 at Wirksworth to Cyril Henry ELSE (b. circa 1930)
        2-Ada MCINTYRE (b.1907 Matlock, d.circa 1952?)
          m. 1930 at Wirksworth to William Peter MOFFAT (b. 1907)
            3-Jean Elizabeth MOFFAT b. 1938
        2-Amy MCINTYRE (b.1907 Matlock, d.1917 Whitworth Hospital Darley Dale)
        2-Arthur MCINTYRE (b.1910 Matlock)
        2-Annie MCINTYRE b. 1911 Matlock
          m. 1930 at Wirksworth to Albert Reginald PERCIVAL (b.circa 1910)
    1-John MCINTYRE (b. c1882 Ripley in either Derbys or Yorks, d. 6/2/1921 at Wirksworth)
      m. 3/2/1902 to Eliza Johnson (b. c1882 Durham, d.Jul 1903 Matlock)
        2-Rose MCINTYRE b. 30/6/1902 Matlock
    1-Mary I MCINTYRE (b. 20/1/1875 Driffield Union Workhouse, Yorks)
    1-Amy MCINTYRE (b. 6/12/1879 Huddersfield, Yorks)

From 1881 Census and IGI Index - Alexander Craig MCINTYRE, Jane SMITH 
and Ambrose MCINTYRE - years of birth and marriage estimated  where they 
were resident as lodgers in Keighley, N Yorks.

John MCINTYRE (1) b. circa 1881 appears on 1901 Census for Matlock aged 
19 years, born Ripley, Derbys (but could also be Yorkshire which is very 
close to Keighley in terms of estimated year of birth and 1881 Census 

John MCINTYRE (2) married to Martha MASKERY, father on marriage certificate 
shown as Ambrose MCINTYRE, assumed mother Sarah Anne Johnson, year of 
birth (1888) estimated from age on marriage certificate.

Both John MCINTYRE 1) and 2) could be one and the same person.

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