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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of KNIVETON-1

Here's a Descent sent me by Brenda Clifton, thanks Brenda.

Here is my Family Tree. My husband and I researched it back to about 1766.  
The only starting point we had was that my grandfather, Samuel Kniveton was 
born at Packington, Leics.  As usual we started after the earlier generations
had died !!!

When I joined Derbyshire F.H.S. I was contacted by a Vic Rosewarne who asked 
if I would like a further 100 years.  Needlessly to say I was over the moon 
as the two trees linked.

Descendants of KNIVETON

    THE KNIVETON FAMILY TREE Pedigree of the family of KNIVETON of Bolehill,Wirksworth,County of Derby. Drawn up by Thomas INCE of Wirksworth, February 1825. At the relation of Joseph Kniveton of Matlock; Martha, wife of Joshua Rouse…of the family, May 1826 and the two sisters of Martha Kniveton, added September 1827. At the relation of Adam Simpson of Bolehill. [This is the heading to the pedigree made by Thomas Ince] Additions made in Italics are from information acquired from other sources i.e. Record Offices, Census Returns and Bromley Kniveton’s research and are all post Ince. A1. Johannes Kniveton, of Wirksworth d. Jan.1718/19 m. Helena 5.4.1676 at Bradbourne B1. George (Georgius) Kniveton bp. 6.1.1677 m.Dorothy (Dorothea) Dean 28.1.1700 C1. Elizabeth Kniveton bp.8.1.1701, m. William Elliot of Bonsall, 29.3 1723, whose daughter Hannah was the mother of Adam Simpson, the relator of the pedigree. C2. Hellena bp. 20.1.1702/3 C3. George Kniveton b.9.3.1705 [his son has often told his children that his father was about 15 at the time of a total eclipse of the sun in 1715?] (There was a total eclipse in Derbyshire on 3 May 1715-JCP) m.16.2.1727 Mary Farrand bp.14.7.1703. dau of William Farrand and sister of Francis Farrand of Cromford. George died 8.7.1782. D1. Hannah b.1734 D2. Dorothy b.1736 D3. Joseph Kniveton of Bolehill, a lead miner, bp 15.2.1738 m.Ruth Cotterill of Cromford; sister of Paul Cotterill of Steeple House. E1. Joseph Kniveton of Holt Lane, Matlock. Weaver, formerly of Bolehill. Relator of this pedigree; aged 59 in 1825. Bp. 20.11.1765. m. Elizabeth Carden of Matlock, 11.8.1786. F1. Mary Kniveton b.1789 at Wirksworth m. James Nuttall at Crich 1811. F2. Ruth Kniveton b.1790 at Wirksworth m. Daniel Smedley at Crich 1815. F3. William Kniveton of Matlock b.Wirksworth 1794 m. Phyllis Edwards of Matlock.
    An alternative solution submitted by Ken Kniveton
    "William was born Manchester 1787 first child of Joseph and Elizabeth. Joseph being a weaver moved there when Arkwright opened his first mill there. He later moved back to Bolehill where they had further children. The William in the pedigree was born to Joseph and Elizabeth Strong of Ashlehay, see Wirksworth records".
    [Ince gives Phoebe but appears to be Phyllis] G1. Elizabeth Kniveton b.1812. G2. Sarah Kniveton b.1814 G3. Charles Kniveton b.1817 G4. Mary Kniveton b.1819 G5. Charles Kniveton b.1821 G6. Hannah Kniveton b.1823 G7. William Kniveton b.1826 G8. George Kniveton b.1828 G9. Ann Kniveton b.1834 F4. Sarah Kniveton b. 1795 at Wirksworth F5. Samuel Kniveton of Wirksworth m. Sarah Wragg of Bonsall m.1815? at Crich. G1. Joseph Kniveton G2. Ferdinad Kniveton b.1818 at Matlock G3. Mary Kniveton G4. Sarah Kniveton b.1821 F6. Ann b.1789 d.young F7. John b.1793 d.young F8. Richard b.1797 d.young F9. Edward b.1798 d.young F10. Simpson b.1795 d.young E2.William Kniveton of Worksworth bp.2.4.1775. Tape Weaver, m. Mary Holbrooke of Wirksworth, b.11.12.1772, m.15.6.1795 F1. Hannah Kniveton F2. Joseph Kniveton F3. Ruth Kniveton F4. Jane Kniveton F5. Abigail Kniveton F6. Nehemiah Kniveton F7. Sarah Kniveton F8. ? F9. James Kniveton D4. Benjiman Kniveton of Lancashire bp.Wirksworth 16.7.1740 – twice married. [1st to Betty Thornley,b.abt.1742 and 2nd to Sarah Smith,b.1765] He died 19.12.1804 E1. George Kniveton b.1765 m.Alice Hilton b.abt.1761 F1. Matthew Kniveton b.1796 m.Mary Smith b.1805 [Ancestor of Graham Eckersley on g.eckersley@talktalk.net] E2. Nehemiah Kniveton E3. Joseph Kniveton E4. Charles Kniveton E5. Benjiman Kniveton E6. Mary Kniveton Children of 2nd marriage to Sarah Smith m.30.4.1786 d.28.9.1793 E7. Adam Kniveton b.1786 E8. Joseph Kniveton b.1790 [Ancestor of Bromley Kniveton at bhkandjd@supanet.com] E9. Mildred Kniveton b.1792 D5. George Kniveton of Bolehill, Innkeeper and miner, bp.2.6.1742 d. 22 5.1813. m. Hannah Burton of Middleton at Wirksworth 10.6.1767 E1. Benjiman Kniveton of Bolehill, Innkeeper and miner, bp. 13.11.1767 m. 1) Susannah Land of Bolehill at Wirksworth, m. 7.1.1790 at Wirksworth 2) Hannah Lomas m. 2.4.1822. Widow of John Lomas of Wirksworth, Hostler, also widow of …Alsopp of Wirksworth, miner, dau. of Rodgers of Wirksworth, miner. F1. Benjiman Kniveton of Bramfield, weaver. A natural son, m. Hannah Hoades, dau of Issac Hoades of Bolehill, miner. G1. Isaac G2. Millicent b.1814 G3. Charles Kniveton G4. Emma b.1818 G5. Benjiman Kniveton G6. Elizabeth G7. George Kniveton F2. Hannah Kniveton F3. Nehemiah Kniveton of Bolehill bp.Jan 1793 at Wirksworth, d.12.1.1829 aged 34, Miner, m. Ann Monks 17.10.1824 of Wirksworth (but a native of Belper) at Duffield G1. Benjiman Kniveton b.20.5.1825 F4. Millicent bp.1798 m. Joseph Marple of Middleton, miner F5. Charles Kniveton of Steeple (House?) Wirksworth, bp.5.7.1799, miner, m.Maria Barker, dau of Barker of Kirk Ireton, tailor, b.July 1803 m. July 1819 at Wirksworth (1851 Census Maria states born at Kerkiston!) G1. Charles Kniveton b.25.12.1820 G2. Thomas Kniveton b.3.2.1824 G3. Benjiman Kniveton b.16.5.1826 G4. Frederick Kniveton b.3.4.1829 (1881 Census – m.Sarah, b.1831 at Hugglescote) H1. David Kniveton, aged 18 b. Hugglescote, miner H2. Albert Kniveton, aged 11, b.Hugglescote, scholar H3. Frederick Kniveton, aged 9, b.Hugglescote, scholar G5. Susannah, b.1832 G6. Charles Kniveton b. 1834 at Packington. m. 1) Mary b.1838 at Matlock, d.1860/1 H1. Harriet Kniveton, b.1856 at Hugglescote, Leics. 1881 Census – Elastic Web Weaver H2. Eliza Kniveton b.1860, also Elastic Web Weaver m.2) Harriet Platt,b.1828 at Alfreton 1891 Census Charles.Harriet and Frederick living at Altofts. Not found in 1901 H3. Charles Kniveton b.1862, Packington H4. John Thomas Kniveton b.1864, Packington H5. Frederick Kniveton b.1867, Packington H6. Samuel Kniveton b.10.7.1870, Packington, m.1) Ann Brook bp 4.7.1869 dau. of John Brook, Altofts, Normanton, Yks. m.5.8.1889 at Normanton, Yks. Postal worker, later Head Postmaster at Normanton, d.1955 at Blackpool. m.2) Sybil Bowles b.1900 m.1930. One son d.young. J1. Samuel Kniveton b.1.4.1896 at Altofts. Schoolmaster d.May 1963 at Leeds m.Grace Holmes b.1889 m.1922 d.1995 J2. Marjorie Ann Kniveton b.1997 at Altofts m.1925,Hector Newton of Altofts, Schoolmaster J3. Geoffrey Kniveton b.28.10.1898 at Altofts. Schoolmaster m.27.8.1927,Leeds to Gertrude Marsland (b.1.8.1904 d.1979), dau of F.W.Marsland of Leeds d.26.4.1968, living at Elland. [Ancestors of Brenda Clifton] E2. Charles Kniveton bp.26.9.1770 of Wirksworth, weaver m.1813, Mary Land, Bolehill F1. George Kniveton of Wirksworth, Hat Seller m. Hannah G1. Hannah b.1814 G2. Frances G3. George Kniveton b.1818 G4. Mary b.1820 G5. Charles Kniveton G6. John Kniveton b.1817 G7. James Kniveton b.1822 F2. Elizabeth Kniveton m. Jacob Frost of Wirksworth, miner F3. Charles Kniveton of Bolehill, miner bp.1791 m. Hannah Spencer 1816 of Middleton G1. Jabez Kniveton b.1817 G2. Mary b.1820 G3. John Kniveton b.1826 G4. Hannah b.1828 G5. Charles Kniveton b.1831 G6. Susannah b. 1834 G7. Martha b.1839 F4. Millicent Kniveton bp.1796 m. Edward Mold of Wirksworth, miner F5. Samuel Kniveton of Wirksworth, weaver m. Mary Wilson, dau of Joseph Wilson m.1828 at Wirksworth. G1. Emma b.1828 G2. George Kniveton b.1830 G3. Joseph Kniveton b.1832 G4. Charles Kniveton b.1834 G5. Ann G6. Mary b.1836 G7. Obidiah Kniveton b.1840 F6. Susannah Kniveton bp.1796 F7. Betty Kniveton b.1794 E3. Nehemiah Kniveton of Bolehill and Wirksworth, miner bp.10.6.1772 m.1) Mary Kniveton, dau of his uncle Charles at Wirksworth 28.1.1793. 2) ? 3) Elizabeth b. in Scotland. F1. Samuel Kniveton of Ketchauyd Inn, Toll Bar. c.1826 m.Elisabeth Woodhouse, dau.of Anthony Woodhouse of Wirksworth, miner G1. Nehemiah Kniveton b.1817 G2. Samuel Kniveton b.1819 G3. Mary b.1821 G4. Elisabeth b.1823 G5. Charles Kniveton b. 1827 F2. Nemeiah Kniveton bp.81.2.1798 F3. Hannah Kniveton bp.25.4.1799 m. George Mitchel of Crich 14.11.1824 F4. Jeremiah Kniveton of Bolehill, weaver bp.28.2.1802 m.Jane Kniveton, his second cousin, of Wirksworth m. 25.12.1826 G1. Jane b.1826 G2. Sarah b.1828 G3. George Kniveton b.1830 G4. Mary b.1835 G5. William Kniveton b.1838 D4. Hannah Kniveton bp.24.7.1734 m.1) 11.3.1756 Jacob Higton 2) George Maddock D5. Dorothy bp.12.3.1736 m.Edward Allin of Cromford 15.9.1760 D6. Charles Kniveton of Bolehill,miner b.12.8.1746 bp.17 9 1746 bur.16.3.1794 m.Martha Higgins of Chesterfield b.6.5.1746 m.31.5.1773 bur.12.4.1793 E1. Mary Kniveton b.29.9.1775 m.Nemeiah Kniveton of Bolehill 28.2.1793 E2. Martha Kniveton b.5.2.1778 m.Joshua Rouse of Bolehill, miner 1.11.1803 E3. Hannah Kniveton b.22.7.1782 m.John Rosewarne of Wirksworth, a Schoolmaster b.13.2.1802 d.13.9.1846. [Ancestor of Vic Rosewarne] E4. Charles Kniveton b.15.9.1784, Calico weaver, m.1) Elizabeth Tomisons, dau of a tailor of Bonsall m. at Bonsall 16.9.1807. m.2) Mary Gould of Alstonefield, Staffs. July 1811. F1. Ann b.24.12.1811 m.James Sims of Bolehill, 8.6.1835 F2. Martha b.7.4.1813 d.7.5.1818 F3. Charles Kniveton b.16.11.1814 F4. John Kniveton b.29.1.1817. [Ancestor of Ed Messenger of Texas at ggmamess@yahoo.com] F5. Mary b.Dec.1818 F6. Martha b.14.1.1819 F7. Sarah b.July 1821 F8. Hannah b.24.12.1822 E5. Sarah 1773-1791 E6. Higgins b&d 1779 E7. George Kniveton 1786-1800 E8. Samuel b&d 1780 E9. Nehemiah b&d 1790 D7. Nehemiah Kniveton of Bolehill, miner b.1749, d.4.12.1805 – Will dated 28.9.1805 mentions seven children. m. Rachael Street dau of Joshua Street of Bolehill, miner m.3.2.1773 d.10.3.1797 E1. Elizabeth Kniveton bp.15.9.1773, unmarried E2. Mary b.1775 d.young E3. Nehemiah b.1776 d.young E4. Joshua Kniveton b.1778 E5. Samuel b.1780 d.young E6. Martha bp.7.1.1783 m. ……Marchant E7. Lydia Kniveton b.5.2.1785 m. John Hartle of Bonsall, shoemaker E8. George Kniveton of Bolehill bp.12.9.1787 m. Elizabeth Higton F1. William Kniveton bp.27.3.1814 d.Manchester aged 14 15.7.1821 F2. Nehemiah Kniveton bp.11.6.1815 F3. Jeremiah Kniveton bp.11.6.1815 F4. Rachel bp.22.9.1816 F5. George Kniveton bp.30.8.1818 F6. Hannah Kniveton bp.10.3.1821 E9. Benjiman b.1789 d.young E10. Charles Kniveton b.1791 E11. Sarah Kniveton bp.1.1.1792 m. Job Higton of Bolehill, miner 8.3.1813 E12. Mary b.1793 d.young E13. Joseph Kniveton of Manchester bp.17.9.1794 m. Hannah Allen dau. of George Allen of Cromford 22.11.1819 at Wirksworth F1. Sarah bp.3.2.1822 C4. John Kniveton bp.1701 C5. Millicent Kniveton bp.1709 C6. Maria Kniveton bp.1710 C7. Hannah Kniveton b&d 1710 C8. Sarra bp.1714 C9. Sara Kniveton bp.1719 m.William Street of Bolehill,miner 24.?.1749, see Street Pedigree. B2. Willmus Kniveton bp.20.11.1678 B3. Henricus Kniveton bp.19.4.1682 B4. Elizabeth Kniveton bp.6.8.1685 B5. Sarah Kniveton bp.3.2.1686 d.1686 B6. Thomas Kniveton bp.1689 m.1) Elizabeth Greatrex 18.9.1712,d.25.5.1721 C1. Ellen bp.1713 C2. Elizabeth bp.6.8.1717 C3. Thomas b&d 1721 m.2) Millicent Willmot 15.5.1722 C4. Sarah bp.1722 C5. Millicent bp.1729 C6. Robert Kniveton bp.1735 m.Sarah Ellis D1. one son D2. Charles Kniveton b.1759 C7. Hannah bp.1726? d.1728 C8. George Kniveton b&d.1731 C9. ? b.1732 B7. Hellena bp.11.5.1692 B8. Elizabeth bp.1697 If you have any further information then please contact Brenda Clifton on bm.clifton@talktalk.net Notes: 1) The descendents of John Kniveton b.1817 have contacted me and are to be found on ggmamess@yahoo.com Edward and Jeanette Messenger of Texas 2) Vic.Rosewarne gave me so much information that I am sure that his descendents will be lodged with Derbyshire F.H.S. I would like to publicly acknowledge that this tree would have been impossible without the invaluable contribution which Vic Rosewarne of Twickenham gave to me in 1985

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