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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of KILLER-1

Stuart Flint sent this pedigree of his ancestors, thanks Stuart.


    Adam Killer born 11th November 1665 at Metesforde (Matlock) married Sarah Bankes of Cromford at St Giles Church Matlock


  • Adam Killer born 1719 at Wood End Lea Road twixt Willersley and Lea Bridge He a Woodsman working on the Nightingale estate at Bow Wood.. Bow Wood I believe was used as a scource of Charcoal to feed the smelting mills at Lea..Adam married Rebecca Coates daughter of Isaac and Anne Coates nee Annable of Scarthin Nick Cromford..Isaac Grandson of Henry Coates who was Mining Agent to Sir Robert Heath at The Dovegange Mines

    Children of Adam and Rebecca

  • 1.Adam Killer born 1746 married Anne Maddocks of Bonsall 1777
  • 2.Abigail Killer died unmarried
  • 3.Anne Killer
  • 4.Mary Killer
  • 5.William Killer married Elizabeth Brown of Cromford 1773 (a kinswoman of the Webster family of Hulland and Wirksworth one of whom in the 1900s married back into the Killer family of Bolehill / Wirksworth a Baker )

    Children of Adam and Anne Killer nee Maddocks

  • 1.John Killer born 1779 obt in childhood
  • 2.Samuel Killer Woodsman born 1780 married Sarah Jepson 1802
    daughter of James Jepson of The Lanes Middleton By Wirksworth.. a fore bare of the Jepson family of Middleton today
  • 3.Isaac Killer Woodsman married Sarah Stubbs of Bonsall
  • 4.John Killer born 1783 married Mary Hawley 1805 daughter of William and Mary Hawley nee Henstock of Slaley Hall Bonsall John and Mary were my 3XGrandparents..William and Mary Hawley lived on land upon which Ratchwood Lead Mine and Thisely Lead Mine stood at Rise End Middleton, before the Cromford & High Peak Railway was driven through part of their land
  • 5.Adam Killer married Rebecca Berrisford of Matlock
  • 6.Anne Killer married Robert Goodall of Middleton
  • 7.Rebecca Killer married John Brailsford of Middleton see added Brailsford history

    Children of Samuel and Sarah Killer nee Jepson

  • 1.James Killer born 1805 married Mary Buckley of Middleton 1834
  • 2.John Killer born 1812 married Esther Spencer
  • 3.Adam Killer
  • 4.Henry Killer
  • 5.Joseph Killer
  • 6.Sarah Killer married Joseph Jepson her cousin Joseph a Joiner with his own firm at Middleton

    Children of Isaac and Sarah Killer

  • 1.William
  • 2.Mary Killer born 1810 married Jacob Doxey 1830
  • 3.Thomas Killer
  • 4.Joseph Killer born 1811 married 1st wife Sarah Etherington of Allestree at St Edmunds Church Allestree 1836 2nd wife Sarah Young from Bonsall 1843 Their son Samuel born 1850 married Martha Flint daughter of Samuel and Mary Flint nee Killer they my Gr Gr Grandparents.. see next family

    Children of John and Mary Killer nee Hawley

  • 1.Mary Killer born 1808 married Samuel Flint 1830 they my Gr Gr Grandparents Samuel Flint son of John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge they my 3XGrandparents
  • 2.William Killer born 1814 Joiner / Builder liiving at what is still called today Killers Yard Main Street Middleton married Mary Willans of Brinksway near Cheadle ..William founded the quarry in the early 1850s which became known by the time his sons were of adult age as Killer Bros Hopton Wood Stone Middleton..his sons being Adam William Joseph and John..When Mary nee Willans died William remarried Anna Brownson daughter of John and Elizabeth Brownson nee Walker ..Elizabeth my Gr Gr Aunt sister to Joseph Walker my Grt Grandfather on my mother's side of the family.. William founded the quarrying firm more by luck..He was digging out a foundation for a new workshop at the rear of his property on Main Street, when he struck what he knew was a level of Hopton Wood Stone.. The Hopton Wood firm who were quarrying the stone on Middleton Moor and at Ash Hill Quarry (Wheatcrofts) were in great difficulty in getting to the mineral in their workings as they were having to shift so much muck before getting to the stone..William being an astute businesman made a deal with Spencers who were managers at the Middleton Moor Quarry to supply block stone from his land and by the 1860s Killer Bros Quarry was producing great quantities.. by the late 1890s a court case sought to determine who could call their stone Hopton Wood Stone as other quarries were claiming to be of the same quality..Having access to the records of the court case I can say that Joseph Killer the last remaining brother alive when the case was heard..proved that the original Hopton Wood Quarry purchased stone in the name of Hopton Wood Stone from Killer Bros. and the court ruled in Killers favour.. By 1906 Killer Bros Quarry was absorbed into a new company including other workings..
  • 3.Anne Killer married George Spencer Butcher son of Job Spencer
  • 4.Dorothy Killer married Reuben Spencer 1849
  • 5.Ruth Killer married Robert Adams Deputy Barmaster . Farmer. Lead Mine Partner

    Children of James and Mary Killer nee Buckley

  • 1.John Killer born 1836
  • 2.James Killer born 1838
  • 3.Grace Killer born 1840 married John Allen son of Job Allen of Wash Green Wirksworth Allens owned much of the houses on Wash Green whilst Colledge's of my allied kin owned other property which included The Ship Inn on Wash Green. William Killer for a time had a Stone Saw Works opposite The Ship Inn, Wash Green on land owned by Allens Just above Killers Saw Sheds was a Nail Making Forge owned by my wifes Gr Gr Gr Grandfather Ambrose Blackham...Ambrose married Harriett Street, whose sister Rachel Street married Joseph Flint of my kin his father Joseph my 4XUncle Mining Agent at The Bage Lead Mine Bolehill and Ratchwood Mine Rise End Middleton Ambrose and Harriets daughter Emma Blackham married George Fox a Building Contractor of Cromford Road Wirksworth whose daughter Emma Fox married John Thomas Hall a Plate Layer on The Cromford & HPR whose daughter Sarah Jane Hall married Herbert Evans a Kerb Dresser at Killer Bros Quarry they my wifes Grandparents..
  • 4.Samuel Killer married Anne of Barton Under Needwood

    Children of John and Esther Killer nee Spencer

  • 1.Samuel born 1833
  • 2.William born 1835
  • 3.Martha born 1837
  • 4.John born 1840

    Children of William and Mary Killer nee Willans

  • 1.Anne Killer born 1838 married 1st husband Timothy Fox son of William Fox of Woodseats Farm Starkholmes nr Matlock..William cousin to Solomon Fox Hatter of Starkholmes who was father to George Fox my wifes 3XGrandfather ..On Timothy's demise Anne married William Batterley son of Richard Batterley whose allied kin married into my wifes Slack family whose heirs were the Spencer family of Brass Bandsmen founders of Middleton Victoria Brass Band in 1891 one of whose Grandsons in his 70s today has recently become conductor of B.M.W. Training Band, he and I having co founded The Dalesmen Male Voice Choir 20 years ago Middleton Victoria Band became known in the 1930s as Middleton Silver Prize Band when they won at The National Championships at Belle Vue Manchester all the band bar a few, blood related including Mather Batterley Killer Spencer Evans Houghton Jones Statham Slack etc..etc..
  • 2.John Killer born 1840 married 1st wife Edith Oliver 2nd wife Elizabeth Kirk dau of John Kirk
  • 3.Joseph Killer born 1842 married Sarah Harrison
  • 4.Mary born 1845
  • 5.Elizabeth born 1847
  • 6.William born 1850 married Sarah Ward widow nee Lamb
  • 7.Adam Killer born 1852 married Anne Spencer dau of Francis Spencer Francis being brother to Mary Spencer who married John Flint son of my 4XUncle Robert Flint (married Sarah Allen) This Flint family barring two children all emigrated as Latter Day Saints to Kays Ward Utah now known as Kaysville .. I am in touch with members of the Utah Flints Adam Killer was Managing Director of Killer Bros Quarry he died in his late 30s

    Children of William and Anne Killer nee Brownson 2nd wife

  • 1.Rebecca Swineston Killer
  • 2.Samuel Thomas Killer married Elizabeth Mather dau of Thomas and Pheobe Mather nee Spencer. Elizabeths brother Edward Mather adopted an Aunt of mine via marriage to my Uncle ..a brother of my father Thomas Mather father of Edward was brother to Millicent Mather who married 1st husband Daniel Doxey 2nd Husband Herbert Evans my wife's Grt Grt Uncle, Herbert, Uncle of Herbert my wifes Grandfather Daniel and Millicent had two sons John Doxey who married Elizabeth Hayward and George Doxey who married Sarah Kilkenny..daughter of Domonic Kilkenny..George Doxey was killed at Killer Bros Quarry 1900 5 years before my Grandfather William Flint was also killed at the quarry..Members of the Kilkenny family lived at Blaenau Ffestiniog with distant kin of mine (Kilkenny's married into the Roberts family of Porthmadog)
  • 3.Margaret Alice Killer

    The BRAILSFORD links

    Thomas Brailsford married Ruth Buxton of Middleton


  • 1.John Brailsford born 1781 married Rebecca Killer my 4XAunt
  • 2.William Brailsford born 1791 married Mary Flint daughter of William and Hannah Flint nee Godbehere ..Hannah dau of Edward and Mary Godbehere nee Kinder of Rise End Middleton Edward brother to my wifes 5XGrandfather Thomas Godbehere

    Children of William and Mary Brailsford nee Flint

  • 1.Anthony Brailsford married Hannah Colledge dau of John and Lydia Colledge nee Lane of Wirksworth John Colledge cousin to my 3XGrandmother Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge
  • 2.Ruth Brailsford married John Wheeldon 1843
  • 3.Joseph Brailsford born 1816 married
  • 4.Hannah
  • 5.Adam

    Children of John and Rebecca Brailsford nee Killer

  • 1.Anne Brailsford born 1807 married Jonathan Potter 1828 Plasterer / Plumber Jonathan and Anne my sister in law's 3XGrandparents (married my brother)
  • 2.Joseph Brailsford born 1813 married Ellen Hawley dau of Abernathan Hawley of The Dale Wirksworth he my Grandforebare via my Sheldon / Walker family
  • 3.Mary Brailsford born 1809 married Joseph Wilson son of Joseph and Christiana Wilson nee Woodford

    Children of Joseph and Ellen Brailsford nee

  • 1.Ellen
  • 2.Hannah
  • 3.Sarah Brailsford born 1851 married William Doxey son of William and Emma Doxey nee Brown of Bonsall William Doxey a Farmer / Butcher with shops at Matlock Bank Matlock Bath Matlock Green North End Wirksworth, Bonsall and at Middleton
  • 4.Joseph Brailsford born 1857 married Elizabeth Doxey dau of William and Emma Doxey
  • 5.Rebecca Brailsford born 1841 married Henry Doxey son of William and Anne Doxey nee Marples ..The Marples family of my own kin via Greenhoughs and Flint
  • 6.John Brailsford married Elizabeth Simpson dau of Thomas Simpson of Middleton This Simpson family of my kin over a number of marriages way back to 1689

    Regards S G Flint

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