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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of HALL-2

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

A direct listing of the HALL family

    Subject: Further direct Hall family pedigree my wife / my own connections 3rd attempt correction to Longden daughters
    Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 17:59:15 +0100 (BST)

    The following is a direct listing of the Hall family .. my wife and my own kinsmen. It is a fairly long pedigree as there are many inter marriages which connect our two families

    John Hall married Mary 1666

    Children of John and Mary

  • 1.Thomas born 1667 married Mary Spencer of Middleton (see Spencer listings)
  • 2.John Hall born 1668 narried Helen Doxey of Middleton 15th January 1692 (see Doxey listings) they my wifes 7XGrandparents
  • 3.Henry Hall born 1673 obt 1674
  • 4.Mary Hall born 1676
  • 5.Anne Hall born 1678
  • 6.William Hall born 1681 married Sarah Higton (a member of this Higton family is my neighbour today..Higtons married into other allied kin of mine re of Hoades Hall Spencers etc.)

    Children of Thomas and Mary Hall

  • 1.Sarah Hall born 1691
  • 2.William Hall born 1692 married Mary Turner at Duffield 1714 they my wifes 6XGrandparents
  • 3.Mabel Hall born 1694
  • 4.Amy Hall born 1697
  • 5.Thomas Hall born 1704 married Mary Bagshaw daughter of Stephen Bagshaw of Hopton Chief Barmaster Soke & Wapentake of Wirksworth

    Children of John and Helen Hall nee Doxey

  • 1.Samuel born 1694
  • 2.Caleb born 1696 married Hannah Spencer they Grandparents to Caleb Hall who married Hannah Flint my 5XAunt daughter of John and Mary Flint nee Frost my 4XGrandparents..Frosts owning Lead Mines in the Wirksworth area
  • 3.Mary born 1698
  • 4.Jabez born 1701 obt 1702
  • 5.John Hall born 1704 married Lydia Roose (sometimes spelt Rouse) 4th November 1731 (The Rouse family of Bolehill later of Cromford married into my own family many times)

    Child of William and Mary Hall nee Turner (among other sibling

  • 1.Thomas Hall born 1715 Farmer at Lea Hall Farm Bradbourne (actually near Tissington above Bradbourne Brook Ford on the Gated Road.. The nephew of friends of my family lives on the same land today once belonging to the Dale and Buxton family who also married into my kin) Thomas married Anne Aldridge of Southwell Notts at St Marry's Church Nottingham 1739 they my wife's 5XGrandparents

    Children of Thomas and Anne Hall nee Aldridge

  • 1.Luke Hall
  • 2.Zachariah Hall born 1741 married Hannah Ward of Kirk Ireton 24th December 1766 Zachariah farmed land at Callow View Farm next to Callow Hall Farm owned today by my wife's 2nd cousin's son..Others of Hall connections farmed at Round Meadow Farm Callow ..One of my Colledge family also farmed at Callow in the same era I am still researching others of this family in tandem with a fellow Hall family researcher who lives near Nottingham Zachariah and Hannah were my wifes 4XGrandparents

    Children of Zachariah and Hannah Hall nee Ward

  • 1.Thomas
  • 2.Gamaliel born 1775 married Mary Lee
  • 3.Luke born 1773
  • 4.Francis Hall born 1779 married Elizabeth Cooper of Callow (Coopers also my kin via my Colledge Grand fore bare's)
  • 5.Zachariah born 1776 married Mary Frost of Ashbourne 1801
  • 6.John married Margarer Redferne of Hognaston (for a time lived at Southwell Notts heirs living there and at Cropwell Bishop today This same Referne family married into Websters of my allied kin)
  • 7.Anne
  • 8.Hannah
  • 9.John Hall married Elizabeth Storer John a Farm Labourer at Hognaston they my wife's 3XGrandparents

    Children of John and Elizabeth Hall nee Storer

  • 1.Thomas Hall born 1811 married Dorothy Gould of Brassington Thomas a Farmer Their son John Hall married Sarah Kennedy from Belton Rutland John was Butler to the Charlton family of Brassington Hall Sarah House Keeper at Brassington Hall..John's distant kinsman John Stephen Hall also my own kin via Henstocks and Tomlinson's married into this Charlton family which resulted in later years in a court case Hall V Charlton V Fox..

    Children of John and Sarah Hall nee Kennedy

  • 1.Mary Hall born at Red Lion Hill Brassington
  • 2.Elizabeth Hall born Red Lion Hill
  • 3.Agnes Hall born 1872
  • 4.William Hall born 1874
  • 5.John Thomas Hall born 1871 married Emma Fox of Wirksworth daughter of George and Emma Fox nee Blackham.. John a Plate Layer Cromford & HPR and Emma were my wife's Grt Grandparents Their daughter Sarah Jane Hall married Herbert Evans they my wife's Grandparents..
  • 6.Robert Hall born 1876 had a son Frank whose son...R Hall of Brassington is my fellow family history contact today
  • 7.Frank Hall born 1881

    This Hall family had contacts with Brassington Hall up to more recent years whilst in the 1960s a friend of my family Frank Brown ex Fleet Air Arm Flight Lt. , one time Pastor at Middleton Congregational Church, his family owning Browns Foundry at Derby lived at Brassington Hall where I was an oft time visitor being one of his Sunday School Teachers and Youth Club Leader. When Frank Brown emigrated to Rhodesia I was appointed as Sunday School Supt in his place...

    The Breakell family of Dutch descent lived at the Hall in the late 1890s .. I have recently made contact with the family who still live in Derbyshire.. Breakells were self employed Mining Engineers and Mine Accountants.. Thomas Breakell 1st who married into the Knowles family of Brassington was a member of The Institute of Mining Engineers whilst his son Thomas also an Mining Engineer was a War Time Flying Officer. In his late teens Thomas Breakell was a member of The Duke of Cornwalls Regiment transferring as a Flying Officer in the Flying Corp then transferring again in his 40s to The Royal Air Force... Legend has it that he built an aeroplane in the grounds of Brassington Hall..and he definitely landed an aircraft in a field owned by Hardy's Farmers near Longcliffe on one occasion when visiting his parents.. Recently I was able to help an organisation (Visual Flight) to trace the Breakell family with information about the said Thomas Breakell..which the family had no knowledge of..concerning a Flight Camera once owned by Thomas Breakell...

    Children of William and Sarah Hall nee Higton

  • 1.Gamalieil Hall born 1717 obt in his youth
  • 2.Mabel Hall born 1723 married Francis Spencer of Paddengate (Duke Street, most of Paddengate belonged to my mother's Sheldon family late 1700s / early 1800s ) Middleton By Wirksworth Their Grandaughter Mary Spencer married John Flint son of my 4XUncle Robert Flint John and Mary along with John's brother William and their father Widower Robert Flint emigrated to Kays Ward Utah as members of The latter Day Saints...
  • 3.Robert Hall
  • 4.Henry Hall married Hannah Higgott of Cromford.. Higgotts related to the Charlton family of Brassington Hall also related to the Wheatcroft family of Cromford Canal / Birmingham who owned Ash Hill Quarry Rise End Middleton and Hopton Wood Saw Mills Buckland Hollow..On Hannah's demise Henry married Hannah Ashover of Middleton she of my wife's allied kin..Ashover's of this family are buried at Middleton Congregational Church yard..(Nathaniel Wheatcroft Abraham Wheatcroft and German Wheatcroft were direct kin to William Wheatcroft who lived at Ash Hill House Rise End Middleton later owned by Killers/Woodiwisses of my allied kin)

    Children of Thomas and Mary Hall nee Bagshaw

  • 1.Susannah Hall born 1731
  • 2.Mary hall born 1734
  • 3.Margaret hall born 1739 married Ralph Toplis Grocer of Wirksworth
  • 4.Stephen Hall born 1741 he my 5XUncle.. Stephen Hall Gent / Mine Owner/Partner.. married 1st wife Mary Taylor daughter of George Taylor Farmer Lea Hall Farm Bradbourne ( the farm previously mentioned in this ped.once owned by Dales and Buxtons, then owned by Naylors ) 2nd wife Ruth Henstock sister to Mary Henstock who married William Hawley they my 4XGrandparents via Coates Killer and Flint...Ruth and Mary daughters of Edward Henstock Lead Mine Owner / Partner Slaley/Bonsall Moor Mines and other's living at Slaley Hall

    Children of Stephen and Ruth Hall nee Henstock

  • 1.Thomas Hall born 1783 married Elizabeth Harris daughter of John Harris Gent of Throwley Hall Staffs (near Casterne Hall the home of the Hurt family) Their son John Stephen Hall married Mary Anne Charlton of Brassington Hall..Mary Anne believed to have been born out of wedlock to Sarah Fearn of Brassington who later married William Charlton Gent of The Hall see Brassington Hall Estate Court Case Charlton V Hall V Fox
  • 2.Mary Hall
  • 3.Stephen Hall born 1785 lived at Matlock Bath
  • 4.Mary Hall born 1789 married Thomas Tomlinson Iron Monger / Druggist St John Street Wirksworth born at Ashbourne his family originally from Shropshire His son William donated the spade which Mrs Agnes Price Wood daughter of Rev Nathan Hubbersty and wife of Nicholas Price Wood Banker / Financier dug out the first sod on the building of The Wirksworth - Derby Railway line (now re opened by Wyverne Rail) The Wheelbarrow was donated by George Frost Joiner /Builder of my distant kin Footnote..My Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker Master Stonemason / Building Contractor won the contract to build the drainage on the Wirksworth - Duffield stretch of the line and the gritstone bridges from Wirksworth - Shottle The Slack / Buckley family of my wife and my kin also won contracts on the line
  • 5.Samuel Hall born 1787 married Catherine Wager daughter of Jasper Wager Gent formerly of Great Longstone An heir of this Wager family was a friend of my father's in the 1930s..
  • 6.Nathaniel Hall born 1791 Cotton Merchant London
  • 7.Margaret Hall born 1793 married William Lees..The Lees family also of my kin

    Children of Thomas and Elizabeth Hall nee Harris

  • 1.John Stephen Hall married Mary Anne Charlton of Brassington Hall
  • 2.Mary Hall
  • 3.Samuel Hall born 1820 married Sarah .... Farmer Hillside Middleton
  • 4.Barbara Hall born 1815 married Caleb Moore Farmer of The Hall Middleton son of Caleb Moore Coal Merchant Middleton The Miss Moores who lived at Hall House Middleton and taught my wife to play the piano when she was a child were of this lineage..
  • 5.Fanny Hall
  • 6.Henry Hall born 1824
  • 7.William Hall

    Children of John and Lydia Hall nee Roose

  • 1.Sarah
  • 2.Ebenezer Hall born 1735 married Lydia Gregory.. Ebenezer with his family owned Good Luck Lead Mine in Via Gellia It was here that Caleb Hall who married Hannah Flint worked and where Calebs father Gamalieil fell to his death at the mine
  • 3.Hannah born 1737 married Job Higton of Cromford kin of my near neighbour today
  • 4.Lydia born 1740 married Edward Wheatcroft Currier Lead Mine Partner Middle Peak Mines of my kin his fore bare William Wheatcroft Mining Agent being my 7XGrandfather on my mother's side of the family..
  • 5.Ellen born 1742 married Thomas Godbehere 1772 he my wife's and my sister in law on Flints fore bare
  • 6.Elizabeth born 1745 obt 1746
  • 7.Molly born 1747
  • 8.John born 1750 married Elizabeth Bramley sister to Robert Bramley Market Gardener / Landscaper When John died Elizabeth remarried Samuel Wright of my kin from Wrights Cottages Wirksworth Moor
  • 9.Joshua Hall born 175...

    Children of Caleb and Hannah Hall nee Spencer

  • 1.Elizabeth born 1726
  • 2.Gamalieil Hall born 1727 married Mary Goodall from Middleton Gamalieil was a Miner at his family Lead Workings at Good Luck Via Gellia.. He was killed when he fell down the mine..The Barmaster who over saw the inquest was Adam Simpson of my distant kin who lived at The Study Manor House Bonsall..The Jurors were all members of my wife and my past family of Ashover Slack Hall Godbehere etc.. Adam Simpson's daughter Mary married Richard Arkwright 2nd son of Sir Richard Arkwright Richard and Mary lived at Willersley Castle ..

    Children of Gamalieil and Mary Hall nee Goodall.

  • 1.Hannah born 1754 married Thomas Moore of The Hall Middleton 16th march 1775
  • 2.Gamalieil born 1756 married Anne Gregory of Bonsall related to the same Gregory family as married into my mother's Wigley family of Bonsall
  • 3.Caleb Hall born 1768 married Hannah Flint my 5XAaunt daughter of John and Mary Flint nee Frost they my 4XGrandparents Hannah sister to John Flint who married Elizabeth Colledge they my 3XGrandparents Elizabeth Grandaughter of Peter Simpson Woolcomber / Fulling Miller Mill House Green Wirksworth..(1720s)
  • 4.Elizabeth born 1759
  • 5.Ellen born 1768

    Children of Caleb and Hannah Hall nee Flint

  • 1.Amelia Hall born 1794 remained single obt ages 82 years at Middleton
  • 2.Mary Hall born 1797 married John Webster Building Contractor / Monumental Mason St John Street Wirksworth..Some of his kin emigrated to New Zealand who returned in the late 1800s to take over a family Tape Mill on Waterlane Wirksworth (became Greens Mill) Another member of this family who lives at Wirksworth today married into my allied Killer family being a Baker up to recent years...
  • 3.Hannah Hall born 1799 married Henry Taylor of Middleton
  • 4.Elizabeth Hall born 1802 married James Flint of my kin one time Mining Agent at Blobber Mine
  • 5.Caleb obt in infancy
  • 6.Ellen
  • 7.Martha born 1810
  • 8.Anne born 1813 married James Bateman of Middleton one of whose hiers married into my wifes direct Evans family 1930s
  • 9.Lydia twin to Anne married my 2XUncle William Walker brother to my Grt Grandfather Joseph Walker Building Contractor / Master Stonemason (Joseph born 1815 married 3 times his 3rd wife Martha nee Sheldon my Grt Grandmother)
  • 10.Sarah born 1816 married Thomas Slack whose hiers are friends of my family today
  • 11.Samuel born 1818

    Children of Ebenezer and Lydia Hall nee Gregory

  • 1.Benjamin Hall born 1760
  • 2.Sarah born 1762
  • 3.Ebenezer
  • 4.John Hall born 1769 married Anne Goodall daughter of Gilbert Goodall
  • 5.Joshua born 1774
  • 6.Lydia born 17...

    Children of John and Anne Hall nee Gregory

  • 1.Sarah born 1793
  • 2.Gilbert Hall born 1796 married Elizabeth Slack daughter of John and Grace Slack see Slack family history
  • 3.Lydia born 1804 Joshua born 1809

    Children of Henry and Hannah Hall nee Higgott

  • 1.Thomas born 1760 married Mary Gregory daughter of David Gregory Baker of Rise End Middleton
  • 2.Maurice Hall married Mary Wood

    Children of Thomas and Mary Hall nee Gregory

  • 1.Mary born 1793 narried John Andrew of Middleton see Brittlebank Solicitors family listings
  • 2.Martha born 1799
  • 3.Thomas born 1800 married Mary Flint daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Flint nee Spencer Joseph cousin to Samuel Flint my 2XGrandfather who married Mary Killer
  • 4.Hannah born 1806 married John Butler of Bolehill he my kin via Shaws.Brownsons and Allens of both my parents fore bares of Flint and Cauldwell-Walker's also my wifes direct kin via Butler-Shaw-Slack -Spencer-Evans marriages..
  • 5.Millicent hall born 1804
  • 6.Joshua born 1812

    Children of Thomas and Mary Hall nee Flint

  • 1.Mahalah Hall born 1828
  • 2.Selina Hall born 1829 married Adam Chadwick of Wash Green Wirksworth Bank Manager Compton & Evans Bank Matlock Bath.. Adam Chadwick was also a poet having many of his verses printed by Thomas Newnes Publishers, Newnes son of a Congregational Minister Glenorchy Chapel Matlock Bath. In the late 1950s my brother began his banking career at the same bank by then known as National Westminster Bank...
  • 3.Thomas
  • 4.Elizabeth born 1808 had a son Luke out of wedlock then married Percy Bunting of Bonsall.. Luke who married Henrietta Bond of Botany Bay under Black Rocks became a Baker with his Grandfather Thomas Hall at Halls Bakery /Grocery Shop Bolehill the shop still open in the 1950s ..Adam Killer of my allied kin who married into Websters as previously stated was Apprentice to Luke Hall 2nd before taking over the St Mary's Gate Bakery .. My Grandfather John Walker son of Joseph and Martha Walker nee Sheldon whilst an Apprentice Joiner to Joseph Walker & Sons Building Contractors worked regular nights 10.00 p.m. - 2.00 a.m. at the Bakery as a youth as by then Joseph had died leaving Martha a widow ..My Grandfather was born at a house built by his father at the rear of Hall's Bakery Bolehill...
  • 5.James Joshua removed to Radford Notts
  • 6.Mary Anne Hall married .......Wain
  • 7.Ellen Hall married ....Roper of Bolehill

    Children of Gilbert and Elizabeth Hall nee Slack

  • 1.Anne born 1816 married Holehouse Storer Storers my fore bare kin via Sheldons, Allens and Smedleys
  • 2.John Hall born 1818 married Mary Spencer of Middleton John a Foreman at Martin Hall & Co Silver Smiths Shrewsbury Works Sheffield
  • 3.Ebenezer Hall born 1820 Educated at Cromford Junior School endowed by Richard Arkwright 2nd where the Head Master was William Shore a friend of Arkwright and John Roberts a Silver Smith of Sheffield.. John Roberts was childless and asked Arkwright and Shore to seek out the brightest pupil at the school, which was Ebenezer.. He became apprentice to John Roberts and in time became as a son to Roberts, so much so, that on John Roberts retiring he handed the firm over to Hall which became known as Martin, Hall & Co.. Ebenezer married John Roberts niece Sarah Wilkinson and they lived at Abbeydale Villa later, and still known as Abbeydale Hall, Dore near Sheffield..Many of my wifes family of Wragg Spencer and Hall went to work for Martin, Hall & Co
  • 4.Joshua Hall born 1823 married Elizabeth Moor of Hall House Middleton (in more recent years owned by my wifes Slack family) Joshua a Manager at Martin, Hall & Co
  • 5.Job Hall born 1825 married Harriett at Doncaster
  • 6.Joseph Hall born 1827 married my Gr Gr Aunt Mary Longden sister to Elizabeth who married George Frost Stonemason of Hillside Middleton my distant kin and Jane Longden who married my Gr Gr Uncle Samuel Joseph Sheldon the girls all daughters of Job and Elizabeth Longden nee Bradley originally from Chesterfield Job owning a farm at Ible..
  • 7.Daniel Hall born 1829
  • 8.Stephen Hall born 1832 married Amy Davison of Sheffield
  • 9.Sarah Hall born 1834 married John Brookes of my Flint allied kin Middleton John a Stonemason at Killer Bros Quarry his brother married my Gr Gr Aunt on Flint's..
  • 10.Benjamin Hall born 1836 married his deceased brother Stephen Hall's widow Amy Hall nee Davison
  • 11.Samuel born 1839
  • 12.David Hall born 1842

    Gilbert and Elizabeth Hall nee Slack lived in Cottages on The Alley Middleton next door to Caleb and Hannah Hall nee Flint.. In more recent years my wife's Gr Aunts Alice Holmes and Annie Doxey nee Holmes lived in the two cottages Annie and Alice born in the late 1890s

    Children of Luke and Henrietta Hall nee Bond

  • 1.Percy H Hall
  • 2.Luke Joshua Hall on some records named as Joshua C Hall married Elizabeth Anne Storer daughter of Aaron Storer Grocer of Bolehill Luke Joshua was born at Radford Notts his brother's were John A Hall of Bolehill and Thomas Seymour Hall Kin of this family still live in the Wirksworth area today Halls owned the Bakery and Grocers Shop at Bolehill up to the 1950s They were allied kin of my Land, Cauldwell and Brookes family... In the 1850s Halls and Flints had a partnership in the Bakery and with a Brick Works / Coal Yard at Flint's Wharf Steeplegrange..the Partnership was Samuel Flint my Gr Gr Grandfather Wharfinger and Station Master Middle Peak Wharf and Steeplegrange Station his cousin Joseph Flint one time Wharfinger at Steeplegrange Wharf and Brick Maker on land today known as Brickfields Close a private residential area and Thomas Hall brother in law to Joseph Flint.. May Flint deceased, an hier of Joseph Flint lived at Flint's Wharf Cottages up to the 1990s she partner to Haydn Spencer deceased of my wife's Evans / Slack / Spencer kin...

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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