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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Descendants of HALL-1

This Pedigree was sent by:
Stuart Flint of Wirksworth
Thanks Stuart.

Pedigree of John Thomas and Emma HALL

Subject: Pedigree of my wife's family of Doxey / Blackham / Fox / Hall / Evans
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 20:57:09 +0100 (BST)

The following is the pedigree of John Thomas and Emma Hall nee Fox my wife's Grt Grandparents via Doxey Hall etc..


Thomas Doxey born 1620 married Ellen Hunt


  • John Doxey born 1643 married Anne Nadin 1669

    Child (among other siblings)

  • Thomas Doxey born 1676 married Mary Woodiwisse (way back in the late 1690s James Woodiwisse Innkeeper of Cromford possibly of similar relationship to Mary married my 8XAunt Jane Wheatcroft sister to my 6XGrandmother Elizabeth Wheatcroft who married William Norman of Alderwasley daughters of William and Mary Wheatcoft nee Wragg (also kin via Cadmans of my Colledge family) William and Mary my 7XGrandparents by my mother's Wigley Annable Heapey Sheldon Shaw Hodgkinson Cauldwell Walker family.. In the 1920s my Uncle Sydney Flint (Chief Engineer John Smedley Lea Mills formerly a Mining Engineer Bolsover Colliery) married Harriett Janet Fields Woodiwisse related to my Killer family, Aunt "Dolly" Flint being adopted by the Mather family also allied kin of my wife's family.. Thomas and Mary Doxey were my wifes 8XGrandparents

    Children of Thomas and Mary Doxey nee Woodiwisse

  • 1.Anne born 1703
  • 2. Aaron born 1721
  • 3.Penelope born 1706
  • 4.John
  • 5.Thomas
  • 6.Abraham
  • 7.James (also known as Jacob)
  • 8.Mary
  • 9.Benjamin
  • 10.Isaac Doxey born 1712 married Alice Hall daughter of William and Mary Hall nee Turner William and Mary Hall nee Turner married at Duffield were my wife's 7XGrandparents on Halls
  • 11.Joseph Doxey born 1718 married Elizabeth Rowley they my wifes 7XGrandparents on Doxey / Blackham / Evans

    Children of Isaac and Alice Doxey nee Hall

  • 1.William born 1739 married Mary Smedley 31st January 1765
  • 2.Jacob Doxey born 1747 married Elizabeth Bateman of Middleton Batemans my wifes allied family in the recent years via Evans
  • 3.Thomas born 1737 obt infant
  • 4.Isaac born 1741
  • 5.Mary Alice 1745
  • 6.Thomas born 1746
  • 7.Hannah 1750

    Children of William and Mary Doxey nee Smedley

  • 1.Thomas Doxey born 1767 married Anne Higton..Higtons married into my family many times One of this kinship is my near neighbour today
  • 2.Isaac born 1769
  • 3.Abraham born 1773 married Hannah Longden witnesses W Greatores John Frost John Frost my 5XUncle brother to Mary Frost who married John Flint they my 4XGrandparents
  • 4.Alice Doxey born 1778 married William Greatorex 1797

    Child of Joseph and Elizabeth Doxey nee Rowley

  • Joseph born 1745 married Anne Brooke 1765

    Child of Joseph and Anne Doxey nee Brooke

  • Anthony Doxey born 1769 married Hannah Brookes of Middleton 1795

    Child of Anthony and Hannah Doxey nee Brookes (among others)

  • Samuel Doxey born 1798 married Hannah Pearson 1822

    Children of Samuel and Hannah Doxey

  • 1.Hannah 1824
  • 2.Dolly 1834
  • 3.Grace 1843
  • 4.Ruth 1826 born at Rowlestone Herefordshire
  • 5.Anthony Doxey born 1835 at Rowlestone married Sarah Jane Blackham 1865 daughter of my wifes 3XGrandparents Ambrose and Harriett Blackham nee Street Ambrose from Tipton West Midlands a Horse Nail Maker at a forge on Wash Green Wirksworth just above where in the early years of my killer family of Stone Merchants having a Stone Saw Mill before building the Saw Sheds at Middleton (Hopton Wood Stone) Ambrose and Harrietts other daughter Rachel married Joseph Flint son of my 4XUncle Joseph Flint Mining Agent at The Bage Mine and others Bolehill and Rise End Middleton.. Sarah Janes sister Emma Blackham married George Fox Building Contractor Cromford Road Wirksworth who worked alongside my Walker family when building railway property on the London North Western Railway contracts 1850 - 1905 Luke Fox brother to George was Station Master at Wirksworth and then Matlock ..His son Alfred Railway Clerk Wirksworth Station married Sarah Matilda Brittain daughter of Thomas and Mary Brittain nee Colledge of my kin Thomas owning in partnership with others Manystones Quarry Brassington and Wirksworth Quarries Ltd (Baileycroft Quarry formerly owned by George Colledge of my kin)..My wife's Gr Gr Uncle William Thomas Needham Slack was Quarry Manager..and for a time Joseph Bankes a fellow Director when Manystone Quarry also had a Barytes and Paint Works..the Paint Shops recently converted into a superb house on Manystones Lane leading out of Brassington..

    Children of Anthony and Sarah Jane Doxey nee Blackham

  • 1.Emma Jane 1885
  • 2.Harriett 1886
  • 3.Anthony 1877
  • 4.Ruth 1881
  • 5.John Ambrose Doxey born 1883 married 1st wife Florence Brookes She gave birth to John Anthony Doxey (Jack Doxey born 1903 who is remembered by a seat at the foot of West End) Florence died and John A then married Frances May (or Mary) Harrison of Cromford removing to Somercotes where he died in 1935 buried at Somercotes John Anthony Doxey's Grandaughter of Langley Mill is a friend of mine, she one time pianist of Alfreton Male Voice Choir of which I was a chorister for some years


    The Blackham family Blackhams came to Belper Heage and Wirksworth from Can Lane Sedgely and Ruiton Lane Tipton Dudley and Netherton West Midlands /;Staffs 1790s

    Ambrose Blackham born 1698 married Sarah Darby 1719


  • Joseph born 1725 married Mary Stanton of Tipton 1746


  • John married Susannah Bissell of Tipton 1770


  • 1.John born 1773 married Mary Bate of Sedgley 1793
  • 2.Ambrose born 1757 married Mary Cheetham 1777

    Sons of Ambrose and Mary

  • 1.Ambrose born 1779 removed to Belper as a Nail Maker married Ruth Wigley
  • 2.Matthew Blackham Matthew was convicted of Sheep Stealing and was transported to Tasmania on one of the many convict ships..I am in contact with one of his heirs of today

    Children of John and Mary Blackham nee Bates My wifes 5XGranparents

  • 1.Ambrose Blackham born 1810 married Harriett Street they my wifes 4XGrandparents Harriett daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Street nee Morris Sarah neice to my 4XGrandfather John Heapey formerly of Yorkshire Benjamin Streets mother was Elizabeth Pearson daughter of Benjamin Pearson who was Sir Richard Arkwrights Manager and Agent / Overseer Cromford Moor Mines and Sough and The Dovegange Mines .... Ambrose had the forge on Wash Green still a forge today below which William Killer my 3XUncle had his first Stone Saw Mills before his sons built the Saw Sheds at Middleton (Killer Bros Hopton Wood Stone more recently Middleton Mine)

    Children of Ambrose and Harriett Blackham

  • 1.Emma married George Fox son of Solomon Fox Master Stonemason he son of Solomon Fox Hatter of Starkholmes The witnesses at their wedding was Mary Anne Pearce and John Flint John son of my 3XGrandparents John and Elizabeth Flint nee Colledge.. In 1971 2 years after my wife and I married we lived in a house built by George Fox on Cromford Road where for a time he and Emma had lived.. In 1969 it was owned by Joseph Flint of my kin from whom we leased the property..Joe Flint brother to Doris Hanson nee Flint Doris wife of Roger Hanson Verger of St Mary's The Virgin church Wirksworth..
  • 2.Sarah Jane Blackham married Anthony Doxey fore bares of Mr Jack Doxey who wrote a book "O'er Back And On The Dale" recently re published by Tony Holmes Jack Doxeys wife's family of Else were also of my kin... Mr Doxey was one time Manager at Velvose Hosiery Works West End

  • FOX

    George and Emma Fox's daughter Emma married John Thomas Hall a Platelayer on The Cromford & High Peak Railway from Brassington settling at Middleton they my wifes Grt Grandparents Their daughter Sarah Jane Hall married Herbert Evans a Limestone Kerb Dresser at Hopton Wood Stone Quarry they my wifes Grandparents..Herbert nephew of Herbert Evans who married into my Killer family whose sons William married Ida Bateman of Middleton and George Evans who was my School Master at Middleton Junior School 1940s later Headmaster at Great Longstone Junior School..

    Its another long saga..I will understand if you cannot do anything with it..

    Regards Stuart G Flint

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