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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Decendants of GELL-1

Hi John,
I have found your website really useful in tracing my family in Wirksworth. I spent my teenage years in Duffield, with no idea (and frankly no interest!) that my mother's family originally came from not far up the road. Sadly in this respect I now live 150 miles away, so I rely on the internet. I'm interested in tracing my very ordinary Gells back to see if they have any connection to the Hopton Hall family, and I have searched all over your site, here is my tree showing descent from James Gell who must have been born around 1660.
I have 2 questions.
In Ince's pedigree #40b my 3rd great g-mother is shown as number 36 with an asterix denoting a connection to The Gatehouse. Do you know what this means? Is it likely that she would have been a domestic servant there? Jane was daughter of a silkweaver and married Samuel Palin, the first of the Palins to live in Wirksworth, having moved from Bulwell in Nottingham.
Secondly, do you know if anyone else shares this interest?
Thank you for your help. If you wish to use my file, please do so, although I'm not sure if it has anything new on it
Judie McCourt

Descendants of GELL-1

Descendants of James Gell

1-James Gell 
    2-Philip Gell bap. 20 Apr 1687, d. 1 May 1753 
        3-Philip Gell bap. 3 May 1722, Wirksworth, d. 27 Apr 1753, Wirksworth 
          +Elizabeth Higton b. Cal 1719, Cromford, d. 15 Aug 1769, Wirksworth 
            4-Jonathan Gell bap. 17 Feb 1744, Wirksworth 
              +First Wife 
              +Mary Pearson bur. 20 Nov 1771, Wirksworth
                5-Philip Gell bap. 29 Nov 1765, Wirksworth d. 8 Jun 1803, Wirksworth 
                  +Lydia Street 
                5-Thomas Gell bap. 22 Nov 1771, Wirksworth bur. 19 Aug 1775, Wirksworth 
                5-Jonathan Gell bap. 30 Nov 1768, Wirksworth 
            4-Daniel Gell bap. 29 Apr 1747, Wirksworth d. 25 Dec 1825, Wirksworth 
              +Anne Cane bap. 1 Apr 1750, Wirksworth 
                5-Elizabeth Gell bap. 12 Sep 1770, Wirksworth bur. 11 Dec 1781, Wirksworth 
                5-Daniel Gell bap. 1 Nov 1772 
                5-Anne Gell bap. 17 Apr 1775, Wirksworth 
                  +John Hurd b. , Wirksworth 
                5-Philip Gell bap. 23 Apr 1777, Wirksworth 
                  +Anne Kerrey b. , Ashbourne, 
                    6-William Gell bap. 20 May 1810, Wirksworth 
                    6-Anne Gell 
                    6-James Gell 
                    6-Philip Gell b. Cal 1815, bur. 9 Oct 1878, Wirksworth Public Cemetery
                    6-Mary Gell bap. 29 Oct 1820, Wirksworth 
                5-Sarah Gell bap. 2 Jun 1780, Wirksworth d. 6 Jan 1782 
                5-John Gell b. 16 Mar 1786, Wirksworth 
                  +Anne Barker b. 1784, Wirksworth d. 8 Sep 1867 
                    6-Jane Gell b. Cal 1811, Baslow, d. 13 Jun 1888, Wirksworth
                      +Samuel Palin b. 1809, Bulwell, Notts, d. 17 May 1891, Wirksworth 
                        7-Mary Palin bap. 1 Dec 1837, Cromford, d. Dec 1840, Matlock.
                        7-William Palin bap. 29 Dec 1839, Matlock, d. Dec 1840, (Matlock) 
                        7-Ann Palin b. 1841, Matlock
                        7-Eliza Palin b. 1844, Wirksworth 
                        7-Herbert Palin b. 5 Apr 1846, Wirksworth d. 3 Nov 1920, (Wirksworth) 
                        7-Louisa Jane Palin b. 1849, Wirksworth 
                        7-John Palin b. 1850, Wirksworth, d. 1894 
                        7-Samuel Palin b. 1851, Wirksworth d. 9 Oct 1926 
                        7-Ellen Catherine Palin b. 1858, Wirksworth 
                    6-Harriet Gell 
                    6-Caleb Gell 
                    6-Eliza Gell b. 1821 
                    6-Edward Gell b. 1821, Wirksworth, bur. 1 Oct 1902, Wirksworth Public Cemetery
                      +Ann Smith b. 1819, Willington,
                        7-Arunis Gell b. 1846, Alfreton 
                        7-Robert Gell b. 1847, Alfreton 
                    6-John Gell b. Cal 1826 
                    6-Alfred Gell b. 1827 
                5-Jane Gell bap. 1 Aug 1792, Wirksworth 
                  +John Spencer b. , Wirksworth 
            4-Elizabeth Gell bap. 28 Apr 1749, Wirksworth 
              +Joseph Simpson 
                5-John Simpson b. , Kidderminster, Worcestershire 
                  +Sophia Atkins b. , Norwich, Norfolk 
                    6-Joseph Simpson bap. 4 Dec 1803, Leicester 
                    6-Sampson Simpson 
                    6-Robert Simpson 
                    6-Phoebe Simpson 
                    6-Sophia Simpson 
                5-Philip Simpson b. , Sheffield 
                5-Robert Simpson b. , Sheffield 
                5-James Simpson 
            4-Sarah Gell bap. 24 Jul 1752, Wirksworth
              +James Poyser 
    2-Mary Gell bap. 21 Jan 1685, Wirksworth 
    2-Jonathon Gell bap. 28 Aug 1689, Wirksworth 
    2-Joseph Gell bap. 14 Oct 1692, Wirksworth 

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