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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Memorial Inscriptions from Wirksworth Church, Churchyard and Cemetery. Recorded by Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group 1993. Check out the LOCATIONS of the MIs.
Church = Ch001-120
Churchyard = A001-046, B001-007, C001-006, D001-030, E001-008
Cemetery = QA001-174, QB001-067, QC001-269, QD001-406, QE001-139, QX001-009

[QD137]..... In loving memory of SARAH SPENCER died Dec 10th 1944 aged 76 years/also her beloved husband ROBERT B SPENCER died Oct 24th 1948 aged 76 years. (Marble kerb)
[QD138]..... In loving memory of/GEORGE WAIN/who passed away July 9th 1944/aged 73 years/also of his wife/SARAH ANN/who passed away May 8th 1947/aged 68 years/At rest. (F SPENCER) (Limestone headstone & kerb) In memory of/Grannie/&/Grandad. (Limestone vase)
[QD139]..... In loving memory of HERBERT WILLIAM PALIN at rest 10th April 1944 aged 63 years/also of his wife SARA ANN PALIN at rest 19th January 1950 aged 68 years. (Granite kerb)
[QD140]..... In loving/memory of/a devoted husband/& father/HENRY J BAILEY/died June 29th 1942/aged 67 years. (Limestone vase)
[QD141]..... In loving memory of/GEORGE/the beloved husband of/EDITH WHEELDON/who died July 1st 1941 aged 47 years/also CHARLES WHEELDON/who died February 23rd 1943/aged 50 years. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD142]..... In loving/memory of/a dear husband/GEORGE VALLANCE/also our/dear mother/EDITH E VALLANCE/who died April 1st 1947/ aged 69 years. (Limestone vase)
[QD143]..... In loving memory of/EDWARD COWLISHAW at rest Aug 3rd 1977 aged 71 years/DORIS EMILY COWLISHAW at rest March 18th 1982 aged 78 years. (PETTS) (Marble kerb)
[QD144]..... In loving memory of/my dear sister/MARY FLORENCE CIRRY/ at rest 9th September 1942 aged 81 years/also of her beloved sister/MINNIE GERTRUDE GRAIG/born 18th Jan 1874 at rest 17th June 1955/Abiding in thee. (DERBY C.S.) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD145]..... In loving memory of/DAVID JOHN/the beloved husband of/ ELIZABETH COLEBOURNE/who died March 5th l940/aged 53 years/ The happy circle of our home is broken/But still,God doeth all things well/also his son/DAVID JOHN/born March 13th 1915/died March 14th l915/Interred at Nottingham Rd Cemetery/ Derby/also ELIZABETH COLEBOURNE/beloved wife of the above/ born March 13th 1892/died May 27th 1983. (Marble headstone)
[QD146]..... In/loving memory of/HERBERT PRINCE VALLANCE/born 20th January 1896/died 29th January 1939/and his wife/ALICE IDA VALLANCE/born 22nd October 1894/died 5th September 1981/ At rest. (Granite headstone)
[QD147]..... the name is missing - it does not seem to have been inscribed - the beloved husband of/LYDIA GOULD/who died Feb 2nd 1931/ aged 61 years/Thy will be done/also LYDIA GOULD/died July 9th 1947/aged 75 years. (Limestone headstone) In/loving memory of/Mother and Father. (Limestone vase)
[QD148]..... WILLIAM BREWER/From his fellow workmates. (Marble vase)
[QD149]..... In loving memory of/ANNIE/the beloved wife of/JAMES HAWLEY/ who died July 27th 1929 aged 70 years/also the above named/ JAMES HAWLEY/who died Dec 26th 1944 aged 86 years/also/ HENRY HAWLEY/who died Dec 30th 1974 aged 90 years. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD150]..... In loving memory of/SARAH ANN/the beloved wife of/SAMUEL PALIN/who died March 19th l918/aged 31 years/"Thy will be done"/also the above named/SAMUEL PALIN/who fell asleep April 12th 1947/aged 58 years/also FLORENCE MARY PALIN/wife of the above/who died Nov 7th l955/aged 68 years/At rest. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD151]..... In loving memory/of/MARY ANN/the dearly beloved wife of/ WILLIAM THOMPSON/of Bolehill/who died May 16th l902/aged 47 years/Patient and meek beneath afflictions rod/and why? Her faith and hope were fixed on God/also of the above/ WILLIAM THOMPSON/who died Dec 11th l925/aged 75 years/also SARAH/beloved wife of the above/died June 10 l946/aged 88 years/"Peace perfect peace". (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD152]..... Limestone headstone fallen face down
[QD153]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/TIMOTHY CLARK/of Wirksworth/ who died March 27 1876/aged 71 years/He looked for a city which hath foundations/Whose builder and maker is God/also of/ANN/the beloved wife of the above named/who died December 19 1896/aged 91 years/For ever with the Lord. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD154]..... In/loving remembrance/of/ELLEN/wife of/WILLIAM BUXTON/who died August 26th 1840/aged 28 years/also of/SUSANNA/his second wife/who died May 10th 1876/aged 71 years/Precious in the sight of the Lord is/the death of his saints/also of the above named/WILLIAM BUXTON/who died February 24th 1885/aged 67 years. (Limestone headstone)
[QD155]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/ELIZABETH/wife of/JOSEPH HODGKINSON/of Wirksworth/who died November 29th 1875/aged 63 years/There remaineth a rest for/the people of God/also of the above named/JOSEPH HODGKINSON/who died January 24th 1894/aged 78 years/Jesus my Lord to thee I come/For peace and pardon to my soul/also of LYDIA his wife/who died January 6th 1905/aged 73 years. (Limestone headstone)
[QD156]..... In/loving remembrance/of/WILLIAM SPENCER/of Bolehill/who died on the 25th of June 1880/aged 73 years/and of HANNAH his wife/who died on the 6th of February 1885/aged 71 years. (Limestone headstone)
[QD157]..... In memory of/MARTHA WALKER/who departed this life/June 10th 1873/aged 70 years/also of/HENRY WALKER/who died March 29th 1880/aged 74 years. (Limestone headstone)
[QD158]..... In/loving/memory of/ELIZA/wife of WILLIAM TOMLINSON/who fell asleep January 9 1882/aged 60 years/aslo of the above named/WILLIAM TOMLINSON/who died February 22nd 1884/aged 58 years/I know that my redeemer liveth. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD159]..... In/loving memory of/JOHN BARKER/who died January 29 1900/ aged 70 years/(21 years Superintendent of/this Cemetery)/ Thou shalt be missed for thy/seat shall be empty/also of EMMA his wife/who died September 2 1899/aged 69 years/ Peace perfect peace with loved/ones far away/also CLARA their daughter/died April 29 1954/aged 81 years. (FOX) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD160]..... In loving memory/of/a dear husband and father/THOMAS JAMES PEGG/at rest February 8th 1964/aged 73 years/also his wife/ MAGGIE PEGG/at rest October 9th 1976/aged 84 years/Always remembered. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD161]..... In loving memory of/SARAH ANN PEGG/died June 5th 1949/aged 82 years/At rest without pain forever/also/SORRION THOMAS PEGG/died April 6th 1960 aged 94 years/Together at rest. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD162]..... In/loving memory of/a dear husband/GEORGE WILLIAM HATFIELD/ born 25th April 1889/died 16th May 1962/also/GERTRUDE MARY HATFIELD/born 31st August 1893/died 11th July 1980. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD162a]..... In loving/memory of/ARTHUR BUTLER/died July 26th 1946/ aged 69 years. (Limestone vase - possibly misplaced)
[QD163]..... In loving memory of/SAMUEL BRADLEY/died Sept 4th 1945/aged 70 years/From/his loving wife/& family/and his beloved wife/ ALICE/died March.17 1958/aged 84 years/Re-united. (Limestone vase)
[QD164]..... Reconstituted cross possibly homemade no inscription
[QD165]..... ALBERT/beloved husband of/ANNIE BERESFORD. (Limestone vase)
[QD166]..... Treasured memories of/a dear son/CYRIL ALBERT BERESFORD/ died Dec 8th 1938/aged 17 years/We who loved you never forget/also ALBERT BERESFORD/died Nov 30th 1975/aged 75 years/also/VIDA BERESFORD/died May 19th 1984/aged 86 years. (Limestone headstone,ledger & kerb)
[QD167]..... EMMA/wife of/SAMUEL BEARDSLEY/of Peasholm,Derby Road, Wirksworth/who died July 29th 1935/aged 79 years/also of WALTER their son/who died in Australia/Sept 6th 1933/aged 46 years/was cremated and whose ashes are buried here/also the above named/SAMUEL BEARDSLEY/who died May 18th 1943/ aged 84 years/"Grant them thine eternal rest,O Lord". (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD168]..... Sacred/to the memory of/a dear husband and father/ERNEST INGRAM BROOKS/died 27th July 1977/aged 62 years/"Resting where no shadows fall". (Granite headstone)
[QD169]..... In/loving memory/of our dear son/OWEN/who fell asleep Decr 14th 1942/aged 15 years/Too dearly loved to be forgotten/ also OWEN BROUGHTON died Nov 7th 1984 aged 71 years/also CANDACE wife of OWEN BROUGHTON died March 21st 1955 aged 57 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD170]..... In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM GRATTON. (Marble vase)
[QD171]..... In memory of/SAMUEL ELSE/born July 16 1899/died Aug 3 1954/ In God’s keeping. (Limestone vase)
[QD172]..... In loving memory of/our dear mother/ELIZABETH MARPLES/who departed this life/Oct 3rd 1980/aged 68 years/also of our dear father/JAMES MARPLES/who departed this life/March 3rd 1931/aged 66 years/"Until the day break". (BERESFORD Belper & Derby)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD173]..... In loving remembrance/of/ADAM LAND/fourth son of the late/ THOMAS & ELIZABETH LAND/of 76 Bolehill/who died Jany 29th 1930/aged 65 years/"My peace I give unto thee"/also WILLIAM LAND/of Chorlton-Cum-Hardy/who died Mar 24th 1938/aged 71 years/also BETSY/sister of the above/who died Mar 29th 1939, aged 76 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD174]..... In loving memory of/ANN/the beloved wife of BENJAMIN STALEY/ who passed away Nov 7 1927/aged 76 years/She is gone,the one we loved so dear/To her eternal rest/She is gone to heaven,we have no fear/And is for ever blest/also of the above/BENJAMIN STALEY/died Jany 19th 1938/aged 91 years/At rest. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD175]..... In/loving memory of/ELIZA/the beloved wife Of/SAMUEL DAKIN/ who died November 9th 1902/aged 58 years/”At rest”/also of the above/SAMUEL DAKIN/who died October 18th 1904/aged 56 years/”At rest”. (HARRISON BROS)(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD176]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/ELIZABETH/the beloved wife of/THOMAS LAND/of Bolehill/who entered into rest June 27th 1900/aged 74 years/"My only plea,Christ died fore me"/also of the above/THOMAS LAND/who entered into rest September 9th 1907/aged 83 years/Drop the anchor,furl the sail/I am safe within the vail/also/FREDERICK LAND/the second son of above/ died March 23rd 1924/aged 65 years/His end was peace. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD177]..... In/loving memory/of/HERBERT PALIN/who died Novr 3rd 1920/ aged 75 years/also of/JANE/wife of the above/----------- rest sunken. (Marble cross & kerb)
[QD178]..... Limestone headstone fallen face down in kerb
[QD179]..... In/loving memory of/JOHN POYSER WILSON/who entered into rest April 15 1896/aged 65 years/also/MARy MARIA/the dearly loved daughter/of the above/who passed away Nov 22 1878/ aged 19 years/”He giveth his beloved sleep”/also/his beloved wife/DOROTHY WILSON/who departed this life Dec 2nd 1935/ aged 93 years/”Peace perfect peace (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD180]..... In/loving memory/of/JOB WALKER/of Bolehill/born April 28th 1842/died Augst 22nd l915/Sleep thy last sleep/Free from care and sorrow/Rest where none weep/Till the eternal morrow also HANNAH his wife/died Feb 20th 1931/aged 87 years/Thy will be done. (Marble headstone)
[QD181]..... In affectionate remembrance of/JAMES WALKER/of Bolehill/who died January 5th 1878/aged 67 years/In affectionate remem- brance of/ELIZABETH/wife of JAMES WALKER/who died June 7th 1869/aged 61 years/also ELIZABETH daughter of the above/and wife of the Rev THOMAS TEMPEST/who died May 6th l879/aged 40 years. (Limestone coped stone)
[QD182]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/THOMAS/son of/THOMAS and MILLICENT OUTRAM/of Cromford/who died February 13th 1863/ aged 10 years/"Good Bye/ Remember,and meet me/in heaven". (Slate headstone)
[QD183]..... Sacred/to the memory of/ELLEN HALLAM/of Bolehill/who departed this life/July 26th 1867/aged 89 years/also/ JOSEPH HALLAM/her brother/who departed this life/September 26th 1867/aged 82 years/"Blessed are the dead which die/ in the Lord". (Slate headstone)
[QD184]..... In/loving memory/of/MARY ELLEN GRATTON/died Feb 29th 1952/ aged 58 years/also/ERNEST GRATTON/died August 3rd 1959/ aged 73 years/Until we meet again. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD185]..... In loving memory of/SARAH ELLEN/the beloved wife of/HECTOR JAMES AULT/who passed away June 12th 1963/aged 56 years/ also PETER JAMES/the beloved son of the above/who fell asleep August 19th 1949/aged 12 years/Re-united/also HECTOR JAMES AULT/died April 2nd 1977 aged 76 years. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD186]..... In loving memory of/VIOLET HOUSLEY/who died May 30th 1947/ aged 44 years/Always remembered/GEORGE WILLIAM HOUSLEY/ cherished father and grandfather/re-united June 10th 1986/ aged 80 years. (PETTS Middleton)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD187]..... In loving memory of/LILY HASLAM/died Oct 1st 1942/aged 42 years/also/ROY EDGAR HASLAM/died March 20th 1971/aged 73 years. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb) In loving/memory of/Win F BATEMAN/died Jan 10 1984/aged 65 years. (Marble vase)
[QD188]..... 4987203 Private/S HOUGHTON/The Sherwood Foresters/26th May 1942 age 19/For ye are dead/and your life is hid/with Christ in God.Col 111.3. (Limestone headstone) In loving/memory of/my dear wife/OLIVE/HOUGHTON/died/23rd Dec 1988/aged 55 years. (Marble open book) In loving memory of/ELIZABETH HOUGHTON/who passed away/9th Dec 1952/aged 65 years/also of/HENRY HOUGHTON/who passed away/26th Feb 1955/aged 70 years/also of/SAMUEL HOUGHTON/ who passed away/26th May 1942/aged 19 years. (Marble vase all in kerb)
[QD189]..... In loving memory of MARTHA E ELSE died June 22nd 1941 aged 56/also of THOMAS ELSE died March 21st 1937 aged 56/also of JACOB BROOKS killed in action March 21st 1918 aged 31/ Rest in peace. (Limestone kerb) From/the inhabitants/of/Bolehill. (Limestone vase)
[QD190]..... In loving memory of/MAHALAH (ADA) HARRISON died Feb 19th 1943 aged 68 years/GERTRUDE MARIAN BENYON died Feb 9th 1986 aged 86 years. (PETTS) (Marble kerb)
[QD191]..... In/loving memory of/ELIZABETH/the dearly beloved wife of/ GEORGE T STORER/who passed away 30th Aug 1941/aged 58 years/ Which I have loved and lost awhile/also of/GEORGE TAYLOR STORER/at rest 31st July 1952 aged 75 years/And now together again. (Granite cross & kerb)
[QD192]..... In loving memory of/our dear parents/FRED BOWER/at rest Jan 18th 1940/aged 52 years/MARY ELLEN BOWER/at rest Feb 8th 1981/aged 82 years. (Marble headstone)
[QD193]..... In loving memory/of/ELLEN/the beloved wife of/JOSIAH PEARSON/died Nov 12th 1931 aged 68 years/Sorrow vanquished labour ended Jordan passed/also of/JOSIAH PEARSON/died Sept 24th 1959 aged 88 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD194]..... 306011 2nd Private/J.N.HALL/Royal Air Force/5th November 1918 age 17. (Limestone headstone)
[QD195]..... In loving memory/of/WALTER/the dearly beloved son of/ WILLIAM & MARY SNOW/who fell asleep May 27 1905/aged 30 years/To fall asleep is not to die/To live with Christ is better life/also of WILLIAM SNOW/who departed this life / July 10th 1921/aged 80 years/also of/MARY ANN SNOW/wife of the above/who departed this life September 29th 1934/aged 77 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD196]..... In loving memory of MARY SMITH who died Aug 12th 1900 aged 87 years/also SAMUEL SMITH who died July 13th 1931 aged 76 years/also MARY AGNES the beloved wife of SAMUEL SMITH who died Dec 25th 1934 aged 77 years/also Gunner JOHN SMITH R.G.A. died from wounds Oct 22nd 1917 aged 28 years. (Marble kerb)
[QD197]..... In/loving memory/of/JULIA HERSON/who departed this life/ June 26th 1890/aged 53 years/also of/ELIZABETH SHENTON/ widow of the late/JOHN SHENTON/who departed this life/March 1st 1909/aged 87 years. (FOX) (Slate headstone)
[QD198]..... In loving memory of/JAMES SIMS/of Bolehill/who died March 5 1895/aged 82 years/Prepare to meet thy God/also of/JOHN SIMS/son of the above/who died May 28 1885/aged 41 years/ In the midst of life we are in death. (HARRISON BROS) (Limestone headstone)
[QD199]..... In loving memory/of/WILLIAM POTTER/who entered into rest/ July 7th 1895/aged 29 years/Though lost to sight to memory dear/also of/JANE/sister of the above/who entered into rest/ Oct 29th 1876/aged 5 years/also of/JAMES POTTER/father of the above/who entered into rest/Feb 5th 1901/aged 69 years/ Trusting in Christ/also of HANNAH/wife of the above/who entered into rest June 28th 1902/aged 69 years/Thy will be done. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD200]..... In/loving memory/of/GEORGE WIGLEY WALKER/born Dec 29th 1846/ at rest July 4th 1921/also of/SARAH/wife of the above/died Dec 23 1933/aged 82 years. (Gritstone headstone) In affectionate remembrance/of/JOSEPH WALKER/of Bolehill / born June 26th 1815/died October 25th 1888/Fell asleep in Jesus/also/MARGARET/dearly loved wife/and/MARY ELIZABETH/ daughter. (Limestone headstone both in double kerb)
[QD201]..... In affectionate remembrance of/SARAH youngest daughter/ WILLIAM and ELIZABETH HUNT/who died June 28th 1857 aged 20 years/also HANNAH HUNT the beloved wife of/T.W.HUNT who died Feb 27 1906 aged 62 years/In memory Of/ELIZABETH wife of WILLIAM HUNT/of Bolehill/died Aug 9 l870/also the above named/WILLIAM HUNT/who died April 5th l882/aged 87 years/ also/of/THOMAS WILLIAM/only son of/WILLIAM and ELIZABETH HUNT/died July 11th 1901/aged 66. (Limestone coped tomb with Iron rails)
[QD202]..... In loving/memory of/a dear wife/and mother/DOROTHY/SHARDLOW/ died Nov 1st 1981/aged 53 years/Always remembered. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD203]..... In/loving memory of/NELLIE/beloved wife of/JOHN J SPENCER/ died February 19th 1954/aged 45 years/"Our thoughts are always/with you"/also of/MINNIE GRATTON/ mother of NELLIE/ who died November 18th 1969 /aged 88 years/also of the above named/JOHN J SPENCER/who died August 3rd l970/aged 67 years/ Re-united. (E HAWLEY Stapleford Nottm)(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD204]..... Treasured memories/of a dear/husband and father/HERBERT SPENCER/died Aug 3rd l953/also/ALFRED PAUL/ SCHEERMANN/died Nov 6 1965/aged 4l/also/ MAURICE/SPENCER /died Oct 13 1979/ aged 51/also/SARAH JANE/ SPENCER/died Apr 27 l982/aged 84. (Marble vase)
[QD205]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM ELSE/died Jan 25th l953/aged 63 years/also his wife/MARY ELIZABETH/died April 20th 1958/ aged 64 years. (Marble headstone)
[QD206]..... In loving memory of/MARY ELIZABETH SLATER/the beloved wife of/JOSEPH CORNELIUS SLATER/of Moor Cottage Farm,Wirksworth/ who passed away March 3rd 1948/aged 53 years/At rest/also of/JOSEPH CORNELIUS SLATER/who died Nov 4th 1958 aged 68 years. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD207]..... In/loving memory of/ALBERT EDWARD WAGER/died March 3 1946/ aged 40 years/also his beloved wife/EDITH/died Dec 21 1955/ aged 50 years/Re-united. (Reconstituted headstone & kerb) In/loving memory/of/ALBERT WAGER/from his/wife,daughter/ mother & father. (Reconstituted vase)
[QD208]..... In loving/memory Of/AARON BROCKLEHURST/died Dec 7th 1945/ aged 60 years/also/his wife/FANNY/died May 23 l959/aged 77. (Limestone vase)
[QD209]..... To my dear husband/FREDERICK SAMUEL CLAPHAM/died Decr 28th 1953/aged 55 years/also his dear father/FREDERICK CLAPHAM/ died Jany 13th 1949/aged 79 years/At rest. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD210]..... Limestone kerb - broken - inscription on underneath
[QD211]..... In loving memory of/FLORRIE STEVENS/died March 2nd 1944/ aged 51 years/also JOSEPH EDWARD STEVENS/the beloved husband of the above/died December 1st 1955/aged 67 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD212]..... In loving memory of/NOEL B WALTON a dear husband and father who died March 4th 1971 aged 61 years. (Reconstituted kerb) In treasured/memory of/ANNIE WALTON/Jan 22 1944/An apprecia- tion/from the inhabitants/of Bolehill. (Black vase)
[QD213]..... In loving memory/of/GEORGE WHITE/died June 2nd 1977/aged 58 years/also his wife/LUCY IVY WHITE/died March 12th 1979/ aged 66 years. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD214]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband & father/ERNEST WAIN/ died Sept 11th 1943 aged 67 years/also my dear grandaugter/ MONICA JOYCE WAIN/died Oct 24th 1944 aged 22 years/Not lost but gone before/also/MARIA WAIN/died June 13th 1963 aged 86 years. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD215]..... In loving memory of/BENJAMIN GREATOREX who died March 7th 1937 aged 79 years/also HERBERT GREATOREX who died May 16th 1948 aged 68 years. (Limestone kerb)
[QD216]..... In loving memory/of/MARY/the beloved wife of/MATTHEW BUNTING/who fell asleep January 11th 1931/aged 69 years/ “The pure in heart shall see God”/also of the above named/ MATTHEW BUNTING/who fell asleep Feb 23rd 1951/aged 85 years/also REBECCA BUNTING/at rest Jan 1st 1953/aged 84 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD217]..... In affectionate remembrance of/BERTHA/the beloved wife of/ WILLIAM BUNTING/who died Sept 17th 1928/aged 64 years/also the above/WILLIAM BUNTING/died Dec 31st 1945/aged 84 years/ also JOHN A BUNTING/son of the above/who died of wounds in France/Aug 3rd 1917/aged 28 years/Peace perfect peace. (SPENCER Middleton)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD218]..... In loving memory/of/our dear father and mother/JAMES WIGLEY/ died June 26th 1928 aged 69 years/also his beloved wife/ SARAH ANN/died June 29th 1933 aged 74 years/”At rest”/also ELIZABETH PEARSON/died Dec 16th 1961 aged 76 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD219]..... In/tender memory of/JOHN BUNTING/who died 29th January 1914/ aged 54 years/and of his wife/MARY ANN BUNTING/who died 9th January 1935/aged 71 years/Re-united/also daughter of the above/LOUIE JANE STORER BARKER/who died 22nd April 1974/ aged 85 years/ also her husband Sergt/CHARLES EDWIN BARKER/killed in France in World War 1/22nd April 1918 aged 36 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD220]..... In loving memory of/MARY/the beloved wife of/JOHN BUNTING/ who departed this life/September 26th l899/aged 68 years/ She bore her cross/until she received her/crown of glory/ also of the above/JOHN BUNTING/who departed this life/ January 16th 1909/aged 77 years/also GEORGE their son/who died at Stirling/June 14th 1884/aged 29 years/and is interred in the/fourth grave to the right/also of/MARY ANN/their daughter/who died December 28th 1875/aged 3 years and 4 months/”Thy will be done”/also of ANNIE ELIZABETH the beloved daughter of BERTHA and WILLIAM BUNTING/who died October 6th 1900 aged 13 years interred in the fourth grave to the right. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD221]..... In loving memory of/EDWARD MOULD died April 12th 1885 aged 62 yearS/ELIZABETH MOULD died April 16th 1914 aged 88 years/ ANNIE MOULD died September 6th 1936 aged 76 years. (Marble kerb)
[QD222]..... In loving memory of/ANN TURNER/died 21 Oct 1911/aged 35/At rest. (Limestone vase)
[QD223]..... In/loving memory of/THIRZA/the beloved wife Of/JOSEPH WALKER/ of Steeple Grange/who died Aug 25 l907/aged 55 years/”Until the day break and/the shadows flee away”/also of the above/ JOSEPH WALKER/died April 13th 1928/aged 79 years. (Marble obelisk & kerb)
[QD224]..... In loving memory of/MARY ALICE ALLEN/who died 24th July 1930/aged 70 years/and her daughters/MARY JOHNSON/who died 1st May 1919/aged 36 years/EMILY ALLEN/who died 6th Jan 1973/aged 86 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD225]..... In/loving memory of/ANNIE ELIZABETH WARD/died May 16th 1981/ aged 79 years/ERNEST WARD/died November 17th l981/aged 82 years/Forever in our thoughts. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD226]..... In loving memory of/ANNIE ELIZABETH PIDCOCK died May 25th 1954 aged 60 years/JOHN WILLIAM PIDCOCK died Oct 18th 1959 aged 69 years. (Marble kerb)
[QD227]..... In loving memory of BERTHA BERESFORD died Feb 26th 1953 aged 64 years/also HAROLD BERESFORD died April 4th 1960 aged 71 years. (Reconstituted kerb)
[QD228]..... Reconstitued cross & Metal vase no inscription
[QD229]..... In/loving memory Of/FLORENCE MANATON/died/29th Jan 1963/ aged 67 years/also of/her husband/ALFRED MANATON/died/l6th March 1963/aged 65 years. (H PARSONS Derby) (Marble open book & kerb)
[QD230]..... 1880-1952/WILLIAM ARTHUR/BOWMER /ETHEL BOWMER/1884-1967. 1891-1966/HERBERT EDGAR/BOWMER/MARJORIE AMY/BOWMER/1894- 1970. 1887-1942/JOHN JAMES/BOWMER/MICHAEL WILLIAM/BOWMER/1925- 1981. (3 Gritstone ledgers & large kerb)
[QD231]..... In loving memory/of/HERBERT MILLWARD/died 28th July 1941/ aged 61 years/also his wife/LILY ELIZABETH MILLWARD/died 3rd January 1973/aged 90 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD232]..... In/loving memory of/VICTOR WALLIS/who died Nov 12 1936/ aged 14 years/A sudden change I in a/moment fell/I had not time to bid my/friends farewell/Tis nothing strange/death happens unto all/It was my lot/tomorrow you may fall. (Limestone scroll) In loving memory of EMILY WALLIS at rest Feb 2nd 1953 aged 56 years/also of WILLIAM her husband died April 5th 1959 aged 69 years. (Limestone kerb)
[QD233]..... In loving memory of JOHN MATTHEW WILKINSON died April 22nd 1977 aged 58 years. (Marble kerb)
[QD234]..... GEORGE WILLIAM PETTIT died Nov 17th 1948 aged 71 years/ ETHEL ANNIE PETTIT died May 10th 1977 aged 86 years/At rest. (BRACE) (Marble kerb)
[QD235]..... In loving memory of/ROSETTA STALEY/died January 27 1942/ aged 73 years/Death divides/Memory clings/also/JOHN STALEY/ died April 14 1945/aged 73 years/At rest. (Limestone open book & kerb)
[QD236]..... CLARA BODEN 1875-1960/WILLIAM BODEN/1879-1957 /Re-united. (Marble kerb) Remembrance. (Marble vase)
[QD237]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband and father/THOMAS E HALL/ died 10th Nov 1938 aged 49 years/also ADA/dear wife of the above/died 23rd Feb 1969 aged 78 years/Re-united/also LESLIE HALL died March 16 1977.aged 60 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD238]..... In loving memory of/CHARLES JOSEPH BRAY/died January 19th 1986/aged 46 years/and/EVA BRAY/died November 30th 1965/ aged 80 years/Till we meet again. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD239]..... In/loving memory of/GERTRUDE EMILY SLACK/died 17th May 1931/aged 29 years/also/DANIEL SLACK/died 20th August 1966/ aged 70 years. (Granite vase & kerb)
[QD240]..... In loving memory of AUDREY the beloved daughter of MYLES & EVELYN GRATTON aged 11 months/also MYLES the beloved husband of EVELYN GRATTON died Feb 6th 1960 aged 79 years/ LILY the beloved wife of MYLES GRATTON who died June 21st 1927 aged 47 years. (F SPENCER Middleton)(Marble kerb & dove) EVELYN/GRATTON/died/July 24th 1978/aged 81 years. (Marble vase)
[QD241]..... In/loving memory of/CHARLES BRAY/of Stanton Villas/who died September 7th 1906/aged 42 years/Till we meet/also/ GEORGINA BROOKS/who died June 22 1955/aged 86 years. (Marble cross & kerb)
[QD242]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/ELSIE/the beloved daughter of/WILLIAM and CLARA BODEN/who died January 8th 1919 aged 15 years/Absent from the body,present with the Lord/MARTHA FLINT died Oct 23rd 1944 aged 91 years. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD243]..... In loving memory/of/our dear mother/SARAH E BUNTING/who passed away/March 8th 1933/aged 51 years. (Marble vase)
[QD244]..... In loving memory of/EMMA/the beloved wife of/ROBERT JAMES POTTER/who died Feby 26th 1893/aged 27 years/Thine eyes shall see the King/in his beauty.Isiah 33.17./also/HANNAH ELIZABETH/the beloved wife of/JOSEPH WALKER/who died Oct 15th 1936/aged 73 years. (BIRLEY) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD245]..... In memory of/SARAH/wife of/THOMAS PICKARD/who died October 11 1874/aged 42 years/She sleeps in Jesus/also the above/ THOMAS PICKARD/who died December 10 1903/aged 77 years/ DAVID NOEL PICKARD/died April 5 1911 aged 3 years. (Limestone headstone)
[QD246]..... Sacred/to the memory of/JOSEPH MOORE/son of/SAMUEL and MARIA/HODGKINSON/who died March 31 1878/aged 10 years/ Erected by the/Masters and Scholars of the/Wirksworth Grammar School/as a tribute of their/affectionate rememb- rance. (Limestone headstone)
[QD247]..... In loving memory/of/ISAAC WALKER/who died Nov 22 1879/aged 78 years/also MARIA wife of/the above/who died Sep 8th 1896/ aged 87 years/also LYDIA their/youngest daughter/who died June 7th 1869/aged 22 years/Amen so let it be/Erected/in loving memory/by their/only surviving daughter/MARTHA RAPP U.S.A. (Granite obelisk & kerb)
[QD248]..... In/loving memory of/GEORGE ROPER/of Cromford/who departed this life Sept 16 1903/in his 84th year/also/MARY/the beloved wife of/GEORGE ROPER/who died April 30th 1897/aged 70 years/Forever with the Lord. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD249]..... In memory of/WILLIAM MILLWARD died June 13th 1930 aged 82 years/also MARY MILLWARD died March 12th 1941 aged 78 years/ At rest. (Granite kerb)
[QD250]..... In loving memory of/my dear husband/BENJAMIN PAYNE/died May 1st 1973/aged 79 years. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD251]..... In memory of/my dear husband FRANCIS ALBERT HALL at rest Feb 1st 1955 aged 59 years/also his dearly beloved wife ANNIE at rest Nov 27th 1967 aged 79 years. (Granite kerb)
[QD252]..... In/loving memory/of/ELSIE AGNES GRASSBY/who died 9th May 1950/aged 56 years/R. I.P./WILLIAM BUTTERY GRASSBY/died 13th Oct 1967/aged 65 years. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD253]..... In loving memory of/OTTOWELL EARNSHAW/died March 25th 1959/ aged 62 years/also his wife/EMILY ELIZABETH/died June 15th 1976/aged 79 years/Re—united. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD254]..... In loving memory of/MARY HANNAH/the dearly loved wife of/ THOMAS JAMES TWIGGE/who died October 16th 1949/aged 78 years/Till we meet again/also/THOMAS JAMES TWIGGE/died February 28th 1961/aged 87 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD255]..... In loving memory of/FANNY ELIZABETH HILL born Feb 3rd 1885 died Dec 11th 1945/FREDERICK HENRY HILL born March 7th 1882 died Aug 12th 1972/FREDERICK WILLIAM HILL born Oct 10 1914 died Dec 21 1964. (Marble kerb) In loving memory of FANNY ELIZABETH HILL born Feb 3rd 1885 died Dec 11th 1945. (Handpainted inscription on Metal vase)
[QD256]..... In loving memory of/JOHN CLAY/at rest 13th July 1943/aged 55 years/and his loving wife/PHOEBE ELLEN/at rest 29th April 1966/aged 71 years/Always remembered. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD257]..... In/loving memory of/WILLIAM MUNCASTER/died Jan 31st 1937 aged 67/also FANNY MUNCASTER died June 4th 1942 aged 81/ At rest. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD258]..... In/loving memory of/my dear wife/SARAH ANN DAKIN/also/ GEORGE DAKIN/husband/Re-united/also/MARY ANN & ANNIE/ their daughters/At rest. (Limestone vase)
[QD259]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband & father/FRED GREENHOUGH/ died Dec 22nd 1941/aged 52 years/also ADA his wife/died Nov 10th 1957/aged 66 years/At rest. (Limestone vase)
[QD260]..... In/loving remembrance/of/JOSEPH HAYWOOD/who died July 30th 1935/aged 69 years/also MARY ANN his wife who died May 1st 1951 aged 86 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD261]..... Treasured memories of/SELINA/the beloved wife of/ALBERT WILSON/who departed this life/September 3rd 1932/aged 65 years/When the day of toil is done/When the race of life is run/Father grant thy weary one/Rest for evermore/also/ LIZZIE HAYWOOD/who died 11th February 1983/aged 83 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD262]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/ANNIE ELIZABETH HAYWOOD/ who died October 20th 1930/aged 34 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD263]..... In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM/the beloved husband of/ ELIZABETH CORDIN/of Rise End/who died December 25th 1902/ aged 56 years/”Thy will be done”/also the above/ELIZABETH CORDIN/who departed this life at Bolehill/on March 30th 1913/aged 64 years/”For ever with the Lord”. (Limestone headstone)
[QD264]..... In/loving memory/of/FRANCIS MASKREY/who was taken to his rest/September 5th 1887/aged 59 years/also of MARY his wife/ who died July 19th 1898/aged 87 years. (Limestone headstone)
[QD265]..... Limestone kerb no apparent inscription
[QD266]..... In loving memory Of/FLORENCE MAIE TAYLOR/ 1892-1955/sister of LUCY and NELLIE /and Of/ FRANCIS HENRY TAYLOR/1890-l963/ late of Warmbrook House. (Metal plaque on Gritstone ledger) In treasured memory of/ISAAC TAYLOR WALKER/1880-1953/and of his wife/LUCY MARY WALKER/1885-1989/ Re-united (Metal plaque on Gritstone ledger) Our dearest/ ARCHIBALD STANLEY DRABBLE/l890-l953/and/ NELLIE ROLLIN DRABBLE/1888-1973/In eternal peace together/in heaven. (Metal plagues on Gritstone ledger) (All in treble sized kerb)
[QD267]..... In loving memory of/ADA MOFFAT/dearly beloved wife of/PETER WILLIAM MOFFAT/who died March 17th 1953/aged 45 years/R.I.P. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD268]..... In loving memory Of/PERCY WINSON/died May 10th l952/aged 63 years/and SARAH ANN/his loving wife/died May 3rd 1955/ aged 71 years/At rest. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD269]..... In loving memory of/HARRY/beloved husband of/LILY TURNER/ at rest 13th May 1950 aged 75 years/”Until we meet again”/ and of his beloved wife/LILY GERTRUDE TURNER/who were re- united 12th Oct l972/aged 85 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD270]..... In loving memory of/HERBERT LEONARD DOXEY/died July 4th 1958 aged 63 years/ADA DOXEY/died Sept 13th 1965 aged 66 years/SAMUEL JOHN LIVINGSTONE/died Aug 27th 1949 aged 29 years. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD271]..... In loving memory of/MARION ETHEL/the dearly beloved wife of T LANCASHIRE/who fell asleep October 27th l943/aged 70 years/"Until we meet again"/and her sister/CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH CLAY/died April 16th 1982 aged 96 years. (F SPENCER)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD272]..... In loving memory of/MARY ANN ELSE/died July 21st l947/aged 70 years/also Of/SAMUEL ELSE/died Feb 20th l957/aged 57 years/also/SAMUEL ELSE/died Feb 6th l964/aged 90 years. (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD273]..... In loving memory of/ARCHER IVAN CLAY/died Sept 17th 1945/ aged 55 years/also of his wife/JEAN CLAY/died Jan 19th 1966/ aged 69 years. (Limestone ledger & kerb)
[QD274]..... In memory of/a dear husband,father & grandfather/JOSEPH CRESSWELL/died Jan 14th 1977/aged 75 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD275]..... In loving memory of/JAMES HARRISON died Jan 25th 1946 aged 76 years/also ELIZABETH his wife who died Feb 23rd 1949 aged 78 years/Till we meet. (Limestone kerb)
[QD276]..... In loving memory/of/WALTER F BOTHAM/died April 29 1945/aged 48 years. (Marble vase)
[QD277]..... In loving memory/of a dear/husband & father/ERIC SOUTHAM/ At rest. (Limestone vase)
[QD278]..... To the everlasting memory of/our beloved parents/ROBERT and SARAH ANN CARR/(Robert)born 1st April 1890/died 11th Nov 196l/(Sarah)born 16th Aug 1891/died 22nd Dec 1964/Now united and happy once more/They stroll together on a heavenly shore/also of RUTH/dear mother of ROBERT/born 13th May 1854/died 30th June 1934. (Marble inclined ledger with arch & kerb)
[QD279]..... In loving memory of/ALFRED/the beloved husband of/RUTH BURKITT/who died May 10th 1932/aged 47 years/"Until the day break"/also of RUTH PETTS/formerly wife of the above/ALFRED BURKITT/who fell asleep April 9th 1941/"Peace perfect peace". (F SPENCER) (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD280]..... In loving memory/of/EMILY PEARSON/died July 28th 1910 aged 38 years/At rest/also HARRY beloved husband of/JULIA PEARSON/died April 8th 1930 aged 55 years/"Thy will be done". also JAMES PEARSON/died June 14th 1914 aged 52 years. (S E BIRLEY Middleton)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD281]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/SARAH/the beloved wife of/ GEORGE HATFIELD/who departed this life/February 6th 1874/ aged 65 years/I go to prepare a place for you/also of the above named/GEORGE HATFIELD/who departed this life/February 22nd 1890/in the 82nd year of his age/I shall be satisfied when I awake with/thy likeness. (Limestone headstone)
[QD282]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/THOMAS HATFIELD/who died December 30th 1884/aged 38 years/’To be with Christ which is far better”/also of/MARY/the beloved wife of/HENRY ROWLAND/who died July 16th 1921/aged 73 years/also of/HENRY ROWLAND/who died Sept 5 1922/aged 75 years. (BIRLEY)(Limestone headstone)
[QD283]..... In/memory of/ANN wife of/THOMAS BEAROMORE/who died November 30 1863/aged 65 years/Her languishing head is at rest/Its thinking and aching are o’er/Her quiet immovable breast/Is heaved by affliction no more/also the above/THOMAS BEARDMORE who died August 5 1866/aged 67 years. (Slate headstone)
[QD284]..... In loving memory of/ELIZA/(wife of the Rev S BROCKSOP, Wesleyan Minister)/who died at Birmingham January 18th 1868/aged 52 years/"Absent from the body,present with the Lord"/My flesh also shall rest in hope.Acts 2.26./also of/ JOHN SAMUEL BROCKSOP aged 8 years/and ELLEN BROCKSOP aged 6 years(her children)/who-died at Cromford in November 1863/ “He shall gather the lambs in his arm.Isaiah XL.ll. (Limestone coped stone)
[QD285]..... Erected/to the beloved memory of/ETHEL daughter of/J.D.& C.MARSDEN/(of Bolehill & Nottingham)/who died June 28th 1912/In her tongue was the law/of kindness/also of/ ELIZABETH MARSDEN/ETHEL’s Auntie/who died October 25th 1913/”He giveth his beloved sleep”. (Large Marble scroll & kerb)
[QD286]..... Loving memories of/WILLIAM JOSEPH/ELSE/aged 58 years/In he avenly love/abiding. (Limestone vase & kerb)
[QD287]..... In loving/memory of/our dear mother/JESSIE DICKENS/who fell asleep/April 3 1952/aged 54 yrs. (Reconstituted vase) In/loving memory of/mum and dad/JESSIE DICKENS/died April 3rd 1952 aged 54/BERT DICKENS/died May 21st 1971 aged 79/also their son/LESLIE DICKENS/died Jan 13th 1990/aged 63 (Granite headstone)
[QD288]..... In loving memory of my dear husband/THOMAS SPENCER/at rest Jan 1 1946 aged 71 years/He suffered much but murmured not/ We watched him day by day/With aching hearts grow less and less/Until he passed away/also LYDIA ANN his wife/died Jan 20th 1960 aged 80 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD289]..... IRENE HULL/Dec 23rd 1954/age 41. (Gritstone vase)
[QD290]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM ELSE who passed away July 26th 1946 aged 63 years/also MARY ANN his wife died May 13th 1956 aged 75 years/At rest. (Limestone kerb)
[QD291]..... In loving memory of/JAMES SMITH/who died Feb 13th 1945/aged 62 years/”Peace perfect peace”/also his wife/ANNIE/died September 12th 1967. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD292]..... FRED BROUGH/died Oct 10th 1940/”I miss his smiles/his kindly ways/With him I spent my/happiest days/I miss him when I/ need a friend/on him so true/I could depend”/Dearly loved by/NELL & SHIRLEY Always. (Limestone block)
[QD293]..... In/loving memory/of/ARTHUR/the beloved husband of/ANN EATON/ died Jany 26th 1932/aged 59 years/At rest/also of/ANN/died Jany 14th 1940/aged 67 years/Happily re-united/Sadly missed/ also/JAMES ARTHUR/EATON/died Dec 15th 1959/aged 61 years. (Marble headstone & kerb) To Grannie/and Grandad/from GEOFFREY. (Limestone vase)
[QD294]..... In ever/loving memory of/my dear father and mother/THOMAS W THOMPSON/passed away May 26th 1917/and his beloved wife/ ESTHER/passed away Nov 2nd 1956/”The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want”. (Gritstone headstone & kerb)
[QD295]..... In/loving memory of/MARTHA/the wife of/JABEZ HATFIELD/who died/November 12th 1892/aged 38 years/In an hour ye think not the/son of man cometh/also of/SARAH EDITH/their daughter/ who died March 10th 1894/aged 10 years/Thy will be done. (Limestone headstone)
[QD296]..... In loving memory of/a dear brother & uncle FRANCIS MURISON who died June 8th 1930 aged 54 years/and my dear mother RACHEL DICK BASSINGTHWAIGHTE who died April 13th 1949 aged 83 years. (Marble kerb)
[QD297]..... In loving memory of/REUBEN/beloved husband of/BEATRICE FLINT/died April 13th 1949/aged 78 years. In loving memory of/ELIZABETH WETTON/died 28 Feb 1915/At rest/also of/WILLIAM WETTON/died 7 Dec 1924/At rest. (2 Limestone vases - misplaced)
[QD298]..... Limestone headstone fallen face down
[QD299]..... In/loving memory of/JAMES SMITH/(Bolehill)/who died Oct 22nd 1916/aged 65 years/also of MARY his beloved wife/who died July 6th 1914/aged 66 years/At rest. (Marble headstone & kerb) EMMA TAYLOR/at rest/l2th Nov 1943. (Marble vase - misplaced)
[QD300]..... In loving memory of EMILY WAIN died Oct 15th 1924 aged 61 years/also THOMAS WAIN died Aug 22nd 1929 aged 71 years/ Re-united/At rest. (Marble kerb)
[QD301]..... Loving memories/of a dear dad/COLIN ARNOLD HIGTON/born 24. 9.1907/died 7.9.1976/also his mother and father/MARY ELIZABETH HIGTON/born 28.6.1877/died 12.1.1955/THOMAS HIGTON/born 21.10.1872/died 2.2.1961. (DAKIN) (Granite headstone) In loving memory of/our dear parents and grandparents/ BENJAMIN HIGTON/died 7th Jan 1986/aged 71 years/DOROTHY HANNAH HIGTON/died 14th May 1986/aged 71 years/Re-united. (Granite tablet)
[QD302]..... In loving memory of/JOHN FLINT/died March 2nd 1946/aged 72 years/also LOUISE his wife/died March 14th 1953/aged 75 years. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb) In/loving memory/of/JOHN FLINT/died Mar 2nd 1946/aged 72 years/At rest. (Limestone vase)
[QD303]..... In loving/memory of/BRYAN/MARSHALL/died/Jan 19th 1977/aged 43 years. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD304]..... In loving memory of/our dear parents/THOMAS SWIFT/died 16th Nov 1947 aged 63/and HANNAH SWIFT/died 31st Aug 1966 aged 81/Re-united. (Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD305]..... In loving memory/FREDERICK MOSS died Nov 9th 1949 aged 69 years/also ANNIE his wife died March 25th 1955 aged 83 years/Re-united. (Marble kerb)
[QD306]..... In/loving memory of/ANNIE MOATE/passed away Sept 6th 1970/ aged 81 years/also her husband/HARRY VICTOR MOATE/passed away Jan 25th 1945/aged 57 years. (Marble headstone)
[QD307]..... BENJAMIN EXLEY who died Jan 27th 1932 aged 81 years/Gone but not forgotten. (Marble kerb)
[QD308]..... In loving memory of/SARAH/wife of EDWARD BARKER/died April 7th 1931/aged 63 years/Death divies but memory clings/also of the above/EDWARD BARKER/died February 9th 1936/aged 69 years. (Marble kerb) In loving/memory of/a dear/mother/&/father. (Marble vase) also of RALPH WARD died August 30th 1934 aged 70 years/Rest in peace. (Marble kerb) In/loving memory/of my dear wife/ELIZABETH VALE/who died/ Nov 29th 1933/aged 78 years. (Marble vase - possibly misplaced)
[QD309]..... In loving memory of/THOMAS WILFRED MATKIN/died May 6th 1968 / aged 76 years/GEORGE SIDNEY the beloved son of WILFRED(sic) THOMAS & ALICE M MATKIN who died Dec 28th 1928 aged 8 years/ He shall gather the lambs with his arm and carry them in his bosom. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD310]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/DANIEL WALKER/who died October 29 1875/aged 50 years/also of/SARAH ANN/daughter of the above/who died December 3 1876/aged 22 years/also of two sons/HENRY and JAMES/who died in their infancy/Looking unto Jesus/also HANNAH wife of the above/who died January 18 1895/aged 64 years/Sight after mystery peace after pain. (Limestone headstone)
[QD311]..... In loving memory of/GEORGE SAMUEL MILLER/died Aug 8th 1892/ aged 29/With Christ which is far better. (Limestone tablet)
[QD312]..... In loving memory of/JOHN ELLICOCK/who died January 16 1906/ aged 75 years/also of HANNAH his wife/who died on Christmas Eve 1903/aged 74 years/also of/WILLIAM/son of the above/who died April 29 1896/aged 42 years/The souls of the righteous are in the hands/of God. (Marble headstone)
[QD313]..... In/loving memory of/LESLIE LITTLE/died 13th March 1955/aged 63 years/and his wife/EDITH/died 24th October 1979/aged 85 years/also their dear son/DESMOND/died 16th December 1928/ aged 9 months/Re-united. (Marble headstone)
[QD314]..... In/loving memory of/SARAH ELLEN/beloved wife of GEORGE WILDF/ died Aug 23rd 1954 aged 66 years/also GEORGE their dear son (lost at sea)/March 26th 1945 aged 22 years/also/GEORGE WILDE/died April 7th 1977 aged 86 years/Always remembered. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD315]..... In loving memory of EUGENIE ULRICH at rest 1st Jan 1946 aged 70 years. (Gritstone kerb) In loving memory/of/JIM GOULD. (Metal vase - misplaced & rather battered)
[QD316]..... In loving memory of/my dear wife/ANNIE MARPLE/who passed away 16th Jan 1951/aged 64 years/also/GAMALIEL WILLIAM MARPLE/died June 13th 1965/aged 79 years/"The Lord knew your pains best/and called you to eternal rest". (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD317]..... In loving memory of/JOHN GEORGE SOUTHAM who passed away May 30th 1948 aged 52 years/also his wife ANNIE CATHERINE who passed away Dec 3rd 1981 aged 79 years/"Till the day break". (Limestone kerb)
[QD318]..... In/loving memory of/WILLIAM ROBERT/TAYLOR/died 20th Sept 1947/aged 41 years/and his wife/GERTRUDE/died 4th July 1980 aged 76 years/also their dear son/JEFFREY/died 25th Sept 1983 aged 50 years/Re-united. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD319]..... In loving memory of/THOMAS VALLANCE/died Jan 23rd 1962/aged 80 years/and MARTHA ANN his wife/died Sept 21st 1960/aged 75 years/also of GEORGE their son/died Feb 8th 1939/aged 32 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD320]..... In/loving memory of/ELIZABETH/dearly beloved wife of/THOMAS SPENCER/who died Feb 1 1936/aged 75 years/also the above/ THOMAS SPENCER/who died Aug 25 1936/aged 77 years/also son/ THOMAS WILLIAM/who died Mar 30 1884/also daughter/GERTRUDE/ who died Nov 23 1923/Peace perfect peace. (Marble headstone)
[QD321]..... In loving memory/of/EVELYN BOOTH/died Dec 20th 1986/aged 77 years. (Marble headstone)
[QD322]..... In/affectionate remembrance of/MAUD AGNES/wife of ARTHUR BROWN/died Feb 16th 1931/aged 55 years/To live in hearts we leave behind/is not to die/also the above/ARTHUR BROWN/ died May 26th 1948/aged 70 years/Resting/also ELIZABETH JANE BROWN/beloved wife of above/died May 27th 1954 aged 67 years/Re-united. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD323]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/ANN/(relict of/GILL PEAT of Alderwasley)/wife of/FRANCIS BUTLER/who died January 4th 1870/aged 56 years/also of/FANNY/daughter of/GILL and ANN PEAT/who died October 15th 1860/aged 19 years/Erected by the surviving daughter/of G & A PEAT. (Limestone headstone)
[QD324]..... Limestone headstone fallen face down
[QD325]..... In affectionate remembrance of/RICHARD BROCKLEHURST/(of Cromford)/ who died August 29 1864/aged 61 years/also of ELIZABETH his wife/who died August 2nd 1884/aged 84 years/also of HANNAH their daughter/who died July 2nd 1860/aged 27 years. (Gritstone headstone)
[QD326]..... Fond memories/of/DES AULT/died/25th Oct 1976. (Marble vase)
[QD327]..... In loving memory/of my dear husband/LAWSON YATES WASS/who passed away June 29 1951/aged 61 years/”Peace perfect peace”/ also of WINIFRED his wife/called to rest March 17 1971/aged 83 years/”Re-united”. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD328]..... In loving memory of/JOHN TAYLOR/at rest 10th April 1950/ aged 81 years/also his beloved wife/SARAH/at rest lstFeb- ruary 1951/aged 79 years/and their dear daughter/MARJORIE EMILY/at rest 18th June 1952/aged 42 years/Re-united. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD329]..... BEN GISBORN/at rest/Jan 28 1949. (Marble vase)
[QD330]..... In loving memory of/ERIC MATHER died July 9th 1935 aged 14 years/MAGGIE MATHER died 26th Dec 1968 aged 76 years PERCY MATHER died 20th June 1969 aged 77 years/R.I.P. (Marble kerb)
[QD331]..... Peace/In loving memory of/WILLIAM/the beloved husband of/ FANNY DOROTHY CLAY/who departed this life Sep 22nd 1933/ aged 83 years/also the above/FANNY DOROTHY/who departed this life Dec 14th 1938/aged 86 years/Their toils are over and now comes rest. (F SPENCER) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD332]..... SAMUEL BENNETT/HODGKINSON/March 25th 1956/aged 84/ESTHER HANNAH/HODGKINSON/May 12th 1928/aged 57/AMY/ TOMLINSON/June 26th 1972/aged 60. (Marble vase)
[QD333]..... In/loving memory/of our dear son/WILLIAM/RAYMOND BOTHAM/ died Dec 7th 1927/aged 8 years. (Limestone vase)
[QD334]..... In loving memory/of/ZILLAH/the beloved wife of/JAMES WAYWELL/ died April 29th 1897/aged 65 years/also of the above/JAMES WAYWELL/died Decr 11th 1902/aged 80 years/also/FREDERICK CHARLES WAYWELL/died Sept 2nd 1950/aged 75 years/also ANN ELIZABETH/wife of the above/died Oct 18th 1951/aged 73. (HARRISON) (Marble headstone)
[QD335]..... In loving memory of/JACOB THOMPSON/of this town/who died April 27th 1885/aged 57 years/The memory of the just shall live/This stone was erected by his loving daughters/also of/MARY JANE/wife of the above/who departed this life July 18 1897/aged 70 years/"Sleep on beloved sleep and take thy rest/Lay down thy head upon thy Saviour's breast/We love thee well but Jesus loves thee best/Good-bye Good-bye. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD336]..... In loving memory/of/MONICA HOLMES/died May 19th 1983/aged 41 years. (Granite headstone)
[QD337]..... In loving memory of/BERTHA PIMBLOTT/at rest Nov 27th 1952/ aged 83 years/also her beloved husband/ARTHUR/at rest Oct 24th 1953/aged 85 years/Re-united/ROSE GIBBON/died March 25th 1960 aged 60 years. (PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD338]..... In loving/memory of/JOHN HENRY/SANDALL/died/3rd April 1951/ aged 80 years/also/SARAH JANE/SANDALL/died/10th Oct 1957/ aged 82 years. (Marble vase)
[QD339]..... In loving/memory of/RUBY PARSONS/died/December 24th/1979/ aged 68 years/also/her beloved son/MICHAEL /died 1947/aged 14 years /also/HECTOR/ PARSONS/ died/ January 23rd /1982/aged 72 years. (Marble open book & kerb)
[QD340]..... In/loving memory of/FLORENCE DOXEY/loved wife of HAROLD/ for 64 years/a dear mother/at rest 1st Jan 1978 aged 82 years/also daughter AUDREY/died 12th July 1927 aged 11 weeks. (DAKIN) (Granite headstone)
[QD341]..... In loving memory of/ELIZABETH wife of EMMANUEL BOTHAM who died Oct 5th 1916 aged 65 years/also EMMANUEL BOTHAM who died April 13th 1925 aged 72 years/Gone but not forgotten. (SPENCER) (Limestone kerb)
[QD342]..... In loving memory of/JOHN SHOLTO GREENHOUGH/died 18th Dec 1944 aged 59/and MARY ELIZABETH/died 28th June 1946 aged 61/ also children GEORGE/died 19th May 1931 aged 20/and EVELYN/ died 8th June 1914 aged 1 year. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD343]..... In/loving memory/of/LESLIE/the son of/HENRY & LILY NOBLE/ who died March 10th 1930/aged 8 years/There’s a rest for little children. (Marble cross & kerb) In/loving/memory of/MARY ANN/the beloved daughter of/CHARLES & MYRM HALKSWORTH/born December 2nd 1884/died April 27th 1895. (Ceramic marker - possibly misplaced)
[QD344]..... In/loving memory of/EPHRAIM BROWN/died Aug 14th 1892/aged 48 years/also of/EMILY/wife of the above/died Mar 19th 1919/ aged 78 years/also of/SARAH ANN/their daughter/died Feb l5th 1931/aged 49 years/Thy will be done, (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD345]..... In memory of/GAMALIEL HALL/who died February 1st 1857/aged 62 years/Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord/also of/ SARAH HALL/wife of the above/who died May 28th 1870/aged 70 years/also of/CALEB HALL/their son/who died September 28th 1862/aged 38 years. (Slate headstone)
[QD346]..... In loving memory of/EMILY MARY PRITCHARD/who died September 9th 1925/aged 52 years/also of ALICE ANN/the beloved wife of WILLIAM HALLOWS/passed away Nov 5th 1949/aged 74 years/ At peace/also MARY ELIZABETH STEEPLES/aged 91. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD347]..... In/loving memory/of/CLARA ISADORA/beloved wife of JOHN POTTER/died December 3rd 1940/aged 71 years/also the above/ JOHN POTTER/died July 2nd 1955/aged 86 years/Simply to thy cross I cling/Till we meet again. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD348]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM the beloved son of JOHN & ANN HOUGHTON who died Nov 30th 1936 aged 25 years/”Thy will be done”. (Marble kerb) From fellow workmen. (Marble vase)
[QD349]..... In loving memory of/SAMUEL beloved husband of MARY ANN THOMPSON who died 4th March 1935 aged 65/also his wife MARY ANN THOMPSON died Dec 9th 1952 aged 75 years/Until we meet again. (Marble kerb)
[QD350]..... In/loving memory of/a dear husband and father/JAMES/the beloved husband of/LILY BROOKS/who fell asleep Jan 27 1935/ aged 43 years/"Simply to thy cross I cling"/"Till we meet again"/also of LILY BROOKS/died March 2 1976 aged 83 years/ "Re-united". (SPENCER) (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD351]..... In loving memory of/REGINALD/the beloved husband of/HILDA MARPLES/who died Jan 16th 1935 aged 26 years/"Worthy of remembrance". (Marble headstone & kerb) From his fellow workmates. (Marble vase)
[QD352]..... In loving memory of/THOMAS GEORGE/the dearly loved husband of/LORNA THOMPSON/who died Sept 24 1934/aged 29 years/ "Until the daybreak". (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD353]..... In treasured memory of/HAROLD BROOKS/who died Aug 10th 1933/ aged 37 years/also his wife/FLORENCE MARY/who died June 10th 1961/aged 63 years/Re-united with their dear son/HAROLD/ who died Nov 8th 1975/aged 48 years. (PETTS) (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QD354]..... In loving memory of/WILLIAM BLACKBURN/died Dec 20th 1932 aged 83/also JESSIE/his beloved wife/died Feb 1st 193.3 aged 73/Here for a season then above/O lamb of God I come/also/ JANET their daughter/at rest 8th Nov 1975 aged 90. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD355]..... In/loving memory/of/MARY MATILDA/the beloved wife of/ FREDERICK GELL/died April 23rd 1931/At rest/also/FREDERICK GELL/died April 26th 1934/ELIZABETH ANN GELL/died March 25th 1926/aged 47 years/JAMES WILLIAM GELL/died at Eastbourne/ Jan 27th 1959/aged 80 years. (F SPENCER Middleton)(Marble cross & kerb)
[QD356]..... In loving memory of/SAMUEL the beloved husband of SARAH ANN HALLOWS who died June 1st 1929 aged 70 years/also SARAH ANN HALLOWS who died July 8th 1939 aged 78 years/Gone but not forgotten. (F SPENCER Middleton)(Marble kerb)
[QD357]..... In loving memory of/MARY/the beloved wife of/WILLIAM BROOKS/ who died June 2nd 1928/aged 63 years/also the above/WILLIAM BROOKS/who died April 10th 1941/aged 79 years/Re-united. (F SPENCER) (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD358]..... In loving memory of/GEORGE JAMES THOMPSON died July 17th 1940 aged 73 years/also MARTHA THOMPSON died June 30th 1925 aged 57 years. (Limestone kerb)
[QD359]..... In/loving memory/of/EVA LAURA BIRKIN/the beloved child of/ JOHN and EVA LAURA POYSER/who died February 13th 1896/aged/ 5 years/and/5 months/also of JOHN POYSER of Mansfield born 25th Dec 1854 died 21st Oct 1926/and his wife EVA LAURA died 23rd Nov 1942 aged 85 years. (Marble cross lying in kerb)
[QD360]..... In/loving memory of/JOHN POYSER/who died March 15 1890/aged 68 years/”Thy will be done”/also of/GRACE ANN/wife of the above/who entered into rest/October 17th 1899/aged 71 years/ At rest. (BIRLEY) (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QD361]..... Treasured memories/of/MANDY ELAINE HALL/who passed away July 19th 1970/aged 5 months. (THOMAS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD362]..... In loving memory/of/DORIS THOMPSON/who died Dec 20th 1954/ aged 50 years/also/JOHN AUBREY THOMPSON/who died Oct 8th 1981/aged 78 years/United at last. (Granite inclined ledger & kerb)
[QD363]..... In/loving memory of/our dear father and mother/FRANK RADFORD/ at rest March 29th 1961/aged 77 years/ELIZA RADFORD/at rest July 12th 1961/aged 80 years. (PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD364]..... In loving memory of/LOUIE MARY BUCKLEY/who passed away 1st Feb 1953/aged 50 years/and her beloved husband/SAMUEL BUCKLEY/who passed away 30th Jan 1972/aged 69 years/Re- united. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD365]..... In loving memory of/JEAN/the beloved wife of/RALPH TWIGGE/ died 1st May 1956 aged 24. (LIDSTER Worksop)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD366]..... In loving memory of/a beloved husband and father/HENRY TURNER/died July 26th 1955 aged 53 years/Till we meet again. (Reconstituted headstone & kerb)
[QD367]..... In loving memory of/ALICE EDITH SPENCER/who died September 12th 1951/aged 39 years/also/JAMES EDWARD SPENCER/who died February 27th 1960/aged 21 years/also LAWRENCE/beloved husband and father of the above/who died September 12th 1976/aged 73 years. (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QD368]..... In/loving memory/of/JOHN RICHARD TAYLOR/a devoted husband/ and father/died April 23rd 1956/aged 64 years/also his wife/ ALICE ANN TAYLOR/died March 18th 1966/aged 64 years/also GEORGE/beloved son of the above/killed in action Sept 1944/ aged 20 years. (Marble headstone)
[QD369]..... CHARLES HENRY/CARTER/December 11th 1972/aged 63/VIOLET CARTER/June 23rd 1954/aged 48. (Marble vase)
[QD370]..... HENRIETTA/M SMITH/died May 8th/1959. (Reconstituted vase)
[QD371]..... In loving memory of/a dear father/JABEZ WILLIAM ELSE/who passed away May 25th 1952/aged 74 years/also a loving mother/ RUTH ELSE/who passed away March 18th l962/aged 81 years. (Granite inclined ledger & kerb)

Compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2001, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.