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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Memorial Inscriptions from Wirksworth Church, Churchyard and Cemetery. Recorded by Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group 1993. Check out the LOCATIONS of the MIs.
Church = Ch001-120
Churchyard = A001-046, B001-007, C001-006, D001-030, E001-008
Cemetery = QA001-174, QB001-067, QC001-269, QD001-406, QE001-139, QX001-009

[QA001]..... Sacred to the/memory of/WILLIAM ROY/WHEELER/fell asleep Nov 17th 1951/aged 15 months/"A tiny flower/lent not given, to bud/on earth and bloom/in heaven".(Marble headstone). In loving memory of WILLIAM ALICK WHEELER died Jan 2nd 1986 aged 67 years. Re-united with his son. (Marble kerb). Jesus/called a/little/child/unto him. (Marble vase)
[QA002]..... Baby MARSDEN/Aug 8 1922. (Small Marble kerb)
[QA002a]..... Sacred to the memory of/a dear wife and mother/AVIS ADAMS HITCHCOCK/died 11th February 1990/aged 70 years. (Granite headstone)
[QA003]..... In loving memory of/GEORGE the beloved husband of JANE FLINT died Nov 28 1926 aged 49 years/also JANE FLINT died May 22 1964 aged 74 years/also of EUNICE ANNIE their daughter died Sept 16 1919 aged 5 months.(Marble kerb)
[QA004]..... ------- top broken/daughter--------/died August 26th 18--/ aged 4 months/Passionless and pure/The little shrine was sure/An angel's dwelling place. (Limestone headstone)
[QA005]..... In loving memory of/OSWALD/son of/JOSEPH & HANNAH BROWN/ (of --------omesford)/died June 3rd 1895/aged 5-- & 5 months.(Ceramic marker - broken)
[QA006]..... In/loving memory/of/JOHN THOMAS OXSPRING/who died May 27 1903/aged 34 years. (FOX).(Limestone headstone)
[QA007]..... From/LILY,HAROLD/& FLORRIE/"Till we meet again".(Marble vase)
[QA008]..... In affectionate remembrance of/ROBERT TURNER/(late of Callow Rall)/who departed this life/January 25th 1867/ aged 51 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA009]..... In/memory of/MARTHA/the beloved wife of/HENRY CLAY/who died on the 26th of January 1870/aged 61 years/Her heart is no longer the seat/of trouble and torturing pain/It ceases to flutter and beat/It never shall flutter again/ also of/HENRY CLAY/who died the 20th of January 1875/aged 66 years/Why weepest thou/It is the Lord that hath done it.(Limestone headstone)
[QA010]..... In/remembrance/of/ DAVID OXSPRING/of Bolehill /who died March 18th 1875/aged 70 years /also ANN wife /of the above/ who died April 24th 1876/aged 75 years/ SARAH/daughter of the above/who died Jan 15th 1907/aged 71 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA011]..... In/loving memory/of/BETSY OXSPRING/who died August 17th 1902/aged 22 years/also of/JOHN OXSPRINC/father of the above/who died August 20th 1912/aged 73 years/also of/MARY OXSPRING/wife of the above/who died April 2nd 1915/aged 73 years.(FOX).(Limestone headstone)
[QA012]..... In/ever loving/memory of/JOSHUA WINSON/born Oct 11th 1829/ died Jan 4th 1904/also of/SOPHIA/the beloved wife of the above/born Nov 8th 1836 died July 18th 1903/"Thy will be done (Marble cross & kerb) ARTHUR EDWARD/child/of the above/born March 13th 1871/ died Dec 3rd 1872/He shall gather the lambs in his bosom.(Marble footstone)
[QA013]..... In loving memory/of/WILLIAM GRATTON/beloved husband of/ MARY GRATTON/of High Peak Junction/who departed this life/ October 28th 1922/aged 37 years/Gone but not forgotten/ also MARY GRATTON/died March 29th 1963/aged 79 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA014]..... In/loving memory of/JOHN MILLER/who died Dec 19th 1928/ aged 56 years/also of/ALICE/beloved wife of the above/who died Oct 17th 1945/aged 72 years/also EVELYN AMY daughter/ died Sept 16th 1961/aged 65 years/also SOPHIA BANKS who died Oct 22nd 1909 aged 63 years/also WALTER JOHN her son who died Feb 2nd 1895 aged 19 years.(GALIMORE).(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA015]..... In/memory/of/ALFRED/son of/DAVID and ELLEN KIDD/of Cromford/ who died February 3rd 1868/aged 15 months/also of/SAMUEL/ their son/who died July 26th 1869/aged 12 years/They sing upon a happier shore/Thy will be done.(Limestone headstone)
[QA016]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/ANN GOODALL/of Bolehill/who died October 30th 1876/aged 54 years/also of/THOMAS BROOKS/ who died January 23rd 1894/aged 69 years/also of/MARY BROOKS/who died April 28th 1902/aged 77 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA017]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband and father/JOHN BOWLER/ at rest June 25th 1967/aged 49 years/also JOHN WILLIAM only son/at rest August 5th 1950/aged 13 months.(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QA018]..... In/loving memory/of/NELLIE MASKREY/who died/August 19th 1909/aged 16 years.(Marble scroll)
[QA019]..... In loving memory of/RHODA/the beloved wife of/WILLIAM WRIGHT/(of Bolehill)/who died June 15th 1885/aged 59 years/ also of ARTHUR son of/SAMUEL & RHODA WHEELDON/who died August 23rd 1871/aged 10 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA020]..... In loving memory/of/JOHN MASKREY/who died Nov 22nd 1873/ aged 52 years/also HANNAH his wife/who died Sept 24th 1898/ aged 72 years/The memory of the just is blessed.(Marble headstone - fallen & kerb)
[QA021]..... In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM EAGLE/who died January 19 1911/ aged 66 years/also of MARY ANN his wife/who died May 15 1909/aged 58 years/"Together with the Lord"/also SARAH ANN their daughter/died Sept 23 1956/aged 85 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA022]..... In loving memory of/ANNE MARY WRIGHT died April 5th 1948 aged 81 years/also of HENRY WRIGHT died March 28th 1902 aged 76 years.(Limestone kerb)
[QA023]..... top broken/THOMAS LAND/died September 22 1871/aged 42 years/It is the Lord let him do/what seemeth him good/ also ANN wife of/CHARLES KNIVETON/mother of the above/who died October 9th 1873/aged 70 years/Blessed are the dead which/die in the Lord/also of the above named/CHARLES KNIVETON/died April 30th 1890/aged 75 years.(Limestone headstone footstone & kerb)
[QA024]..... In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM BRIDGWOOD/who died Nov 16 1904/aged 68 years/also of MARY his wife/who died April 12 1906/aged 76 years/also of THOMAS their son/who died Dec 12 1874/aged 15 years.(Limestone headstone - broken)
[QA025]..... RICHARD HOLROYD.(Limestone vase)
[QA026]..... In memory of/ELEANOR/daughter of/THOMAS and ELIZA HOWE/of Wirksworth/who died October 2nd 1865/aged 2 years and 5 months/also/JOHN HENRY/their son/who died March 14th 1869/ aged 18 weeks/also/JOHN BAGSHAW/their son/who died November 15th 1872/aged 7 months.(Slate headstone)
[QA027]..... In/memory of/STEWART/son of EDWARD WEEKS and/ISABELLA LAWSON/who died February 14/1867/aged 1 month/also of/ WILLIAM LESLIE/their son/who died April 28 1869/aged 9 months/Of such is the kingdom of heaven/also STANLEY EWART their son/who died Dec 18 1877/aged 7 years and 11 months/ Them also which sleep in Jesus/will God bring with him.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA028]..... In memory of/JANE TOMLINSON/of Wirksworth/who died on the 14th of July 1874/aged 61 years/also/HENRY TOMLINSON/who departed this life/November 26th 1881/aged 62 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA029]..... In memory of/RUTH daughter/of ROBERT------/MA-----/who-----1872/-----badly eroded.(Sandstone headstone - broken)
[QA030]..... In/memory/of/BERTHA/wife of/JOHN CHARLES MAINPRICE/of Wirksworth/who died December 30 1882/aged 33 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA031]..... Marble headstone face down in kerb
[QA032]..... In/memory/of/MARY WILD/who died September 6 1890/aged 64 years/In the midst of life we are in death/also of SARAH ANN and/ERNEST RICHARDSON/grandchildren of the above.(Limestone headstone)
[QA033]..... In/loving memory/of/GEORGE REDFERN/of Wirksworth/who died January 10th 1908/aged 74 years/"Peace perfect peace"/alsoMARY his wife/who died February 11th 1929/in her 85th year/ At rest/also of/WILLIAM TIPPER/who died July 28th 1887/ aged 82 years/"Thy will be done".(FOX)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA034]..... Peace/In/loving memory of/my dear husband/CHARLES POTTER/ who died Feb 8th 1963/aged 50 years/and Baby CHARLES.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA035]..... In/loving remembrance/of/THOMAS GREATOREX/of Wirksworth/ born December 21 1816/died January 14 1884/Singing evermore on high Allelulia/also of MARY JANE his wife/born January 26th 1821/died December 2nd 1882/Her end was peace/ also of/SARAH PEARSON/their daughter/who died January 18th 1866/aged 72 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA036]..... In loving memory of/HENRY JONES/of Bolehill/who died April 27th 1893/aged 74 years/also/MARY/wife of the above/who died June 25th 1868/aged 47 years/also/ANN/wife of the above/who died February 1st 1879/aged 52 years/"Thy will be done".(Limestone headstone)
[QA037]..... In loving memory/of/MARIA ELIZABETH CAVERLY/called to rest August 7 1958/aged 63 years/"Until we meet again".(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QA038]..... AMBROSE SMITH/died March 16 1985/aged 83/HANNAH EDNA SMITH/ died April 3 1962/aged 55.(Marble vase)
[QA039]..... Loving/memory of/ALFRED/WARDMAN/born/June 12th/1885/died/ Oct 24th/1960/I have you in/my heart/God has you in/his keeping.(Limestone vase)
[QA040]..... In/memory/ of/JOSEPH BUNTING/of Wirksworth/ who died 8th Octr 1885/aged 62 years/For 35 years a faithful servant/of the late Miss WRIGHT/ of Wirksworth Moor/also /ELIZABETH/wife of the above/who died 10th Octr 1885/aged 63 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA041]..... BARBARA HELEN BOWYER/April 14th 1934/In paradise. (Small Marble kerb)
[QA042]..... I am the resurrection and the life/In/loving memory of/ WILLIAM HODKINSON/who entered into rest June 21st 1876/ aged 43 years/Trusting in Jesus/also in remembrance of/ ELIZABETH ANN/the dearly beloved daughter of/WILLIAM and MARY HODKINSON/who died December 31 1873/aged 2 years and 11 months/Of such is the kingdom of heaven/also of WILLIS T/their only son/who departed this life/October 15th 1893/ aged 25 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA043]..... Marble headstone fallen face down
[QA044]..... In loving memory of/ANTHONY BRAILSFORD of Wirksworth who died July 16 1884 aged 72 years/also HANNAH his wife died Jan 15 1894 aged 82 years.(Marble kerb)
[QA045]..... In loving memory of/ZACHARIAH HALL who departed this life Oct 2 1887 aged 64 years/also of SARAH his wife who was taken to rest June 11 1885 aged 52 years/also of FRANCIS their son who died July 26 1868 aged 2 years.(Marble kerb)
[QA046]..... In/loving memory/of/THOMAS BAGGALEY/late of Derby/who departed this life/March 21st 1883/aged 78 years/Peace and rest eternal/also of MARY his wife/who departed this life/ January 6th 1897/aged 73 years/also of/MARTHA WALKER/ daughter of/ISAAC and MARY FRITCHLEY/who departed this life/May 29th 1872/aged 55 years/Her end was peace.(FOX).(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA047]..... In/memoriam/FRANCES ANN/the beloved wife of/HUGH OWEN/ born March 2nd 1860/at rest May 11th 1897/also of ELIZABETH CAWTHORNE OWEN/born April 15th 1873 at rest July 14th 1874/ also of/HUGH/beloved husband of/FRANCES ANN OWEN/born June 25th 1843/died June 22nd 1934.(Large Marble cross & kerb)
[QA048]..... In/loving memory/of/WILLIAM GADSBY/who died September 5th 1911/aged 50 years/"Thy will be done (FOX).(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA049]..... In loving memory of/GEORGE SEEDS/of Wirksworth/who departed this life/January 2nd 1896/aged 80 years/"For ever with the Lord"/also of SUSANNA his wife/who departed this life/ January 27th 1878/aged 75 years/"There remaineth therefore a rest to/the people of God"/also of CHARLES their son/who departed this life/August 15th 1896/aged 49 years/To be with Christ which is far better".(FOX)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA050]..... In/memory of/CATHERINE TAYLOR/died July 6 1906/aged 2 years.(Limestone cross & kerb)
[QA051]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/JOHN FOULKS/who died September 8th 1867/aged 47 years/also/MARY ANN McCREERY/ daughter of the above/died December 6th 1883/aged 33 years/ also of JANE wife of the above/JOHN FOULKS/who died Jan 6th 1900/aged 63 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA052]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/WILLIAM OGDON/who departed this life/November 4th 1867/aged 69 years/also of/SARAH/ wife of the above/who departed this life/May 2nd 1882/in the 90th year of her age/also of/WILLIAM/son of the above named/who departed this life/December 3rd 1910/aged 76 years.(Slate headstone)
[QA053]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/FRANCIS WALKER OGDON/of Wirksworth/who died June 4th 1876/aged 46 years/also of HANNAH widow/of the above/who died August 21st 1894/aged 55 years/also of WILLIAM/only son of the above/who died the 29th day of April 1885/aged 17 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA054]..... In memory of/LYDIA YEOMANS/daughter of/WILLIAM and REBECCA OGDON/who died December 22nd 1859/aged 69 years/also of/ALICE OGDON/daughter of the above named/WILLIAM and REBECCA OGDON/who died October 3rd 1872/aged 70 years. (I WEBSTER) (Slate headstone)
[QA055]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/SAMUEL REDFERN/of Alderwasle who died August 12th 1873/aged 77 years/We saw his sinking head/We saw his dying eye/Yet joy to think his spirit's fled/To yonder happy sky/also of SARAH his wife/who died June 26th 1875/aged 71 years/Jesus the very thought of thee/With sweetness fills the breast/But sweeter far thy face to see/And in thy 'presence rest.(Limestone headstone)
[QA056]..... In/remembrance of/SARAH OGDON/of Chapel Lane Wirksworth/ who died June 29th 1877/aged 76 years/Prepare to meet thy God/also of GEORGE HENRY/son of JAMES and MARY BURTON/of Wirksworth/who died August 29 1879 aged 6 years/In the morning it flourisheth and groweth up/In the evening it is cut down and withereth/also of CHARLES OGDON/who died November 20th 1883/aged 79 years/God's will be done.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA057]..... At rest/MARTHA DAKIN died March 21st 1923 aged 71 years/ JAMES DAKIN died March 9th 1927 aged 76 years.(Marble kerb)
[QA058]..... Sacred/to the memory of/WILLIAM BRISTOL/of this town/who died Jan 19 1868/aged 75 years/also of ELIZABETH his wife/ who died Oct 22 1854/aged 59 years/Requiescant in pace.(FOX)(Limestone headstone)
[QA059]..... In/memory of/HENRY REDFERN/late of Shottle/who died Sept 22nd 1868/aged 33 years/and/JEMIMA his wife/who died July 29th 1867/aged 30 years/In the midst of life we are in death.(JAMES BERESFORD) (Gritstone headstone)
[QA060]..... In loving memory of/SIMON BLORE/ late of Stainsbro' Farm Hopton/who died June 4th 1912/ aged 86 years/Thy will be done/ also of LYDIA/ wife of the above named/ who died July 30th 1918/ in her 87th year/I will never leave thee/In loving memory of/HANNAH ELIZABETH/WITHAM /who passed peacefully away/ December 3rd 1938/aged 70 years/I will give you rest.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA061]..... 240543 Private/J BROOKS/Notts & Derby Regiment/15th February 1919 age 34.(Limestone headstone)
[QA062]..... In/loving memory of/JOHN SEEDS/who died April 16th 1901/in his 78th year/The memory of those that love our/Lord Jesus Christ are blessed/also of ELIZABETH his wife/who died April 25th 1913/aged 87 years/Thy will be done/also of/ANTHONY SEEDS/who died November 7th l892/aged 68 years. (Limestone headstone)
[QA063]..... In loving memory of/MARY ELLEN/the beloved daughter of/ WILLIAM and ELLEN HALLOWS/of Wirksworth/who died August 8 1904/aged 5 years and 4 months/Not lost but gone before/ also of ELLEN/the beloved wife of/WILLIAM HALLOWS/who died September 26 1939/aged 75 years/ There is no night there/and of Private WILLIAM GRATTON/ their adopted son/killed in action July 20 1916/aged 33 years/interred at Verowne Road Cemetery Maricourt.(Marble headstone Limestone kerb)
[QA064]..... In/loving memory of/CHRISTINE MART/ accidentally killed/ Nov 6/52 age 7 yrs/To live in the hearts /of those we love/ is not to die /MARGUERITE /DOROTHY /MART/ 1917-78 /RAYMOND/ THOMAS MART/died Jan 9 1982 /aged 77 years.(Marble block with angel & kerb)
[QA065]..... In loving/memory Of/BRIDGET/UNDERWOOD/asleep/July 10 1959/ aged 2 years/Safe/in the arms/of Jesus.(Marble open book & kerb)
[QA066]..... In/memory of/GEORGE BROWN/late of Rochdale/who died at Wirksworth/August 28th 1869/aged 43 years/Be ye also ready.(Limestone headstone)
[QA067]..... Sacred/to the memory of/ANN/wife of/JAMES HODGKINSON/of Cromford/who died February 16th 1871/aged 47 years/also of the above/JAMES HODGKINSON/who died march 8th l880/aged 56 years/Until the resurrection morn.(Limestone headstone)
[QA068]..... In/affectionate remembrance of/ANNE the beloved wife of/ WILLIAM CALDECOTE/who was struck dead in a/field on Long Way Bank/August 15th 1876/aged -28 years/Be ye also ready for in such an hour as/ye think not the son of man cometh.(Limestone headstone)
[QA069]..... Headstone face down & buried
[QA070]..... In memory of/DANIEL the loving husband of/ELLEN MARSDEN/ who entered into rest May 30th 1879 aged 52 years/also of ELLEN wife of WILLIAM MALPASS of Hartshill/who died Oct 3 1903 aged 73 years/In loving memory of MARY TIVEY born November 19 1851 died January 23 1897/In memory Of/HENRY MARSDEN/who departed this life Feb 17th 1867 aged 72 years/ also ANN his wife/who departed this life Jan 24 1842 aged 42 years/also HANNAH his beloved wife/who departed this life Nov 26 1868 aged 58 years/In memory of ELLEN MARIA the beloved wife of WILLIAM WESLEY MARSDEN/died September 6 1890 aged 36 years/also of NANCY wife of WILLIAM MILWARD relict of the above aged 39.(Limestone coped stone & large kerb)
[QA071]..... In loving memory/of/WILLIAM/the beloved husband Of/CAROLINE BROOKES/who departed this life/February 12th l898/aged 59 years/"At rest"/also of CAROLINE/his beloved wife/who died Feby 6th 1918/aged 73 years/"Peace perfect peace".(Hopton Wood Stone Co Ltd) (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA072]..... In/loving memory/of/ADAM FLINT/of Bolehill/who died January1 1905/aged 61 years/also of MILLICENT his wife/who died February 17 1910/aged 65 years/"At rest with the Lord"/also of MILLICENT their neice/and the beloved wife of/JOSEPH STEPHEN CONWAY/who died Nov 13 1912/aged 27 years.(FOX)(Marble headstone)
[QA073]..... In/loving memory of/a dear husband & father/JAMES BRAILSFORD died April 20th 1925/At rest.(Limestone vase)
[QA074]..... 9197 Serjeant/J STATHAM/York & Lancaster Regt/15th October 1916 age 28/The Lord lift up/his countenance upon thee/and give thee peace. (Limestone headstone)
[QA075]..... In/loving memory of/HENRY BEVAN/who died in London/August 5th 1880/aged 31 years/interred in Woking Cemetery/Surrey/ also of/SELINA/wife of the above/who died April 13th 1916/ aged 77 years/'Till we meet"/also of/HANNAH,FRED and TOM/ children of the above/who died in infancy/"Thy will be "done(FOX)(Limestone headstone)
[QA076]..... In/affectionate/remembrance of/WILLIAM EATON/of Cromford/ who departed this life Decr 20th 1867/aged 68 years/also LYDIA relict of the above/who departed this life July 26th 1879/aged 77 years/Precious in the sight of the Lord is the/death of his saints.Psalm 116,15v.(J TWIGG Ashford)(Gritstone headstone & kerb)
[QA077]..... In/loving memory/of/JOHN WESTON/of Wirksworth/who died March 15th 1923/aged 69 years/and of MORRIE his wife/who died February 20th 1940/aged 85 years/also of/GERTRUDE their daughter/who died January 8th 1913/aged 26 years.(Marble ledger & kerb in railings)
[QA078]..... In loving remembrance/of/LUKE OAKLEY/who was born at Yapton/near Arundel Sussex/and died at Wirksworth/February 18th 1870/aged 65 years/He enlisted 20th Jany 1832 in the 11th Hussars in/which he served more than 24 years.He was 4 years/in India also throughout the Crimean War,was/ present at the following engagements viz./Alma,Inkerman, Balaclava and Sebastopol/For his gallant service he received the/following decorations,Crimean Medal with/4 clasps also a Turkish Medal,Medal of/distinguished conduct in the field,and the/one for long service and good conduct.He also/received five good conduct badges.On the 20th/of October 1854 at the Battle of Balaclava he/was appointed Orderly to Dr St CROIX CROSS/By his comrades he was called the model of/the Regiment.He also served 14 years in/the Civil Service and was in receipt of/pensions from both services.To sum up in/a few words he was a genial,kindly, modest/Englishman and a brave soldier/also of ANN his wife/ who died December 14th 1906/aged 88 years.(I WEBSTER) (Slate headstone Limestone kerb)
[QA079]..... In loving memory of/HENRY ABELL/at rest April 14th 1915/ aged 71 years/also/SARAH HANNAH ABELL/beloved wife of the above/at rest July 6th 1913/aged 68 years.(Limestone cross & kerb)
[QA080]..... Thy will be done/In/loving memory of/SARAH ELIZABETH/ (CISSIE)/the beloved daughter of/LUKE and ELIZABETH HALL/ who departed this life Sept 24 1911/aged 14 years/also ELIZABETH ANN beloved wife of/LUKE HALL of Bolehill/who died May 20th 1918 aged 56 years/Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God/also of/their beloved son/ CHARLES EDWARD HALL R.A.S.C./killed in Ireland August 28th 1920/aged 19 years/"Thy will be done".(Marble cross & kerb)
[QA080a]..... Marble headstone in form of rock face down in kerb
[QA081]..... In loving memory/of/JOHN ALLSOP/who died March 28th 1907/ aged 51 years/"Peace perfect peace"/also of SARAH his wife/ who died January 14th 1946 aged 93 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA082]..... In loving memory of/SAMUEL/the beloved husband of/SARAH BOWLER/who died Oct 22nd 1933/aged 75 years/also the above/SARAH BOWLER/died Dec 11th 1943/aged 79 years/also JOSEPH/their beloved son/who fell in action in Palestine/ April 30th 1918/aged 25 years/also SARAH sister of SAMUEL BOWLER/who died Oct 6th 1926 aged 66 years. (F SPENCER) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA083]..... Limestone kerb & vase no apparent inscription
[QA084]..... In/loving memory of/DOROTHY CLAY/who died 29th June 1930/ aged 26 years/also/her beloved husband/REGINALD/who died 1st August 1979/aged 89 years.(H PARSONS)(Marble headstone)
[QA085]..... In loving memory of/MARY DOXEY who died June 10th 1929 aged 69 years/R.I.P.(F SPENCER Middleton)(Marble kerb)
[QA086]..... Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God/ MARTHA WOOLNOTH died Feb 6th 1929/MARY WOOLNOTH died Feb 14 1929.(Limestone kerb)
[QA087]..... In loving memory of/JOSEPH ALLSOBROOK who died Novr 8th 1918 aged 45 years/ELIZABETH his wife died Feby 28th 1908 aged 29 years.(Marble kerb)
[QA088]..... In loving memory of/HANNAH/the beloved wife of MARK FLINT/ who died Feby 2nd 1926/aged 61 years/also the above/MARK FLINT/who died April 27th 1944/aged 81 years/Peace perfect peace.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA089]..... In loving memory of/MARY ELIZABETH/the beloved wife of/ THOMAS EDWARD REYNOLDS/of Meadow Crofts Wirksworth/who died July 29th 1911/aged 36 years/At rest.(Fox)(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA090]..... Sacred/to/the memory of/JOHN HODGKINSON/Barmaster/of Cromford/who died January 13 1867/aged 72 years/also of ELIZABETH his wife/who died February 19 1870/aged 73 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA091]..... Sacred/to the memory/of/JAMES KIRKLAND/who departed this life the 17th of August 1867/at Bolehill in the parish of Wirksworth aged 51 years/He was the son of JOSEPH KIRKLAND formerly of/Mansell Park,Mugginton in this county and/ afterwards of Derby where he died on the 29th of/September 1840 and was buried in the new burial/ground of St Alkmund There and of ELIZABETH/MOORE his first wife./Sacred/also to the memory/of/EMMA KIRKLAND/the second wife and widow of the above named/JOSEPH KIRKLAND who departed this life in the peace and love of God at Willington in/this County on the 14th of September 1877/aged 74 years and was buried there/A virtuous wife,a patient and devoted/mother and a faithful friend while living/Dying she left for all who knew her the good/example of her life and the blessing of her/pious memory/Thy will be done.(Limestone headstone kerb & iron rails)
[QA092]..... In loving memory of/HERBERT FLINT/of Bolehill/who died September 12 1889/aged 55 years/also MARTHA his wife/who died January 18 1868/aged 29 years/also HERBERT their son/ died February 12 1880/aged 13 years/also SARAH ELIZABETH/ daughter of/HERBERT and CHARLOTTE FLINT/died January 9 1900/ aged 30 years/also CHARLOTTE/second wife of the above/ HERBERT FLINT/who died December 17th 1927/aged 85 years/ Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord/also WILLIAM FLINT son/died April 21st 1935 aged 72 years.(BIRLEY) (Marble headstone)
[QA093]..... In/memory of/JAMES HODGKNSON/of Cromford/born May 16th 1802/ died Octr 19th 1874/also of/JOHN CARTLEDGE/of Manchester/ who died Sept 21 1873/aged 28 years/In the midst of life we are in death.(Limestone headstone)
[QA094]..... In/affectionate/remembrance of/WILLIAM WESTON/of Wirksworth/ who died May 9th 1874/aged 63 years/also of/HANNAH his wife/ who died May 9th 1877/aged 63 years/also/MARY/daughter of the above/who died September 8th 1879/aged 22 years/So he giveth his beloved sleep/also of WILLIAM their son/who died June 8th 1897/aged 48 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA095]..... In/memory/entered into rest/MARY ELLEN HANSON/June 26th 1874/Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. (Marble cross)In/loving memory/of/EVELYN ANNE WHEATCROFT/born July 2 1850 died Jan 7 1898/also her youngest daughter/JESSIE AUDREY/born Aug 10 1897 died July 31 1907/also/JOHN ADAMS WHEATCROFT/died Sept 30 1939 aged 84/also their eldest daughter/CONSTANCE MARY WHYMAN JONES/born Feb 8 1877 died Sept 2 1917/Interred at Sydney Australia. (Marble headstone both in large kerb)
[QA096]..... In loving memory of/MARY/wife of NATHANIEL LANGLEY/Of Yeadon/who died February 28th 1912/in her 53rd year/also/ DOROTHY GREATOREX/her sister/at rest May 23rd 1927/aged 77 years/Thy will be done/also SELINA EMILY HASLAM her sister/born March 17th 1868 at rest Sepr 18th 1935/He giveth his beloved sleep.(Granite coped stone)
[QA097]..... In/loving memory/of/GEORGE HOUSLEY/of Steeple Grange/who died June 1st 1907/aged 59 years/Thou shalt be missed because/thy seat will be empty/also of/ANN wife of the above/who died April 14th 1916/aged 66 years/Until the day break and the/shadows flee away.(BIRLEY & SON) (Marble headstone)
[QA098]..... In/loving memory of/JAMES WALKER/who died June 26th 1908/ aged 63 years/also of/SARAH ELIZABETH/daughter of the above/ who died Sept 23rd 1910/aged 36 years/Peace perfect peace/ also/SARAH/the beloved wife of the above/who died July 31st 1931/aged 84 years.(FOX)(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA099]..... In loving/memory Of/CHARLES/EDWARD/SPENCER/died/Jan 30th 1984/aged 74/At rest/also/his beloved/wife/CONSTANCE/MARY/ died/Oct 22nd 1984/aged 72.(Marble open book & kerb)
[QA100]..... In loving memory of/ELIZABETH ANN/the beloved wife of/ JOSEPH POTTER/who died March 8th 1916/aged 75 years/"With Christ which is far better"/also of/JOSEPH POTTER/who died August 16 1926/aged 86 years/"Re-united"/also of/ ANN ELIZABETH/their beloved daughter/who died July 6 1942/ aged 70 years/At rest/Peace perfect peace.(GALLIMORE)(Limestone headstone)
[QA101]..... In/loving memory of/HENRY RATCLIFFE/Steeple Grange/who died May 25th 1915/aged 52 years/also/SIDDIA/beloved wife of the above/who died January 2nd 1925/"Peace perfect peace".(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA102]..... Thy will be done/In loving memory of/LOTTY/the dearly beloved wife of/WALTER T HARRISON/of Broxendale Farm/ Wirksworth/who died Mar 6th 1923/aged 40 years/also LOTTY/ infant daughter of the above/who died July 22nd 1914/aged 3 days/WALTER T HARRISON/died Feb 19 1951/aged 76 years.(SPENCER)(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA103]..... In/loving memory/of/WINIFRED MARY BUCKLEY/who passed away Oct 1st 1913/aged 40 years/Rest in peace.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QA104]..... Sacred/to the memory of/HENRY BROCKLEHURST/of Longway Bank/ who died November 28 1860/aged 73 years.(FOX)(Slate headstone)
[QA105]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/WILLIAM HOADES/of Holmesford/ who died March 25th 1878/aged 80 years/also Of/ELIZABETH/ the beloved wife of the above/who died August 17th 1870/ aged 79 years. (Limestone headstone)
[QA106]..... In memory of/JOSEPH FROST/who died October 7th 1859/aged 53 years. (Slate headstone)
[QA107]..... In loving memory of/THOMAS NEWTON /who died August 12th 1893/ aged 61 years/also /MARTHA/ his beloved wife/who died March 22 1918/aged 86 years /also/ ELIZABETH NEWTON/ who died January 7th 1911/aged 77 years. (FOX)(Gritstone headstone & kerb)
[QA108]..... (Low ledger tomb covered with ivy). In memory of/SALLY NEWTON/who departed this life/Sep 6th 1858/aged 75 years/ELIZA/wife of THOMAS NEWTON Sen/who departed this life/June 10th 1869/aged 72 years/THOMAS NEWTON/who departed this life/April 29th 1872/aged 75 years. (Limestone ledger tomb)
[QA109]..... In memory of/BARBARA wife of/SAMUEL HALL/who died July 3rd 1857/aged 28 years. (Gritstone body tomb)
[QA110]..... In/treasured memory of/a dear father & mother/ABANATHAN HAWLEY/at rest/May 20th 1907 aged 67/also/HANNAH/his beloved wife/at rest/July 2nd 1914 aged 73/"Until the day breaks".(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA111]..... In loving memory of/HENRY LAND who died May 24th 1908 aged 41 years.At rest/also his beloved wife ELIZABETH ANN born 1864 died 1944.
[QA112]..... In/loving memory/of/W D G LOBLEY/a dear husband/dad and grandad/died Jan 6th 1984/aged 62 years.(Granite headstone)
[QA113]..... In ever loving memory of/DOLLY/the beloved wife of/WILLIAM SPRAY/of Wash Green Wirksworth/who died August 28th 1916/ aged 82 years/also the above/WILLIAM SPRAY/who died January 13th 1924/aged 78 years/also HANNAH MARIA SPRAY/daughter of the above/died March 22nd 1942/aged 73 years/Re-united.(F SPENCER)(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA114]..... In ever/loving memory of/GERTRUDE MARY/SMEDLEY PILKINGTON/ who entered into rest/Aug 2nd 1931/aged 21 years/"Too dearly loved to be/forgotten"/also SARAH JOHNSON who entered into rest Aug 3rd 1914 aged 73 years/also WILLIAM JOHNSON who entered into rest May 21st 1908 aged 61 years.(F SPENCER Middleton) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA115]..... In loving memory of/THOMAS DOXEY/of Wirksworth/who died April 22 1898/aged 66 years.(FOX)(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA116]..... In memory of/PHINEAS PEAT/who died Nov 18th 1856/aged 66 years/His languishing head is at rest/Its thinking and aching are o'er/His quiet immovable breast/Is heaved by affliction no more/His heart is no longer the seat/Of troubles and torturing pain/It ceases to flutter and beat/ It never shall flutter again/also of/ELIZABETH/wife of the above/who died May 25th 1867/aged 73 years/Her end was peace.(Slate headstone)
[QA117]..... Erected/in remembrance of/HANNAH/the beloved wife of/ WILLIAM SANDERS/of Alderwasley/who died January XI MDCCCLVIII/aged LXII years/Adieu vain world I've seen enough of thee/Thy smiles I court not,thy frowns I fear not/My head lies easy here/also the above/WILLIAM SANDERS/who died September 5 1864/aged 78 years/likewise JOSEPH their son/ who died February 19 1859/aged 40 years.(Slate headstone)
[QA118]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/BENJAMIN FLETCHER/of/Millers Green/who died November 29th 1870/aged 69 years/As for me I shall behold thy face in/righteousness;I shall besatisfied/when I awake with thy likeness/also/MARY/wife of the above/who died May 8th 1884/aged 77 years.(I WEBSTER)(Limestone cross)
[QA119]..... In/loving memory of/JOHN MATHER M.A./(Trinity College Dublin)/who died Aug 28th 1922/aged 85 years/R.I.P.(Marble ledger)MARTHA WOOLNOTH who died January 9th 1915/wife of THOMAS WOOLNOTH.(Marble kerb)
[QA120]..... In/loving memory/of/JOSEPH BAGGALEY/who died Sepr 25th 1925/aged 81 years/also of/SARAH/his beloved wife/who died Oct 26th 1914/aged 70 years/"Until the day break".(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA121]..... Marble headstone broken & fallen in kerb Mason GALLIMORE.
[QA122]..... In/loving memory of/MATILDA/the beloved wife of/THOMAS WILLIAM COX/born July 22 1847 died Jan 28 1914/"Nothing in my hand I bring/Simply to thy cross I cling".(Marble cross & kerb)
[QA123]..... In/loving memory/of/GEORGE WOODHOUSE/who fell asleep Christmas morning 1913/aged 46 years/"Peace perfect peace"/ also of MARY ELLEN BROOKS/formerly wife of the above/ GEORGE WOODHOUSE/who departed this life Jan 16th 1941/aged 71 years/also his mother/ANNIS HARRISON/who died Jan 30th 1919/aged 77 years/interred in Hulland Churchyard/"Thy will be done"/also of/MARIA WAINWRIGHT/who passed away July 12th 1940/At rest.(FOX)(Limestone cross & kerb)
[QA124]..... In/loving memory/of/CHARLES REDFERN/who died July 6th 1915/ aged 84 years/"Thy will be done"/also of/JOHN REDFERN/of Breamfield/who died Decr 23rd 1915/aged 87 years/"Peace perfect peace "/also of/Pte FREDERICK JOHN REDFERN/York Regt killed in action/March 22nd 1918/aged 21 years/Dear son of the above.(GALLIMORE) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA125]..... In/loving memory/of/THOMAS PRESTON/who died October 28th 1915/aged 64 years/also of/RACHAEL/widow of the above/who died June 5th 1922/aged 70 years/In sure and certain hope.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QA126]..... In/loving memory/of/JOHN EDWIN/son of/MATTHEW HENRY and ANNIE HOLLIS/who died September 2nd 1897/aged 3 months/ also ANNIE the beloved wife of/MATTHEW HENRY HOLLIS/at rest July 2nd 1921/"Her sufferings were great/Her end was peace"/also of the above named/MATTHEW HENRY HOLLIS/who died Novr 16th 1936/aged 73 years/At rest.(Limestone headstone - fallen & kerb)
[QA127]..... In memory of/JOHN TAYLOR LANGTON/who died March 1 1857 aged 72 years/also MARY his wife/who died January 1888 aged 54 years/ANN wife of DANIEL HARLEY/who died Dec 16 1858 aged 48 years/also SARAH second wife of DANIEL HARLEY/who died January 1 1870 aged 55 years/DANIEL HARLEY who died Feb 5 1870 aged 64 years.(Limestone coped table tomb & large kerb)
[QA128]..... In/loving memory/of/THOMAS TAYLOR/of Pitty Wood Farm/who died April 10 1914/aged 70 years/also ELIZABETH his wife/ died Octr 23 1922/aged 78 years/"Until the day break".(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA129]..... In/loving memory of/SARAH McCLURE who died July 8 1918 aged 79 years/also ELIZABETH WISTON who died Feb 17 1925 aged 80 years.(Marble kerb)
[QA130]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/ANNE/wife of/SAMUEL SAVAGE/ born Nov 24th 1810/died March 19th 1875/also the above named/SAMUEL SAVAGE/born April 20th 1811/died April 15th 1884.(Limestone headstone)
[QA131]..... Sacred/to the memory of/JOHN DICKEN/late of the Derbyshire Yeomanry Cavalry/who departed this life/July 31 1867 aged 69 years/This stone was erected by Col C P COLVILLE/and the Officers of the Wirksworth troop/also of/ANNE/relict of the above/who departed this life May 28 1886/aged 86 years/also of/JOHN DICKEN/son of the above/died January 20 1895/aged 70 years/interred at Fulham London.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA132]..... In/memory of/RICHARD DOXEY/who died May 12 1857/aged 44 years/also ELIZABETH wife of the above/who died March 1 1865/aged 49 years.(Limestone cross & kerb)
[QA133]..... In memory of/SARAH DEAKIN/sister to/WILLIAM DEAKIN/who died September 18th 1862/aged 48 years/"I look for the resurrection of the/dead and the life of the world to come(Limestone headstone & footstone)
[QA134]..... In memory of/WILLIAM DEAKIN/who died November 16th 1857/ aged 41 years.(Slate headstone laid flat at the foot of the previous stone,another ledger at the side with no apparent inscription)
[QA135]..... Sacred/to the memory of/ANN MOORE/who departed this life/ the 3rd day of November 1859/aged 74 years/She was for more than thirty/years the faithful and much/beloved nurse in the family of/PETER ARKWRIGHT Esq/Willersley.(S FOX Wirksworth)(Gritstone headstone fallen in rails)
[QA136]..... In affectionate remembrance/of/SAMUEL FLINT/of Wirksworth/ who died January 14th 1850/aged 63 years/also of/ANN/relict of the above/who died March 14th 1873/aged 74 years/"At evening-time it shall be light".Zach 14c 7v.(Slate headstone & Gritstone ledger)
[QA137]..... In affectionate remembrance of/JOSEPH THOMAS MARSH/who died Nov 1 1858 aged 34 years.(Gritstone coped stone-once had iron rails)
[QA138]..... In/loving memory Of/ROBERT DRANFIELD/who died July 11th 1918/aged 50 years/also of/MARGARET JANE/the beloved wife of the above/who died June 9th 1906/aged 39 years/also of MARY ANN/second wife of the above/who died Feby 2nd 1950/ aged 74 years.(Limestone scroll & kerb)
[QA139]..... In/loving memory/of/JAMES FLINT/of Greenhill/who died Jan 30th 1907/aged 74 years.(Limestone cross)
[QA140]..... In/loving memory of/ROSETTA/beloved wife Of/WILLIAM SMEDLEY/ who died Jany 10th 1954/aged 52 years/Gone from our home but not from/our hearts.(E HAWLEY Stapleford Notts)(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QA141]..... In/loving memory/of/JOHN SUTTON/died 7th June l954/aged 68 years/also/of his wife/ADA SUTTON/died 26th Dec l962/aged 75 years/Re-united.(Limestone open book & kerb)
[QA142]..... In loving memory of/MABEL WOOD SRN.SCM./called to rest February 28th 1955/at 'Homelands' Illogan Cornwall/aged 60 years.(Gritstone headstone & kerb)
[QA143]..... E PEASE/1955.(Limestone vase)
[QA144]..... Sleeping/In loving memory of/JOSEPH SWIFT/entered into rest July 16 1955/aged 67 years/also of his wife/EDITH EMILY SWIFT/died March 1 1981/aged 90 years.(Marble inclined ledger & kerb)
[QA145]..... In loving memory of/JEAN KNIVETON (nee BATTERLEY)/who fell asleep 26 Oct 1955/aged 24 years/God gave us memories/ that we might have/roses in December.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA146]..... In/loving remembrance/of/MARTHA ELIZABETH/HEAP/of Park Hill Maryport/Cumberland/died April 18th 1956/Dr MAURICE JOHN/ McKENZIE HEAP/born May 2nd 1904/passed away Feb 17th 1966/ the beloved only son of/ARTHUR and MARTHA ELIZABETH HEAP.(Gritstone headstone)
[QA147]..... In loving memory/of/JOHN HAMES/died Aug 2nd 1956/aged 69 years.(Marble vase)
[QA148]..... In loving memory of/SIMEON PEARSON/died Sept 21st 1956 aged 68/and ELIZABETH E PEARSON/died June 18th 1957 aged 64.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA149]..... In loving memory of/AVICE/the beloved wife Of/ARTHUR HEATHCOTE/passed away 23rd March 1957/aged 50 years/also husband of the above/ARTHUR HEATHCOTE/who died 23rd June 1979/aged 71 years/also daughter/PAMELA RIMMER/died Jan 6th 1985/aged 48 years/To have to love to lose/And when God wills to find.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA150]..... In loving memory of/HAROLD EDGAR ALLSOP died May 26th 1957 aged 79 years/ELIZABETH ALLSOP died June 2nd 1957 aged 84 years/Thy will be done.(Marble kerb)
[QA151]..... In loving memory of/SAM MARSDEN at rest 25th June 1957 aged 74 years/LILLIAN MARSDEN at rest 20th Aug 1973 aged 78 years.(Marble kerb)
[QA152]..... In loving memory of/ERNEST WHITTAKER/died July 6th 1959/ aged 33 years.(Marble vase)
[QA153]..... In/loving memory of/AGNES LIMB/died July 25th 1963 aged 72 years/also/ERNEST LEVI LIMB/died Dec 5th 1963 aged 79 years/also/GEORGE LIMB/died Dec 8th 1980 aged 85 years/ Until we meet again.(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QA154]..... In loving memory of/LEONARD WARD/died Feb 19th 1964 aged 63 years/TREVOR MILLWARD/died Feb 16th 1979 aged 54 years.(Granite headstone & kerb)
[QA155]..... In loving memory of/FRANK CLIFFORD SHAW/died 21st April 1964/aged 68 years.(Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA156]..... Peace/cherished memories of SUSAN GEORGINA/beloved daughter of/RONALD and EDNA BATTERLEY/who fell asleep Aug 9th 1964/ aged 13 years and 5 months/All things bright and beautiful/ The Lord God made them all.(Marble inclined ledger with angel & kerb)
[QA157]..... In memory of/HERBERT/the beloved/husband of/STELLA BERESFORD/ at rest Jan 9 1970/aged 63 years.(Marble headstone)
[QA158]..... In/loving memory/of/DENNIS SWINDELL/died Sept 22 1970/aged 56 years/Querido/also/of his wife/MARGARET/VICTORIA/died Apr 10 1976/aged 57 years.(Marble vase)
[QA159]..... In/loving memory/of/ALBERT EDWARD/HICKS/born Feb 18 1901/ died Feb 10 1975.(Marble open book)
[QA160]..... In/loving memory/of/a dear father/HENRY HIGTON/died March 2nd 1975/aged 84 years/also our dear mother/ESTHER HIGTON/ died Nov 16th 1975/aged 85 years.(Marble headstone)
[QA161]..... In/loving memory of/ELSIE UPTON/died 20th May l975/aged 62 years/also her beloved son/MAURICE UPTON/died 12th August 1984/aged 45 years/also beloved husband of ELSIE/CHARLES FREDERICK UPTON/died 5th November 1988/aged 82 years.(Marble headstone)
[QA162]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband and father/JOHN JAMES/ GREENHOUGH/1912-1975.(Marble headstone) Grandad.(Marble vase)
[QA163]..... In/loving memory of/ANNE MATTHEWS/(NANCY)/died 28th May 1975/aged 56 years/Her life a beautiful/memory,Her absence a/silent grief.(Limestone headstone)
[QA164]..... In loving memory of/THOMAS/ALLSOBROOK/a dear husband/and father/died/Feb 14th 1975/aged 75/ALICE/ALLSOBROOK/a dear wife/and mother/died/Aug 2nd 1984/aged 85/Rest in peace.(Marble open book)
[QA165]..... In/loving memory of/KENNETH GELL/a dear husband and father/ fell asleep 11th June 1973/aged 62 years/"To live in the hearts of the/ones you love is not to die".(PETTS) (Marble headstone & kerb)
[QA166]..... In/loving memory of/RAYMOND BOND/who died March 15th 1973/ aged 51 years/I fear no foe with thee at hand to bless/Ills have no weight and tears no bitterness/Where is death's sting where grave thy victory/I triumph still if thou abide with me.(DAKIN) (Granite headstone & kerb)
[QA167]..... In/loving memory/of/ROBERT GEORGE HINDLE/Chemist MPS.of this town/who died January 20th 1937/aged 76 years/also of/ ALAN MACNAUGHTON/nephew of above/a dearly loved and only son/was killed by accident January 9th 1925/aged 27 years/ In/loving memory/of/JAMES MACNAUGHTON/died September 11th 1937/aged 79 years/also his wife/FANNY MARIAN MACNAUGHTON/ died December 11th 1949/aged 84 years.(Marble cross & kerb)
[QA168]..... Marble kerb no apparent inscription
[QA169]..... In/loving/remembrance of/JANE/the beloved wife of/JOHN DICKEN/born March 26th 1815/died April 18th 1880/also the above/JOHN DICKEN/who died February 18th 1914/aged 90 years/ His end was peace/also ELIZABETH/wife of the above/born Feby 17th 1833/died Feby 6th 1917. (Limestone headstone & kerb)
[QA170]..... In loving remembrance/of/WILLIAM PICKARD/of Wirksworth/ who entered into rest Octr 7th 1883/aged 58 years/also of/ LYDIA/beloved wife of the above/who died April 5th 1859/ aged 31 years/In the midst of life we are in death/also of/ WILLIAM PICKARD/their son/born Aug 17th 1857/died Mar 13th 1918/His end was peace.(H.W.S.Co) (Limestone headstone fallen,broken & kerb)
[QA171]..... Erected/in memory of/MARTHA relict of/WILLIAM TIPPER/of Wirksworth Moor/who died Septr 10th 1862/aged 81 years/ also/MARY daughter of the above/who died May 17th 1858/ aged 50 years/also/MARTHA daughter of the above/who died August 17th 1869/aged 54 years.(PICKARD) (Limestone headstone)
[QA172]..... In/affectionate remembrance/of/GILL PICKARD/of this town/ who died March 19th 1870/aged 74 years/also SARAH his wife/ who died April 12th 1855/aged 58 years/also ANNE their daughter/who died May 11th 1863/aged 28 years/also ROBERT their son/who died April 2nd 1859/aged 19 years.(Limestone headstone)
[QA173]..... In memory/of/JOHN WALKER/of this town/who died Aug 29/1857/ aged 77 years/also of WILLIAM WALKER/son of/JOHN WALKER/ who died June 18 1881/aged 65 years/Gone to rest/also of JOHN WILLIAM son of/WILLIAM/and/ELIZ WALKER/who died Sep 13/1867/aged 11 years/Gone to Jesus/also of ELIZABETH WALKER/wife of/WILL WALKER/who died Dec 29 1881/aged 63 years/Trusting in Jesus.(Limestone headstone-the four inscriptions like round medallions & kerb)
[QA174]..... In memoriam/GERTRUDE ANNIE TALBOT/died March 21st 1912/ aged 13 years/EMILY TALBOT/died April 28th 1937/aged 78 years/JOSEPH HENRY TALBOT/died Oct 12th 1938/aged 75 years.(Marble scroll & kerb)
[QB001]..... In loving memory of/FRED COLLIER/died/1st April 1988/aged 75/Only sleeping/Till we meet again.(Marble open book)
[QB002]..... In/loving memory of/a dear wife and mother/SYBIL ELAINE BENNETT/died August 14th 1982/aged 83 years/and/a dear husband and father/HARRY BENNETT/reunited November 11th 1989/aged 90 years/Always in our thoughts.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB003]..... In loving memory of/WINIFRED MAY ALLSOP/died Nov 4th 1982/ aged 72 years/also her husband/THOMAS ALLSOP/died Dec 21st 1986/aged 83 years.(Marble headstone & kerb)
[QB004]..... In loving memory of/DOROTHY EVELYN HOLMES/ born 31st October 1919/died 21st July 1982.(Granite inclined ledger & kerb)
[QB005]..... In/loving/memory/of /ALBERT/&/ELAINE/KIRKLAND.(Handwritten inscription on plastic vase)
[QB006]..... In/loving memory Of/HOWARD JOHN LOWE/died April 18th 1983/ aged 34 years.(Granite headstone)
[QB007]..... In loving memory of/a dear husband/father/and grandad/ CYRIL ALFRED/ARNOLD WAIN/died 28th May/1982/aged 72 years/ The Lord giveth and the lord taketh away.(DAKIN) (Marble headstone)
[QB008]..... In loving memory of/HANNAH DEXTER/died May 22nd 1982/aged 83 years.(PETTS)(Marble headstone & kerb)

Compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2001, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.