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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Hello Tricia,
             Regret I don't have an answer for you. On pages
68a, 71b and 90a it is clear that Ince himself didn't know
where John and Richard WARD came from, which one married a STRUTT,
or what she was called. Below are "thumbnails" of the high-resolution
scan I have of pages 68a and 71b. They are not as good as the
microfilm I work from, but unfortunately the microfilm gives no
extra info in this case. I'm afraid it is a brickwall, but as
both the families concerned were quite well-off I imagine that there
may well be more information lurking somewhere that will break that 
wall down for you.
            Get back to me if you have any more queries.
                     Good luck,

            John Palmer, Dorset, England

Part of Ince page 068a

I think it reads:
"...d[aughter] of Strutt of Newton in Blackwell Co[unty] Derby
These words are also connected to John Ward indicating that
all Ince knew was that one of the Ward brothers married a Miss Strutt.

The words to the right read:
either old Richard Wards sis[ter] was a sis[ter] of 2nd Mrs Silvester or 2nd J Silvester mar[ried] a sister of these two Wards.
It looks like Ince was working from data that did not make it clear just what the situation was.

Part of Ince page 071b

I think it reads:
"One of these ma[rrie]d a da[ughter] of Strutt of Blackwell"
Note the sloping dashed lines connecting the word married with both Jno [John] and Richard Ward.
Ince himself didn't know which it was!

From:  Tricia Tillin  
Subject:  Inces Pedigree lookup 
Date:  Sat, 20 Sep 2003 23:47:46 +0100 

Hi John,
Let me thank you most heartily for all the amazing work on the website.
I live in Belper and I'm currently chasing up some connections between the famous 
Strutt family and the equally famous Ward family. I wonder if you could help me 
get a little closer to the truth about the Strutts where they are mentioned in 
the pedigrees. You have some little dots where I desperately need to read a name, 
and maybe, just maybe, you could figure out at least what it is NOT, or tell me 
something, anything, that will help me!!!
It's on page: 
Page 068a

01 Richard WARD of ...
02 .... d of .... STRUTT of Newton in Blackwell Co Derby
03 John WARD of ....
04 either old Richard WARDs sister was a sister of 2nd Mrs SILVESTER or
   2nd J SILVESTER mard a sister of these two WARDs

And it's an eternal mystery who number two might be - ?? daughter of ?? Strutt - 
please please tell me if there's anything at all there that could help. and also 
John Ward of...what? Belper? Newton? Blackwell? Anything at all would help. 
Is it possible to see a scan of the page, or not? 
Likewise, on page:
Page 071b 

01 John WARD   ) one of these mard a da of STRUTT of Blackwall
02 Richard WARD) one of these mard a da of STRUTT of Blackwall
03 .... da of STRUTT

Who is number 03?? I'd give anything to know.
Thanks in advance

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