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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.
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Ap=Appletree, HP=High Peak, ML=Morleyston & Litchurch, RG=Repton & Gresley, Sc=Scarsdale, Wi=Wirksworth (jp)=joint parish.
PLACE-NAME (Parish code-PARISH-Hundred)
Uftonfields (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Uggestall Ho (277-Staveley-Sc) Umber Mine (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Umberley Brook (--) Umberley Well (28-Beeley-HP) Under Eccles (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Undertown Lane (220-Norbury & Roston (jp)-Ap) Underwood Fm (226-Offcote & Underwood (jp)-Wi) Unstone (parish) (303-Unstone-Sc) Unstone Grange (303-Unstone-Sc) Unstone Green (303-Unstone-Sc) Unthank (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Unthank Bank (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Unthank Lane (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Upper Biggin (31-Biggin-Ap) Upper Birchitt (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Upper Booth (106-Edale-HP) Upper Cliff (146-Hayfield-HP) Upper Cupola (279-Stony Middleton-HP) Upper Dale Fm (122-Flagg-HP) Upper End (324-Wormhill-HP) Upper Fold (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Upper Fullwood Fm (159-Hope-HP) Upper Great Rocks Fm (324-Wormhill-HP) Upper Hackney (90-Darley (Dale)-HP) Upper Hall (120-Fernilee-HP) Upper Hallfields (16-Atlow-Ap) Upper Hartshay (247-Ripley-ML) Upper Ho (146-Hayfield-HP) Upper Ho (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Upper Holloway (96-Dethick,Lea & Holloway (jp)-Wi) Upper Holt (106-Edale-HP) Upper Hurst (231-Outseats-HP) Upper Hurst Brook (--) Upper Langwith (254-Scarcliffe-Sc) Upper Leys Plantation (144-Hathersage-HP) Upper Loads (44-Brampton-Sc) Upper Moor (146-Hayfield-HP) Upper Padley (144-Hathersage-HP) Upper Red Brook (--) Upper Reddale Clough (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Upper Shatton (50-Brough & Shatton (jp)-HP) Upper Slades (2-Alderwasley-Ap) Upper Town (36-Bonsall-Wi) Upper Town (154-Hognaston-Wi) Upper Town (13-Ashover-Sc) Upper Town (32-Birchover-HP) Upperdale (186-Little Longstone-HP) Upperfield Fm (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Upperthorpe (176-Killamarsh-Sc) Upperwood (200-Matlock Bath-Wi) Upwoods Fm (98-Doveridge-Ap) Urchin Clough (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Urchin Clough (66-Charlesworth-HP)

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, . All Rights Reserved.