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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Derbyshire Place-name Index

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.
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Ap=Appletree, HP=High Peak, ML=Morleyston & Litchurch, RG=Repton & Gresley, Sc=Scarsdale, Wi=Wirksworth (jp)=joint parish.
PLACE-NAME (Parish code-PARISH-Hundred)
Mackley Ho (283-Sudbury-Ap) Mackworth (parish) (193-Mackworth-ML) Madge Dale (139-Hartington Town Quarter-Wi) Madge Hill (16-Atlow-Ap) Madwoman's Stones (159-Hope-HP) Mag Clough (117-Eyam Woodlands-HP) Mag Lane (170-Idridgehay & Alton (jp)-Ap) Mag Low (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Magfield (166-Hulland Ward-Ap) Maghole Brook (--) Magpie Mine (11-Ashford-HP) Maidensley Fm (125-Foston & Scropton (jp)-Ap) Mainstone Fm (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Makeney (208-Milford-Ap) Malcoff (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Malcolmsley (86-Cubley-Ap) Malin's Coppice (261-Shottle & Postern (jp)-Ap) Malinscommon Lane (12-Ashleyhay-Ap) Malsters Venture Mine (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Malt Shovel (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Malthouse Lane (13-Ashover-Sc) Mam Tor (62-Castleton-HP) Mammerton (190-Longford-Ap) Manchester Wood (264-Smalley-ML) Mandale Rake (232-Over Haddon-HP) Manners Wood (18-Bakewell-HP) Manor Ho (216-Newbold & Dunston (jp)-Sc) Manor Ho (101-Dronfield-Sc) Manor Wood (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Mansditch Fm (63-Catton-RG) Mansellpark (166-Hulland Ward-Ap) Manystones Lane (45-Brassington-Wi) Map(p)leton (parish) (194-Map(p)leton-Wi) Mapperley (parish) (195-Mapperley-Ap) Marebottom Fm (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Marehay (247-Ripley-ML) Margery Bower (266-Snelston-Ap) Marjory Lane (74-Church Broughton-Ap) Markeaton (parish) (196-Markeaton-ML) Markeaton Brook (--) Markeaton Hill (196-Markeaton-ML) Markeaton Park (196-Markeaton-ML) Markeaton Stones (196-Markeaton-ML) Markland Fm (112-Elmton-Sc) Markland Grips (112-Elmton-Sc) Marks Dale (161-Hopton & Griffe Grange (jp)-Wi) Marks Hill (163-Horsley-ML) Marl Ho (146-Hayfield-HP) Marlpit Lane (35-Bolsover-Sc) Marlpit Spinney (305-Walton upon Trent-RG) Marlpits (294-Tibshelf-Sc) Marlpool (150-Heanor-ML) Marple Bridge (191-Ludworth-HP) Marples Cottages (277-Staveley-Sc) Marples Plantation (310-Weston Underwood-ML) Marsh Barn (159-Hope-HP) Marsh Brook (--) Marsh Flat (15-Aston upon Trent-ML) Marsh Fm (115-Etwall-Ap) Marsh Hall (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Marsh Hollow (156-Hollington-Ap) Marsh, The (190-Longford-Ap) Marshall Barn (106-Edale-HP) Marshgreen (13-Ashover-Sc) Marshgreen Fm (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Marshlane (105-Eckington-Sc) Marston Fm (159-Hope-HP) Marston Lodge (197-Marston Montgomery-Ap) Marston Montgomery (parish) (197-Marston Montgomery-Ap) Marston Woodhouse (197-Marston Montgomery-Ap) Marston on Dove (parish) (198-Marston on Dove-Ap) Marstonbank Fm (197-Marston Montgomery-Ap) Marstonpark (197-Marston Montgomery-Ap) Martin Ho (83-Crich-ML) Martin Side Cross (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Martinside (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Marvel Stones (236-Peak Forest-HP) Massey's Bridge (287-Swarkeston(e)-RG) Masson (199-Matlock-Wi) Masson Hill (199-Matlock-Wi) Masson Lees Fm (199-Matlock-Wi) Mastin Moor (277-Staveley-Sc) Mather's Grave (39-Brackenfield-Sc) Matherbank Plantation (304-Walton-Sc) Matley Moor (146-Hayfield-HP) Matlock (parish) (199-Matlock-Wi) Matlock Bank (199-Matlock-Wi) Matlock Bath (parish) (200-Matlock Bath-Wi) Matlock Bridge (199-Matlock-Wi) Matlock Cliff (199-Matlock-Wi) Matlock Green (199-Matlock-Wi) Matlock Mill (199-Matlock-Wi) Matlock Moor (199-Matlock-Wi) Maugerhay (223-Norton-Sc) Mawfa Lane (223-Norton-Sc) Meadow (324-Wormhill-HP) Meadow (296-Tideswell-HP) Meadow Fm (81-Codnor & Loscoe (jp)-ML) Meadow Fm (259-Shirland & Higham (jp)-Sc) Meadow Fm (64-Chaddesden-Ap) Meadow Gate Lane (29-Beighton-Sc) Meadow Hayes (38-Boyleston-Ap) Meadow Head (223-Norton-Sc) Meadow Lane (220-Norbury & Roston (jp)-Ap) Meadow Lane (268-South Normanton-Sc) Meadow Lane (153-Hilton-Ap) Meadow Lane (7-Alvaston & Boulton (jp)-ML) Meadow Lane (296-Tideswell-HP) Meadow Place Grange (327-Youlgr(e)ave-HP) Meadow Place Wood (327-Youlgr(e)ave-HP) Meadow Rows (240-Pinxton-Sc) Meadow Wood (324-Wormhill-HP) Meadow Wood Fm (199-Matlock-Wi) Meadows Fm (246-Repton-RG) Meanfield (22-Barlow-Sc) Mease, River (--) Measham (parish) (201-Measham-RG) Meek Fields (22-Barlow-Sc) Meekfields Wood (22-Barlow-Sc) Meers Brook (--) Meersbrook (223-Norton-Sc) Megaloughton Lane (270-Spondon-Ap) Megdale (199-Matlock-Wi) Melandra Castle (66-Charlesworth-HP) Melbourne (parish) (202-Melbourne-RG) Melbourne Fm (232-Over Haddon-HP) Melbourne Ho (100-Draycott & Church Wilne (jp)-ML) Melbourne Parks (202-Melbourne-RG) Mellor (parish) (203-Mellor-HP) Mellor Hall (203-Mellor-HP) Mellor Lane (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Mellor Lane (22-Barlow-Sc) Mellor Moor (203-Mellor-HP) Mellor's Lane (155-Holbrook-Ap) Mellowmeadow Fm (40-Bradbourne-Wi) Mercaston (parish) (204-Mercaston-Ap) Mercaston Brook (--) Mere Brook (--) Mere Fm (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Merefield Gorse (283-Sudbury-Ap) Merehead Plantation (133-Green Fairfield-HP) Mereoak Lane (295-Ticknall-RG) Mermaid's Pool (146-Hayfield-HP) Merrians Fm (277-Staveley-Sc) Merril Fm (262-Sinfin Moor-ML) Merril Sick (--) Merry Wood (310-Weston Underwood-ML) Merrybower (263-Sinfin & Arleston (jp)-ML) Meveril Brook (--) Meynell Gorse (180-Kirk Langley-ML) Meynell Ho (61-Castle Gresley-RG) Meynell Langley (180-Kirk Langley-ML) Mich Low (42-Bradwell-HP) Michill Bank (62-Castleton-HP) Michlow Lane (42-Bradwell-HP) Micklemeadow (205-Mickleover-ML) Mickleover (parish) (205-Mickleover-ML) Mickley (259-Shirland & Higham (jp)-Sc) Mickley (102-Dronfield Woodhouse-Sc) Middle Birchitt (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Middle Handley (277-Staveley-Sc) Middle Hay (131-Great Longstone-HP) Middle Hill (236-Peak Forest-HP) Middle Hill (324-Wormhill-HP) Middle Moor (146-Hayfield-HP) Middle-street (137-Hartington Middle Quarter-Wi) Middlehill Fm (235-Parwich-Wi) Middlepeak (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Middlestead (47-Breaston-ML) Middleton & Smerrill (jp) (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Middleton (by Youlgreave) (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Middleton Common (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Middleton Cross (207-Middleton by Wirksworth-Wi) Middleton Engine Mine (116-Eyam-HP) Middleton Hall (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Middleton Moor (207-Middleton by Wirksworth-Wi) Middleton Moor (279-Stony Middleton-HP) Middleton Park (168-Hungry Bentley-Ap) Middleton Wood (207-Middleton by Wirksworth-Wi) Middleton by Wirksworth (parish) (207-Middleton by Wirksworth-Wi) Midway (273-Stanton & Newhall (jp)-RG) Mileash Fm (91-Darley Abbey-ML) Milford (parish) (208-Milford-Ap) Milking Lane (78-Clowne-Sc) Mill (241-Pleasley-Sc) Mill (144-Hathersage-HP) Mill Brow (191-Ludworth-HP) Mill Cliff (187-Littleover-ML) Mill Cliff (54-Buxton-HP) Mill Dam Plantation (264-Smalley-ML) Mill Field (240-Pinxton-Sc) Mill Fm (41-Bradley-Ap) Mill Fm (294-Tibshelf-Sc) Mill Green (277-Staveley-Sc) Mill Green (83-Crich-ML) Mill Hill (146-Hayfield-HP) Mill Hill (284-Sutton cum Duckmanton (jp)-Sc) Mill Ho (310-Weston Underwood-ML) Mill Ho (96-Dethick,Lea & Holloway (jp)-Wi) Mill Ho (82-Coton in the Elms-RG) Mill House Fm (1-Abney-HP) Mill Lane (101-Dronfield-Sc) Mill Lane (151-Heath-Sc) Mill Lane (116-Eyam-HP) Mill Lane (22-Barlow-Sc) Mill Lane (30-Belper-Ap) Mill Plantation (46-Breadsall-Ap) Mill Race (62-Castleton-HP) Mill Stream (--) Mill Wood (152-Highlow-HP) Mill, Lower (112-Elmton-Sc) Mill, Upper (112-Elmton-Sc) Millbank Wood (57-Callow-Wi) Millclose Mine (307-Wensley & Snitterton (jp)-Wi) Millcross Lane (22-Barlow-Sc) Milldam Mine (130-Great Hucklow-HP) Miller's Dale (324-Wormhill-HP) Millers Green (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Millfield Fm (135-Harthill-HP) Millfields (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Millington Green (31-Biggin-Ap) Millstone Edge (144-Hathersage-HP) Millstone Lane (11-Ashford-HP) Millstone Lane (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Millstone Sick (28-Beeley-HP) Millthorpe (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Millthorpe Lane (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Milltown (13-Ashover-Sc) Milner Plantation (105-Eckington-Sc) Milnhay (150-Heanor-ML) Milnhay (2-Alderwasley-Ap) Milnholm Plantation (239-Pilsley-Sc) Milton (246-Repton-RG) Milton, Chapel (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Minning Low (19-Ballidon-Wi) Mires Lane (131-Great Longstone-HP) Mires, The (131-Great Longstone-HP) Mirey Leys (81-Codnor & Loscoe (jp)-ML) Misden Clough, Lower (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Misden Clough, Upper (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Mitchell Field (144-Hathersage-HP) Moat (309-West Hallam-ML) Moat Bank (48-Bretby-RG) Moat Hall (139-Hartington Town Quarter-Wi) Moat Low (217-Newton Grange-Wi) Moatless Plantation (107-Edensor-HP) Moatlow Knob (327-Youlgr(e)ave-HP) Mock Beggars Hall (135-Harthill-HP) Moisty Knowl (279-Stony Middleton-HP) Mompesson's Well (116-Eyam-HP) Moneyhills (166-Hulland Ward-Ap) Moneystones (139-Hartington Town Quarter-Wi) Monk Wood (22-Barlow-Sc) Monk's Bridge (110-Egginton-ML) Monk's Dale (296-Tideswell-HP) Monk's Meadows (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Monk's Road (66-Charlesworth-HP) Monkwood Ho (22-Barlow-Sc) Monnybrook (298-Totley-Sc) Monsal Dale (186-Little Longstone-HP) Monsdale Lane (235-Parwich-Wi) Monsom Lane (246-Repton-RG) Montpelier (242-Quarndon-ML) Monyash (parish) (209-Monyash-HP) Moodersley (174-Kedleston-Ap) Moor Barn (18-Bakewell-HP) Moor Barn (297-Tissington-Wi) Moor Barn (161-Hopton & Griffe Grange (jp)-Wi) Moor Brook Lane (42-Bradwell-HP) Moor Close (326-Yeldersley-Ap) Moor Edge Plantation (18-Bakewell-HP) Moor Farms (64-Chaddesden-Ap) Moor Fm (13-Ashover-Sc) Moor Ho (64-Chaddesden-Ap) Moor Lane (221-Normanton-RG) Moor Lane (254-Scarcliffe-Sc) Moor Lane (90-Darley (Dale)-HP) Moor Lodge (215-New Mills-HP) Moor Plantation (262-Sinfin Moor-ML) Moor Road, North (49-Brimington-Sc) Moor Road, South (49-Brimington-Sc) Moor View Fm (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Moor, The (172-Ingleby-RG) Moorbottom Fm (97-Dore-Sc) Moore's Plantations (207-Middleton by Wirksworth-Wi) Mooredge (289-Tansley-Wi) Mooredge Fm (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Moorend (198-Marston on Dove-Ap) Moorend (270-Spondon-Ap) Moorend (41-Bradley-Ap) Moorgate Hollow (241-Pleasley-Sc) Moorhall (22-Barlow-Sc) Moorhay Fm (44-Brampton-Sc) Moorhead Bridge (7-Alvaston & Boulton (jp)-ML) Moorhigh Mine (288-Taddington-HP) Moorhole (105-Eckington-Sc) Moorhouse Fm (17-Ault Hucknall-Sc) Moorlands (44-Brampton-Sc) Moorlands Lane (36-Bonsall-Wi) Moorlands, The (322-Woodthorpe-Sc) Moorlawn Coppice (304-Walton-Sc) Moorseats (144-Hathersage-HP) Moorside (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Moorside (73-Chisworth-HP) Moorside (15-Aston upon Trent-ML) Moorside Fm (97-Dore-Sc) Moorspring Wood (322-Woodthorpe-Sc) Moortop Fm (277-Staveley-Sc) Moorway (187-Littleover-ML) Moorwood (96-Dethick,Lea & Holloway (jp)-Wi) Moorwood (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Moorwood Moor (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Moot Hall, The (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Moravian Settlement (225-Ockbrook-ML) Morledge (93-Derby-ML) Morledge Fm (90-Darley (Dale)-HP) Morley (parish) (210-Morley-ML) Morley Hall (210-Morley-ML) Morley Hayes (210-Morley-ML) Morley Lime (210-Morley-ML) Morley Park (149-Heage-Ap) Morleymoor (210-Morley-ML) Morleyston & Litchurch Hundred (--ML) Morrell's Wood (149-Heage-Ap) Morris Croft (55-Caldwell-RG) Morton (parish) (211-Morton-Sc) Morton Lane (277-Staveley-Sc) Mosborough (105-Eckington-Sc) Mosborough Moor (105-Eckington-Sc) Mosborough, West (105-Eckington-Sc) Moscar Cross (95-Derwent-HP) Moscar Fields (95-Derwent-HP) Moscar Ho (95-Derwent-HP) Moscow Cottage (13-Ashover-Sc) Moscow Fm (208-Milford-Ap) Mosey Low (137-Hartington Middle Quarter-Wi) Moseyley (310-Weston Underwood-ML) Mosley Bank (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Mosley Cottage (53-Burnaston-Ap) Mosley Hall (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Mosley Ho (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Moss Hall (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Moss Ho (120-Fernilee-HP) Moss Lane (166-Hulland Ward-Ap) Moss Rake (42-Bradwell-HP) Moss Road (298-Totley-Sc) Moss, The (--) Moss, The (97-Dore-Sc) Mossey Yard Plantation (64-Chaddesden-Ap) Mossnip (156-Hollington-Ap) Mosstone Fm (327-Youlgr(e)ave-HP) Mouldridge Grange (45-Brassington-Wi) Mount Famine (146-Hayfield-HP) Mount Fm (43-Brailsford-Ap) Mount Pleasant (34-Blackwell-Sc) Mount Pleasant (39-Brackenfield-Sc) Mount Pleasant (175-Kilburn-ML) Mount Pleasant (74-Church Broughton-Ap) Mount Pleasant (149-Heage-Ap) Mount Pleasant (11-Ashford-HP) Mount Pleasant (152-Highlow-HP) Mount Pleasant (296-Tideswell-HP) Mount Pleasant (202-Melbourne-RG) Mount Pleasant (308-Wessington-Sc) Mount Pleasant (98-Doveridge-Ap) Mount Pleasant (92-Denby-ML) Mount Pleasant (38-Boyleston-Ap) Mount Pleasant (30-Belper-Ap) Mount Pleasant (4-Alfreton-Sc) Mount Pleasant (166-Hulland Ward-Ap) Mount Pleasant (61-Castle Gresley-RG) Mount Pleasant (83-Crich-ML) Mount Pleasant (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Mount Pleasant Fm (266-Snelston-Ap) Mount Pleasant Fm (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Mount Pleasant Ho (289-Tansley-Wi) Mount, The (326-Yeldersley-Ap) Mountain, The (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Mouse Park Wood, Bottom (313-Whittington-Sc) Mouse Park Wood, Top (313-Whittington-Sc) Mouselden Wood (95-Derwent-HP) Mouselow (128-Glossop-HP) Moxon's Hill (141-Hartshorne-RG) Mugginton (310-Weston Underwood-ML) Mulberry Wood (322-Woodthorpe-Sc) Muse Lane (74-Church Broughton-Ap) Muster Brook (--) Musterbrook Cottages (291-Temple Normanton-Sc) Mycross Mine (232-Over Haddon-HP) Mytham Bridge (20-Bamford-HP)

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.