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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Derbyshire Place-name Index

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.
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Ap=Appletree, HP=High Peak, ML=Morleyston & Litchurch, RG=Repton & Gresley, Sc=Scarsdale, Wi=Wirksworth (jp)=joint parish.
PLACE-NAME (Parish code-PARISH-Hundred)
Eagle Stone (87-Curbar-HP) Eagle Tor (146-Hayfield-HP) Earl Sterndale (137-Hartington Middle Quarter-Wi) East Meats (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) East Moor (28-Beeley-HP) Eastfield (214-Netherseal-RG) Eastwood Fm (21-Barlborough-Sc) Eastwood Hall (13-Ashover-Sc) Eaton & Alsop (jp) (104-Eaton & Alsop (jp)-Wi) Eaton Dale (235-Parwich-Wi) Eaton Dovedale (98-Doveridge-Ap) Eaton Hill (184-Little Eaton-ML) Eaton Hill (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Eaton Lane (13-Ashover-Sc) Eaton Wood (98-Doveridge-Ap) Eaton's Spinney (285-Sutton on the Hill-Ap) Eatonpark Wood (184-Little Eaton-ML) Eaves (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Eaves Knoll (215-New Mills-HP) Eccles Ho (159-Hope-HP) Eccles Ho (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Eccles Pike (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Eccles, Under (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Ecclesbourne, River (--) Eckington (parish) (105-Eckington-Sc) Eckington Hall (105-Eckington-Sc) Eckington Leas (105-Eckington-Sc) Eckington Marsh (105-Eckington-Sc) Eckington Park (105-Eckington-Sc) Edale (parish) (106-Edale-HP) Edale Cross (106-Edale-HP) Edale End (106-Edale-HP) Edale Head (106-Edale-HP) Edale Rocks (106-Edale-HP) Eddishes (325-Yeaveley-Ap) Eddlestow (13-Ashover-Sc) Eden Tree Lodge (42-Bradwell-HP) Edensor (parish) (107-Edensor-HP) Edge Fm (83-Crich-ML) Edge Fm (159-Hope-HP) Edge, The (66-Charlesworth-HP) Edge, The (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Edgehill (184-Little Eaton-ML) Edgehill (276-Stapenhill-RG) Edgemoor (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Edgemoor (83-Crich-ML) Edges Fm (13-Ashover-Sc) Edges Wood (13-Ashover-Sc) Edingale (parish) (108-Edingale-RG) Edingale Fields (108-Edingale-RG) Edlaston (109-Edlaston & Wyaston (jp)-Ap) Edlaston & Wyaston (jp) (109-Edlaston & Wyaston (jp)-Ap) Edlaston Coppice (109-Edlaston & Wyaston (jp)-Ap) Ednaston (43-Brailsford-Ap) Ednaston Hall (43-Brailsford-Ap) Egginton (parish) (110-Egginton-ML) Egginton Brook (--) Egginton Cottage (110-Egginton-ML) Egginton Hall (110-Egginton-ML) Egreaves Ponds (81-Codnor & Loscoe (jp)-ML) Egstow (parish) (111-Egstow-Sc) Eldergreaves (194-Map(p)leton-Wi) Eldon Croft (101-Dronfield-Sc) Eldon Hill (236-Peak Forest-HP) Eldon Hole (236-Peak Forest-HP) Elle Bank (146-Hayfield-HP) Elliott's Spring (30-Belper-Ap) Elliottholme Lodge (18-Bakewell-HP) Elliottholme Wood (18-Bakewell-HP) Elliottshill (30-Belper-Ap) Elmin Pits Fm (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Elmore Hill Fm (50-Brough & Shatton (jp)-HP) Elms, The (299-Trusley-Ap) Elmton (parish) (112-Elmton-Sc) Elmton Common End (112-Elmton-Sc) Elmton Green (112-Elmton-Sc) Elmton Park (112-Elmton-Sc) Elmtree Fm (112-Elmton-Sc) Elmtree Inn (151-Heath-Sc) Elnor Lane (120-Fernilee-HP) Elton (parish) (113-Elton-Wi) Elton Cross Shaft (320-Winster-HP) Elton Road (320-Winster-HP) Elvaston (parish) (114-Elvaston-ML) Ember Fm (200-Matlock Bath-Wi) Emmet Field Wood (318-Wingerworth-Sc) Emmett Carr (105-Eckington-Sc) End Low (139-Hartington Town Quarter-Wi) Endcliff Ho (18-Bakewell-HP) Endcliff Wood (18-Bakewell-HP) Endmoor (209-Monyash-HP) Eniscloud Barn (161-Hopton & Griffe Grange (jp)-Wi) Enslet Lane (154-Hognaston-Wi) Erewash, River (--) Ernocroft (191-Ludworth-HP) Etchells, The (74-Church Broughton-Ap) Etherow, River (--) Etwall (parish) (115-Etwall-Ap) Etwall Common (115-Etwall-Ap) Etwall HaIl (115-Etwall-Ap) Etwall Lodge (115-Etwall-Ap) Evershill Lane (211-Morton-Sc) Eweclose (143-Hassop-HP) Eweford Bridge (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Exlowmere Lane (113-Elton-Wi) Eyam (parish) (116-Eyam-HP) Eyam Barns (278-Stoke-HP) Eyam Dale (116-Eyam-HP) Eyam Edge (116-Eyam-HP) Eyam Moor (116-Eyam-HP) Eyam Woodlands (parish) (117-Eyam Woodlands-HP)

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.