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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Derbyshire Place-name Index

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.
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Ap=Appletree, HP=High Peak, ML=Morleyston & Litchurch, RG=Repton & Gresley, Sc=Scarsdale, Wi=Wirksworth (jp)=joint parish.
PLACE-NAME (Parish code-PARISH-Hundred)
Dagnall Terrace (18-Bakewell-HP) Dairy Ho (5-Alkmonton-Ap) Dairy Wood (2-Alderwasley-Ap) Daisy Bank (19-Ballidon-Wi) Daisybank Fm (197-Marston Montgomery-Ap) Daisymere Fm (133-Green Fairfield-HP) Dalbury (88-Dalbury Lees-Ap) Dalbury Hollow (88-Dalbury Lees-Ap) Dalbury Lees (parish) (88-Dalbury Lees-Ap) Dale Abbey (parish) (89-Dale Abbey-ML) Dale Bridge (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Dale Brook (--) Dale End (138-Hartington Nether Quarter-Wi) Dale End (153-Hilton-Ap) Dale End Fm (235-Parwich-Wi) Dale Fm (218-Newton Solney-RG) Dale Fm (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Dale Fm (316-Willington-ML) Dale Ho (209-Monyash-HP) Dale Ho (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Dale Inn (314-Whitwell-Sc) Dale Lane (118-Fairfield-HP) Dale Moor (89-Dale Abbey-ML) Dale Side (279-Stony Middleton-HP) Dale, The (176-Killamarsh-Sc) Dalebank (13-Ashover-Sc) Dalebrook Ho (44-Brampton-Sc) Dalefield Mine (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Dalehead (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Dalehead (324-Wormhill-HP) Dalehead (133-Green Fairfield-HP) Dalehead (106-Edale-HP) Dalehead (138-Hartington Nether Quarter-Wi) Dalley, The (30-Belper-Ap) Dam Cliff (296-Tideswell-HP) Dam Dale (236-Peak Forest-HP) Dam Hall (236-Peak Forest-HP) Dam Lane (235-Parwich-Wi) Dam Lane (259-Shirland & Higham (jp)-Sc) Damsbrook (78-Clowne-Sc) Damside Fm (236-Peak Forest-HP) Damstead Wood (4-Alfreton-Sc) Damsteads Fm (203-Mellor-HP) Dane Head (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Dane, River (--) Danehey (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Danes Balk (105-Eckington-Sc) Danesmoor (76-Clay Lane-Sc) Daniel Hay Fm (265-Smisby-RG) Darfield Plantation (297-Tissington-Wi) Dark Lane (199-Matlock-Wi) Dark Lane (216-Newbold & Dunston (jp)-Sc) Darklands Lane (286-Swadlincote-RG) Darley (Dale) (parish) (90-Darley (Dale)-HP) Darley Abbey (parish) (91-Darley Abbey-ML) Darley Bridge (90-Darley (Dale)-HP) Darley Bridge (307-Wensley & Snitterton (jp)-Wi) Darley Fm (137-Hartington Middle Quarter-Wi) Darley Hall (90-Darley (Dale)-HP) Darley Hillside (90-Darley (Dale)-HP) Darley Moor (266-Snelston-Ap) Darleyfield (91-Darley Abbey-ML) David's Hill (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Dawber Lane (176-Killamarsh-Sc) Dawson's Rocks (295-Ticknall-RG) Dayfield Brook (--) Daykin's Row (81-Codnor & Loscoe (jp)-ML) Daypark (155-Holbrook-Ap) Days Lane (30-Belper-Ap) Daysclose Plantation (243-Radbourne-Ap) Deacons (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Dead Carr (12-Ashleyhay-Ap) Deadman's Lane (230-Osmaston by Derby-ML) Deadman's Stile (253-Sawley & Wilsthorpe (jp)-ML) Deadmen's Clough (147-Hazlebadge-HP) Dean Fm (84-Cromford-Wi) Dean Hill (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Dean Hollow (84-Cromford-Wi) Deanhill Ho (199-Matlock-Wi) Decoy, The (48-Bretby-RG) Deep Dale (266-Snelston-Ap) Deep Dale (288-Taddington-HP) Deep Dale (69-Chelmorton-HP) Deep Dale (165-Hulland-Ap) Deep Dale (18-Bakewell-HP) Deep Grain (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Deepclough (66-Charlesworth-HP) Deepdale Bridge (23-Barrow upon Trent-ML) Deepdale Fm (284-Sutton cum Duckmanton (jp)-Sc) Deepdale Lane (23-Barrow upon Trent-ML) Deepmoor Fm (98-Doveridge-Ap) Deepsick (58-Calow-Sc) Deer Barn (67-Chatsworth-HP) Deer Holes (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Deer Knowl (66-Charlesworth-HP) Deer Park (99-Drakelow(e)-RG) Deercote (283-Sudbury-Ap) Deerleap Cottages (76-Clay Lane-Sc) Delf, The (116-Eyam-HP) Delves Wood (223-Norton-Sc) Delves, The (264-Smalley-ML) Denby (parish) (92-Denby-ML) Denby Bottles (92-Denby-ML) Denby Car (92-Denby-ML) Denby Common (92-Denby-ML) Denby Dam (92-Denby-ML) Denby Old Hall (92-Denby-ML) Dennis Knoll (231-Outseats-HP) Depth o' Lumb (208-Milford-Ap) Derby (parish) (93-Derby-ML) Derby Fields (270-Spondon-Ap) Derby Hills (94-Derby Hills-RG) Derby Hills (parish) (94-Derby Hills-RG) Derby Lane (209-Monyash-HP) Derbyshire Lane (223-Norton-Sc) Derwent (95-Derwent-HP) Derwent (parish) (95-Derwent-HP) Derwent Edge (95-Derwent-HP) Derwent Moors (95-Derwent-HP) Derwent, River (--) Derwentdale (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Dethick (84-Cromford-Wi) Dethick Balk (96-Dethick,Lea & Holloway (jp)-Wi) Dethick Common (96-Dethick,Lea & Holloway (jp)-Wi) Dethick Heyes (96-Dethick,Lea & Holloway (jp)-Wi) Dethick,Lea & Holloway(jp) (96-Dethick,Lea & Holloway (jp)-Wi) Devil's Dike (66-Charlesworth-HP) Devonshire Cavern (200-Matlock Bath-Wi) Dewsnaps (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Diamond Hill (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Diamond Plantation (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Dicklant (13-Ashover-Sc) Dig St (10-Ashbourne-Wi) Diglands (215-New Mills-HP) Digleach (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Dimble, The (98-Doveridge-Ap) Dimin Dale (288-Taddington-HP) Dimings (14-Aston-HP) Dimminsdale (56-Calke-RG) Dimons Dale (84-Cromford-Wi) Dimple (199-Matlock-Wi) Dimple Ho (83-Crich-ML) Dimpus Clough (146-Hayfield-HP) Dinas Sitch Tor (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Ding Bank (95-Derwent-HP) Dingle Bank (58-Calow-Sc) Dingle Fm (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Dinting (128-Glossop-HP) Dinting Vale (128-Glossop-HP) Dirtlow Fm (11-Ashford-HP) Dirtlow Rake (62-Castleton-HP) Dirty Lane (62-Castleton-HP) Dirty Lane (191-Ludworth-HP) Dirty Rake (279-Stony Middleton-HP) Dish Lane (285-Sutton on the Hill-Ap) Ditch Cliff (18-Bakewell-HP) Ditch Clough (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Dixon's Lock (49-Brimington-Sc) Dizzybeard Plantation (9-Ash(e)-Ap) Dobb Edge (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Dobbin Clough Fm (290-Tapton-Sc) Dobbin Lane (22-Barlow-Sc) Dobbinhorse Lane (77-Clifton & Compton (jp)-ML) Dobbs Row (4-Alfreton-Sc) Dobholes (164-Horsley Woodhouse-ML) Dobholme Fm (105-Eckington-Sc) Dobmeadow Wood (22-Barlow-Sc) Dobster Plantation (21-Barlborough-Sc) Doctor's Gate (--) Dodson Ho (171-Ilkeston-ML) Doe Hill Ho (294-Tibshelf-Sc) Doe Lane (105-Eckington-Sc) Doe Lea, River (--) Doe Wood (28-Beeley-HP) Doehole (13-Ashover-Sc) Doehole Lane (13-Ashover-Sc) Dog Kennel Coppice (257-Shipley-ML) Dog Kennel Wood (143-Hassop-HP) Dog Lane (314-Whitwell-Sc) Dog Lane (165-Hulland-Ap) Dog Rock (66-Charlesworth-HP) Doghole (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Doghole Lane (44-Brampton-Sc) Doghole Lane (207-Middleton by Wirksworth-Wi) Doglow Mine (161-Hopton & Griffe Grange (jp)-Wi) Doglow Wood (161-Hopton & Griffe Grange (jp)-Wi) Dogmanslack Fm (236-Peak Forest-HP) Dogshanks Plantation (318-Wingerworth-Sc) Doles Fm (77-Clifton & Compton (jp)-ML) Doles Lane (121-Findern-ML) Doles Lane (314-Whitwell-Sc) Donisthorpe (224-Oakthorpe & Donisthorpe (jp)-RG) Donkhill Fm (63-Catton-RG) Dore (parish) (97-Dore-Sc) Dore Hall (97-Dore-Sc) Dore Moor (97-Dore-Sc) Dove Bridge (198-Marston on Dove-Ap) Dove Head (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Dove Ho (10-Ashbourne-Wi) Dove Holes (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Dove Holes (217-Newton Grange-Wi) Dove, River (--) Dovedale (33-Blackwell-HP) Dovedale (217-Newton Grange-Wi) Doveholes Dale (324-Wormhill-HP) Doveridge (parish) (98-Doveridge-Ap) Doveridge Hall (98-Doveridge-Ap) Doveridge Woodhouse (98-Doveridge-Ap) Dovestone Tor (95-Derwent-HP) Doveswood Fm (12-Ashleyhay-Ap) Dow Low (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Dowel (137-Hartington Middle Quarter-Wi) Downlee (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Downs Bank (215-New Mills-HP) Drake Car (203-Mellor-HP) Drake Ho (29-Beighton-Sc) Drakelow(e) (parish) (99-Drakelow(e)-RG) Drakelowe Park (99-Drakelow(e)-RG) Draycott (100-Draycott & Church Wilne (jp)-ML) Draycott & Church Wilne (jp) (100-Draycott & Church Wilne (jp)-ML) Draycott Field (100-Draycott & Church Wilne (jp)-ML) Draycott Ho (100-Draycott & Church Wilne (jp)-ML) Draycott Plantation (310-Weston Underwood-ML) Dream Mine (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Drone, River (--) Dronfield (parish) (101-Dronfield-Sc) Dronfield Woodhouse (parish) (102-Dronfield Woodhouse-Sc) Drummer's Venture (307-Wensley & Snitterton (jp)-Wi) Drury Lane (138-Hartington Nether Quarter-Wi) Drury Lane (97-Dore-Sc) Dry Sitch (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Dryclough (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Dryclough (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Dryhurst (290-Tapton-Sc) Dryhurst (13-Ashover-Sc) Duce Fm (130-Great Hucklow-HP) Duce Hole (130-Great Hucklow-HP) Duckmanton (284-Sutton cum Duckmanton (jp)-Sc) Duckmanton Moor (284-Sutton cum Duckmanton (jp)-Sc) Ducksick Wood (44-Brampton-Sc) Dudwood Fm (113-Elton-Wi) Duffield (parish) (103-Duffield-Ap) Duffield Bridge (103-Duffield-Ap) Duffield Frith (--) Duffield Hall (103-Duffield-Ap) Duffield Ward (--) Duffleldbank (103-Duffield-Ap) Duke of York Inn (69-Chelmorton-HP) Dulands Fm (40-Bradbourne-Wi) Dumb Hall (314-Whitwell-Sc) Dumble Cottage (257-Shipley-ML) Dumble Houses (92-Denby-ML) Dumble Wood (44-Brampton-Sc) Dumble, The (226-Offcote & Underwood (jp)-Wi) Dumbles, The (214-Netherseal-RG) Dunge Barn (292-Thornhill-HP) Dunge Brook (--) Dunge Clough (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Dunge Wood (152-Highlow-HP) Dunge Wood (149-Heage-Ap) Dungeley Hill (149-Heage-Ap) Dungeon Hole (100-Draycott & Church Wilne (jp)-ML) Dungeon, Big (307-Wensley & Snitterton (jp)-Wi) Dungeon, Little (307-Wensley & Snitterton (jp)-Wi) Dunkirk Plantation (272-Stanton (in Peak)-HP) Dunnshill (225-Ockbrook-ML) Dunrake Mine (84-Cromford-Wi) Dunsa (107-Edensor-HP) Dunscar Fm (62-Castleton-HP) Dunsgreave Plantation (90-Darley (Dale)-HP) Dunsley Springs (36-Bonsall-Wi) Dunstead Ho (150-Heanor-ML) Dunster's Plantation (205-Mickleover-ML) Dunston (216-Newbold & Dunston (jp)-Sc) Dunston Brook (--) Dunston Hall (216-Newbold & Dunston (jp)-Sc) Dunston Hole (216-Newbold & Dunston (jp)-Sc) Duper Lane (1-Abney-HP) Durbrooks (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Durham Edge (147-Hazlebadge-HP) Duric Well (123-Foolow-HP) Dutton's Quarry (13-Ashover-Sc) Dyche Lane (223-Norton-Sc)

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.