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WIRKSWORTH Parish Records 1600-1900

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Derbyshire Place-name Index

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Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.
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Ap=Appletree, HP=High Peak, ML=Morleyston & Litchurch, RG=Repton & Gresley, Sc=Scarsdale, Wi=Wirksworth (jp)=joint parish.
PLACE-NAME (Parish code-PARISH-Hundred)
Back Bridge (10-Ashbourne-Wi) Back Dale Wood (143-Hassop-HP) Back Lane (144-Hathersage-HP) Back Lane (105-Eckington-Sc) Back Moor (223-Norton-Sc) Back Tor (106-Edale-HP) Back Wood (44-Brampton-Sc) Back of the Hill (122-Flagg-HP) Bacon Lane (237-Pentrich-ML) Bacon's Lane (76-Clay Lane-Sc) Bacon's Spring (76-Clay Lane-Sc) Badger Lane (13-Ashover-Sc) Badgerholes (208-Milford-Ap) Badway Green (74-Church Broughton-Ap) Bag Ho (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Bag Lane (93-Derby-ML) Bag Lane (220-Norbury & Roston (jp)-Ap) Bage Mine (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Bagshaw (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Bagshaw Bridge (159-Hope-HP) Bagshaw Cavern (42-Bradwell-HP) Bagshaw Dale (209-Monyash-HP) Bagshaw Hill (18-Bakewell-HP) Bagshaw Plantation (284-Sutton cum Duckmanton (jp)-Sc) Bagthorpe Fm (44-Brampton-Sc) Baguley's Wood (275-Stanton by Dale-ML) Bailey Brook (--) Bailey Flat (118-Fairfield-HP) Baileycroft Quarry (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Bakeacre Lane (121-Findern-ML) Bakehurst (215-New Mills-HP) Baker's Close (149-Heage-Ap) Baker's Lane (84-Cromford-Wi) Bakershillock (149-Heage-Ap) Bakestone Delph Clough (66-Charlesworth-HP) Bakestone Moor (314-Whitwell-Sc) Bakewell (parish) (18-Bakewell-HP) Bakewell Bridge (18-Bakewell-HP) Bald Hill's Fm (192-Lullington-RG) Baldfield (9-Ash(e)-Ap) Baldock Mill (89-Dale Abbey-ML) Baldwin Wood (193-Mackworth-ML) Baley Hill (217-Newton Grange-Wi) Ball Eye (36-Bonsall-Wi) Ball Hill (268-South Normanton-Sc) Ballarat Cottages (313-Whittington-Sc) Ballbeard (215-New Mills-HP) Ballcross (18-Bakewell-HP) Ballidon (parish) (19-Ballidon-Wi) Ballidonhall Fm (19-Ballidon-Wi) Ballidonmoor (19-Ballidon-Wi) Balmoak Lane (290-Tapton-Sc) Baltimore Bridge (262-Sinfin Moor-ML) Bamford (parish) (20-Bamford-HP) Bamford Clough (20-Bamford-HP) Bamford Edge (20-Bamford-HP) Bamford Ho (95-Derwent-HP) Bank Bottom (128-Glossop-HP) Bank Close (70-Chesterfield-Sc) Bank Green (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Bank Hall (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Bank Head (215-New Mills-HP) Bank Ho (277-Staveley-Sc) Bank Ho (138-Hartington Nether Quarter-Wi) Bank Top Ho (18-Bakewell-HP) Bank Wood (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Bank's Barn (264-Smalley-ML) Bank, The (146-Hayfield-HP) Bankfield Ho (100-Draycott & Church Wilne (jp)-ML) Banks Fm (294-Tibshelf-Sc) Banks, The (66-Charlesworth-HP) Banks, The (203-Mellor-HP) Banktop (119-Fenny Bentley-Wi) Banktop (139-Hartington Town Quarter-Wi) Banktop (197-Marston Montgomery-Ap) Banktop (227-Offerton-HP) Banktop (40-Bradbourne-Wi) Banktop Fm (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Banktop Fm (137-Hartington Middle Quarter-Wi) Banktop Hey (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Bankvale Mill (146-Hayfield-HP) Bankwood Gate (66-Charlesworth-HP) Bannell's Fm (26-Bearwardcote-Ap) Bar Brook (--) Barbadoes (252-Sandiacre-ML) Barber Booth (106-Edale-HP) Barber's Lane (176-Killamarsh-Sc) Barberfields Fm (97-Dore-Sc) Barbrook Bridge (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Bare Jarnet Road (288-Taddington-HP) Barehurst Fm (125-Foston & Scropton (jp)-Ap) Bargate (155-Holbrook-Ap) Barker Bank (62-Castleton-HP) Barker Barn (113-Elton-Wi) Barker Brow (120-Fernilee-HP) Barker's Cottages (303-Unstone-Sc) Barker's Lock (171-Ilkeston-ML) Barks Wood (314-Whitwell-Sc) Barlborough (parish) (21-Barlborough-Sc) Barley Hill (170-Idridgehay & Alton (jp)-Ap) Barley Ho (44-Brampton-Sc) Barley Mow Inn (318-Wingerworth-Sc) Barleyland Plantation (138-Hartington Nether Quarter-Wi) Barlow (parish) (22-Barlow-Sc) Barlow Brook (--) Barlow Common (22-Barlow-Sc) Barlow Grange (22-Barlow-Sc) Barlow Lees (22-Barlow-Sc) Barlow Moor (22-Barlow-Sc) Barlow Woodseats (22-Barlow-Sc) Barmoor (236-Peak Forest-HP) Barmoor Clough (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Barms Fm (118-Fairfield-HP) Barn Fm (32-Birchover-HP) Barn Fm (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Barn Fm (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Barnes Fm (102-Dronfield Woodhouse-Sc) Barnes' Bridge (225-Ockbrook-ML) Barnfield Ho (144-Hathersage-HP) Barnsfold (146-Hayfield-HP) Barnwell Lane (84-Cromford-Wi) Barr Hall (305-Walton upon Trent-RG) Barratt Pool (233-Overseal-RG) Barrel Edge (84-Cromford-Wi) Barrow Clough (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Barrow Old Elm (23-Barrow upon Trent-ML) Barrow Stones (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Barrow upon Trent (parish) (23-Barrow upon Trent-ML) Barrowhill (277-Staveley-Sc) Barrowmore Fm (165-Hulland-Ap) Barrowstones Lane (209-Monyash-HP) Bartlewood Fm (225-Ockbrook-ML) Bartlewood Lodge (225-Ockbrook-ML) Barton Blount (parish) (24-Barton Blount-Ap) Barton Knowle (30-Belper-Ap) Bartonfields (24-Barton Blount-Ap) Bartonpark (24-Barton Blount-Ap) Basegreen Fm (105-Eckington-Sc) Basfords Hill Fm (295-Ticknall-RG) Baslow (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Baslow & Bubnell (jp) (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Baslow Bar (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Baslow Hall (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Bassetbarn (13-Ashover-Sc) Bassetbarn (89-Dale Abbey-ML) Bassett Hall (254-Scarcliffe-Sc) Bassett Wood (297-Tissington-Wi) Bate Mill (215-New Mills-HP) Batelawn Wood (112-Elmton-Sc) Bateman Bridge (12-Ashleyhay-Ap) Bateman Firs (272-Stanton (in Peak)-HP) Bateman's Tomb (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Batemans Plantation (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Batemoor Fm (223-Norton-Sc) Bath Lane (13-Ashover-Sc) Bath, The (54-Buxton-HP) Bathamgate (--) Batley Fm (17-Ault Hucknall-Sc) Beacon Ho (188-Litton-HP) Beacon Rod (131-Great Longstone-HP) Beamore Wood (96-Dethick,Lea & Holloway (jp)-Wi) Beans and Bacon Mine (36-Bonsall-Wi) Beard Hall (215-New Mills-HP) Beard Mill (215-New Mills-HP) Beardhough (215-New Mills-HP) Beardsley's Plantation (45-Brassington-Wi) Beardwood Fm (215-New Mills-HP) Bearwardcote (parish) (26-Bearwardcote-Ap) Beauchief (parish) (27-Beauchief-Sc) Becksitch Lane (30-Belper-Ap) Bedehouses (84-Cromford-Wi) Bee Hill (272-Stanton (in Peak)-HP) Bee Low (327-Youlgr(e)ave-HP) Bee Low (236-Peak Forest-HP) Beech Hill Fm (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Beeley (parish) (28-Beeley-HP) Beeley Brook (--) Beeley Hilltop (28-Beeley-HP) Beeley Moor (28-Beeley-HP) Beeley Plantation (28-Beeley-HP) Beet Fm (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Beet Fm (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Beggar's Bridge (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Beggarsbutts (197-Marston Montgomery-Ap) Beggarway Lane (131-Great Longstone-HP) Beighton (parish) (29-Beighton-Sc) Beighton Fields (21-Barlborough-Sc) Beighton Hill (12-Ashleyhay-Ap) Beighton Hill (105-Eckington-Sc) Beighton Hills (105-Eckington-Sc) Beighton Houses (272-Stanton (in Peak)-HP) Belfit Hill (318-Wingerworth-Sc) Belklane Lock (176-Killamarsh-Sc) Belklane Quarry (176-Killamarsh-Sc) Bell Ho (81-Codnor & Loscoe (jp)-ML) Bell House Lane (277-Staveley-Sc) Bell Inn (264-Smalley-ML) Bellhagg Fm (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Bellington Hill (114-Elvaston-ML) Belmont (44-Brampton-Sc) Belond Lane (13-Ashover-Sc) Belper (parish) (30-Belper-Ap) Belper Bridge (30-Belper-Ap) Belper Lane (30-Belper-Ap) Belper Ward (--) Belperlane End (30-Belper-Ap) Belph (314-Whitwell-Sc) Belph Grange (314-Whitwell-Sc) Belwell Pond (18-Bakewell-HP) Bendalls, The (124-Foremark-RG) Bennetston Hall (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Bennett Barn (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Bennywall Wood (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Benstor Ho (130-Great Hucklow-HP) Bent Fm (149-Heage-Ap) Bent Fm (297-Tissington-Wi) Bent Lane (199-Matlock-Wi) Bent Lane (277-Staveley-Sc) Bent's Lane (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Bent, The (2-Alderwasley-Ap) Bent, The (74-Church Broughton-Ap) Bent, The (30-Belper-Ap) Benthead Lane (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Benthill (83-Crich-ML) Bentinck Villas (35-Bolsover-Sc) Bentley Brook (2) (--) Bentley Carr (168-Hungry Bentley-Ap) Bentley Cottage Fm (168-Hungry Bentley-Ap) Bentley Hall (168-Hungry Bentley-Ap) Bentley Hall (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Bentley's Plantation (257-Shipley-ML) Bentley, Fenny (parish) (119-Fenny Bentley-Wi) Bents Road (298-Totley-Sc) Benty Grange (137-Hartington Middle Quarter-Wi) Berresford Moor Plantation (322-Woodthorpe-Sc) Berridgelane Fm (13-Ashover-Sc) Berristow Fm (268-South Normanton-Sc) Berry Clough (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Bettfield Clough (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Beytonsdale (236-Peak Forest-HP) Bibbington, Higher (324-Wormhill-HP) Bibbington, Lower (324-Wormhill-HP) Bidston (199-Matlock-Wi) Big Rough (246-Repton-RG) Biggin (138-Hartington Nether Quarter-Wi) Biggin (31-Biggin-Ap) Biggin (parish) (31-Biggin-Ap) Biggin Fm (294-Tibshelf-Sc) Biggin Grange (138-Hartington Nether Quarter-Wi) Biggin Lane (166-Hulland Ward-Ap) Biggin Lea (102-Dronfield Woodhouse-Sc) Biggin Mill (31-Biggin-Ap) Biggin Old Hall (31-Biggin-Ap) Biggin, Nether (31-Biggin-Ap) Biggin, Upper (31-Biggin-Ap) Bigginhead (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Bigginmill Lane (31-Biggin-Ap) Bigginmoor Fm (138-Hartington Nether Quarter-Wi) Bilberry Knoll (199-Matlock-Wi) Bilberry Wood (83-Crich-ML) Bilby Lane (49-Brimington-Sc) Bings Fm (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Binkley Wood (277-Staveley-Sc) Birch Fm (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Birch Hall (146-Hayfield-HP) Birch Ho (43-Brailsford-Ap) Birch Holt (303-Unstone-Sc) Birch Low (152-Highlow-HP) Birch Wood (270-Spondon-Ap) Birch Wood (243-Radbourne-Ap) Birch Wood (105-Eckington-Sc) Birch Wood (84-Cromford-Wi) Birchen Bank Moss (66-Charlesworth-HP) Birchen Bank Wood (66-Charlesworth-HP) Birchenough (203-Mellor-HP) Birches (44-Brampton-Sc) Birches Brook (--) Birches Cottages (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Birches Fm (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Birchfield Lodge (159-Hope-HP) Birchhill (254-Scarcliffe-Sc) Birchill Fm (143-Hassop-HP) Birchill Lodge (142-Hasland-Sc) Birchill's Fm (74-Church Broughton-Ap) Birchin Clough (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Birchin Field (41-Bradley-Ap) Birchin Hat (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Birchin Lee Fm (102-Dronfield Woodhouse-Sc) Birchin Wood (231-Outseats-HP) Birchinlee (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Birchinlee East Plantation (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Birchinlee New Piece (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Birchinlee Pasture (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Birchinlee West Plantation (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Birchitt (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Birchitt, Middle (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Birchitt, Upper (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Birchover (parish) (32-Birchover-HP) Birchover Edge (32-Birchover-HP) Birchover Lane (320-Winster-HP) Birchwood Moor (220-Norbury & Roston (jp)-Ap) Birchwood Park (220-Norbury & Roston (jp)-Ap) Birchwood, Lower (4-Alfreton-Sc) Birdholme (70-Chesterfield-Sc) Birdholme Brook (--) Birds's Wood (116-Eyam-HP) Birdswood Fm (4-Alfreton-Sc) Birkenknowl Wood (21-Barlborough-Sc) Birkin Lane (13-Ashover-Sc) Birkin Lea Terrace (102-Dronfield Woodhouse-Sc) Birkinshaw Wood (44-Brampton-Sc) Birkinstile (259-Shirland & Higham (jp)-Sc) Birks (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Birks, The (314-Whitwell-Sc) Birley (44-Brampton-Sc) Birley (29-Beighton-Sc) Birley Fm (105-Eckington-Sc) Birley Fm (231-Outseats-HP) Birley Grange Fm (44-Brampton-Sc) Birley Wood (44-Brampton-Sc) Birley Wood (29-Beighton-Sc) Birleyhay (105-Eckington-Sc) Black Brook (--) Black Brook (--) Black Car Lumb (22-Barlow-Sc) Black Carr (166-Hulland Ward-Ap) Black Clough (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Black Clough (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Black Clough, Far (66-Charlesworth-HP) Black Clough, Near (66-Charlesworth-HP) Black Edge (118-Fairfield-HP) Black Edge (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Black Edge Plantation (120-Fernilee-HP) Black Harry Gate (279-Stony Middleton-HP) Black Harry Ho (279-Stony Middleton-HP) Black Harry Lane (279-Stony Middleton-HP) Black Hole (236-Peak Forest-HP) Black Hole Mine (116-Eyam-HP) Black Lodge (261-Shottle & Postern (jp)-Ap) Black Moor (66-Charlesworth-HP) Black Moss (66-Charlesworth-HP) Black Piece (303-Unstone-Sc) Black Rock (84-Cromford-Wi) Black Tor (36-Bonsall-Wi) Black Wood (318-Wingerworth-Sc) Blacka Dike (97-Dore-Sc) Blacka Hill (298-Totley-Sc) Blacka Plantation (97-Dore-Sc) Blackbanks (35-Bolsover-Sc) Blackberry Hall (203-Mellor-HP) Blackbrook (208-Milford-Ap) Blackbrook (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Blackbrook Fm (167-Hulland Ward Intakes-Ap) Blackden Barn (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Blackden Brook (--) Blacketlay Barn (62-Castleton-HP) Blackhill Plantation (90-Darley (Dale)-HP) Blackleach Brook (--) Blackley Clough (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Blackley Hey (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Blacklow Court (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Blackmire Fm (121-Findern-ML) Blackshaw (66-Charlesworth-HP) Blackshaw (146-Hayfield-HP) Blackshaw Clough (66-Charlesworth-HP) Blackwall (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Blackwall Plantation (106-Edale-HP) Blackwall Wood (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Blackwater (190-Longford-Ap) Blackwell (parish) (33-Blackwell-HP) Blackwell (parish) (34-Blackwell-Sc) Blackwell Dale (33-Blackwell-HP) Bladon Ho (218-Newton Solney-RG) Blagreaves Lane (187-Littleover-ML) Blake Brook (--) Blake Hall (215-New Mills-HP) Blake Ho (229-Osmaston-Ap) Blake Low (113-Elton-Wi) Blake Mere (36-Bonsall-Wi) Blake Moor (137-Hartington Middle Quarter-Wi) Blake Pool (42-Bradwell-HP) Blakedon Hollow (131-Great Longstone-HP) Blakeley Lodge (115-Etwall-Ap) Blakelow Fm (153-Hilton-Ap) Blakelow Hill (13-Ashover-Sc) Blakelow Hill (36-Bonsall-Wi) Blakemoor Ho (202-Melbourne-RG) Blakemoor Plantation (66-Charlesworth-HP) Blakenhall Fm (55-Caldwell-RG) Blanchmeadow (235-Parwich-Wi) Bleak Ho (159-Hope-HP) Bleak Ho (44-Brampton-Sc) Bleak Knoll (1-Abney-HP) Bleakley Dike (327-Youlgr(e)ave-HP) Bleaklow (131-Great Longstone-HP) Bleaklow Head (66-Charlesworth-HP) Bleaklow Hill (66-Charlesworth-HP) Bleaklow Meadows (66-Charlesworth-HP) Bleaklow Stones (66-Charlesworth-HP) Bletch Brook (--) Blind Lane (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Blind Lane (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Blind Lane (35-Bolsover-Sc) Blindlow Hollow (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Blingsby Gate (17-Ault Hucknall-Sc) Blore's Barn Fm (232-Over Haddon-HP) Bloso Ho (225-Ockbrook-ML) Blue Bell Inn (119-Fenny Bentley-Wi) Bluebank Wood (49-Brimington-Sc) Blundestone Wood (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Bluster Castle (44-Brampton-Sc) Boar Ho (280-Stretton-Sc) Boarfold (73-Chisworth-HP) Boarslack Lane (188-Litton-HP) Bog Plantation (86-Cubley-Ap) Boiley Fm (176-Killamarsh-Sc) Bold Lane (93-Derby-ML) Bolderstone Plantation (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Bole Hill (22-Barlow-Sc) Bole Hill (116-Eyam-HP) Bole Hill (105-Eckington-Sc) Bole Hill (44-Brampton-Sc) Bole Hill (298-Totley-Sc) Bole Hill (318-Wingerworth-Sc) Bole Hill (231-Outseats-HP) Bole Hill (144-Hathersage-HP) Bole Hill (18-Bakewell-HP) Bole Hill (58-Calow-Sc) Bole Hill (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Bole Hill (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Bole Hill (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Bole Hill (223-Norton-Sc) Boleappleton (35-Bolsover-Sc) Bolehill Clough (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Bolehill Wood (144-Hathersage-HP) Bolsover (parish) (35-Bolsover-Sc) Bolsover Castle (35-Bolsover-Sc) Bolsover Hill (35-Bolsover-Sc) Bolsover Moor (35-Bolsover-Sc) Bolsover Woodhouse (35-Bolsover-Sc) Bolt Edge (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Bolt Wood (320-Winster-HP) Boman's Lane (261-Shottle & Postern (jp)-Ap) Bond's Main (291-Temple Normanton-Sc) Bondhay Fm (314-Whitwell-Sc) Bondland Fm (149-Heage-Ap) Bondwood Fm (246-Repton-RG) Bonehills (205-Mickleover-ML) Bonsall (parish) (36-Bonsall-Wi) Bonsall Dale (36-Bonsall-Wi) Bonsall Mill (36-Bonsall-Wi) Bonsall Moor (36-Bonsall-Wi) Booler's Wood (301-Turnditch-Ap) Booth (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Booth (146-Hayfield-HP) Booth Hay (325-Yeaveley-Ap) Booth's Fm (155-Holbrook-Ap) Booth's Wood (155-Holbrook-Ap) Booth, Nether (106-Edale-HP) Booth, Upper (106-Edale-HP) Boothby Fm (226-Offcote & Underwood (jp)-Wi) Boothgate (149-Heage-Ap) Boothman's Cottage (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Borough Fields (305-Walton upon Trent-RG) Borough Holme (305-Walton upon Trent-RG) Borrowash (225-Ockbrook-ML) Borrowfield Lo (270-Spondon-Ap) Bosley Fields (288-Taddington-HP) Bostern Grange (217-Newton Grange-Wi) Bostock Lane (252-Sandiacre-ML) Bostock Plantation (66-Charlesworth-HP) Botany Fm (103-Duffield-Ap) Botanybay (115-Etwall-Ap) Botanybay (84-Cromford-Wi) Botanybay (171-Ilkeston-ML) Botanybay (250-Rosliston-RG) Bothams Fm (42-Bradwell-HP) Bottle Brook (--) Bottlebrook Houses (--) Bottom's Hall (203-Mellor-HP) Bottomhill Road (188-Litton-HP) Boulderflats Mine (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Boulton (7-Alvaston & Boulton (jp)-ML) Boulton Moor (7-Alvaston & Boulton (jp)-ML) Boundary (parish) (37-Boundary-RG) Bouns Corner (212-Nether Haddon-HP) Bow Wood (199-Matlock-Wi) Bowbridge (193-Mackworth-ML) Bowbridgefields (193-Mackworth-ML) Bowden Fm (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Bowden Hall (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Bowden Head (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Bowdenhay Mill (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Bowerhill (246-Repton-RG) Bowers Hall (272-Stanton (in Peak)-HP) Bowler's Plantation (17-Ault Hucknall-Sc) Bowley Wood (4-Alfreton-Sc) Bowling Alley (197-Marston Montgomery-Ap) Bowling Green (212-Nether Haddon-HP) Bowlingalley Lane (220-Norbury & Roston (jp)-Ap) Bowmer Rough (83-Crich-ML) Bowmerlane (12-Ashleyhay-Ap) Bownsgreen Fm (155-Holbrook-Ap) Bowshaw (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Boyah Grange (89-Dale Abbey-ML) Boyleston (parish) (38-Boyleston-Ap) Boylestonfield (38-Boyleston-Ap) Boythorpe (70-Chesterfield-Sc) Bracken's Lane (7-Alvaston & Boulton (jp)-ML) Brackendale Lane (40-Bradbourne-Wi) Brackenfield (parish) (39-Brackenfield-Sc) Brackenfield Green (39-Brackenfield-Sc) Brackley Gate (163-Horsley-ML) Bradbourne (parish) (40-Bradbourne-Wi) Bradbourne Brook (--) Bradbourne Hall (40-Bradbourne-Wi) Bradbourne Mill (40-Bradbourne-Wi) Bradbury Wood (318-Wingerworth-Sc) Bradford (327-Youlgr(e)ave-HP) Bradford Brook (311-Weston upon Trent-ML) Bradford, River (--) Bradley (parish) (41-Bradley-Ap) Bradley Brook (--) Bradley Hall (41-Bradley-Ap) Bradley Lane (238-Pilsley-HP) Bradley Moor (41-Bradley-Ap) Bradley Oldpark (41-Bradley-Ap) Bradley Rocks (32-Birchover-HP) Bradley Tor (13-Ashover-Sc) Bradley Wood (41-Bradley-Ap) Bradleylane Fm (22-Barlow-Sc) Bradshaw Fields (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Bradshaw Hall (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Bradshaw Ho (148-Hazelwood-Ap) Bradshaw Lane (123-Foolow-HP) Bradshaw St (93-Derby-ML) Bradshaw Trees (203-Mellor-HP) Bradshaw Wood (254-Scarcliffe-Sc) Bradshaw, Far (203-Mellor-HP) Bradshaw, Further (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Bradshaw, Lower (203-Mellor-HP) Bradshaw, Upper (203-Mellor-HP) Bradshaws Mine (116-Eyam-HP) Bradway (223-Norton-Sc) Bradwell (parish) (42-Bradwell-HP) Bradwell Brook (--) Bradwell Dale (42-Bradwell-HP) Bradwell Edge (42-Bradwell-HP) Bradwell Mines (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Bradwell Moor (42-Bradwell-HP) Brailsford (parish) (43-Brailsford-Ap) Brailsford Bridge (43-Brailsford-Ap) Brailsford Green (43-Brailsford-Ap) Brailsford Hall (43-Brailsford-Ap) Brailsford Mill (43-Brailsford-Ap) Bramah Edge (66-Charlesworth-HP) Brambling Ho (70-Chesterfield-Sc) Bramley (105-Eckington-Sc) Bramley Fm (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Bramley Moor (105-Eckington-Sc) Bramleylane Fm (17-Ault Hucknall-Sc) Bramleyvale (17-Ault Hucknall-Sc) Brampton (parish) (44-Brampton-Sc) Brampton East Moor (44-Brampton-Sc) Brampton Hall (44-Brampton-Sc) Brampton, New (70-Chesterfield-Sc) Bramrna Wood (44-Brampton-Sc) Brand End (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Brand Side (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Brand Top (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Brassington (parish) (45-Brassington-Wi) Brassington Moor (45-Brassington-Wi) Bray Clough (66-Charlesworth-HP) Breach Fm (55-Caldwell-RG) Breach Fm (60-Carsington-Wi) Breach Gorse (125-Foston & Scropton (jp)-Ap) Breach Lane (202-Melbourne-RG) Breach Lane (145-Hatton-Ap) Breach Lane (125-Foston & Scropton (jp)-Ap) Breach Road (150-Heanor-ML) Breach, The (98-Doveridge-Ap) Breadsall (parish) (46-Breadsall-Ap) Breadsall Moor (46-Breadsall-Ap) Breadsall Priory (46-Breadsall-Ap) Breamfield (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Breaston (parish) (47-Breaston-ML) Breck Fm (277-Staveley-Sc) Breck Fm (181-Kniveton-Wi) Breck's Wood (199-Matlock-Wi) Breckend (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Breckhead (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Breechwell Plantation (272-Stanton (in Peak)-HP) Breeding Close Gate (17-Ault Hucknall-Sc) Bret-Griffe (161-Hopton & Griffe Grange (jp)-Wi) Bretby (parish) (48-Bretby-RG) Bretby Castle (48-Bretby-RG) Bretby Hall (48-Bretby-RG) Bretby Lane (48-Bretby-RG) Bretby Mill (48-Bretby-RG) Bretby Mount (48-Bretby-RG) Bretby Park (48-Bretby-RG) Bretton (123-Foolow-HP) Bretton Clough (123-Foolow-HP) Brewards Carr (310-Weston Underwood-ML) Brick Houses (97-Dore-Sc) Brick-kiln Covert (310-Weston Underwood-ML) Brickkiln Rough (283-Sudbury-Ap) Brickyard Wood (243-Radbourne-Ap) Bridge End (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Bridge End Fm (160-Hope Woodlands-HP) Bridge Foot (274-Stanton by Bridge-RG) Bridge Hill (30-Belper-Ap) Bridge Ho (107-Edensor-HP) Bridgefleld (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Bridgefleld Wood (303-Unstone-Sc) Bridgeholm Green (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Bridle Road (146-Hayfield-HP) Bridle Road Wood (223-Norton-Sc) Brier Low (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Briergrove (215-New Mills-HP) Brierley Green (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Brierley Wood (216-Newbold & Dunston (jp)-Sc) Briery Side (95-Derwent-HP) Briggswood Fm (271-Stanley-Ap) Bright Gate (307-Wensley & Snitterton (jp)-Wi) Bright's Plantation (277-Staveley-Sc) Brighton (139-Hartington Town Quarter-Wi) Brightside Mine (143-Hassop-HP) Brim Wood (193-Mackworth-ML) Brimington (parish) (49-Brimington-Sc) Brimington Common (49-Brimington-Sc) Brimsbury Well (32-Birchover-HP) Brind Little (22-Barlow-Sc) Brind Wood, Great (22-Barlow-Sc) Brindwoodgate (22-Barlow-Sc) Britton Wood (322-Woodthorpe-Sc) Brizlincote Hall (48-Bretby-RG) Broad Car (298-Totley-Sc) Broad Carr (203-Mellor-HP) Broad Clough (146-Hayfield-HP) Broad Lane (197-Marston Montgomery-Ap) Broad Low (130-Great Hucklow-HP) Broad Meadow (135-Harthill-HP) Broadclose (299-Trusley-Ap) Broadclose (217-Newton Grange-Wi) Broadfleld's Fm (85-Croxall-RG) Broadgates (12-Ashleyhay-Ap) Broadgorse Fm (304-Walton-Sc) Broadhay (152-Highlow-HP) Broadholm (30-Belper-Ap) Broadhurst (215-New Mills-HP) Broadlee-bank Tor (106-Edale-HP) Broadlowash (293-Thorpe-Wi) Broadmeadow Wood (22-Barlow-Sc) Broadoak Fm (237-Pentrich-ML) Broadoak Hill (17-Ault Hucknall-Sc) Broadstone (191-Ludworth-HP) Broadstone (94-Derby Hills-RG) Broadstorth (97-Dore-Sc) Broadway Lane (288-Taddington-HP) Broadwood (144-Hathersage-HP) Brock Hill (49-Brimington-Sc) Brockett Booth (62-Castleton-HP) Brockhurst (13-Ashover-Sc) Brockhurst Mill (13-Ashover-Sc) Brockley Wood (35-Bolsover-Sc) Brocksford Hall (98-Doveridge-Ap) Brocktor (236-Peak Forest-HP) Brockwell Hill (216-Newbold & Dunston (jp)-Sc) Brockwell Lane (216-Newbold & Dunston (jp)-Sc) Broken Flats (246-Repton-RG) Bromehead Wood (105-Eckington-Sc) Brood Low (296-Tideswell-HP) Brook Bottom (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Brook Bottom (203-Mellor-HP) Brook End (246-Repton-RG) Brook Fm (266-Snelston-Ap) Brook Fm (86-Cubley-Ap) Brook Head (296-Tideswell-HP) Brook Ho (118-Fairfield-HP) Brook Ho (125-Foston & Scropton (jp)-Ap) Brook Houses (65-Chapel en le Frith-HP) Brook Houses (146-Hayfield-HP) Brook Knowles (60-Carsington-Wi) Brook Lane (83-Crich-ML) Brook Plantation (63-Catton-RG) Brook, The (149-Heage-Ap) Brookfleld (128-Glossop-HP) Brookfleld Manor (231-Outseats-HP) Brookhill Hall (240-Pinxton-Sc) Brookhill Lane (240-Pinxton-Sc) Brookley Meadow (228-Osleston & Thurvaston (jp)-Ap) Brookside (30-Belper-Ap) Brookside (70-Chesterfield-Sc) Brookwall (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Brookwood Fm (297-Tissington-Wi) Broom Bank (216-Newbold & Dunston (jp)-Sc) Broom Hill (66-Charlesworth-HP) Broom Hill (246-Repton-RG) Broom Hill (39-Brackenfield-Sc) Broom Hill (107-Edensor-HP) Broom Hill (125-Foston & Scropton (jp)-Ap) Broom Ho (313-Whittington-Sc) Broom Ho (308-Wessington-Sc) Broom Lane (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Broom's Lane (125-Foston & Scropton (jp)-Ap) Broombank Plantation (22-Barlow-Sc) Broomfield (223-Norton-Sc) Broomfield Ho (44-Brampton-Sc) Broomhill Cottages (115-Etwall-Ap) Broomhill Fm (199-Matlock-Wi) Broomridding Wood (17-Ault Hucknall-Sc) Broomy Furlong (141-Hartshorne-RG) Broster Field (123-Foolow-HP) Brough (50-Brough & Shatton (jp)-HP) Brough & Shatton (jp) (50-Brough & Shatton (jp)-HP) Brough Lee (50-Brough & Shatton (jp)-HP) Brough Mill (50-Brough & Shatton (jp)-HP) Broughton, West (98-Doveridge-Ap) Brown Cross Plantation (205-Mickleover-ML) Brown Edge (118-Fairfield-HP) Brown Edge (298-Totley-Sc) Brown Knoll (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Brownhill (128-Glossop-HP) Brownhill (215-New Mills-HP) Brownhill Fm (120-Fernilee-HP) Brownhouse Fm (12-Ashleyhay-Ap) Brownside (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Brownstorth Wood (79-Coal Aston-Sc) Broxendale Fm (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Brun Lane (193-Mackworth-ML) Brundcliff (139-Hartington Town Quarter-Wi) Brunhouse Fm (180-Kirk Langley-ML) Bruns Wood (181-Kniveton-Wi) Bruns Wood (161-Hopton & Griffe Grange (jp)-Wi) Brunswood Fm (270-Spondon-Ap) Brushes, The (313-Whittington-Sc) Brushfield (parish) (51-Brushfield-HP) Brushfleld Hough (51-Brushfleld-HP) Bryan's Coppice (265-Smisby-RG) Bubnell (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Bubnell Hall (25-Baslow & Bubnell (jp)-HP) Buck Stone (231-Outseats-HP) Bucka Hill (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Buckdale Lane (320-Winster-HP) Buckford Lane (121-Findern-ML) Buckholme (226-Offcote & Underwood (jp)-Wi) Buckland Hollow (149-Heage-Ap) Buckleather Lane (22-Barlow-Sc) Bugley (141-Hartshorne-RG) Bugsworth (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Building, The (141-Hartshorne-RG) Bull Close Fm (303-Unstone-Sc) Bull Ho (269-South Wingfield-Sc) Bull Lane (325-Yeaveley-Ap) Bull Pit (236-Peak Forest-HP) Bull Tor (288-Taddington-HP) Bull Tor (186-Little Longstone-HP) Bullbridge (83-Crich-ML) Bullhay Dale (69-Chelmorton-HP) Bullhill (41-Bradley-Ap) Bullhill (179-Kirk Ireton-Wi) Bullhill (203-Mellor-HP) Bullhill (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP) Bullhurst Hill (310-Weston Underwood-ML) Bulling Lane (83-Crich-ML) Bullivant's Wood (112-Elmton-Sc) Bullock Low (139-Hartington Town Quarter-Wi) Bullock Storth (223-Norton-Sc) Bullshaw (146-Hayfield-HP) Bullsmoor (30-Belper-Ap) Bumper Castle (90-Darley (Dale)-HP) Bunker's Hill (103-Duffield-Ap) Bunker's Hill (176-Killamarsh-Sc) Bunker's Hill Wood (67-Chatsworth-HP) Bunsal Fm (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Bunting Nook (223-Norton-Sc) Bunting Wood (321-Wirksworth-Wi) Buntingfleld (13-Ashover-Sc) Bupton (190-Longford-Ap) Burbage (parish) (52-Burbage-HP) Burbage Bridge (144-Hathersage-HP) Burbage Brook (--) Burbage Edge (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Burfoot (51-Brushfleld-HP) Buries, The (246-Repton-RG) Burland-green Lane (310-Weston Underwood-ML) Burley (103-Duffield-Ap) Burley Brook (--) Burley Grange (103-Duffield-Ap) Burley Hill (103-Duffield-Ap) Burley Meadows (103-Duffield-Ap) Burley Wood (103-Duffield-Ap) Burleyfield Fm (90-Darley (Dale)-HP) Burlow Fm (140-Hartington Upper Quarter-Wi) Burnaston (parish) (53-Burnaston-Ap) Burnclose Fm (83-Crich-ML) Burnhill Wood (314-Whitwell-Sc) Burnt Heath (153-Hilton-Ap) Burnt Heath (279-Stony Middleton-HP) Burnt Hill (146-Hayfield-HP) Burnt Leys (314-Whitwell-Sc) Burnt Wood (28-Beeley-HP) Burnwood (225-Ockbrook-ML) Burre Ho (18-Bakewell-HP) Burrow Wood Fm (270-Spondon-Ap) Burrows Ho (43-Brailsford-Ap) Burrows Lane (207-Middleton by Wirksworth-Wi) Burrows Mine (207-Middleton by Wirksworth-Wi) Burrows, Nether (180-Kirk Langley-ML) Burrows, Over (43-Brailsford-Ap) Burrs Mount (130-Great Hucklow-HP) Burrs Wood (157-Holmesfield-Sc) Burrs, The (69-Chelmorton-HP) Burton Ashes Wood (18-Bakewell-HP) Burton Barn (284-Sutton cum Duckmanton (jp)-Sc) Burton Bole (1-Abney-HP) Burton Bole End (1-Abney-HP) Burton Closes (18-Bakewell-HP) Burton Moor (18-Bakewell-HP) Burton Moor Fm (18-Bakewell-HP) Burtonshuts (43-Brailsford-Ap) Bury Cliff (113-Elton-Wi) Bushes Wood (105-Eckington-Sc) Bushes, The (92-Denby-ML) Bushy Heath (185-Little Hucklow-HP) Bushy Wood (97-Dore-Sc) Bushyheath Ho (296-Tideswell-HP) Bushypark Fm (239-Pilsley-Sc) Buskey Cottage (251-Rowland-HP) Buskeyfield (44-Brampton-Sc) Busks Wood (22-Barlow-Sc) Buston Wood (107-Edensor-HP) Butcher's Piece Fm (215-New Mills-HP) Butcher's Wood (206-Middleton & Smerrill (jp)-Wi) Butcher's Wood (314-Whitwell-Sc) Butchersick Fm (277-Staveley-Sc) Butlers Ground Nursery (13-Ashover-Sc) Butt Hill (314-Whitwell-Sc) Butt Ho (228-Osleston & Thurvaston (jp)-Ap) Butterbank Plantation (215-New Mills-HP) Butterfield Cottages (39-Brackenfield-Sc) Butterfield Fm (4-Alfreton-Sc) Butterhaw (35-Bolsover-Sc) Butterley (13-Ashover-Sc) Butterley (247-Ripley-ML) Butterley Park (247-Ripley-ML) Butterpot Lane (228-Osleston & Thurvaston (jp)-Ap) Butterton Cross (296-Tideswell-HP) Buttonhill Plantation (318-Wingerworth-Sc) Butts (90-Darley (Dale)-HP) Butts (13-Ashover-Sc) Butts Fm (306-Wardlow-HP) Butts Road (18-Bakewell-HP) Butts, The (199-Matlock-Wi) Butts, The (30-Belper-Ap) Butts, The (18-Bakewell-HP) Buxton (parish) (54-Buxton-HP) Buxworth (72-Chinley,Buxworth & Brownside (jp)-HP)

Deciphered, transcribed, compiled, indexed, formatted and copyright © 2000, John Palmer, All Rights Reserved.